Sunday, April 27, 2008

Draft Recap

Greetings, G-Force.

I am excited about Ted Thompson's approach to the 2008 Draft. Thompson wanted play makers on offense. He went after his guys and he got them. He added competition at WR, QB, CB, TE, and DE. This draft was about finalizing our roster and then building depth and competition. He went with athletes at the front of the draft and went fishing for offensive depth to finish the draft.

While watching the draft, I wanted Thompson to either trade down and out of the first round or I wanted to draft a WR. I was hoping for either Thomas, Jackson or Sweed. Jordy Nelson surprised me. I like having Nelson as a Packer, but I thought that we could get him much later. But, if you like a guy enough, why wait? Obviously, Nelson was the guy that Thompson wanted. He traded down to accumulate a pick and he still got his guy. As an interesting stat: Nelson stands 6'2 5/8" and weighs 217 lbs. By comparison, Terrell Owens stands 6'3" and weighs 223. Roy Williams stands 6'2" and weighs 220 lbs. Additionally, while he ran a 4.51 40 at the combine, video shows him running away from Aqib Talib, the Bucs 1st round pick, when they are both in the open field. At the combine, Talib ran a 4.45.

In the second round, I wanted Slaton. I was hopeful. I understand the Brian Brohm pick, but I do not love it. I don't believe that he's a fit for the system. He's a good pocket passer. He's intelligent. He's got solid awareness and a strong arm. He's accurate. But, he's immobile, which will limit his production in our current system. Nonetheless, Thompson got his guy. Thompson said that he was considering Brohm in the 1st round at #30. Personally, I would have rather had Kevin O'Connell in Round 3.

With the other second round pick, the Packers needed corner. They got one in Patrick Lee. Lee has the build and speed to make it in Green Bay. I like the pick. I'm excited to see him perform.

Before the 3rd round started, I sent my good friend, Stack, a text message. I wrote "Slaton, Charles, Zbikowski, C. Jackson, Schmitt, Hillis, Rucker, J. Finley, DE, OL." All were available to start the 3rd round and by the time we were eligible, only Schmitt, Hillis, Rucker, and Finley were available. I'm excited to have Finley. 6'4" 243 lbs. Big. Athletic. Great hands. Not afraid of contact. Great run after the catch. Welcome to Green Bay, "J-Mike." Watch these videos and judge for yourself:

And for an even better buzz, read this article which was dated February 21, 2008:

No doubt, "J-Mike" will add a nice dimension to the Packers offense.

In my mock draft, I suggested that I'd be open to Jeremy Thompson becoming our 3rd round pick. I was happy to see Thompson trade up to get him. I've been drawn to Thompson over the last 4-5 days. His name kept showing up in front of me. I was getting signs that Thompson would be a part of the Packers draft. He's mobile in space. He's got a great build. He's seems aggressive. And apparently, he's got football & body growth ahead of him. He's a solid 4th round pick.

Josh Sitton and Breno Giacomini add depth, competition, toughness and attitude to our offensive line.

I also liked watching Ted Thompson work his magic and accumulate 7th round draft picks. Before the 7th round, I thought that the Packers were positioned for success. We had options. I thought that Peyton Hillis would have provided versatility and an upgrade at FB. I wanted the Packers to also consider a RB such as Cory Boyd. A third-round specialist back or a speed back would have been a desired addition. I also thought the Packers should think about a small school S such as Bobbie Williams. Stack and I discussed the possibility of drafting a QB and living in a world like we did in the early 90's with Favre, Brunell and Detmer. But, ultimately, Ted Thompson had positioned himself to select the best player available.

I like the Matt Flynn pick. Not because I think that Flynn is going to be a great NFL QB, but I like Flynn because he's going to compete every day. He's a fighter. He's tenacious. He's been a winner. He's been a leader. He's been a champion. He's a good guy to bring into our program as we continue to mature in a young locker room environment.

Brett Swain has the build that you look for in a WR. Statistically, he showed a knack for making the big play at the collegiate level. Here is a link in which you can see him score 3 TD's in the 1st half of a game. While the video is over 7 minutes long, you can see his TD's in the first 4:35 seconds of the video. But, I would suggest that you cue up the video to 5:45 seconds and watch the rest of it. It'd be approximately 90 seconds of good Swain video. He's wearing #16.

Overall, I'm happy with the draft. Jordy & J-Mike will add excitement to our offense. Thompson and Lee will add energy and athleticism to our defense. We've added depth & competition at OL and QB. We took a chance on a WR from San Diego State and we added a pick for next year. Expect to see the Packers sign a number of players as undrafted free agents.


J-Mike for a 1st down,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Ultimate Mock Draft Party!!!

Greetings, G-Force.

Welcome to the mind of Scott McKenna. The NFL Draft is within sight and I'm ready to put the finishing touches on nearly three months of speculation. Sit back. Put your reading glasses on. Pour yourself some Zyr...on the rocks preferably...maybe a little dirty...and treat yourself to three blue cheese stuffed olives, if their available. If you're unable to literally create such a scenario, then please, do your best to mentally live in that state of mind. After all, with regard to constructing a roster, the draft is the most elegant weekend of the year.

I feel happy. I feel healthy. I feel terrific. This is a celebration. This is the NFL Draft.

Todays events added a little seasoning to our Draft dish. The Cowboys traded for Pacman Jones, which should translate to one less team drafting a CB in the 1st round. The Vikings traded for Jared Allen, an absolute menace of a defensive end. While Allen only had 3 tackles and .5 sacks against the Packers last year, he was a dominant, intimidating figure. He was fierce. However, I hope the Packers do not approach this draft in a reactionary mode. Rather, we are the team that the Vikings have to catch. We are the defending NFC North Champions. In fact, my strategy for this years draft is CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!

The '07 Packers were a team that scored points in abundance. Additionally, on defense, often times, we were joyful. We were opportunistic. We enjoyed ourselves. The '08 draft must bring more speed on offense. It must also bring defenders that are flashy, ferocious and barbaric in nature.

As a reminder, my Packers mock draft has one caveat: I do not draft OL. I no longer attend pre-season practices. I am no longer at each home game sitting in my seat 30-40 minutes before game time. I do not get to see how are kids are developing along the OL. Often times, my biases via the depth of our OL are developed through reading. Hence, at this stage, I feel uncomfortable piping up desires for a largely unknown OL. Plus, there is almost no youtube video available for me to conduct research. In fact, from the outside looking in, I see an OL that returns 5 starters. Moreover, we have developmental players that our coaching staff holds in high regards. Personally, I don't place a premium on selecting OL early in this year's draft. With that being said, it would not surprise me if Thompson drafted an OL in the 2nd round this year.

I approach Round 1 with an open mind. Frankly, I'll be happy as long as they don't draft QB, OL, DT, or Brandon Flowers in the first round. We could use a stud at DE, but I don't think that Calais Campbell will fall to us. We could use another target at WR. However, I doubt that Thomas, Jackson nor Sweed will be available. We might consider a game breaking RB, but Mendenhall and McFadden will be off the board when we pick. I don't consider Stewart a game breaker. He, too, will most likely will be gone. To me, Chris Johnson is not a 1st round pick. This brings me to Felix Jones. If he's available at #27, I'd consider trading up with SD to draft him. Jones can return kicks. He can also turn a busted play into an 80 yard TD run. If not, I believe that Dallas will choose him at #28.

The Packers could also trade down in Round 1. Ted Thompson loves to move down in drafts. Combine that thought with the fact that the Packers are sitting in a spot where teams might think about moving up in the draft so they can nab a QB. I look at the Falcons, Chiefs, Jets, Ravens and Panthers are potential suitors. If history matters, Thompson has pulled off draft day trades with the Falcons and Jets in the past.

In this mock draft, the Packers are sitting still at #30. Aqib Talib and his herbal issues do not drop him this far. Kenny Phillips is grabbed before the Packers are on the clock. Therefore, the Packers choose Antoine Cason. Cason will be an electrifying addition to our secondary. He looks the part. He walks the part. He talks the part. Cason is a better tackler than Talib. He's more willing to play the run and in our scheme, you cannot not be afraid to tackle. Cason can also return kicks. He fits what we do.

The Packers success and team development has been predicated on speed, youth, internal competition, and a confident attitude. Currently, our offense is missing this link at TE. In Round 2, the Packers find these elements in Martellus Bennett. Bennett will be a productive TE at the pro level. He's got the speed. His hands are terrific. He has the awareness & intelligence to find the open spot in the oppositions defense. He'll go up and get the ball in traffic. He falls forward upon contact. He'd be a target target for A-Rod. Alana and I went to the game when the Aggies played against the Hurricanes at the Orange Bowl. His never say die attitude was displayed as he caught a Hail Mary at the end of the game when his team trailed by more than 3 TD's. Bennett is a positive character guy as well. After the game, he did not shy away from interviews with the Miami media. Instead, he paid his respects and talked about how he wore #85 for the game in memory of Kevin Everett after he was paralyzed. Everett had played TE for the 'Canes and wore #85. Bennett understands his roots. Furthermore, Thompson loves to draft players from Texas A & M. This years Aggie addition will be Bennett.

I always argue that in the draft, if you really want someone, draft him! Why wait? I want Steve Slaton. Sure, I could probably wait until the third and possibly the fourth round to draft him. But, why would I? I want Slaton with our other 2nd round pick. This human highlight film would be our answer to 2nd and long. The draw to Slaton. Get Slaton in open space and you will not catch him. Some players are track fast. Some players are football fast. Slaton is both. Plus, Slaton can catch the ball. He'd be great on HB circle routes and screens out of the backfield. His injuries give me some concern, but his upside is through the roof. There were times over the last 2.5 years that I believed Steve Slaton was the best player in college football. Also, my wife wants the Packers to draft him. Jamaal Charles is also an option, but give me Slaton!

In the third round pick, I'm looking back to the defensive side of the ball. I am enamored with Chevis Jackson's game. He has things that you cannot teach. He turns and sees the ball. He has exceptional make-up speed when the ball is in the air. I have talked about him for 6 months. I'd be disappointed to see him in any colors other than Green & Gold. I cherish his game. I believe that he will be a solid NFL corner. I am convinced that he will have a long NFL career. I also feel that adding a 3rd CB is the most pressing need on our roster. I want to be so certain that I don't miss on this need that I'm going to draft two corners. Goodbye Frank Walker. Goodbye J-Bush.

The defensive line would also be a solid 3rd round choice. One 3rd round option is Red Bryant, DT, Texas A & M. Bryant is a beast. A run stopping animal. Another guy that is gaining good pub in my eyes is Jeremy Thompson. Admittedly, I've just started buzzing into this guy over the last two days. I really like what I see & read. I never like to be convinced solely through literature, but I'd be very open to his selection here.

In Round 4, the Packers look for A-Rod's back-up. They find Kevin O'Connell. To my eye, O'Connell projects as a big-time NFL prospect. We've got a coach that loves to develop young QB's. O'Connell is McCarthy's next project. He throws on the run. He's escapes pressure. He's got a great attitude. He's a leader. I'd consider drafting him in Round 3. This guy better be a Packer. I cannot emphasize this enough - I WANT KEVIN O'CONNELL.

With our second pick of the 4th round, the Packers bring a mean streak to our offense through the addition of Owen Schmitt. He's physical. He's tough. He's confident. He can catch the ball. He can run with the ball. On the football field, he's literally a savage man. He's also from WI. It'd be a homecoming for him. He's a blue collar worker that Packers fans would love.

In round 5, the Packers select Kenny Iwebema. We could use DE depth. An influx of youth would do wonders for the current state of mind at DE. We wore down and got beat up as the season wore down. Iwebema is a hard working, run stopping Midwesterner. He'd fit into our culture and a place like Green Bay might bring out the best in him. Another possibility is Adarius Bowman. You cannot argue with his production. In the 5th round, it'd also be wise to draft a guy that dominated the college game as much as he did. If Thompson is looking for his KR/PR, we look at either Kenneth Moore or Anthony Alridge. Alridge's video makes me reminisce of Dave Meggett. In the end, the Packers need depth at DE and Iwebema is the choice. Moore was a utility man in college. He played RB/WR/KR/PR. He didn't care where you put him on the field, he just wanted the football.

In round 7, the Packers draft Mario Urrutia. I have seen Urrutia look like Herman Moore. If he can stay out of trouble and he can keep his head on straight, I think Urrutia has Pro Bowl potential. Unfortunately, the "ifs" are BIG "ifs." He could not keep himself on the field at Louisville, but when he was on the field, for the most part, he was a dominant force. He's an unstoppable figure inside the red zone. He's deceptively fast. He's worth any & all risk at this stage in the draft.

Other 7th round considerations are Marcus Henry and Bobbie Williams. Henry is a perfect fit for our offense. I'd sign him as an Undrafted FA. I really like his game. Every time he touches the ball, he's thinking 6 points. He runs a great slant route and is not afraid to go across the middle. I really appreciated his game last year. Bobbie Williams is a physical safety. Like Nick Collins, he's from Bethune Cookman. At one time, I read that scouts thought Bobbie Williams was the best safety in FL...that includes Kenny Phillips. But, in the end, the Packers feel comfortable with Collins, Ras-A-tari Bigby, and Aaron Rouse. Williams, too, is signed as an undrafted FA.

To conclude, Ted Thompson could make himself look like a genius by providing Aaron Rodgers with more weapons. Thompson must position A-Rod for success. We need additional speed at the skill positions and a physical TE that can hold the point of attack while blocking and as a receiver, he must be able find the seam in the defense to keep the chains moving.

I can't wait for Saturday.

In Ted We Follow,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Monday, April 21, 2008

DB's: An Addition Is Required!

Greetings, G-Force.

The most obvious need on the Packers roster is in the secondary. Chuckie & Al remain among the elite CB's in the NFL. T-Man has a future. Willie B. is lovable, but untrustworthy. J-Bush should never play for the Packers again. We need a CB to compete with T-Man for the #3 CB spot.

I really like the '08 CB draft class. DRC and Leodis McKelvin will be off the board by pick #30. Mike Jenkins & Aqib Talib will most likely be gone as well.

Antoine Cason excites me. Here is an excerpt from an Antoine Cason interview:

Scott Wright: What current NFL cornerback do you most admire and who do you think you compare favorably to?

Antoine Cason: I admire more than one but I don’t think I compare to anyone. I try and find things that others do well and make it my own. The ones I like are Asante Samuel, Charles Woodson, Al Harris, (Marcus) Trufant, (Nate) Clements, (Antonio) Cromartie. I watch all of those guys.

I'd have no problem giving Cason the opportunity to learn from Woodson and Harris first-hand. He can return kicks. And he's thinking about scoring 6 points when he's on defense.

I'm curious about Tyvon Branch. I don't recall him at UCONN and I saw UCONN play a couple of times. I'd be interested to learn more.

I do not want Brandon Flowers. Again, I do not want Brandon Flowers.

Patrick Lee, Tracy Porter, Justin King, Terrell Thomas, and Charles Godfrey are all players that I would be excited to consider in Round 2.

If you've read my blog, you know my thoughts on Chevis Jackson. If not, think about a combination of Mike McKenzie & Craig Newsome. Together, you've got C.J. I'm hoping he's a Packer.

Darnell Terrell is a good mid-to-late round prospect. He's big. He's fast. He's aggressive. He's not great at playing the football in the air, but he's physically capable.

I'd be surprised if Glenn Sharpe has a career in the NFL.

While I'm not overly interested in DeJuan Tribble and Trae Williams because of their size, I cannot argue with their production at the college level. Both consistently had their hands on the football and changed possession. Both would also be good 5th round picks.

Michael Grant, Simeon Castille, and Jonathan Zenon were all admirable performers against big time competition in college. All are worth late round consideration.

Admittedly, there are a number of smaller school players that I know little-to-nothing about such as Antwaun Molden, Orlando Scandrick, Jack Williams, and Dwight Lowery.

At S, the #1 prospect is Kenny Phillips. While I'm not in love with Phillips game, as I have documented before, I would like it if the Packers drafted him in Round 1. He's a center fielder. And the Packers defense was burned deep down the middle of the field on a number of occasions last year. He'd be the solution.

I've heard comparison of Reggie Smith to LeRoy Butler. Frankly, I don't see it.

I enjoy reading about DaJuan Morgan, Quintin Demps, and Tyrell Johnson. Each seems to be climbing draft boards. Each seems to have the talent to make it at the next level.

Tom Zbikowski has been one of the most mentioned names on the blog. Two words: Football player. He'd help on special teams. He'd help with everything that requires grit inside and outside of the locker room.

Craig Steltz finds the football. He's around the football and has good hands. I'm not sure that he is fast enough to play as an every down player, but he could assist in the way Mike Prior did in the mid 90's.

Jamar Adams, Marcus Griffin, Josh Barrett, and Jonathan Hefney are all loaded with athleticism. All are enticing and seem to be worth mid round picks even though they appear to have limitations.

Thomas DeCoud brings attitude. He brings character. He'll bring a smile. He's a total athlete who plays without fear.

Ryan Mundy is worth a 6-7 round pick. He's a ball hawk. A leader. Confident.

Eric Wicks might have special teams potential.

Tony Joiner won't make it in the NFL. Neither will Roger Williams. Both are reasons the Gators and Noles secondaries were worse last year than normal.

If the Packers do not select Kenny Phillips in Round 1, I hope they draft Bobbie Williams in Round 7.

Coming Wednesday - the Packers Mock Draft.


Talkin' S-Mac.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Additional Help Needed

Greetings, G-Force.

I'm here to talk LB's, but before I do so, my system must relinquish itself of my desire to draft Kevin O'Connell. The more I watch him, the more I like him. I think he has superstar potential. His mobility is terrific. I love the way he throws on the run. He has a sparkling personality yet he's humble. He's a must for the Packers in the '08 draft. I'd rank him and Joe Flacco as numbers 1a and 1b at the QB position in this years draft. I'd rather have both of them than Chad Henne, Brian Brohm, and Matt Ryan. But, that's just me and I've been wrong before.

As for LB's in the '08 draft, I believe that you can find value in the mid-to-late rounds. But, I don't think you'll see the Packers draft a LB this year. In fact, at this stage, we have more LB's than we can keep. An NFL team carries 5 or 6 LB's. As of right now, the Packers have Nick Barnett, AJ Hawk, Brandon Chillar, Brady Poppinga, Desmond Bishop, Abdul Hodge, Tracy White, and Spencer Havner. Barnett, Hawk, Poppinga, Chillar, and White are locks to make the '08 roster. I would be shocked if Bishop is not on the roster, which means that Hodge and Havner will be casualties.

As for the '08 draft class, at Outside LB, Keith Rivers will be off the board before the Packers pick. Erin Henderson has good bloodlines and has been a performer. He's got 2nd round value.

Xavier Adibi was a rock for Virginia Tech. He's intimidates and will have great special teams value for some NFL team. The same can be said for Phillip Wheeler and Tavares Gooden. I hear Gooden is flying up draft boards.

Ezra Butler has tons of value but he's best suited for the 3-4.

Geno Hayes is a potential steal. I don't see much of a difference between him and Ernie Sims. Sims was a 1st rounder. I have witnessed Hayes dominate games. Two years ago - when FSU played the 'Canes at the Orange Bowl - I was sitting at the 15 yard line, 35 rows up. Geno Hayes was the best player on the field. He dominated the game. He shut down Greg Olsen. Frustrated him and knocked him off his routes. He was in Kyle Wright's face. Charlie Jones and Javarris James were the Canes RB's. Neither was productive. On that day, Geno Hayes showed top-10 potential. Last year against the Matt Ryan led Boston College Eagles, as Ryan was trying to lead a comeback, Geno Hayes stepped in front of a Ryan pass and returned it for a TD. Hayes as a 3rd rounder makes my mouth water. If, that is, he can keep himself out of trouble.

Shawn Crable is an exciting prospect that would fit into our system. If we had not signed Chillar, I might want to draft Crable in the 2nd round.

Ali Highsmith was a terrific performer for LSU. His combine was rubbish. His LSU pro-day was pathetic. And now he's basically become a 4-6 round prospect.

Wesley Woodyard is a guy that I'll follow on draft day. The same can be said for Larry Grant.

I'll be curious if Kelly Poppinga gets drafted. He's Brady's brother. He, too, went to BYU.

Curtis Johnson is the small school prospect that I've got my eye on. He's undersized. He's a pass rusher. He had 13.5 sacks last year and 27 tackles for loss. In his career, he had 39.6 sacks and 81.5 tackles for loss. Off production alone, it is worth taking note of CuJo.

With regard to ILB, I'm hoping that Jerod Mayo is drafted before #30. Before we signed Chillar, I was considering Dan Connor with the #30 pick. Connor can play both ILB and OLB. Now, I'm hoping he's drafted before #30 as well. That way, a player we may consider drafting such as a WR/RB may fall to us.

I think Curtis Lofton is overrated.

When I watch Beau Bell highlights, I do not see someone that drives you backwards. I see a guy that patiently waits before he pursues. When he hits you, he's driving his shoulder into you and slapping at the wrist. I like him and I'll be curious to see where he lands.

I think Jonathan Goff is better than what his being discussed of him. He did a little of everything at Vanderbilt. He was found in the backfield. He picked off passes. He was always around the football. At worst, in my mind, he'll be an above average special teams player. I'll watch where he gets drafted as well.

Vince Hall will be strictly a special teams player in the NFL. I don't think he has the game to make it as an every down LB.

Ben Moffitt could be a surprise pick in this years draft. When South Florida hosted West Virginia, I was in attendance. On that day, Ben Moffitt was the best player on the field. He was overly impressive. He made a game changing interception and returned it for a TD. He's a hard worker. He has a "Never Say Die" mentality. He has a life in the NFL.

J Leman is an interesting NFL prospect. All heart. Your classic Midwestern, Big 10 LB. He's all heart and soul. Lives for football. Nobody will work harder. Nobody cares more. Smart guy. I enjoy listening to him speak. Leads by example. Is he athletic enough?

Marc Magro: See J Leman. Magro is a maniac. On occasion, Magro would have Owen Schmitt break his nose before games. It was the Chuck Cecil mentality. Tough guy. Fights until the end. Blood, sweat and tears are left on the field every time he plays. A good guy to bring into training camp.

Teams will be able to bring competition into camp through this year's LB crop. And they'll be able to find this depth in the mid-to-late rounds. I hope the Packers do not draft a LB. We have no need.

Next Up: Defensive Backs.

Carry On,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Depth Found On The Defensive Line

Greetings, G-Force.

The Packers season ended with our Defensive Line being pushed backwards. In the NFC Championship, the Giants were more physical than we were. But, I'm not overly concerned with our current state along the defensive line.

Injuries got the best of us at the end of last year. We were playing without Johnny Jolly and Colin Cole. Jolly showed that he is capable of being a run stopping anchor at DT. He and Pickett form a solid foundation on run downs. Cole frustrates me and I think that we could improve at his spot, but I'm hoping that he sees diminished playing time due to the growth of Justin Harrell. I fully expect Harrell to be much improved in his second season. I am also interested in seeing the development of Daniel Muir. I thought that he showed promise during the pre-season.

At end, A-to-the-K seemed to wear down towards the end of the season. Cullen Jenkins was nicked up and unproductive for the majority of '07. KGB was a star for the 1st 10 games. Then he got injured and he was not the same for the rest of the year. I hope that Michael Montgomery has played his last down in Green Bay. Jason Hunter only brings value on special teams and is unable to make an impact as a down lineman.

The depth of the 2008 DL draft class does not overly impress me. At DT, Glenn Dorsey and Sedrick Ellis will be off the board when the Packers pick. Kentwan Balmer will most likely be drafted before the Packers select as well.

Trevor Laws was a college producer, but he does not interest me.

I am interested in a couple of run stopping DT's: Marcus Harrison, DeMario Pressley, Dre Moore, Pat Sims Frank Okam, and Red Bryant. Though it is not necessary, I would be fine with the Packers drafting any of these guys in Rounds 3-4. I have never seen Ahtyba Rubin but I enjoy what I read and that'd put him in this class as well.

I don't think that Nick Hayden will have much of an NFL career.

Keilen Dykes was a formidable run stopper who is better suited for the 3-4. He's a tireless worker. He could be a decent late round pick.

Andre Fluellen and Letroy Guion on two FSU prospects that are overrated and unproductive in college. They do not excite me.

At the DT position, I do not see anyone with much pass rushing ability outside of Ellis and Dorsey.

At DE, Chris Long, Vernon Gholston, Derrick Harvey, and Phillip Merling will be drafted before the Packers are on the clock. If Calais Campbell is on the board, he'd have to be considered. He's mammoth. He's a large man that intimidates. He had an average junior year after recording double digit sacks as a sophomore. I question his desire. When he wanted it, he got it. But, he seemed to fall asleep at times. At times, he disappears, but if he fills out and lives up to his potential, he'll be a superstar. He's upside makes him worth the risk at #30.

Quentin Groves and Lawrence Jackson are not worth the #30 pick and they won't be around when we pick in the 2nd round.

Jason Jones seems best suited for a 3-4. So does Chris Ellis.

Johnny Dingle has a passionate motor. He leaves everything that he has on the field, but I don't think that he has enough to make it as an every down DE. I put Wallace Gilberry and Eric Foster is in this same category.

Darrell Robertson will be too small to be a star at the next level.

I like what I read about Kenny Iwebema. We've had success with one Iowa DE. May we try another in the 5th round?

In closing, I'm not overly impressed with the DL depth in this draft. Couple that thought with the belief that the Packers are deep on the DL and I don't foresee the Packers selecting more than more DL in the draft. It would not surprise me if the Packers do not draft a DL at all.

Next up: LB's.

Happy Saturday.

Good Day,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wanted: Another Weapon!

Greetings, G-Force.

My wife went out this evening. I was marinating on the couch. I turned on the NFL Network. The story of the 1989 SF 49ers was on. This was one of my favorite non-Packer teams. Tom Rathman was such a stud. It got me thinking about Owen Schmitt and Peyton Hillis. Rathman is the RB coach for the Raiders. I guarantee that Rathman is lobbying for the Raiders to draft one of them. I'm sorry - I had to get that out of my system. But this take is written to discuss the WR position.

The Packers have weapons at WR. Donald Driver is a star. Greg Jennings is one of the best young WR's in the league. James Jones showed promise and you cannot discount the reps that he had with A-Rod last year.

K-Rob had a decent season, but he was an absolute bust in the NFC Championship Game. Ruvell Martin is a good #5 WR, but he is no more than that. His drop in the NFC Championship Game still haunts me. I still argue that if he catches the ball, the Packers win the game. Ruvell Martin is my Bill Buckner. Yes, it may take me 22 years to get over his drop as well.

The Packers could use another play maker at WR. I don't feel as though it is mandatory, but it's definitely wanted. I've finally developed my top 4 at the WR position: Devin Thomas, DeSean Jackson, Limas Sweed, Malcolm Kelly. If Thomas, Jackson or Sweed is available, this should be the Packers pick. If Kelly is available, he should be heavily considered.

I like James Hardy, but I don't like him enough to draft him at #30 and he won't be available when we pick in the 2nd round.

Early Doucet is similar to James Jones. We've got one already. We don't need another.

I am not interested in Andre Caldwell or Eddie Royal.

Harry Douglass and Mario Manningham remind me of each other. And both remind me of Antonio Freeman. They'll occasionally drop passes. But, they also have a knack for the big play late in the game.

When I watch video of Earl Bennett, he looks like a guy that Ted Thompson might draft. He enjoys the short routes and lives on yards after the catch.

For me, when I watch Jerome Simpson, I am left with something to be desired.

Lavelle Hawkins has game. I've seen him dominate. He plays with passion and with the will to win. He plays with attitude and a love for the game. He looks natural at WR and wants the ball.

Marcus Monk is an intriguing possession receiver, but he does not fit into our system.

Jordy Nelson is a gem. I enjoy his game. He'd be a steal in the 3rd round. And he'd look good in Green & Gold.

I have no interest in DJ Hall.

I wish I knew more about William Franklin. He, too, seems like the kind of guy that Thompson could draft in the mid-to-late rounds.

Adarius Bowman had super production in college. I cannot believe that he can be had in the 5th round. It is almost unreal. Someone will get a solid football player in the mid-to-late rounds. I'd take him in a heartbeat.

Kenneth Moore would bring extreme athleticism and versatility to the Packers. He'd be a positive addition to our return game and he'd be able to help offensively as well.

Adrian Arrington had a good collegiate career and he had a knack for making the big play, but I am not sure that he fits into what we run offensively.

Darius Reynaud does not interest me.

I am interested in Mario Urrutia and Marcus Henry late in this draft. I believe that Urrutia has first round potential. I have seen him absolutely dominate a football game. I've seen him look unstoppable. I believe that Henry is a good fit for our system and that if he finds the right system, he'll have an NFL life. The upside of Urrutia and Henry would be significantly higher the upside of Ruvell Martin.

In my mind, there are a number of different directions that Thompson can go at WR. In short, if neither Thomas, Jackson, Sweed, nor Kelly is available in the 1st round, it might be best to take a shot on someone in the 5th-7th round.

Next up: Defensive Line.



Talkin' S-Mac.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Need For Speed

Greetings, G-Force.

The Packers have an interesting quandary at RB. They have a budding star in Ryan Grant. But, behind him, there are a lot of question marks. Grant had a breakout season. He proved to be a tremendous zone runner who has excellent vision and a knack for finding the cut back. He showed the ability to get the edge and to slash up the middle.

Brandon Jackson left a lot to be desired in his rookie campaign. However, the Packers invested a 2nd round pick and B-Jack last year and therefore, it's tough to give up on the guy. Vernand Morency showed that he does not have what it takes to play in this league. DeShawn Wynn displayed glimpses of ability, but ultimately, he does not appear to be fit for the NFL.

Thus, the Packers enter the NFL Draft with a need to add a back. The current state of the NFL requires a dual-back system. The everyday beating of an NFL back has proved to be so much that most teams are operating with two capable running backs.

This years draft has some intriguing prospects. Darren McFadden, and Rashard Mendenhall will be off the board when the Packers pick. Jonathan Stewart will most likely be gone as well.

Felix Jones is expected to be gone when the Packers select, but he's the guy that fits what we need. He's a perfect compliment to Ryan Grant. He's the change of pace, speed rusher that can take it to the house every time he touches the ball. If Jones is around, he should be our 1st round pick.

I think that Chris Johnson is overrated. I watched him against West Virginia last year and I left disappointed. While he's got speed, I'm not positive that he is football fast. He lacks wiggle. I hear comparisons to Brian Westbrooke. I did not see the similarities when I watched him. Instead, he reminds me of LeShon Johnson.

In my mind, Ray Rice and Mike Hart are nearly the same guy. Both took a beating in college. They carried the ball a bunch in physical conferences and then played with injuries. They were both very productive in college, but I wonder if either will be durable enough to have long NFL careers. Additionally, both are only average receivers out of the backfield. I believe that Hart is a better receiver than Rice, but I'm not certain he will be the better NFL player. In the end, I'd probably prefer to stay away from both.

Jamaal Charles has the speed to play at the next level. He runs with pace. The sky is the limit with Charles. I'm not sure where Charles will end up being drafted, but if he's available in Round 2, I'm interested. I see mock drafts that have him selected at the end of Round 1 and others that have him drafted in Round 3.

I want Steve Slaton. Hell, my wife wants Steve Slaton to become a Packer. That's reason enough. But, also, I think Slaton has the breakaway speed that you cannot teach. He's football fast. He's a sprinter. When he's in the open field, you simply cannot catch him. He'd bring excitement to Lambeau. I hope he is our 2nd round draft pick.

I would not be overly excited if the Packers drafted Kevin Smith.

When I watch Matt Forte, I see Ryan Grant. Deceptive speed. Good vision. Surprisingly shifty. Good hands.

Tashard Choice is a football player. Put him on the field and he'll play. More often than not, he'll get the job done. He's worth a 3th-5th round pick for someone. I don't think that we're the right fit for him, but some team will be getting a competitive, confident football player.

Is Anthony Alridge the next David Meggett? Or maybe Darren Sproles without the power side to him? He's worth a look in the late rounds.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Ryan Torain. I'm not certain that he's going to make it at the next level, but he was a great collegiate player before his injury last year. A bruising back who plays with aggression and finds the yardage marker.

I like Justin Forsett's game. If he's drafted into the right system, he'll produce at the next level. He's undersized, but he, too, is a football player. He's intelligent and he knows how to play the game. He never quits on a play and is never afraid of a challenge. Also, plainly stated, he scores touchdowns.

Justin Parmele does not fit what we do.

I have minimal interest in Allen Patrick and Thomas Brown. I've seen both make some exciting plays against high levels of competition, but when push comes to shove, both are undersized and I'd be surprised if either can excel at the next level.

I'm interested in Cory Boyd. Can you say Herman Fontenot? He's not necessarily going to be a terrific halfback rather he'll be the guy making the play on 3rd down. He'll always move the sticks. Get him the ball in space. He'll make the first guy miss and keep the punt team off the field. He'll be a good late round pick.

As the draft nears, as a fan, I'm taking a boring, sit-back and let it happen approach. I really am. I think that Thompson has a number of different options in regards to approaching this draft. With that being said, I want to add a runner. Slaton is my #1 guy followed by Charles. I don't think Jones will be available, but I can hope. Alridge brings excitement and possibilities. And Edgar Bennett would smile when he watched Boyd play.

At FB, for me, three options exist: Owen Schmitt, Peyton Hillis and Jacob Hester. I rank them that way. I've been outspoken about my desire to draft Schmitt. He has Tom Rathman potential. He's a bruiser. He can block. He can catch. He can run. He could bring the FB position back to what the FB position should be. He's surprisingly athletic. He punishes the opponent.

I also like Peyton Hillis. He'd be an upgrade at what we currently have at FB. He catches the ball out of the backfield and has decent speed for his size. He was an absolute MAN against LSU in the game on the Friday after Thanksgiving last year. He'll have a career in the NFL and I'd be happy if it were in Green Bay.

Jacob Hester is more of a rusher than a blocker. I don't think he's a fit for what we are building. He reminds me a little of a stronger Brian Leonard. He's a fighter, a team player, but I'm not sure of where he'll play at the next level.

Next stop: Wide Receivers.


All Good,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Life Goes On...

Greetings, G-Force.

A happy, healthy, and terrific Monday to you. I hope the sun is shining on your life today.

12 days from now, the Packers will be faced with a major post-Favre decision. A-Rod will be handed the QB reigns in '08, but who will be the back-up waiting in the wings. It appears as though Ted Thompson is going to draft someone to back up Rodgers. My fear is that Thompson might draft a QB in the first 2 rounds. I have heard rumors that the Packers are interested in Brian Brohm. I'd be extremely disappointed if the Packers drafted Brohm. Matt Ryan, Brian Brohm, Chad Henne, and Joe Flacco should not become Packers.

If the Packers are to go QB shopping in the draft, they should begin the process in Round 3. If Andre Woodson is available in Round 3, I'd consider drafting him. Woodson showed the ability to move the football against top class competition. He was a gamer in the 4th Quarter and he won games late in the best conference in college football. Woodson wanted the ball with under 2 minutes left.

John David Booty is also someone to think about in Round 3 although I don't think his mobility suits the West Coast Offense. In our offense, you've got to be able to throw on the run. Booty has not impressed me when he is on the move.

I do not want Colt Brennan. I am not impressed with Erik Ainge. I am not interested in Bernard Morris, Kyle Wright, or

Kevin O'Connell would excite me as a 4th Round choice. I think he's the developmental guy that McCarthy would like to work with.

I have "youtubed" Paul Smith. He seems like a fiery guy. A competitor. His delivery is awkward. He looks like he's too small to play in the NFL. He seems like he's gritty. A fighter. He can throw on the run although his throws seem to have too much air beneath them.

Sam Keller, Anthony Morelli, and Matt Flynn all showed glimpses during their collegiate career. I've seen each of them lead their teams on impressive drives. However, at this stage, each has been far too inconsistent to provide me with any immediate gratification.

Dennis Dixon is the most athletic QB in the draft. He reminds me of Vince Young. He finds ways to get it done. He's most dangerous on the run. He's exciting, but I don't think he fits what we do.

I am curious about Josh Johnson. His statistics are phenomenal. His "youtube" videos leave a lot to be desired. His competition was questionable, at best. But, the numbers are absolutely impressive...and that keeps me yearning to learn more about him. Plus, I really like his size & speed combination.

With this draft class, it makes no sense for the Packers to consider drafting a QB in the first two rounds. If the guy that Thompson wants is available at #3, I'd understand his thinking. But, for now, we've handed the team to A-Rod. The Packers are Aaron Rodgers' team. Thompson has always said that he wants to bring competition to each position. However, at this stage, the last thing A-Rod needs to be doing is looking over his shoulder. A-Rod needs to feel the confidence that this is HIS team. If the Packers were to draft a QB in the 1st two rounds, it'd open the doors to controversy. It'll be enough of a task for Rodgers to follow in the footsteps of Favre much less having to be concerned about the latest potential prized possession that the Packers have drafted. Additionally, Rodgers has waited his turn with our franchise and earned this right during the pre-season last year and during his impressive performance at Dallas.

Next stop: Running Back.



Talkin' S-Mac.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The TE Dilemma

Greetings, G-Force.

A cup of coffee got me thinking.

Much has been made of our need to add TE help. Admittedly, I've been outspoken in regards to our requirement to draft a TE, however as draft day nears I'm beginning to wonder when we should look to add a TE. Conventional wisdom says that the Packers should look to draft a TE in the top 3 rounds. While I like the games of Davis, Bennett, Carlson, and Rucker, I am not convinced that anyone of them are a necessary addition to the post-Favre era. After further review, offensively speaking, I'd rather add someone with home run position at either WR or RB in the first three rounds and then draft a hard working, overachiever at TE later.

OK, OK...So, yes...I admit it, I am the guy that originally stated that Fred Davis was the guy that I wanted the Packers to draft in the 1st round. But, history changed this off-season. Therefore, I reserve the right to change my mind as draft day nears. Not only did the Football Jesus retire, but the Packers also decided to release Bubba. And Bubba needs to be replaced.

After further research, it deserves to be mentioned that Donald Lee averaged 6.0 yards after the catch. In comparison, Jennings led the Pack with an average of 7.4 yards after the catch. K-Rob had 6.1, Driver had 5.3, Jones had 4.7, Martin had 4.1, and Bubba had 2.6. Lee also had 48 catches - 3rd on the team - 6 TD's - 2nd on the team, and 575 yards. Lee also averaged 12.0 yards per catch. Statistically speaking, Lee has proved that he does enough down the field to not warrant drafting a TE early.

Recently, I've turned my attention to those TE's that could be drafted in the 5th-7th rounds. I've been looking for a TE that can make us more physical along the edge. Someone who could help us seal the corner for cut back runs. I've previously mentioned Tyson DeVree. He remains an option. I'm also interested in Adam Bishop. Bishop scored 7 TD's last year. He's a "terrific special teams player." He can long snap. Remember that Rob Davis retired this year. He's been called an "outstanding blocker." He's also been called "aggressive and tough" when described as a blocker. This may be a direction for the Packers to consider.

Two more weeks to prepare. And proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Enjoy the buzz.

Talkin' S-Mac.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Ted Thompson Effect

Greetings, G-Force.

In two weeks, my good friend Damon and his much lovelier half, Liz, fly into FL. I expect a weekend of Cuban Cigars, Sushi, Daiquiri's, the Beach and the addition of 10 youngsters to the Green Bay Packers roster. I'm stoked.

I took a moment from my day to research Ted Thompson's history with regards to trades. It's interesting to note that Thompson has pulled off two draft day trades with Philly and NE. He's also manufactured trades with the Jets, Rams, Falcons, and Broncos.

As we prepare for the ULTIMATE mock draft, I felt it was beneficial to take a look at numerical trades that Thompson has pulled off in the past. Here goes:


Thompson traded: Round 3 (89) for Round 4 (115) and Round 4 (126).
Thompson traded: Round 4 (126) for Round 5 (167), Round 6 (175), and Round 7 (245).
Thompson traded: Round 6 (175) for Round 6 (195) and Round 7 (246).


Thompson traded: Round 2 (36) for Round 2 (52) and Round 3 (75).
Thompson traded: Round 2 (37) and Round 5 (139) for Round 2 (47), Round 3 (93) and Round 5 (148).
Thompson traded: Round 3 (93) for Round 4 (109) and Round 6 (183).
Thompson traded: Round 4 (109) for Round 4 (115) and Round 6 (185).


Thompson traded: Round 2 (47) and Round 7 (235) for Round 2 (63), Round 3 (89), and Round 6 (191).
Thompson traded: Round 4 (112) for Round 4 (119) and Round 6 (192).

Over the next two weeks, we'll look at potential mock trades that Thompson will pull off on draft day.

Viva Cohiba,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Different Mock Draft Outlook

Greetings, G-Force.

3 weeks from now, we will be able to analyze the Packers draft and predict the role of each of our drafted players. We will also be able to assess the needs of the Packers roster post the draft and the signing of undrafted FA's. We'll focus on potential UFA's that the Packers should look at to ensure competition at each position.

The beauty of the weeks leading up to the draft is that as an avid, active member of the G-Force, I can alter the motives of the Packers as I put together mock drafts. I've spent the last four days of my life in Las Vegas. I was able to purchase some quality NFL Draft Preview information to ease the flight across the country. Michael Franti on the iPod coupled with the Draft Preview and I'm set for a journey. While on the plane, I was able to conjure another rendition of the '08 Packers mock draft. I decided to take a new outlook. For the most part, I was going to look at players that I have not discussed in previous takes.

I was also going to engage in some high quality NFL Draft conversations as I visited with members of Robert Half International from around the globe. Literally, I spoke with fans from nearly every NFL team. One thing was consistent - almost EVERY team wants to trade down, which tells me that the value attached to this years 1st round pick pales in comparison to previous years. Therefore, after much trepidation, I've composed this mock draft:

Round 1: It's tough to hide the Packers need for a 3rd CB. As of now, the Packers have 3 players on the roster that are competing for this position: J-Bush, Willie B., and T-Man Williams. Bush should no longer be on the roster. Willie B. has shown that he is unreliable to due to durability issues. T-Man has grown mightily over the last year. I'm excited about his prospects and I think that he can grow into a solid CB, however this position is a clear need for the Packers as - at this stage - T-Man has not displayed that he is ready to step into a starting role should either Chuckie or Al go down with injury.

It was interesting to read that McCarthy is expressing confidence in the Packers Guard position. In fact, while reading his comments, I got the feeling that he is excited about the competition at Guard. Allen Barbre sounds like he has the ability to be that punishing short yardage run blocker that we have lacked over the last two years.

I remain enamored with a number of WR's that may be available when the Packers select. No matter how well A-Rod plays, he is our QB for the next 2 years. If I were Ted Thompson, I would want to ensure that I surrounded A-Rod with as many play makers as possible to position him for success. I still maintain that if Thomas, Sweed, Kelly, or Jackson is available, the Packers should select him.

I have read that Aqib Talib is slipping down draft boards. If available, he'd be a tremendous 1st round pick for the Packers. I feel the same way about Calais Campbell and Felix Jones, but both would have to draft down draft boards in order to fall into the Packers lap. Also, is this pick too early for Jamaal Charles? Originally Charles was thought of as a 2nd-3rd round pick, but now I read that he could be a late 1st-early 2nd round pick.

In this version of the mock draft, I'm going to assume that all desired WR's are off the board. Additionally, Campbell, Jones, and Talib are off the board. If so, I'm looking at either Antoine Cason or Kenny Phillips Cason will not only add spice to our DB, but he will also step in as our PR if Willie B. is unable to perform. When Cason has his hands on the ball, he's thinking 6 points. However, I'm going to select Kenny Phillips. Phillips will add another threat to our S position. Nick Collins has been a disappointment. Aaron Rouse was extremely impressive, but I question his upside. Phillips could become an elite S. Yes, he's a risk, but this draft is rich with CB depth and I'm thinking that the Packers might be able to add two CB's between the 2nd and 4th rounds. I'm not giving up on Nick Collins, I'm just stretching him to see how elastic he is and to see how he would react to competition.

Round 2a: We look to find our 3rd CB with this selection. Terrell Thomas is a possibility. I liked his game at USC, but I thought he was miserable at the Senior Bowl. This pick comes down to a decision between 2 Big Ten CB's: Justin King and Charles Godfrey. Admittedly, with both players, I've developed my opinions from print. I'm choosing Justin King. King looks the part, Godfrey does not. From what I read, King has all of the potential to be a star in this league, but he is a work in progress. Statistically, he never put up eye popping figures, but you cannot teach speed and King is loaded with it. Godfrey had 7 interceptions over the last two years. He's got an imposing frame, but he does not look the part and from what I read he is in the mold of a CB/S. King has the speed. We'll make sure he's got the technique.

Justin King video: (Everyone raves about Mendenhall's speed and Mendenhall is a stud - this video confirms such - but it also shows King's speed and his desire to "never say die.") (look at this video around minute 1:50 - it is a 2 second blurb).

Charles Godfrey: (in this video, you can see Godfrey's build and listen to his speaking ability).

Round 2b: It's also tough to ignore the Packers dire straits TE situation. Donald Lee proved that he can play in this league. Troy Humphrey is absolutely undependable due to his injury status as well. For this reason, Martellus Bennett and John Carlson are attractive at this spot. With that being said, I think that the solution for the Packers is to draft a TE in the later rounds. Lee is our #1 guy. We need a guy that can block and a guy that can find an opening in the middle of the oppositions defense. We need a smart player with good hands who has the instincts to find the soft spot in the heart of the defense. It's the Kevin Boss effect. An average athlete who is a solid blocker and can simply sit his route down. Really, it should be a simple concept.

These things have shown up with consistency in Ted Thompson draft.
1.) He likes to accumulate draft picks by trading down throughout the draft.
2.) He uses the 2nd-5th round picks for WR/OL depth.
3.) He likes to draft players from Texas A & M.

My selection is Bennett. He's big. He's athletic. He plays the game with passion and he's an Aggie. It would not surprise me if this pick is an OL. In my mock draft, I'm not selecting OL, hence the selection of Bennett.

Round 3: Thompson has stated on a number of occasions that he wants to win with DL talent. Corey Williams was traded. Colin Cole's play dropped off mightily last year. I like Daniel Muir's game, but he is in the developmental stages. We expect Harrell to be the guy to fill the Williams void, but don't be surprised if Thompson turns to Red Bryant with his third round pick. Bryant is an animal run blocker. When Johnny Jolly (another Aggie) went down with injury last year, the Packers run stopping ability slowed mightily. Bryant is also from Texas A & M. He's a beast. He's a run stuffer. He'd fit in nicely with a rotation of Pickett, Jolly, and Bryant.

Round 4a: Again, it would not surprise me if the Packers went with an OL at this pick. Since I'm not selecting OL in my mock draft, I'm looking back to the DB. What would a Talkin' S-Mac mock draft be without the Packers selecting Chevis Jackson. CJ cannot escape me. The latest thing that I read suggests that he'll be a 4th rounder. It also says that Jackson is a "savvy, experienced player coming from a major college program who will be a valuable role player somewhere. He lacks the speed, athleticism or upside to be a higher pick, but LSU cornerbacks have done well in the NFL lately. He might not be great, but he should be good." To me, he's a combination of Mike McKenzie and Craig Newsome. Great make-up speed. Always gets his head turned when the ball is in the air. He's physical and he'll play on an island.

I also read that Geno Hayes could be available at this time. We don't necessarily need a LB, but, man, he'd be tough to pass up at this stage. Hayes is an aggressive LB with an attitude for destruction.

Round 4b: Kevin O'Connell. Most say that O'Connell is a 5-6 rounder. But, he's the guy that I want the Packers to select and for that, I'll take him in the 4th round. He's developmental. McCarthy needs another project. The Packers need a back-up QB. It makes sense. I watched a bunch of Josh Johnson video as well. I like the Johnson was coached by Jim Harbaugh and that O'Connell was coached by Chuck Long. Both were mentally tough, technically sound football players. I believe that O'Connell has more long term potential than Johnson. Johnson reminds me of a mobile Andre Ware. Dennis Dixon is another option, but the purity of O'Connell makes him a more intriguing prospect. I enjoy his ability to escape pressure and find the open receiver while he's on the run. He doesn't seem to have a cannon for an arm, but he's got a nice touch. He plays with a smile and seems like a leader. He's humble and appears to be the kind of guy that you want to be leading your team out of the locker room. Book it - add him to the list of guys that I definitely want in Green & Gold. (tune into 4:30 to hear Kevin O'Connell)

Round 5.) The Packers look at either WR, RB, or OL. If they don't draft TE in Round 2, then Tyson Devree, TE, Colorado could be an option. He's big. He's physical. He's got soft spots. He's a very good blocker. At RB, the Packers could look at Allen Patrick or Justin Forsett. Both were productive with big time Universities against big time competition. Forsett plays with great desire and would be an enticing mid-to-late round pick. He's got great vision and a nose for the marker/goal line. Additionally, the guy can catch the football. He'd compete with B-Jack for third down playing time. Plus, he'd run Morency out of town.

But, to me, the best 5th round value pick is Adarius Bowman. He's big. He's gifted. He's athletic. And he had an overly productive collegiate career. Over the last two years he had 20 TD's and nearly 2200 yards. I hear that he's a 5th rounder in the eyes of many scouts. What's shocking is that over the last two years, there have not been many WR's in the college level that have produced more than Bowman. But, he's the victim of a bad combine and a poor Senior Bowl game. I'll over look how he performs in shorts and I'll watch the videos of him making one-handed grabs, eluding tacklers and winning jump balls.

Round 7: If Thompson decides to wait to draft a WR, I would really like Marcus Henry at this pick. Guy fits what we do. Runs a solid slant. Has football speed. He can beat you over the top. Last year, he had 10 TD's and over 1,000 yards.

Any way, in my mock draft, Thompson looks for a late round RB gem. He may find one in Cory Boyd, RB, South Carolina. In some mays, Boyd reminds me of Herman Fontenot. Fontenot was a great 3rd down back. He makes the first guy miss. He finds the marker. He's got terrific pass catching skills. In fact, he had 35 or more catches in 3 of his 4 years in college.

In all, the mock looks like this:

Round 1: Kenny Phillips, S, Miami
Round 2a: Justin King, CB, Penn State
Round 2b: Martellus Bennett, TE, Texas A & M
Round 3: Red Bryant, DT, Texas A & M
Round 4a: Chevis Jackson, CB, LSU
Round 4b: Kevin O'Connell, QB, San Diego State University
Round 5: Adarius Bowman, WR, Oklahoma State University
Round 7: Cory Boyd, RB, South Carolina

Before the draft, I'm going to develop a target list of 10 players for each draft pick. Any help that can be provided via the comment section of the blog would be greatly appreciated.

Enjoy, G-Force.

It's Spring Time Again,

Talkin' S-Mac.