Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Prospecting Round 1

Greetings, G-Force.

It's 1 month until the NFL Draft. Soon - the NFL's Executive of the Year will be back at work. The contemplation is killing me. While in most scenarios I would prefer to trade out of the 1st round, it's necessary to consider players that would satisfy my soul should we happen to draft in the 1st round.

I'm on the prowl. I am seeking a player that I want the Packers to choose in Round 1 on Draft Day. I am looking for someone that can make an immediate impact. A difference maker. Otherwise, I want out of the Round 1.

When your team picks #30 in the draft, it's tough to determine who will be available. There are 19 players that will not be available when the Packers draft. If any of these players are available, we need to pick him, regardless of the position. The players are:

RB: D. McFadden, R. Mendenhall, F. Jones.
DB: DRC, L. McKelvin, A. Talib.
WR: M. Kelly
LB: K. Rivers
DL: C. Long, G. Dorsey, V. Gholston, S. Ellis, P. Merling, D. Harvey.
OL: J. Long, R. Clady, C. Williams, J. Otah.

Therefore, I'm scanning the rest of the field to determine our #1 prospect.

QB: The Packers will not draft a QB in the 1st Round.

RB: I'm enamored with Felix Jones' game, but he will not be available. Jonathan Stewart could be an option, but I don't think he'd be a fit within our scheme. We would need a change of pace guy. Plus, I'm hoping that Stewart is off the board. This would eat up one of the picks with the players that would not interest me.

WR: I believe that Ted Thompson will draft a WR in the first 3 rounds. I know, I know...yes, we have Greg Jennings and Donald Driver. And James Jones and Aaron Rodgers showed tremendous chemistry in the pre-season last year. But, K-Rob was a huge disappointment in the Giants game. He was unable to break a tackle and get himself into the open field. Additionally, I've seen enough of Ruvell Martin. He's a good 5th WR, but he's not pushing others to get better and I still cannot swallow his drop on 3rd Down in the NFC Championship.

It's known that Thompson visited with Limas Sweed at Texas' Pro Day. After watching nearly 15 minutes of Sweed video on youtube, I'd like to see Sweed in Green Bay if he's available. He reminds me of Javon Walker. He can get deep. He seems to run decent routes. He can slip a tackle and he wins jump balls. Thompson likes WR's that make DB's "shrink" when the ball is in the air. Sweed fits the bill.

Devin Thomas would be an ideal fit for the Packers offense. He can turn a 7 yard slant into an 80 yard TD. He's a similar player to Greg Jennings. If he's around, I want him.

DeSean Jackson is a play maker. At any moment, he can change a game. He'd instantly become our KR/PR and he'd step in and assist as either a #3 or a #4 WR. Jackson is a human highlight film. Every time he touches the ball, he's thinking about putting 6 points on the board. If he's around, I want him.

Mario Manningham's stock has dropped. At one point, I was reading that he might end up being the 1st WR drafted. I do not want the Packers to spend a 1st round pick on him. He does not fit in our system.

James Hardy should also be available. The guy produced in college.

TE: Fred Davis will most likely be available when the Packers select. In earlier discussions, he was the guy that I wanted the Packers to select. His stock seems to have dropped considerably. I'd still like him, but it sounds as though the Packers might be able to trade down and still draft him. I'd strongly consider this option. A reliable TE is a young QB's best friend. Donald Lee is more than serviceable, but a 2nd quality TE would add another dimension to our offense.

I would not spend our first round pick on Dustin Keller. He was a workout wonder and I'll be surprised if he translates into a top-notch NFL talent.

OG: Branden Albert is the best Guard in the draft. Admittedly, I don't scout OL, but this is what the "experts" say anyways. I do not want the Packers to draft an OL in the 1st round. It would not surprise me if we draft a Guard in Round 2. If Albert is on the board, Thompson will have a decision to make. If Albert can start on Day 1, as much as it pains me to say it, he'd have to be considered, but then he better be among the elite OG in the NFC.

OT: Both Gosder Cherilus and Sam Baker could be available. Again, I do not want an OL. Plus, I want a T less than I want a G. We've got two starters at T. It would be wise to use a late round pick on a T as a development back-up to both Clifton and Tauscher, but to me, it would be nonsense if the Packers drafted a T in Round 1.

DE: The Packers may look to take a DE in the draft. A-to-the-K is a lifer in Green Bay. But, Cullen Jenkins disappointed last year as a full-time DE and KGB struggled after his injury against Detroit on T-Day. Calais Campbell could be on the board when the Packers select. He's a physical specimen. He's long. He looks great in a uniform. But, he's not always productive. Nonetheless, if he's available Thompson will take a long look at him.

Quentin Groves could also be considered as a potential pick for the Packers at this slot. I'd be disappointed if he were selected. He plays with energy and an attitude, but he's also injury prone.

DT: I'd be shocked if the Packers drafted a DT in the 1st round. Pickett, Jolly, Harrell, and Cole is depth. Plus, I have yet to give up on Daniel Muir.

Most predict Kentwan Balmer will be gone before the Packers pick. This would be a positive thing. Pat Sims is also an option. If the Packers really wanted a DT, I'd imagine that they could trade down and still get Sims.

LB: After signing Brandon Chillar, the Packers will not select a LB in the 1st round. The team will most likely keep 5-6 LB's. Chillar, Hawk, Barnett, Tracy White and Poppinga are locks. If the Packers decide to keep a 6th LB, it'll be between Desmond Bishop and Abdul Hodge.

I read that Jerod Mayo might be selected before the Packers pick. I hope he is gone. Not that I don't like his's just that we don't need a LB and I'd like a player within a position of need to fall to us. Dan Connor is a stud. In many ways, I wished he would have been our pick.

DB: The most likely scenario is for the Packers to draft a DB. It's our most obvious pain. Our secondary needs help. It needs depth.

Mike Jenkins can return kicks as well as play CB. I doubt that he'll be available when the Packers select.

I definitely do not want Brandon Flowers.

Antoine Cason is an interesting candidate. He is a play-making CB. He can also return kicks.

Patrick Lee is also an exciting prospect. He finds the football. He played against big time competition and he's got the size and speed to play at the next level.

Admittedly, I know little-to-nothing about Justin King.

If the Packers are to look at S, then it basically boils down to 2 men: Kenny Phillips and Reggie Smith. I have tried to dig deep for video on Smith. I only found limited footage. He looks small in his uniform. He seems active and willing to lay a hit. His statistics show that he was around the football and therefore, he does intrigue me - even though his size scares me.

Kenny Phillips - I live on Miami Beach. The Miami Herald treats the "U" like a religion. I can tell you Kenny Phillips life story. At this stage, I'll refrain. Any way, Kenny Phillips looks like a man among men. He's physical. He's fast. He looks the part. However, he reminds of a young Darren Sharper. But, not the Darren Sharper that could pick off a pass and take it to the house. He looks great in a uniform. He'll find his way around the ball. He does intercept passes. But, he also finds himself out of position. He takes terrible angles to the football. He often times plays flat footed. I saw Tashard Choice make him look like a fool on more than one occasion. His upside is high. He left school after his Junior year. And he did not play that well as a Junior. Expectations were high and he came nowhere close to meeting them. He's the kind of guy that could be a bust...but, he could also be the steal of the draft. He may be worth the risk.

There's one month to go until the draft. At this stage, I want the Packers to trade down, however if one of these guys is available, I'd be extremely excited if we drafted him: Limas Sweed, Devin Thomas, DeSean Jackson, Mike Jenkins, Kenny Phillips, and Calais Campbell. Moreover, I'd be intrigued if we took Antoine Cason, Patrick Lee or Reggie Smith. And if Brendan Albert is available, I understand why he was the Packers choice. I would not necessarily like it, but I'd understand it.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.


Talkin' S-Mac.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Molasses Moving in Free Agency...

Good Day.

Well, we are nearing the time in which Ted Thompson starts to go FA shopping. So, I've scanned the FA wire.

At S, OJ Atogwe is a RFA. I'd be curious as to what it costs to lure him away from the Rams. Atogwe is a ball hawk. He had 8 picks last year.

I'd also like to visit with Michael Boulware. Ted Thompson drafted Boulware when he was with the Seahawks. Boulware had a spectacular rookie year. Since, he's been a disappointment, but I love his athletic ability and a change of scenery might be good for him. He was traded to the Texans last year and was a non-factor. I'd toss him a one-year contract and see if our culture can bring the best out of him.

At CB, if we could get Nnamdi Asomugha, this would be dreamy. Asomugha is one of the best young CB's in the NFL. The mere mention of him brings excitement.

I'd also like to bring Fernando Bryant in for a visit. He knows the NFC North. He's a veteran. He's made plays in his career. He brings attitude. He's physical.

At DE, I'd be interested in hearing what Mike Rucker is looking for at this stage of his career. He's the kind of guy that you could steal a year or two from.

At DT, I'd make Rod Coleman my FA prize...especially if he can come at the bargain that I'd anticipate. He was banged up for the majority of last year, but he's been a big time NFL performer. He'd replace Corey Williams pass rushing ability.

I'd also talk to Darwin Walker to see where his heart/head are at right now. Does he have the desire to play football anymore? If so, I'd see if I could toss him a 1-year deal.

At TE, Jerramy Stevens has been a buster in the past. He's an upgrade to what we've got on our roster today. And his NFL career is in jeopardy. I'd bring him in for a workout. He, too, is a player that Thompson drafted in Seattle.

At QB, Chris Weinke, Craig Nall, Daunte Culpepper, and Trent Dilfer are all options to consider as the back-up. Frankly, I'm looking for a guy that can come in and protect a lead in the 2nd half of a game. I'm not looking for a guy that can lead us to a 9 win season. I'm looking for someone that won't lose the game for us.

In the end, I'd be ecstatic with the addition of Rod Coleman and Michael Boulware. Give me Boulware in a 1-year deal. Make him show you that he belongs.


Talkin' S-Mac.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The State of the Union...

Greetings, G-Force.

It's life post "the Legend." The "Greatest to Ever Grace the Field" is no longer a member of the Franchise. The "Spirit Sniper" is no longer the face of the Green Bay Packers, he is no longer the face of the NFL.

The last time the Packers had a terrific QB, it took us 25 years to replace him. Aaron Rodgers is not Brett Favre. A-Rod is not a three time MVP. Instead, he's a three year back-up. Regardless, as the G-Force, we must carry on and believe in a prosperous future.

The Bills, Broncos, Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys, and Dolphins have all struggled after the loss of a HOF QB. However, I believe that the current state of the Packers organization is positioned for success. Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy have developed an infrastructure that is built to be competitive. We're structured in a youthful manner. Therefore, I firmly believe the Packers will compete in '08.

In order to continue to construct a franchise that is "Built to Last," the Packers must continue to develop depth with young talent. I am not concerned with our silence in FA thus far. We must add depth to our Defensive Backfield, our LineBacking core, our Offensive Line, at the TE position and at the Running Back spot during the '08 off-season. A 3rd CB is mandatory. Another LB is vital. And a Home Run hitting RB would add a missing component to our offense.

A possession TE would assist in A-Rod's development. This TE must be able to be a safety valve. He must be able to master the 7 yard curl. He must be able to dominate the down and out. He must fall forward after contact.

In regards to the future of the Packers franchise, my biggest fear is the current state of our Offensive Line. The Packers must add 2 developmental players in the '08 draft. Clifton and Tauscher are nearing the end of their careers. Coston, Spitz, and Colledge are all question marks. Wells has been inconsistent. His durability also gives me minor concerns. I am excited about the prospects of Barbre, but confused as to why he could not win a spot among our average Offensive Line unit last year. Much will be asked of our offensive line this year. They'll have to help A-Rod with in-game adjustments. The line will have to provide ample protection as A-Rod's decision making skills improve. A-Rod will have to learn to get rid of the ball faster and the O-Line must be a forcefield for our offensive backfield.

I'm happy Quinn Gray visited Lambeau. I'm also joyful that he left campus without a contract. If I'm the Packers, I do not heavily invest in a back-up QB. I'm fine with Craig Nall as our back-up. I'd also spend a 4th or 5th round pick on a QB. A-Rod has durability concerns. But, 3 years ago, when we drafted him in the 1st round, we committed to giving him a chance to carry our franchise. A-Rod's time is now.

We have a bundle of $$$ to spend this off-season. I'd treat Greg Jennings and Ryan Grant to healthy long term extensions. I'd add 2 years to the contracts of Tauscher, Clifton, and Pickett. I'd give a financial high five to Johnny Jolly and Atari Bigby and add another 3 years to their contracts. Even though I feel that - if available - an upgrade should be considered at S, I'd ponder the notion of offering Nick Collins a little love as well.

As for the draft, at this stage, I am realistically looking at either Dan Connor or Reggie Smith as potential players for the Packers to draft in the 1st round. I enjoy Connor's game. If he falls to us, he is the guy that I want. I love his attitude towards the game as well. Smith has the ability to play either the safety position or he can play CB in the slot during our nickel coverage. He could possibly do both. If DeSean Jackson falls to us, he'd be tough to pass up. I am also heavily interested in Fred Davis although he does not fit the ideal A-Rod safety valve. I also have concerns about his blocking and his ability to play in the cold, but I would love his knack for stretching the middle of the field.

With this being said, I still want the Packers to trade down and out of the 1st round. We are entering the draft with 6 picks. I expect to get another pick as compensation due to the losses of Ahman Green, David Martin and Vonte Leach in FA last year. I want to turn those 7 picks into 10 picks in this year's draft. I want a QB, a RB, Owen Schmitt, a LB, 2 CB's, 2 OL's, a TE and a P. I'd like it if the Packers brought in a couple of undrafted FA's at P and S as well. Bobbie Williams could be the type of player that the Packers are able to pick up after the draft. A small school guy that had a productive college career.

From what I hear, the experts are still picking the Packers to win the NFC North. We're in position to be that team, but we must add to our roster in a big way over the next two month. I feel that we can do it in the draft. I'll remain patient over the next 5-6 weeks.

Gotta Have Faith,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Dear Brett Favre,

I grew up in the Village of Allouez, which has a population of approximately 15,000 people. My house was a 10 minute car ride to Lambeau Field. In many ways, I was a loner. Often times, I played "my games." In my backyard, I would throw the football to myself. After I caught it, I'd make noises of applause as I sprinted down my imaginary sideline. I'd spike the football and pump my fists as I ran into the end zone. In real life, the Packers were accustomed to winning 4-5 games a year. In "my games," the Packers often went 15-1 (I idolized Mark Clayton and often Clayton would score the game winner to beat the Packers. Plus, to me, it was too unrealistic for a team to go undefeated.) The Packers would always win the Super Bowl. The Packers were my favorite topic. Football was life. In fact, my favorite pre-teen memories are waking up on Sunday morning. Sitting with my Dad at the kitchen table and discussing who would score TD's for the Packers. Will it be Eddie Lee Ivery, Gary Ellis, Paul Coffman or James Lofton? During the game, Chad, my brother, would sit on one chair. I would sit on my Dad's lap. When Bob, my other brother, was old enough, he'd grab the floor. Together, we'd celebrate 1st downs. We'd rejoice when the Packers scored. Unfortunately, the Packers were rubbish and the celebrations were few. Nonetheless, we lived for Sunday afternoons and our support of the Packers was undying.

In 1992, Brett, you brought hope to a small town. I'll never forget the Cincinnati Bengals victory in your 1st appearance at Lambeau Field. You were magical in the 4th Quarter. The bullet that you threw to Sharpe down the sideline on the final possession was beyond amazing. So pure. So real. The following week against the Steelers, you made Rod Woodson look like a fool. Not once, but twice. Your toughness against the Eagles was legendary. Instantly, you were a role model.

In 1993, Mark Clayton was a Packer. And his first game as a Packer, my Dad took myself and Ben Wehner to Milwaukee County Stadium for the game against the Rams. Favre found Clayton for a TD. I'll never forget it. The bomb to Sterling Sharpe at NO to pull off the improbable victory. Brett, you knew how to deliver the late game dagger at a young age. The magical victory against Detroit in the playoffs on the across the field TD to Sterling in the back of the end zone.

In 1994, we were 6-7 and essentially out of the playoffs. But, it was you, Brett Favre, diving into the end zone in the last game at Milwaukee County Stadium. My Dad took me to this game as well. I'll never forget the youthful exuberance you displayed as we marched down for the game winning TD. We won the last 3 games and once again won a playoff game. Plus, we swept the hated Bears for the 1st time in my living memory - outscoring them 73-9. The Halloween game at Soldier Field in the mud. Your fantastic run down the sideline as you flew through the air for a TD. I'll never forget it.

In 1995, you made us all believe. We believed that the little town could really compete against the big city boys. Again, we swept the Bears. You were epic in the Lambeau victory. Hobbling onto the field. 5 TD's later. I was sitting in section 10. I'll never forget it. In the Regular Season finale against Pittsburgh, you were drilled by Kevin Greene and Greg Lloyd throughout. You were spitting up blood. One play later, you found your good buddy, Mark Chmura, in the back of the end zone. I was sitting in section 10. I'll never forget it. Rumor had spread that you were about to win your first MVP as we were clobbering the Falcons in the Wild Card game. I was sitting in section 22. I'll never forget it. The 49er game was a thing of beauty.

In 1996, "my games" became real life. I attended 16 games (if you include pre-season, post season, and the Super Bowl). The 2nd consecutive MVP. Another sweep of the hated Bears. A brilliant performance against Detroit when the starting wide receivers were Terry Mickens and Don Beebe. I was sitting in Section 30. I'll never forget it. The audible to Andre Rison in the Super Bowl. Rison ran his post right in front of the section that my Uncle Pat and I were sitting in. I'll never forget it.

In 1997, you destroyed the Cowboys at Lambeau Field. Boy, was it great to get Dallas back at Lambeau. I was sitting in Section 22. I'll never forget it. Again, you led a sweep of the Bears including a dramatic comeback in Chicago. The Divisional Playoff game against Warren Sapp and Tampa Bay was one for the memory banks. It added to your legacy as you were staring Sapp right in the face. I was sitting in Section 22. I'll never forget it. Oh, did I forget the 3rd consecutive MVP? The Super Bowl did not end the way we wanted, but once again, you led us on a dramatic opening drive and you hit Antonio Freeman for a score in the end zone in which I was sitting. I'll never forget it. Oh, and Brett, if I ever see Gabe Wilkins, I'll tell him off. He's responsible for that loss. Bob Kuberski should have been active.

In 1998, once again, you were amazing. I'll never forget when you approached me at Nicky's in the bathroom during your bye week after the home loss to the Vikings. Brett, you didn't have to apologize to me. I know that you gave it all that you had. I'll remember the beautiful Christmas game against the Oilers. You and Freeman were on the same page. I was sitting with my brothers in Section 22. Man, did we celebrate. I'll never forget it. The following week, once again, you completed the sweep of the Bears in Week 17. My Dad took my family down to Soldier Field for the game. It was a great day in our lives. I'll never forget it.

The start of 1999 was arguably the most exciting individual portion of your career. In Week 1, the comeback that you led against Oakland was phenomenal. I was sitting in Section 10 with my Mother. When you hit Jeff Thomason for the game winner, we jumped in each others arms. I'll never forget it. In Week 3, you hit Corey Bradford in the closing seconds for another winner. This time, I jumped in the arms of my cousin, Ryan Meisinger's, arms. I was sitting in Section 21. I'll never forget it. In Week 4, when you did it again on a deep pass to Antonio Freeman against Tampa...well, I was in Section 22 and my Mother and I were screaming with joy in each others arms again. I'll never forget it.

In 2000, we witnessed your dramatic OT throw to Antonio Freeman on MNF against Minnesota. I was sitting in Section 21. I enjoyed the game with my sisters Marni & Melissa, my Mom, and my good friend, Stack. I'll never forget it. When you outlasted Peyton Manning at Lambeau Field, I was sitting in Section 36 with my good friend, Damon. I'll never forget it.

2001 brought another sweep of the Bears. It also marked another 30 (+) TD season. My most memorable game was when you torched the defending champion Ravens for 300 (+) yards and 3 TD's. I was sitting in Section 22 with Damon. I'll never forget it. I also have fond memories of the December game against Cleveland. The beautiful snow fall. Three more TD's. I was in Section 10. I'll never forget it.

2002 was another vintage performance for Brett. I relish my memory of opening day. I was sitting in section 15 with Dave Perkins, Stack, and Damon. Favre outfought Vick. I'll never forget it. I especially remember sitting with my cousin Ryan and other family members in Section 21 when Favre torched the Lions. Nearly 300 1st half yards. I'll never forget it.

2003 was highlighted by the game for Irv. The MNF game against the Raiders. I've relived this moment on a number of occasions. I'll never forget it. There was also another sweep of the Bears. My Dad and I went to the game at Tampa Bay. You played with the broken thumb and you were magical. A gutty performance. Consistently picking up big 3rd downs. I'll never forget it. The victory against Denver. I was sitting in Section 22 with my brothers Chad and Bob along with Rafael. I've never experienced such a jubilant crowd. Complete electricity. I'll never forget it.

In 2004, I watched you play with complete resiliency. The team was dead at 1-4. But, you pulled us out of the water. It was another 30 TD season. The late wins against Minnesota, at Houston, and against Detroit. I'll never forget them. But, most importantly, the Christmas win at Minnesota. I watched with my Family in the porch. 365 yards and 3 TD's. I'll never forget it.

In 2005, I learned that you were human. Injuries devastated the team. But, you never gave up. I watched the Seahawks game in a bar in Savannah with my wife. Your energy and thrill for the game - even though we had nothing to play for - helped teach how to deal with troubling times. I'll never forget it.

For me, the highlight of 2006 was the Packers trip to Miami. Vargas threw a tailgate party. My Dad, A*, and I raged the stands. We were loud. We were proud. We were heard. You were terrific. The 4th Quarter drive that led to the David Martin TD was a classic. The third down pass to Chris Francies. Brett, you played with pure confidence no matter who you threw the football to. I'll never forget it.

Ah, the 2007 season. Thanks for it, Brett. The journey was fantastic. My trip to NYC was unbelievable. Your performance was spectacular. I was with Jessi, Joe, Vargas, Cheddar, and A*. I'll never forget it. I'll never forget the win record. I'll never forget the yardage record. I'll never forget the completion record. I'll never forget the TD record. I'll never forget Favre to Jennings at Denver. And then again at KC the following week. I'll never forget you dominating the Lions on T-Day when I was watching the game at my in-laws.

In closing, Brett, you are my hero. You brought hope to a town that lives for football. You are an icon. I am a better man for having watched you play. It was a treat to watch you grow from a carefree man to a mature, grown man. I admire the way you matured. In my lifetime, you are the greatest football player to have played and I'm thrilled that you have touched my life. Thanks for the memories, Brett. Happy trails, #4. The #4 will never be the same.

All My Love,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

An Offseason Frenzy?

Greetings, G-Force.

The fantasies of Corey Williams being traded for a 2nd round pick have become a reality! Excitingly, rumors have escalated surrounding the Packers. Several NFL rumor boards have the Packers linked to Jason Taylor. I have been reading that the Dolphins and Packers are discussing a 2nd and a 4th round draft pick for Taylor. Additionally, Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen have both reported rumors of the Packers and Randy Moss talking contract. I am surprised to hear Moss and the Packers in the same sentence again.

Back to Taylor. I feel obliged to write a possible scenario that passed through my head. The Packers trade a #2 and a #4 to the Dolphins for Jason Taylor. Obviously, then KGB becomes expendable. Thus far, Corey Williams, Marcus Stroud, Kris Jenkins, and Shaun Rogers have all been traded during the short FA period. The going rate appears to be a #3 and a #5. There's no reason to believe that KGB would not fit into the same category. It could be argued that KGB is coming off of a better season than all of the players mentioned above. Stroud has been injured over the last two years. He's played 20 games over the last two years. Jenkins has not been the same since tearing his knee 3 years ago. Shaun Rogers had a strong statistical year, but he was a cancer in the Lions locker room. I also thought that Corey Williams had a disappointing year. He made plays against the Giants, Panthers, Redskins, and Chiefs that were memorable. However, in the other 12 games, he reminded me of Cletidus Hunt who now plays for the New York Dragons in the Arena Football League. Meanwhile, KGB had 9.5 sacks during the regular season and he added 1.5 sacks in 2 playoff games.

Clearly, Ted Thompson has been a magician with regard to trading in the NFL. In my mind, this scenario is definitely going through Thompson's head. If he pulls it off, essentially, the Packers would be trading Corey Williams, KGB, and a 4th rounder for Jason Taylor, a 3rd rounder, and a 5th rounder. This scenario would also ensure that the Packers would keep 4 picks in the first 3 rounds.

For the Packers, this makes sense. Cullen Jenkins would return to the role that he played in his first three years with the Packers. In those three years, Jenkins totaled 14 sacks. He'd be a rotational DL who plays both DE and DT on run downs and then he'd rush the passer on third downs from the DT position. It was evident that Jenkins had difficulty with his role as an every down player. Taylor would alleviate Jenkins of the wear and tear. Plus, our DL rotation would allow the aging Taylor to stay fresh and play less downs than he currently does in Miami.

I am also curious to see where Boss Bailey ends up. He has not had the NFL career that I envisioned, but I also wonder if playing in Detroit had something to do with it. I would enjoy seeing the Packers visit with Bailey. I would also like to see the Packers talk to Julius Jones, Alge Crumpler, and Brendon Ayanbadejo. Whether the Packers sign any of them is anther story, but I'd like to hear that these players at least visited with the greatest franchise in sports.

The Rumors are Rumbling. Let's make them a reality.

Glowing with excitement,

Talkin' S-Mac.