Sunday, April 25, 2010

Post Draft Appreciations

Greetings, G-Force.

I believe in Ted Thompson. I feel that he'll lead us to the Super Bowl. Maybe not in 2010, but in time, we'll be there. Each year, our core seems to be improving. He's also adding talent with personality. A flair that might eventually cater to players actually wanting to become a Green Bay Packer once again. Aaron Rodgers, Nintendo Nick, Greg Jennings, J-Mike, and CM3 are all young and worthy of respect.

Immediately after the 2010 NFL Draft, I asked my brother Chad if it was possible that the Packers had more questions after the draft than they did before the draft. After being ecstatic about the Packers first 3 rounds, I was confused with his Day 3 selections. And then, I saw his undrafted FA choices. I believe in Ted Thompson & I feel that he's positioned us for a successful 2010 Season.

Bryan Bulaga as our 1st Round pick. Be excited. On Draft Day, my good mate, Vargas, & I were discussing that the Packers should trade UP for Bulaga around pick #15. By 20, I was screaming at the TV in hopes for the Packers to TRADE UP! Ted Thompson knew better. Bulaga fell into our laps. Derrick Morgan was widely considered the best pass rusher in this years draft. During the Orange Bowl last year, I watched Bulaga destroy Morgan. Consistently, Bulaga won the point of attack. So much that I called a good friend, Andrew, and told him that I wanted Bulaga to be the Packers 1st round pick. Before the Draft, I thought Bulaga might be a top 5 pick. I figured the lowest he'd fall was to Buffalo at #9. I believe that Rodgers' backside will be covered for the next 10 years - barring injury. Aaron Rodgers feels the same. On Rodgers' twitter page he stated, "Thanks Ted! He'll look good in Green & Gold." I'm glad that Aaron & I are on the same page.

Prior to the draft, I had a gut feeling that the Packers might draft a 3-4 DE in the 2nd round. I was hoping for Alualu. However, Jacksonville shocked the draft world by selecting him at #10 in the 1st round. Insert Michael Neal. Welcome, Michael. I don't know much about him, but from what I read he can pressure the QB. This sounds like the perfect compliment to Johnny Jolly.

In some circles, Thompson has been criticized for his selection of Neal. But, it was interesting to watch the draft unfold. 7 of the 32 picks in the 2nd round were DL. I feel as though Thompson desires a 6 man rotation on the DL. With Jolly's pending suspension & Jenkins in the final year of his contract, I believe Thompson is looking for Neal to contribute in 2010. Neal holds weight lifting records at Purdue. Over the last two years, he has 11 sacks from the DT spot. Stats can be deceiving, but those are decent numbers. I'm looking forward to learning more about him. Oh, and this pick also appears to mean the end of Justin Harrell's time in Green Bay.

Morgan "Heritage" Burnett. Flowing dreadlocks. A requirement for our secondary. A true reggae boy with a pimp bounce in his step. Clearly, the most enticing of Thompson's additions. And Thompson applied his Midas Touch to trade up and get him as he traded ahead of both the Bears and Dolphins. Both teams were reportedly interested in Burnett. Rightfully so.

Burnett will add spice to the defense. A gifted playmaker. Dynamite when the ball is in the air. He'll also take on ball carriers. He can attack the QB. I'm shocked he fell to Round 3. He's going to be a star in this league - 'nuff said.

On a side note, what thrills me about this pick is that Darren Perry seems to have REALLY wanted the "Heritage." For the first time in a while, I feel like we've assembled a group of coaches that command respect. Last year, we got Kevin Greene his guy with the Claymaker. This year, Perry appears to have received his playmaker. It's important to keep your assistants happy & this appears to be a priority in Titletown.

The selection of Andrew Quarless confused me. I felt that we were in great shape at TE. Now, I question whether Donald Lee will make the team. Strangely, I asked a similar question in 2009 about the FB position after we drafted Quinn Johnson. I could not imagine the Packers keeping 3 FB's. Now, I'm wondering if the Packers are going to keep 4 TE's. Obviously, J-Mike is a lock. I believe that Havner showed enough in 2009 to keep him around. Plus, Havner is a solid special teams performer. Does this signal the end of Donald Lee's career in Green Bay?

Marshall Newhouse has solid football bloodlines. He looks to have versatility. I don't know much about him. He'll bring added competition to the offensive line.

I am superior curious about James Starks. Prior to the draft, I tried to research Starks. There's very little substance. YouTube does not offer much. Draft gurus offered vague insight. Interestingly, my Dad remembered him from his last Bowl game in which Starks performed well. Judging from his statistics, Starks can certainly catch the ball. I'm intrigued to see how he fits into the Packers plans.

Speaking of Assistant Coaches - Edgar Bennett expressed joy over the selection of Starks. Bennett entered the league at 6-0, 218. Bennett was known for having good hands, but running too upright. Starks is 6-2, 218. During Bennett's interview after the Starks selection, there was talk of him running "too upright." Does Bennett see a little of himself in Starks?

In 2008, CJ Wilson was one of the premier defensive ends in college football. He had 18.5 tackles for loss. 10.5 sacks. He prides himself on his speed. I imagine that he'll be able to compete for time as a 3rd down pass rusher from an end position.

What's interesting about Thompson's draft is that he did not address the need to get to the QB from the OLB spot rather he focused on getting additional pressure from the DE position. This makes me believe that Mike Trgovac had Dom Capers, Mike McCarthy & Ted Thompson's ear.

After the draft, I was puzzled. I was positive that the Packers would add two players that could be potential OLB's. Players from smaller schools that had the necessary height & weight dimensions. Men with a tireless work ethic. The endless motor.

When the Packers were on the clock in the 6th round, I was hoping the Packers would select Tim Knicky, OLB, Steven F Austin. I believe he has the tools to play in the NFL. Well, Ted Thompson worked his magic and signed him as an undrafted FA. I'll be shocked if Knicky does not make the team. At the college level, he was a dominant pass rusher.

Thompson also signed Frank Zombo, OLB, Central Michigan. Zombo is 6'3, 254. He runs a 4.75. Frankly, I don't know much about Zombo. But, small research revealed this from a question and answer:

You're on the Lombardi Award watchlist. What makes you a good defensive end?
My motor. It's my passion to get to the quarterback. You can have as many techniques and skills as you want, but you need that passion to get to the quarterback and I believe I have that.

Is there a part of your game that you hope to improve on heading into this season?
Playing when I'm tired. That's the hardest thing to do. There's a quote: "Fatigue makes cowards of us all." I really believe in that. When you're tired, it's so hard to play and I'd love to perfect that as a senior.

I'm sold on giving Zombo a chance.

After the draft, I was also confused as to why the Packers did not address the CB position. It's clear that he feels comfortable with the U-HAUL and P-Lee. I trust that he also believes that Ras Al will be healthy by the start of the season.

Many believed that Sam Shields would be a 5th round pick. He did not get drafted. Thompson grabbed him. The former Cane was one of the fastest players in the draft. He can return kicks and he'll add competition at CB. I don't feel as though Shields will make our team unless he can win the KR job. So, on the CB dilemma, I'm going to trust that Thompson is right with his assessments of the U-HAUL & P-Lee and hope that they'll develop.

Thompson did not address our kick returner issues via the draft, however he's added a couple of prospects via FA in Jeff Moturi, WR, UTEP and Chastin West, WR, Fresno State. As mentioned earlier, Shields can also return kicks.

Maybe it was wishful thinking that the Packers would draft a "waterbug." Nonetheless, Thompson has added an undrafted FA that fits the bill when he picked up Quinn Porter from Stillman College.

It's always fun when you buzz into someone prior to the draft and then your team adds him. That was the case with the signing of Alex Joseph, ILB, Temple. From what I've read/see, I thought that Joseph was worthy of consideration. He seems to have the intangibles to make it in the NFL. Hence, I suggested that the Packers should look at him in the 7th round. I'm happy that Thompson is giving him a look and that he'll be at the Rookie Orientation next Friday.

Somewhat surprisingly, Ted Thompson did not draft anyone from either the states of California or Michigan. He did draft one player from Texas. It is noteworthy that in FA, he added 2 players from Michigan, 2 players from Texas and 1 player from California.

In Ted, I trust.

Go Pack Go!

Talkin' S-Mac.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Final pre-NFL Draft Thoughts

Greetings, G-Force.

The NFL Draft is 4 days away. It's a rainy Sunday on South Beach in Miami. I'm an addict for the NFL Draft. I've quenched my cravings by creating a top-10 things to consider leading up to the NFL Draft.

10.) In 2006, during the week of the NFL Draft, Ted Thompson signed Sir Charles Woodson to patch a huge hole at CB. With Brian Westbrook available, is Thompson looking to add another veteran to fill a void?

9.) We enter the draft with 8 picks. I'm hoping for a Safety, a CB, 2 OLB's, 2 OT, a QB, and either a RB or a WR who can return kicks. It would not surprise me if Thompson felt that DL was a need with the uncertainty regarding Jolly's suspension and Jenkins' contract. It also would not surprise me if Thompson looked at a WR as Double-D is in the last year of his contract. Couple Driver's contract with the inability of both Jordy Nelson & James Jones proving that they're a legitimate #2 receiver and there is a small question mark with regards to the future at WR. So, please, tell me that all speculation regarding the Packers drafting a Punter is false. Unless we come away with a minimum of 10 picks, it'd be disappointing if the Packers drafted a Punter. In no way am I diminishing the importance of a Punter, it's just that I feel we'll be able to sign one after the draft, if required.

8.) Mike McCarthy undoubtedly wants to leave this years draft with a new toy at QB. I just hope that it's not until the 4th round, at the earliest. Preferably, we'll wait until the 5th round. Hopefully, it'll be later. And if it's in the 4th round, please tell me it is either Jevan Snead, Tony Pike or Dan LeFevour. Jonathan Crompton can wait until Round 5.

7.) When Willie B. went down last year with a torn ACL, the Packers special teams units have failed miserably. With Willie B.'s health still in question, will Thompson address the return units with a pure KR? He's tried this before with Cory Rodgers and we know how that worked out.

6.) The Packers appear heavily interested in the Texas vs the Nation All Star Game. It's also interesting to note that Thompson has always seemed interested in kids from the states of California, Texas & Michigan. In 5 years, he's drafted 8 players from the state of California. He's drafted 5 players from Texas schools. Last year, his top undrafted FA was "Obi" Cyril Obiozor from Texas A & M. He's also drafted 3 players from the state of Michigan. His top FA signed, Sir Charles Woodson, went to the University of Michigan. And, last year, two of his top undrafted FA's were Jamarko Simmons, WR, Western Michigan and Andrew Hartline, OL, Central Michigan.

It's interesting that Kevin Matthews (Clay's cousin) went to Texas A & M where he was coached by Mike Sherman. He played in the Texas vs. the Nation All Star Game. Does this carry weight for Jared Veldheer, OT, from Hillsdale, MI? Veldheer also played in the All-Star Game. How does this affect AJ Jefferson, CB, Fresno State and Seyi Ajirotutu, WR, Fresno State? I've stated a couple of times about my liking of Ajirotutu. I've yet to discuss AJ Jefferson. He has the size to play CB in the NFL. He also is a stellar kick returner. He's also been timed running a 4.32 40. Oh, and Jefferson played in the All-Star Game as well.

5.) I can't emphasize it enough, I truly hope that the Packers draft two players at OLB. It seems that drafting a player that fits the 3-4 OLB position is - in some small way - a game of Russian Roulette. Bill Parcells is arguably the master of defining what fits the role. Think LT, Carl Banks, Willie McGinest, Chris Slade, DeMarcus Ware, and Anthony Spencer. All are a minimum of 6'3 (though 6'2 is acceptable) and all weigh over 250 lbs. All can run. All can get to the QB. And, they can drop in coverage. I'd look for someone with those dimensions and grab a couple of them.

4.) Will another teams desire to draft either Tim Tebow or Colt McCoy be reason enough for them to trade up and allow the Packers to acquire additional picks later in the draft? It seems as though Buffalo is a likely candidate for trading up. For comparison sake, in 2008, the Falcons had a new regime. They drafted a QB (Matt Ryan) and then traded back into the 1st round and drafted an OT (Sam Baker). Could the Bills draft an OT in the first round and then trade up to draft their desired QB later in the 1st round?

3.) As I've documented in the past, I don't closely follow offensive lineman in pre-draft analysis, but from what I've read & seen, I don't want to draft Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland or Charles Brown, OT, USC in the first round.

2.) I'd be really interested to see how Ted Thompson would react if Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama; Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State; Taylor Mays, S, USC; Everson Griffen, OLB, USC; Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU; and Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas; are all on the board when the Packers select in Round 1. Over the years, Ted Thompson has grown on me. I totally respect his decision making skills. I'd be curious to see where Ted Thompson places our greatest need. Therefore, pay extra attention to who the Falcons draft at #19, the Texans draft at #20 and the Patriots draft at #22. The Falcons need a CB. The Texans need a RB and a CB. The Patriots will most likely draft either defense or a RB.

1.) In local Miami radio, there is much speculation that the Dolphins will trade down. And that they are not requiring much to do get their #12 pick, especially because they no longer have a 2nd round pick. There are rumors that they'd be willing to give up their 1st rounder for a 1st and 2nd round pick. If CJ Spiller is available when the Dolphins are on the board at #12, I'd trade up in a heartbeat. With the Dolphins trying to trade down and there's no doubt that they're trying to accumulate picks, there's no question that I'd give away my 1st and 2nd round picks to grab the most lethal back in the draft. Additionally, Spiller is a dangerous return man. Could Ted Thompson trade up for the 2nd year in a row? Doubtful, but we'll see.

It's 4 days until Christmas in April.

Go Pack Go!

Talkin' S-Mac.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Supremely Wicked Mock Draft Version 3.0 - Last Attempt

Greetings, G-Force.

The NFL Draft is less than 2 weeks away. In light of the recent Easter season, I felt it would be appropriate to list my "hunt" for players that would fit the Packers needs. This will be my final attempt at mastering the mock draft and frankly, other than my 1st round pick, there are not a lot of name additions. Time for blogging has been limited as my wife is in the midst of a career change at the end of April. Therefore, I don't foresee myself posting my overall rankings as time is precious. Any way, presently, I'd rank our needs as the following:

*** CB - Over the years, we've seen that we cannot depend on Willie B. or J-Bush. And, while I have yet to give up on P-Lee, the same rings true with him as well. There remains uncertainty around Ras Al's knee. The U-HAUL is developing, but until Underwood shows consistency, we cannot place full reliability on him. Thus, our #1 need is a CB.

*** Safety - Over the last two years, Ras-A-tari has been marred with injuries. When he's been out, our secondary has been beyond decimated and therefore, we've been abused. We must draft a safety.

*** A "waterbug" - Over the last two years, we've displayed one of the most statistically dynamite offenses in the NFL. Yet, we're missing one threat. This component is a guy that can take the ball to the house at anytime, from anywhere. If we had this piece to our offense, we'd literally be loaded with options.

*** OLB - Brad Jones showed that he can play the position. He's true to his assignment. He can handle the bulk of the workload, but at this point, he's not a pass rushing threat. We need someone across from CM3 that can consistently get to the QB.

*** OT - It's overwhelmingly apparent that the Packers need help at Tackle. Ted Thompson did a remarkable job resigning both Clifton and Tauscher to reasonable deals. But, the depth that TJ Lang provides does not make this the most pressing need for the Packers. I would welcome a Tackle in the 1st round although I do not feel that it is an absolute requirement.

*** DL - I could argue that no position requires more satisfactory depth than the DL. In a 3-4, you need at least 5 capable DL. Presently, the Packers have Pickett, Raji, Jolly, and Cullen Jenkins. I'm also optimistic about the game of Jarius Wynn. With Jolly's pending trial and Justin Harrell remaining untrustworthy, the Packers might be in need of further depth.

*** RB - I'm not positive that Ryan Grant can run us to the Super Bowl.

*** WR - Double-D isn't getting younger. I'm not convinced that either James Jones or Jordy Nelson will ever be a legitimate #2 - much less a 1a WR. Neither would be able to release pressure from Jennings. While it might not be a requirement in the 2010 NFL Draft, WR will soon be a position to consider.

*** ILB - This might be the last year that we see both Desmond Bishop and AJ Hawk. It might be time to search for both depth and competition.

Again, no OL will be included in my mock even though, I feel that the Packers should draft 2 Tackles post Round 1. I am hopeful that the Packers trade down and out of the 1st round. Let's put it this way: The Jacksonville Jaguars need Tim Tebow in order to stay in business. The Jaguars do not have a second round pick. I suggest that the Packers offer one of two trades to Jacksonville:

1.) We give the Jaguars our 1st round pick in exchange for their 1st round pick in 2011 & there 3rd & 5th round picks this year.
2.) We give the Jaguars our 1st round pick in exchange for their 1st round pick in 2011, their 3rd round pick in 2010 & we swap picks in rounds 4, 5, and 6. As I've stated every year, I like four of the top 100 picks, the second version would give us 4 of the top 108 picks. Both trades would give us a potential top 10 pick in 2011 and the opportunity to select one of the top 2-3 Tackles in next years draft. Also, of course, the Jaguars would get Tebow. Sounds fair to me.

I'd also propose a trade to Buffalo who is in desperate need of a QB. Rumor is that Buffalo likes Colt McCoy. We could give Buffalo our #1 for their 2nd (41 overall), 3rd (72nd overall) and 5th (140th overall). This trade fits into the parameters of the NFL draft pick value chart. It'd give the Bills their starting QB & it'd give the Packers our 4 picks in the top 100. I also consider Denver to be a likely trade partner.

Round 1: I write with the assumption that Suh, McCoy, Berry, Morgan, Haden, JPP, Dez Bryant, CJ Spiller, and Rolando McClain are all off the board. If any of them are available, I'd want him. Ideally, I'd like Earl Thomas, S, Texas to fall to us. But, it's doubtful that he slips. I'd love for the Packers to draft Mathews, RB, Fresno St, but that, too, is unlikely. Though I feel Mathews is the type of back that could run us to a Super Bowl, I can't see Thompson selecting him. I'd also be stoked about Jahvid Best, RB, Cal. He'd be my "waterbug" selection of the 1st round. Total athlete. Fearless. I'd throw the injuries aside and strongly consider him. So, I keep digging.

My biggest dilemma is that I'm not positive that the logical 1st round picks at OLB can drop into coverage. Brandon Graham excites me, but he has never covered anyone in live action in his life. Sergio Kindle has terrific collegiate stats and he was spectacular in the BCS National Championship Game. But, I'm not 100% convinced that he can cover either a back or a TE. I know he can rush the passer & therefore, I'd be happy if we selected him. Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU might be the best pure pass rusher in the draft. But, like, Graham, he has never guarded anyone. He's never dropped in coverage. Therefore, I'm not positive that he'd be successful in a 3-4. Also, the guy who replaced CM3 at USC is in the draft: Everson Griffen. He's a go-getter to the QB, but at 270, I wonder if he's too big to be an ideal 3-4 OLB. Scouts seem to think he's got the agility to drop in coverage, but I have my questions. I mentioned it in a previous blog & I'll write it again: I think highly of Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri & Daryl Washington, LB, TCU, but both seem to be 4-3 LB's.

So, in somewhat of a panic move, I've transitioned to CB. I can hear the critics right now: McKenna, think T-Buck, Vinnie Clark, Ahmad Carroll, Antuan Edwards...hell, even Craig Newsome only gave us 2 solid years, granted, Newsome tore his ACL and never recovered, but nonetheless. Additionally, the Packers have missed mightily on other high draft picks at CB in Joey Thomas and Fred Vinson. Soon, P-Lee might be in that category. But, we're in a pass happy league. And we need depth at a vulnerable position. I would be stoked if the Packers drafted Kareem Jackson, but they won't because he's 5-10. Same can be said about Kyle Wilson (even though Wilson is a less than spectacular run defender). Therefore, I'm essentially left with two names to consider: Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers & Patrick Robinson, CB, FSU. I like both players, but I also would like to TRADE DOWN as we'll likely be able to get Robinson 15 picks later. McCourty is an all-around football player. He played more downs than anybody in college football last year. As Ted Thompson would say, he's a "football player." Robinson is a speed guy. 5-11, 190 which is a little lighter than the 200 lbs that Thompson prefers. I've seen Robinson get beat on a number of occasions, but Robinson gets his head turned and he gives great effort. Admittedly, I don't love him at #23, but I'd be all about him at #41. Robinson also has a checkered past.

So, as I've hunted for my desired #1 pick, I feel that #23 is no-mans land. Unless, Taylor Mays falls to the Packers. The more I think about it, the more I want him. He's one of the best athletes in the draft. A physical specimen. If he would have come out in 2009, we would have considered him with our top-10 pick - if he would have still been on the board. We struck it rich with a USC grad last year. I'd love to see us take a shot on Mays this year. He'd be able to play at the line of scrimmage and he'd be a great compliment to the ballhawking Nintendo Nick. He'd learn how to be a professional from our Pro Bowl DB's. And, he has something to prove as the naysayers are spitting fire in his face. He's too talented to pass up. Also, he wore #2 at USC. And, we've done well with another player in our secondary that wore #2 at the college level.

Assuming the guys I've listed above are gone and that Weatherspoon is not considered a 3-4 OLB; My top 10 1st round hopefuls:

1.) Taylor Mays, S, USC
2.) Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State
3.) Jahvid Best, RB, Cal
4.) Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama
5.) Brandon Graham, OLB, Michigan
6.) Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas
7.) Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers
8.) Patrick Robinson, CB, FSU
9.) Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU
10.) Everson Griffen, OLB, USC

Round 2:

At some point in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Packers will select a "waterbug." Therefore, I suggest: why wait? Why not grab the one who might be the best available suggestion in Dexter McCluster, KR/WR/RB, Ole Miss? Yes, he's undersized, but it seemed like every time I watched him play at the college level, McCluster was performing at a high level. Therefore, in the 2nd round, I have the Packers selecting McCluster.

McCluster barely beats out Tyson Alualu, DE, Cal. Don't be shocked if the Packers draft DL early. Jolly is facing suspension and Cullen Jenkins is in the last year of his deal. Alualu is perfect for the 3-4. He's a motor guy. He knows the system. He has the size. He's productive.

I see the 2nd round as having great value in 2010. In my top 10, I have not included a number of players that I really like including Chris Cook, CB, Virginia and Thaddeus Gibson, OLB, Ohio State.

My top 10 for the 2nd Round:

1.) Dexter McCluster, Ole Miss
2.) Tyson Alualus, DE, Cal
3.) Daryl Washington, LB, TCU
4.) Perrish Cox, CB, Oklahoma State
5.) Nate Allen, S, South Florida
6.) Morgan Burnett, S, Georgia Tech
7.) Dominique Franks, CB, Oklahoma
8.) Koa Misi, OLB, Utah
9.) Eric Norwood, OLB, South Carolina
10.) Jermaine Cunningham, OLB, Florida

Round 3:

With the Packers going offense in the 2nd round, it's mandatory to turn our attention back to the defensive side of the ball. The horrific memories that Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner left in our minds need to be erased.

At this point, the most pressing items to consider are at OLB & CB. I also feel that there is value at WR in the 3rd round. Jacoby Ford, WR/KR, Clemson is a "waterbug" that might interest the Packers. Andre Roberts, WR, the Citadel, is a small school player that might have Ted Thompson's eye. Taylor Price, WR, Ohio is a MAC player. We saw Thompson hit a home run with Greg Jennings, who was also a MAC WR. Might he try to strike it rich with Price, who is similar to Jennings in stature? And, Price is faster than Jennings. Mardy Gilyard, WR, Cincy would be a sensational value pick in the third round. But, since McCourty will fill the WR void, all attention is going to defense.

I'm picking Jason Worilds, OLB, Virginia Tech. Great size. Great speed. Once considered a first round pick, he had a disappointing Junior year. Nonetheless, he ran a 4.47 at his pro day. He's over 250 lbs and he's the complete package. He'd immediately provide stiff competition for Brad Jones. Worilds also beats out Navarro Bowman, OLB, Penn State as my desired 3rd Round selection.

As mentioned earlier, the third round would also be a good round to address the defensive backfield. If you've been following along, you know my thoughts on Larry Asante, S, Nebraska and Reshad Jones, S, Georgia. But, since we selected Taylor Mays in Round 1, we won't need a safety in the 3rd round. I listed Dominique Franks as a round 2 selection, but he could fall. Jerome Murphy, CB, South Florida and Donovan Warren, CB, Michigan could interest the Pack. While Murphy & Warren might draw heavier interest, I'd be more excited with Amari Spievey, CB, Iowa who appears to have fallen down draft boards after a poor Pro Day.

My top 10:

1.) Jason Worilds, OLB, Va Tech
2.) Reshad Jones, S, Georgia
3.) Chad Jones, S, LSU
4.) Cam Thomas, DT, UNC
5.) Amari Spievey, CB, Iowa
6.) Donovan Warren, CB, Michigan
7.) Jerome Murphy, CB, South Florida
8.) Navarro Bowman, OLB, Penn State
9.) Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson
10.)Torell Troupe, DL, Central Florida

Round 4:

If the Packers can acquire additional picks, it's a no-brainer that the Packers should draft O'Brien Schofield, OLB, WI. If we don't grab extra picks, it's doubtful that they'll add a player that will miss the majority of the 2010 NFL Season. As my current mock draft goes, I still have not selected our pressing need, a CB. Therefore, one would think it's mandatory to look at CB in Round 4. My last round 4 selection was Myron Lewis, CB, Vanderbilt. I'm going to take a pass and hope that he lasts until Round 5. Instead, I'm going to select a QB. Mike McCarthy wants a QB to develop. I am positive of it. In Jevan Snead, QB, Ole Miss, he gets his guy. Snead has all of the intangibles, he's just struggled with decision making. McCarthy can make Snead a legitimate NFL QB.

The Packers might also reach for a guy like Mike Williams, WR, Syracuse. A total stud. But, an absolute head case. So much so that he quit football. Yes, he quit on his team. But, if he were mentally fit, he'd be a 2nd round pick.

My top 10:

1.) Jevan Snead, QB, Ole Miss
2.) Myron Lewis, CB, Vanderbilt
3.) Mike Williams, WR, Syracuse
4.) Kam Chancellor, S, Va Tech
5.) Robert Johnson, S, Utah
6.) Cameron Sheffield, OLB, Troy
7.) Patrick Stoudamire, CB, Western Illinois
8.) Tony Pike, QB, Cincy, Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan
9.) Walter McFadden, CB, Auburn
10.) Marcus Easley, WR, UCONN

Round 5

With two picks, the Packers are poised to do some damage in the 5th round. We'll find talent. I'm enamored with Anthony Levine, S, Tennessee State and Brandon Sharpe, OLB, Texas Tech. I've wrote that. However, in an effort to switch things up, the Packers select Danny Batten, OLB, South Dakota State and Alterraun Verner, CB, UCLA. Jamar Wall, CB, Texas Tech was slightly behind Verner in my selection. Each year, someone grows on you. Just from what you read and the limited photos, video that you can find. Last year, it was Johnny Knox. The Bears drafted him and he made the Pro Bowl. This year, it's Danny Batten. Batten is often described as a "poor mans Clay Matthews." Ummm, I'll take that in Round 5. He's mean. He's physical. He plays with courage. He's an Energizer Bunny who plays with a non-stop mentality. At worst, he makes a difference on special teams. Jamar Wall plays the ball in the air. I have no doubt that he would not only make the roster, but he'd compete for playing time by Week 1. He's a 5th round value pick. But, I'm going with Verner. No, he does not make the 5'11 barometer, but man, the guy impresses me. Much like Syd'Quan Thompson, CB, Cal, Verner is a guy that I've been watching for years. With intrigue. He can play in the slot. He can play outside. He'll get in your face and out-muscle you on a curl. He'll jump a slant. He's a smart player and he plays the ball with efficiency.

My top 10:

1.) Danny Batten, OLB, South Dakota State
2.) Alterraun Verner, CB, UCLA
3.) Anthony Levine, S, Tennessee State, Jamar Wall, CB, Texas Tech
4.) Brandon Sharpe, OLB, Texas Tech
5.) Trindon Holiday, KR, LSU
6.) Joique Bell, RB, Wayne State
7.) Deji Karim, RB/KR/waterbug, Southern Illinois
8.) George Selive, OLB, South Florida
9.) Brian Jackson, CB, Oklahoma - When I watched the Sooners play the Canes this past year, I thought Jackson was better than Franks.
10.) Jason Beauchamp, OLB, UNLV - one of my knocks on a number of the 3-4 OLB's in the draft is that they aren't tall. Beauchamp has the height the Packers would look for. Ideally, an OLB stands 6-3, though in most instances 6-2 acceptable. Beachamp fits the bill, while others fall short.

Round 6:

Joe Pawelek, ILB, Baylor remains my selection for reasons that I've previously discussed.

My top 10:

1.) Joe Pawelek, ILB, Baylor
2.) Chris McCoy, OLB, MTSU
3.) Tim Knicky, OLB, Steven F. Austin
4.) Brandon James, KR, Florida
5.) Seyi Ajirotutu, WR, Fresno State, Danario Alexander, WR, Missouri
6.) Andre Anderson, RB, Tulane
7.) Zac Robinson, QB, Oklahoma State
8.) Andre Dixon, RB, UCONN
9.) Freddie Barnes, WR, Bowling Green
10.) Michael Smith, RB/KR, Arkansas or Brandon Banks, WR/KR, Kansas State - waterbugs

Round 7:

1.) Junior Galette, OLB, Stillman
2.) Stevie Brown, S, Michigan or Lantz Mathers, OLB, Northwestern Oklahoma State
3.) Josh Gordy, S, Central Michigan
4.) Curtis Steele, RB, Memphis
5.) Lonyae Miller, Fresno State
6.) Dexter Davis, OLB, ASU
7.) Carl Ihenacho, OLB, San Jose State
8.) Justin Cole, OLB, San Jose State
9.) Lucien Antoine, S, Oklahoma State
10.) Alex Joseph, ILB, Temple

In the past, the Packers have been known to select a 7th round QB so I'll rank my 7th round QB's:

1.) Andy Schmitt, QB, Eastern Michigan
2.) Eric Ward, QB, Richmond
3.) Tim Hiller, QB, Western Michigan
4.) Jonathan Crompton, QB, Tennessee - most say he'll be drafted in the 5th or 6th round.

In short, my mock draft goes like this:

Round 1: Taylor Mays, S, USC
Round 2: Dexter McCluster, WR/KR, Ole Miss
Round 3: Jason Worilds, OLB, Virginia Tech
Round 4: Jevan Snead, QB, Ole Miss
Round 5: Danny Batten, OLB, South Dakota State & Alterraun Verner, CB, UCLA
Round 6: Joe Pawelek, ILB, Baylor
Round 7: Junior Galette, OLB, Stillman

Also, as I've previously discussed, this is one of the deepest TE draft classes that I can remember. But, with the Packers current stable of TE's, I can't imagine us drafting one. Though a guy like Clay Harbor, TE, Missouri State could end up in Green Bay as an undrafted FA.

I'm stoked for the draft.

In Ted, I trust.


Talkin' S-Mac.