Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chicago Tribune writer Rick Morrissey

I read this article and thought that it was worthy of a post. Yes, it's the Packers vs the Cowboys this week. But, ultimately, it's always good to keep an eye on the Bears. Below is an article by Rick Morrissey from the Chicago Tribune. Until the last line, this is an epic article! Carry on...

Live well,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Backing Packers: Root of all evil?

November 24, 2007

Is it morally wrong to want to adopt the Green Bay Packers until Chicago gets its very own NFL franchise?

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "What's next, Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump shacking up?" But as anathema as the thought might be, aren't the Packers what every Bears fan would want in a franchise?

Right now, many of you would adopt just about any team with a 10-1 record, even if the next Joseph Stalin coached it. (Talk about your excellent forced-labor training camp!) But back the Packers? Never, you say.

This Green Bay team is very, very likable. An iconic quarterback. A more-than-solid defense. A well-coached, disciplined young group. Besides the green-and-yellow color scheme, what's there not to like? OK, I get the archenemy thing. I get that many of you would prefer rooting for an elective root canal to rooting for the Packers. I get that given the choice between death and the Packers, many of you would ask for more time to decide.

But the Bears are a 4-6 franchise that looks absolutely lost from top to bottom. How much fun is it to be hitched to that wagon?

I'm suggesting the unthinkable: For the rest of this season, you men hand in your official Dick Butkus foaming-at-the-mouth spit cups. You women too.

I'm not suggesting you show up in a Brett Favre jersey Sunday, when the Bears play the Broncos at Soldier Field. I'm suggesting the Packers are what the Bears were supposed to be. So why not take it to the logical next step and appreciate what Favre and the Packers are doing this season?

The truth is that, despite the Bayou drawl and the unfortunate location of his place of employment, Favre is what many Chicagoans appreciate in a football player. He's talented, unbreakable, impulsive, personable and looks like something out of Tough Guys Illustrated.

For the Bears, the remote possibility of making the playoffs is barely visible in the distance. Coach Lovie Smith said his players need to win the rest of their games to play in the postseason, and it's one of the only things he has been right about this year.

The Packers took care of business on Thanksgiving, beating Detroit 37-26. You might have pushed your plate away in disgust Thursday when Favre completed 20 straight passes against the Lions. It made the Great Rex Grossman-Brian Griese Debate of 2007 seem silly, like discussing the merits of riding sidesaddle in front of John Wayne.

There always has been a huge amount of respect for the 38-year-old Favre in Chicago, mostly because he has owned the Bears, if you consider a 22-9 record sufficient proof of ownership.

But it's not just Favre this year. The Packers' defense is sixth in scoring average. The Bears, who were talking last year about wanting to be the best defense in league history, are 17th. Green Bay's offensive line has allowed only 14 sacks in 11 games. And Favre's joy pervades the team. It's a wondrous, childlike joy that reminds us that football is fun when you're winning. It's not much more than misery the way the Bears are approaching it.

It wasn't so long ago that we were discussing how strong the Bears were in an iron-deficient NFC. Now we're trying to sift through the rubble that used to be the Bears. It's 2007, and it's the Stone Age here.

You have every right to expect more from a team that was in the Super Bowl last season. That Super Bowl seems like eons ago. In fact, it almost feels like it never happened, such is the chaos and disarray of this season.

It has been such a disappointment that you wonder how things might have been different if the Bears had not gotten to the championship game. Would Smith be on the hot seat right now? General manager Jerry Angelo?

But that's playing a silly what-if game. The Bears did get to the Super Bowl. But now they have a wobbly offensive line, no running game and a below-average defense. The quarterback position remains consistently unsettled.

The free fall has knocked the wind out of many a Bears fan.

Look, Chicagoans own half the property in Wisconsin anyway. Why not a good football team too? Your Chicago Packers play in Dallas on Thursday in a matchup of 10-1 teams. Will you be there in spirit? I didn't think so.

You're Chicago Cowboys fans this week.

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Take - Week 13

Greetings, G-Force.

I hope your Turkey tasted as good as mine. Watching Favre seems to have the ability to make all else seem so much better. On Thanksgiving Day, Brett, I was Thankful to watch you.

Once again, the Packers showed their dominance. Favre showed that he is as good as any player in the NFL. And Mike McCarthy displayed that he has grown immensely in his short tenure as a Head Coach. As the Packers were clinging to a nail biting 17-9 lead at the Half, I turned to my Father-In-Law, in Wheeling, WV, and said, "On the 1st drive of the 2nd half, the Packers should go to shotgun and not run the ball until the Lions show that they can stop the best player in the NFL." McCarthy felt the same way. 7 passes. 4 different receivers. 1 TD.

I truly felt that Driver was going to win us a game - either against the Lions or the Cowboys. Driver was special. And his relationship with Favre is one for the ages. 10 catches. 147 yards. The most amazing thing about Driver - he has not scored a TD since Week 3 vs. the Chargers and he's never echoed a hint of disappointment. He defines what the Packers '07 team is all about. It's not about individuality. It's about the team.

This team lives off of guys like T-mon Williams. Williams made two plays that define the '07 Packers. 1.) On third down, he knocked the ball out of Calvin Johnson's hands to get the Packers off the field. 2.) He ran down Cason on the kickoff to save 4 points. The '07 Packers are about effort, unity, togetherness and a flat out will to win. Williams defines this notion.

The NFL has waited for this week. Green Bay at Dallas. Home field advantage at stake. Is this the mid-90's?

Call me foolish, but I feel that the significance of this game from a home field perspective is not as dramatic as most. Yes, I agree, that mentally, for Favre, this game might mean a bunch as he probably would not want to go to Dallas in the NFC Championship. But, consider this: Mike McCarthy is 10-3 on the road as a Head Coach. Additionally, one of my greatest fears with the '07 Packers is that we might not be able to win a game in conditions such as the '96 playoff game against the 49ers. If Mother Nature were to turn on a Sunday and passing the ball were to become beyond difficult, could the Packers win against an elite NFC team? Yes, we won in a mud game against the Redskins this year in a game in which we had almost no offense. And yes, Ryan Grant has improved our running game tremendously, but this remains the style of game that I don't want the Packers to have to play in the playoffs. Don't get me wrong, I would certainly prefer to play the NFC Championship at Lambeau, but a loss would not be overly devastating as long as the Packers could get over the mental hurdle of having to play in Dallas, once again.

Turning back the clock, the Packers have struggled mightily in Dallas. The two places that have beat up the Favre-led Packers the most are Dallas and Philadelphia. Nothing seems to go right. Even when we are better than them. It has seemed as though we are doomed when we enter the building.

Once again, the Favre is the general as the Packers head into Texas Stadium. In '94, on paper, the Packers were a better team than the Jason Garrett led Cowboys. In '96, the Packers were better than Dallas. In '99, the Packers were better than Dallas. Each time, the Packers left defeated. In '07, once again, Favre leads a Packers team that is better than the Cowboys.

Clearly, the Cowboys possess threats. TO is as dangerous as it gets in the NFL at the WR position. Patrick Crayton has emerged into a solid #2 receiver and he has deemed himself ready to play this Thursday. Jason Witten is one of the elite TE in the league. Tony Romo is elusive and has the ability to escape. Julius Jones and Marion Barber III make up a great speed/power combination. Additionally, the Dallas O'Line is mammoth.

But, football is about match-ups. And, if healthy, the Packers match up well. Terrell Owens meet the Rasta Man Al Harris. Harris should be able to match Owens from a physical standpoint. Crayton loves to play in the slot. Chuckie loves to cover out of the slot. If Chuckie is healthy, advantage Green Bay. So, in my mind, the objective is to slow down Terrell Owens. Give Al help over the top with Aaron Rouse. By the way, Rouse has shown a Sharper-esque nose for the football. Chuckie can take care of Crayton man-to-man.

Jason Witten has to be slowed down. We won't shut him down. But, we have to slow him down. More often than not, the Cowboys will be set up in formations that will force Brady Poppinga to be on the field. I'm sure the Cowboys are going to try and match-up Witten with Poppinga. This MUST be avoided. I would double team Witten with Hawk and Ras-A-tari. Anthony Fasano might also become an option with Poppinga in man coverage, but we'd have to take our chances with this scenario. Bottom line - Jason Witten has to be held to under 65 yards.

The Packers D-Line has been beaten up over the past two weeks. KGB, Johnny Jolly, Colin Cole, Cullen Jenkins have all missed significant time. The loss of Jolly and Cole will hurt this Thursday. Jolly has become a solid run stuffer. Dallas loves to run right at the mouth of the defense. Pickett will continue to plug holes. Corey Williams must continue to play for a contract. Harrell/Muir must step up and play with tenacity. Nick Barnett has disappeared over the last couple of weeks. He must be the filling the running lanes. On occasion this year, the Cowboys have become one dimensional. As good as Barber/Jones are, they can become frustrated. Wrap them up. Go for the strip. Get the ball!

KGB must be healthy and fit to go. If so, I expect the Packers to be able to apply pressure to the Cowboys while only rushing 4 defenders. A-to-the-K is the best DL in the NFL. His heart and passion is unmatched in the NFL. To a degree, Kampman and KGB will keep Romo in the pocket. Romo is good enough that he will make plays and the Cowboys will move the ball, but if we can contain him and keep him in the pocket, Jenkins and Corey Williams will have the opportunity to get an inside push. Don't be surprised if Cullen Jenkins makes a BIG play this weekend.

Defensively, the Cowboys will bring pressure. DeMarcus Ware, Greg Ellis, Chris Canty and Anthony Spencer can flat out bring the pressure. No worries, G-Force. The Packers will be prepared. Yes, the Cowboys will get in Favre's face on occasion, but the Cowboys are going to have to make some crucial decisions. Do you come with the blitz and play man coverage? Or do you rush 4 and take your chances in coverage? I think that the Cowboys are going to attack.

The Packers respond by going to 4-wide. Grant lined next to Favre. Out of shotgun. I expect Greg Jennings to have a monstrous game. Favre to Jones for 4 catches. Driver has 5. K-Rob has 4. But, Jennings exposes the Cowboys defense. Terrence Newman is a solid corner. But, he can't cover them all. So, the Packers send Jennings and Driver down the middle of the field. Roy Williams is lost in space. And Jennings is running by him deep down the field. Ken Hamlin has also struggled in coverage.

The O'Line provides the protection. Wade Phillips is confused. Favre is on fire. Favre throws for 350 yards and 3 more TD's. Oh, and Ryan Grant runs for 80 more yards.

G-Force, are you ready for a shoot-out? Buckle-up. We're going for a ride. This one is going to be exciting. Defensively, let's hope we are healthy. And it's another monkey off Brett's back.

Green Bay 37. Dallas 27.

G-Force, the Road to the Super Bowl comes through Lambeau! The Cowboys may wear stars on their helmets, but the Packers have the biggest Star on the field.

It's Favre Time,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Monday, November 19, 2007

My Take - Week 12

Greetings, G-Force.

Amazingly, in life, there are parallels that define the sublimeness of capturing a story's definition. If you look deep enough, you uncover the ultimate reality. To me, sports & music carry a common ground. Last Wednesday, my wife & I went to see Keller Williams perform in a small venue. The room was at half capacity, which provided ample room to Jump Around. Mentally, I took note. Half way through the 2nd set, Keller gave us a classic musical moment, "Breathe->Celebrate Your Youth->Breathe." Captured in the moment, I felt free. And I was bouncing around the room.

On Saturday Night, I saw Bob Weir perform. Much like Favre, a "dinosaur" in his profession. Yet, he was a mastermind on stage as he belted out "Wake Up to Find Out that You are the Eyes of the World."

Come Sunday, 12:40 EST. My good mate, Vargas buzzes me. "McKenna, your Dad is on fire! He just played 'Jump Around' into 'Soulja Boy.' Where else will you hear that?"

During the game, it was Favre. Inspirational as ever. Portraying his youth. Breathing his will upon the youthful Packers team and proving his exuberance is greatest of all. Brett Favre is celebrating his youth. And I like the view through Brett Favre's eyes of the world.

Last Sunday was the 4th of 6 straight STATEMENT games. We came out of the bye week and beat the Broncos on MNF in Mile High. 6 days later, we went to Arrowhead and beat the Chiefs. AP, arguably the hottest name in football, came to town and was held to 45 yards. Then, in a trap game...a sandwich game...the Panthers came to town and we showed that we are bigger the national media thinks. That's OK. We are fine with that. There's a lot of work that needs to be done. But, we're positioned tremendously.

We head to Detroit. Full of hope. Full of promise. A win and the Packers hold a 4 game lead in the NFC North with 5 to go. In the Favre era, the Packers have struggled at Detroit. This year will be different.

I expect the Packers to play a lot of 5 WR. Favre will be the mechanic operating out of the shotgun. While Fernando Bryant is a solid corner, he has been nicked up over the last couple of weeks. His health has to be a concern for the Lions. Other than Bryant, the Lions have a bunch of journey men in their defensive backfield. Stanley Wilson has never picked off a pass in his NFL career. Travis Fisher is a cast off from the St. Louis Rams. Keith Smith is an undersized at corner and can be beaten. Their safeties, Kenoy Kennedy and Idrees Bashir, are journey men who have struggled in coverage.

Koren Robinson will have a big game this weekend. I foresee K-Rob continuing to progress and fit into what we are building. As the #4 WR, he will always create mismatch problems. Favre is well aware of this. It would not surprise me if K-Rob gets a big one in the next two weeks.

Favre should throw the ball another 40-45 times this week. Spread them out. 10 different receivers. The pass will set up the run. Also, at some point, once again, there will be a game in which Favre relies heavily on Driver. Where Driver is the go-to guy in the form of 7-10 catches and moving the sticks on 3rd down. It could be in the next two weeks.

From a running standpoint, I expect the Packers to try to establish the run right up the middle. I do not expect the Packers to attack the perimeter as Ernie Sims and Boss Bailey are fast and can cover an abundance of territory. While Shaun Rogers is a stout run-stopping DT, arguably as good as anyone in the game, and Langston Moore is an aggressive Nose Tackle, Cory Redding has had a down year and Shaun Cody has been a big time disappointment - thus far. Kalimba Edwards is a decent speed pass rusher who could present problems, but he can be slowed by an effective pass rush. Dewayne White is an above average pass rusher who plays with an intense motor. He has a variety of pass rushing moves and will try to beat you with both speed and power. Overall, the depth of the Lions DL is a big question mark and they can be worn down and Ryan Grant will scrap out at least 80 more yards.

At LB, Ernie Sims and Boss Bailey can flat out play. Both will attack the QB with blitzes. Both are solid in pass coverage. However, if you are physical with them, you can push them around. Paris Lenon is a journey man MLB who is better suited on the outside. He'll probably have a chip on his shoulder as the Packers did not offer him an extension. I'd run right at him and punch him in the mouth. He'll fall backwards.

The Detroit Lions should not be able to stop the Green Bay Packers.

The Lions are going to outscore the Packers. They'll attack with the deep ball. Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson, Shaun McDonald, and Mike Furrey provide a wide array of speed, size and power. In fact, the Lions WR depth provides a potential match-up problem. Really, for the first time, we will see a lot of Frank Walker and/or Tramon Williams playing DB. We will see the dime defense. When the Lions come with 4 WR, if we try to stop them with a nickel defense, we will struggle with the speed of McDonald and Furrey in the slot.

It would not surprise me to see the Packers play a 3-2-6 defense on occasion. It would not surprise me to see a mixed concoction of blitzes from the Packers. Barnett and Hawk coming by disguise. A bag of tricks.

Don't get me wrong - the base defense - will be the nickel. But a variety of looks - more than we are accustomed to - will be witnessed this Thursday. We will be creative. We will be descriptive in our desire to secure the NFC North Championship in front of a national audience.

Kevin Jones seems to always be a thorn in the Packers side. He comes on the screen. He comes on the delay. He comes on the sweep. He comes on the draw. Kevin Jones is a dangerous player. He will pick up first downs and provide Turkey Day frustrations.

But, in the end, just as Ice Cube rapped back in the day, the Packers have A to the K. A to the mother f@ck!n' K. Aaron Kampman is 3rd in the NFL with 9 sacks. KGB is 6th in the NFL with 8.5 sacks. This Thursday, they meet at the QB. Corey Williams (CAN WE PLEASE RE-SIGN THIS GUY!!!???!!!) trails them with 6 sacks. Jon Kitna has been drilled all season long. This trend will continue. One of our greatest assets is our ability to sack the QB. One of the Lions greatest weaknesses is their inability to protect the QB. Advantage - Green Bay.

The Lions will attack the Packers deep. J-Bush and "Ras-Atar-I" (thanks, Stack) will be challenged. I expect one of them to make a significant play. After all, as T-Man Williams showed last Sunday - everyone is making game changing plays this year. And each week - it is someone new. J-Bush made a game changer in Game 1. Ras-Atar-I did it in both Vikings games. This week - they will both have opportunities to do it again. So, will Rasta Al. Harris has yet to make the game changing play. He, too, will have his chances this week.

Yes, the Lions will move the ball. Yes, the Lions will score points. G-Force, do not panic. Do not get overly frustrated. Keep the faith. Keep the belief. Give thanks! We are going 10-1.

Green Bay 34. Detroit 23.

Thanks to Mike McCarthy for rejuvenating Brett. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Enjoy your Turkey. Favre's eating Lion. The Packers are now the King of the Jungle.

Gobble, Gobble.

Giving Thanks,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Who Are You Watching Now?

A definite addition to the Who Are You Watching Now list would have to be Chris Long. Chris, the son of Howie, is largely responsible for the devastation felt by the Hurricanes on the closing night of the Orange Bowl.

Also, jumping up my list of college stallions is Chevis Jackson, #21, Sr, CB, LSU. If anyone gets the chance to check out LSU this year - watch Jackson. Think Craig Newsome. Long. Lanky. Great make up speed while the ball is in the air. Plays with his hands but does not draw penalties. Plays the ball well in the air. He'd look terrific in Green & Gold.

Mike Mickens from Cincy also jumps up my board. In fact, my new CB projections look like this.

1. ) Antoine Cason
2.) Chevis Jackson
3.) Malcolm Jenkins
4.) Terrell Thomas
5.) Aqib Talib - I love this guy. Wears #3. But he scares me sometimes as I watch him and he appears weak against the run.
6.) Mike Jenkins
7.) Mike Mickens
8.) Brandon Flowers
9.) Trae Williams

Dropping minutely is Jonathan Stewart. To me, he has slowed down as the year has gone on. Still a valuable commodity, but not someone that I would want the Packers to draft in the 1st round.

As a side note, I'm also adding Brandon Miller, LB, Georgia. He and Ellerbe make a fine tandem at LB. I'm also adding William Franklin, WR, Missouri, Eric Foster, DE, Rutgers and Ryan Mundy, S, WVU to my others to consider.

Buzzin' On,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Take - Week 11

Greetings, G-Force.

I hope you are enjoying 8-1 as much as I am. As each game passes by, we seem to be defining ourselves more emphatically. Offensively, I'm starting to think that we are a mesh between the Packers of the mid-90's and the Oilers of the early 90's. From a route running perspective, we remind me of the Packers of the mid 90's. We are the masters of the underneath routes. Precision timing. Run after the catch. Comfortable winging it 45 times a game. We are similar to the Oilers as often times we are from shotgun. And we use so many different quality receivers. In the early 90's, the Oilers had WR's such as Haywood Jeffries, Ernest Givens, Drew Hill, Curtis Duncan, and Webster Slaughter. All good players. All fit in the system. To me, it's very similar to what we have today.

Sorry, I had to get that out of my system.

Ah, it's the Packers vs the Panthers...once again. Since the Panthers entered the NFL, these two teams have been rich in tradition. In '96, the Packers beat the Panthers in the NFC Championship game. In '97, we dominated the Panthers in Carolina. In '98, it was Reggie White and Vonnie Holiday living in the Panthers backfield. However, the tides changed in '99. Steve Beuerlein scored on a QB sneak on the final play of the game. I argue that this play was a symbol of why Ray Rhodes lasted only one year. Who knows where history would have taken us if not for the Beuerlein sneak? In '00, Brad Hoover torched the Packers on MNF. In '01, the Packers went into Carolina to beat up on a Chris Weinke led Panthers team. In '02, the Packers won when Shayne Graham missed a 24-yard FG late in the game. In '04, the Packers started the season triumphantly on MNF in Carolina. In '05, Carolina outlasted the Packers on MNF. In this game, Favre led a hugely inspired comeback which ended when Chris Gamble knocked the ball out of Donald Driver's hands on a 4th down pass.

In '07, Carolina is bad. They are banged up. They look like they could give up at any point in the near future. By definition, to me, they look defeated. And this is exactly why this game scares me.

This Sunday is a trap game. It's a game against a porous opponent which is surrounded by two division rival games. Clearly, we were focused on the Vikings. We played with a vengeance. We played with attitude. We played like we meant business. It should be noted that the coaches have stated that they will be spending Friday and Saturday preparing for the Lions on Thanksgiving Day. Once again, the Packers face a scheduling gaffe in the '07 season. Once again, the Packers will be victorious.

Carolina is blessed with a strong front 4. Julius Peppers, Kris Jenkins, Mike Rucker, and Damione Lewis. Our O-Line played tremendously last weekend. We need to make this a trend. The Panther front 4 must be kept off of Favre. I would also imagine that the Panthers are going to blitz. We saw what happened to the Vikings when they tried to play conservatively. With protection, we will see some big hitters!

Thomas Davis, Jon Beason, and Na'il Diggs make up a LB core that is slow to the football, but each of them are able to lower the boom. I feel as though the Packers should run towards Mike Rucker and Thomas Davis. Diggs has never been a solid tackler when he is not the point of attack. Let's put Diggs in space and make him run. He'll have no chance. Beason can also be run over. Korey Hall has progressed nicely since the bye. Hall should be able to win the battles against the Panthers LB's.

While Gamble and Ken Lucas are admirable CB's, it should be noted that Patrick Dendy is the 3rd CB for the Panthers. Chris Harris, the ex-Bear, is a player that I have thought highly of since the first time I watched him play. Harris has a nose for the football and a knack for stripping the ball as the runner is already wrapped up. Deke Cooper is a liability at the other safety and Marquand Manuel backs him up. My question is - how far can we spread the field?

If we are adequately prepared and Mother Nature holds steady...the forecast calls for Mostly Sunny and 44 degrees - this would call for another big time offensive performance for the Football Jesus.

It's not that I doubt McCarthy and his staff. In fact, I really feel as though we have matured nicely. I feel that McCarthy has been the Coach of the Year thus far. But, I also believe that we will learn a lot about our coaching staff this week. Trap games scare me. We must bring HIGH energy early. We must bring HIGH energy often. We must bring HIGH energy all game. After all, we are the G-Force and we should expect nothing less out of ourselves.

This is a game in which the Packers must win because of the Defense. A-to-the-K, Aaron Kampman, KGB, Nick Barnett, Charles Woodson, Al Harris must keep the youngsters focused on the task at hand. There is no time for looking ahead. Aaron Rouse played a great game last week, but we are going to need a repeat performance on Sunday. Ras Atari was terrific last week against AP. This week - the task is in the form of Steve Smith. Our veterans must carry the load and once again show that Lambeau is not a place that visitors want to play. Also, Johnny Jolly, Cullen Jenkins, Corey Williams, and Ryan Pickett need to continue to keep running gaps plugged. The Panthers love to pitch the ball out to Foster and then let him cut back...and if the cut back is not there, Foster will shoot for the corner. This should play into the strength of our LB's. The speed of our LB's should play a big factor in shutting down the run game of the Panthers.

Keep DeAngelo Williams in front of you and he is the least of your worries. It would not surprise me if he put the ball on the ground this weekend.

Regardless of who the Panthers play at QB, we ought to be able to alter throws. Sacks should also be at our disposal. Kampman gets 2 more this weekend. KGB gets 1. Cullen Jenkins gets his 2nd sack of the year.

Steve Smith is dangerous. He must be double teamed. We cannot let Steve Smith beat us! Drew Carter is an underrated WR. The Panthers will test J-Bush and Rastaman Al Harris on the deep ball. There will be chances for our Secondary to make plays on the ball.

On a side note, Ryne Robinson is the kick returner for the Panthers. He's a rookie from Miami of Ohio. A fun guy to watch. He's dangerous and must be contained. He can win the field position battle.

Offensively, the Packers start with 4 wide and a single back. Favre, the greatest player to ever play football, under center. Left to right on the television screen. Play action to Donald Lee in the flat. The Panthers LB's will struggle in coverage. It's Favre to K-Rob on the quick hitter. Favre to Jones on the drag route. It's Favre to Driver across the middle. It's Favre to Jennings on the deep slant for 6 points.

Grant stays involved to the tune of 120 total yards.

We also unleashed a new wrinkle last week. Three WR's. Two of them to the left side of the field. Donald Lee lined up immediately to Tauscher's right in a 3 point stance. Grant as the single back. The Packers set up the screen. Naturally, the defense flows to the RB. Thus far, the pass has also gone to the RB. In the next three weeks, we will see that pass go to Donald Lee. He will be wide open on the screen and the Packers will see at least 15 yards out of the play.

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. This game is not about the Panthers. This game is about the Packers. From the top down, we are for real. We will be ready to dominate. We will perform magically.

Green Bay 30. Carolina 10.

My good buddy, Vargas, will be in attendance. He will be making the trip from Sunny South Florida to the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field. Vargas will be bringing his G-Force to Lambeau Field for the first time in a long time. Zinadene Perkins, another fine mate of mine, will also be rocking the party! Vargas will make certain that he comes back to the Sunshine State at 9-1.

It's a Return to Lambeau Dominance. Do the Bull Dance. Feel the Flow. Work It. Sometimes - I feel like we can do anything.

Be Prepared,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Vintage Recap...


Good Day.

I hope your wave is splashing as high as mine is today...vibrant, in nature. 8-1 brings a sensational feeling.

When the Vikings come to town, it is supposed to be difficult. No matter the record, normally, it is a battle. But, once again, this year is different. In Week 10, the Packers took a giant step in the right direction. Pure domination - In every facet of the game.

First, big props must be acknowledged and given to Atari Bigby and Brady Poppinga. The 3rd and 1 play on the opening possession spelled victory. Atari "Oh, Rasta" Bigby speaking his voice. Terrorized and scrutinized by the media for his immaturity. Yesterday, Ras Atari found redemption. And he found it at the line of scrimmage. The media took note. The camera man took note. The game producers took note. So, did AP.

Atari, you are Natty. You are Nappy. In the name of Jah, the G-Force and all else Holy, you provided AP with the Lambeau experience. Atari, it's worth noting that when the game went to halftime, the camera was on you. Cheers, Atari!

351. 3. 0. Darren Sharper - keep talking. Brett Favre - keep performing.

10. Koren Robinson and Ryan Grant leading the team with 5 catches. Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Donald Lee, and Ruvell Martin each with 4. James Jones and Vernand Morency both grab 3. Brandon Jackson with 2. Korey Hall steps in with one as well. Spread the defense. Find the open man. It's like playing in the backyard.

119. Ryan Grant. Maybe the Packers do have a running game. Mad ups to Korey Hall who is performing better and better each week. The block that he threw to open up the 30 yard TD was a tutorial on how to open up a hole.

0. The Packers defense records their first shutout since 2002. They hold AP to 45 yards. KGB has 2 sacks. Jolly has one. Chuckie picks off another pass. Bigby forces a fumble. AJ making plays in space. Aaron Rouse with 4 tackles.

34. Favre throws 3. Martin catches 2. Lee catches 1. Grant runs for 1. Crosby kicks 2.

34-0. Mike McCarthy continues to grow as a Coach. When he went for it on 4th and 3 in the 1st Quarter, that was a statement. He made that decision with conviction. He believes in this group. He devised a game plan to attack the Vikings defense via the run early in the game. The run set up the pass. He attacked the edges of the line of scrimmage and he was triumphant. Defensively, the Packers were determined and the Vikings never stood a chance.

Each week - it is someone new...yet, everyone is doing their part. This is the '07 Packers. A United Team + A Faithful Fan Base = A G-Force.

This one was convincing. This one was vintage. And Ray Nitschke and Reggie White are "Shining From Heaven."

Leaping 4 Lambeau,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Take - Week 10

Greetings, G-Force.

7-1. As fans, we are flying to heights not traveled since the 90's. And I feel fuckin' epic, man!

Favre is stoked. Chuckie is making Heisman-esque plays. A-to-the-K is playing as though he is the elite DE in Football. Donald Driver, Greg Jennings and James Jones are reveling in the action of making plays for Favre. Donald Lee is playing his best football. Koren Robinson is showing an immediate impact. Ryan Grant is running for his football life. Oh, and AJ Hawk finally showed up for the '07 campaign.

It's taken 8 games, but I'm finally learning our identity. We are an excitable team that relishes the opportunity to play in an NFL game. But, we are young and make immature, inexcusable mistakes. Consistently, we find ways to let the opposition back into the game. Or we keep the opponents close through brainless penalties and blown assignments. In closing, we are athletic enough to win the close games in the closing moments.

These days, the NFL is becoming similar to the NBA. More often than not - contests are decided in the last 5 minutes. Thankfully, the Packers have GAMERS. Greg Jennings is a gamer. Charles Woodson is a gamer. Nick Barnett is a gamer. Aaron Kampman is a gamer. KGB is a gamer. Donald Driver is a gamer. And, in my mind, Favre is the greatest NFL gamer of my time.

This week - the Viqueens come to town. I have a philosophy. For those that joined the G-Force in the 80's, the Bears are the hated rival with the Viqueens as a close 2nd. For those that joined the G-Force in the 90's, the Viqueens carry the most hated title with the Bears as a close 2nd. Either way, the Viqueens are despised.

In some ways, Minnesota is limping into Lambeau. Sidney Rice has an aggravated hamstring. Bobby Wade has a hyperextended knee. Kelly Holcomb and Tavaris Jackson appear to be unable to play as well this weekend. However, in '07, for Minnesota, none of that matters. Adrian Peterson will be playing. A.P. is the real deal. To me, he is the best RB in the NFL. If he gets through the line of scrimmage, it's mighty difficult to tackle him. He is dynamic. He is electric. Even with immense disgust for the Viqueens, it's fun to watch A.P. The guy deserves respect. I'm going to give it to him. The Packers better do the same.

In Week 10, once again, the Packers jump out to the early lead. It's Favre. The surgeon. The general. Dissecting the defense. It's the start to another sublime performance for #4. Favre finds Jennings on the short post. Sharper is a step late. 7-0 Green Bay.

Minnesota will have some success moving the football. Brooks Bollinger is mobil enough to get outside the pocket and to make the play action rollout effective. Visanthe Shiancoe will move the chains on 2nd down receptions. A.P. will get his and I'm fine with that as long as he does not break the big one.

If I were the Packers Defensive Coordinator, I would start the game with only 7 in the box. I would play Bigby 8-10 yards deep and Rouse 10-15 yards deep. Losing Nick Collins is painful. While Collins has struggled to make the big play via the pass, he has been sufficient in run defense. His speed will be missed in our run defense. Therefore, I would take a more conservative approach. I would line up Poppinga right in the middle of Hutchinson and McKinnie and if Poppinga cannot perform in a game like this weekend, then he has no spot on the football team. He is supposed to be a natural born killer against the run. He is a maniac who runs with a vicious passion to find the football. Poppinga, this weekend, you better find A.P. at the line of scrimmage. You know that A.P. is running left. We have to know that he will eventually get loose, but let's keep those runs to 10-15 yards rather than the 40+ yard runs that we have seen this year. By keeping two safeties deep, I feel that the Packers will limit those runs. Plus, I feel that our front 7 matches up well with the Viqueens offensive front. It should also be noted that throughout his collegiate career, A.P. did put the ball on the turf on occasion. One guy stands him up...the other guy goes for the strip.

3rd and 7 for Minnesota. Here comes the turnover. In fact, throughout the game, the Packers force three turnovers.

In the end, it's too much Favre. It's too much Kampman pressuring Bollinger. KGB fights through McKinnie to pressure Bollinger. Barnett plays with passion. Jolly, Pickett, and Corey Williams keep holes plugged. We hold A.P. to 80 yards or less. Again, the Packers defense dominates and carries the Packers to victory.

This weekend, on Saturday Night, I am going to see Bob Sinclar at Mansion on Washington Ave. I will "Feel the Love Generation." I will "Give a Lil' Love" to the "Sound of Freedom." I will "Sing My Song" as I "Rock This Party." Gary Pine's Rasta Voice and Dub guitar will bring a beating heart to the lifeless Bigby. Pine will also bring a bubbly bounce to the nicked up Al Harris.

This will be the kind of victory that has Reggie White and Ray Nitchske "Shining From Heaven." "World Hold On." The Packers are 8-1.

Green Bay 23. Minnesota 13.

In unison, we all elevate...together...we are Family...we are Fans...we are Believers...we are G-Force!

Everybody's Movin'. Everybody's Groovin'. And in the words of Chris Berman, "with Brett Favre, everyday is Christmas."

Harness in the good energy,

Talkin' S-Mac.