Monday, April 21, 2008

DB's: An Addition Is Required!

Greetings, G-Force.

The most obvious need on the Packers roster is in the secondary. Chuckie & Al remain among the elite CB's in the NFL. T-Man has a future. Willie B. is lovable, but untrustworthy. J-Bush should never play for the Packers again. We need a CB to compete with T-Man for the #3 CB spot.

I really like the '08 CB draft class. DRC and Leodis McKelvin will be off the board by pick #30. Mike Jenkins & Aqib Talib will most likely be gone as well.

Antoine Cason excites me. Here is an excerpt from an Antoine Cason interview:

Scott Wright: What current NFL cornerback do you most admire and who do you think you compare favorably to?

Antoine Cason: I admire more than one but I don’t think I compare to anyone. I try and find things that others do well and make it my own. The ones I like are Asante Samuel, Charles Woodson, Al Harris, (Marcus) Trufant, (Nate) Clements, (Antonio) Cromartie. I watch all of those guys.

I'd have no problem giving Cason the opportunity to learn from Woodson and Harris first-hand. He can return kicks. And he's thinking about scoring 6 points when he's on defense.

I'm curious about Tyvon Branch. I don't recall him at UCONN and I saw UCONN play a couple of times. I'd be interested to learn more.

I do not want Brandon Flowers. Again, I do not want Brandon Flowers.

Patrick Lee, Tracy Porter, Justin King, Terrell Thomas, and Charles Godfrey are all players that I would be excited to consider in Round 2.

If you've read my blog, you know my thoughts on Chevis Jackson. If not, think about a combination of Mike McKenzie & Craig Newsome. Together, you've got C.J. I'm hoping he's a Packer.

Darnell Terrell is a good mid-to-late round prospect. He's big. He's fast. He's aggressive. He's not great at playing the football in the air, but he's physically capable.

I'd be surprised if Glenn Sharpe has a career in the NFL.

While I'm not overly interested in DeJuan Tribble and Trae Williams because of their size, I cannot argue with their production at the college level. Both consistently had their hands on the football and changed possession. Both would also be good 5th round picks.

Michael Grant, Simeon Castille, and Jonathan Zenon were all admirable performers against big time competition in college. All are worth late round consideration.

Admittedly, there are a number of smaller school players that I know little-to-nothing about such as Antwaun Molden, Orlando Scandrick, Jack Williams, and Dwight Lowery.

At S, the #1 prospect is Kenny Phillips. While I'm not in love with Phillips game, as I have documented before, I would like it if the Packers drafted him in Round 1. He's a center fielder. And the Packers defense was burned deep down the middle of the field on a number of occasions last year. He'd be the solution.

I've heard comparison of Reggie Smith to LeRoy Butler. Frankly, I don't see it.

I enjoy reading about DaJuan Morgan, Quintin Demps, and Tyrell Johnson. Each seems to be climbing draft boards. Each seems to have the talent to make it at the next level.

Tom Zbikowski has been one of the most mentioned names on the blog. Two words: Football player. He'd help on special teams. He'd help with everything that requires grit inside and outside of the locker room.

Craig Steltz finds the football. He's around the football and has good hands. I'm not sure that he is fast enough to play as an every down player, but he could assist in the way Mike Prior did in the mid 90's.

Jamar Adams, Marcus Griffin, Josh Barrett, and Jonathan Hefney are all loaded with athleticism. All are enticing and seem to be worth mid round picks even though they appear to have limitations.

Thomas DeCoud brings attitude. He brings character. He'll bring a smile. He's a total athlete who plays without fear.

Ryan Mundy is worth a 6-7 round pick. He's a ball hawk. A leader. Confident.

Eric Wicks might have special teams potential.

Tony Joiner won't make it in the NFL. Neither will Roger Williams. Both are reasons the Gators and Noles secondaries were worse last year than normal.

If the Packers do not select Kenny Phillips in Round 1, I hope they draft Bobbie Williams in Round 7.

Coming Wednesday - the Packers Mock Draft.


Talkin' S-Mac.


Stack said...


Surprised to read your comments on Tribble. I think he is terrible. Straight up.

I'm also interested about the Carr kid from Grand Valley of those things, you see things written about him, invited to participate at Michigan's pro day, and the Pack had him in for a visit, but how would a fan in our position ever know a thing about him?

Curious about Branch as well. Stunning comparisons of size and speed with Landry, Sanders, and other studs in the League. I didn't get to see enough of him.

BlueGuy said...

SMAC, as always a great read, thanks for the Green/Gold info and opinions. In far less words than you can break it down, I'm really looking for the Giants to grab Danny Connor from LB-U if he is still available. I think he's not only a safe pick but will make an impact in '08 and in a few years can be looked at as the leader of the defense which will feature Matthias Kiwanuka, Osi Umenyiora, Jay Alford, Aaron Ross and Justin Tuck - not a bad young core to go into 2010 and beyond.
Usually after winning a SB you've laid a lot on the line but i think the last couple of drafts for NYG have been great, and Jerry Reese is ready for his second great draft.