Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Take -> Week 4

Greetings, G-Force.

3-0. 3 wins in the NFC. 2 wins on the road. A tie breaker win over the Saints. Another destruction of Ray Nutler at Soldier Field. And the Packers aren't playing remotely close to their best football.

Obviously, only so much analysis can be derived via statistics, but consider this: After 3 games, the Packers have 64 first downs. The opposition has 65. On third down conversions, the Packers are 18/37. The opposition is 18/39. The Packers have 1,210 yards. The opposition has 1,243 yards. The Packers have run 185 plays at an average of 6.5 yards per play. The opposition has run 196 plays at 6.3 yards per play.

The difference? The Packers are plus-4 in turnovers and, for the most part, they've won the Red Zone. Sure there have been times in which the offense has not been able to punch it into the end zone, but the defense has thrilled with two major stops in the Red Zone against the Saints, another crucial Red Zone stop against Carolina and just prior to the half, they held the Nutler-led Bears to 3 points inside the Red Zone.

It's always a glorious day when the celebration is in the visitors locker room at Soldier Field. While nothing can match the 2010 NFC Championship game, it was a true treat to grab a 2-game lead over the hated Bears 3 weeks into the season. Further, it's comedy to me to hear Bear fans cry foul play over the officiating. Especially the punt return. Watch the replay. Bush gets grabbed. Top left portion of the screen. Fox's camera angle grabs it. Unfortunately, the normally reliable Joe Buck and Troy Aikman butchered the analysis and Fox's game production team failed to produce the proper camera angle via replay. But, if you watch the replay, the live action shot clearly depicts a hold. That's two weeks in a row in which Fox's team has failed to perform.

For the record, once again, we can confidently say: The Bears Still Suck! After all, for the 3rd time in 2011, the Packers beat the Bears.

Quick Packer Points from the Bear game:

* Cheers to Marshall Newhouse. He stepped in admirably. When Bulaga went down, I was concerned. If you've followed the blog long enough, you know I think highly of Newhouse. Regardless of how he performed in the preseason. I've still believed in him. Nonetheless, the Bears DL gives cause for concern. Newhouse was a savior.

* In the non-breaking news category: Aaron Rodgers > Ray Nutler. As Bears fans were whining about the officiating, they should be realizing that the difference in the game was found in the QB play. Trailing only 17-10 at the half, Nutler went 2-9 in the 2nd Quarter. In his defense, he did have 2 dropped balls. In comparison, Rodgers went 6-8. While the Packers only generated 3 points in the Quarter, they did make it a 2-score game. Further, the drive that gave the Packers a 3-score lead was initiated in the waning moments of the 3rd Quarter when two Rodgers completions totaled 18 yards. Thus far, Aaron Rodgers is the league's MVP.

* Playing both sides of the coin, I didn't like to see Rodgers bitch out Newhouse and then get a delay of game penalty on the next play.

* Great to see Ryan Grant running like the Ryan Grant we knew and loved from '07-'09. He looked like a back capable of another 1,200 yard season. He had great vision. He hit the hole hard. He was making good decisions.

* James Starks had his worst game as a Packer. Indecisive. Almost intimidated by Briggs. Put it behind you, young man!

* J-Mike to Hawaii? If he stays healthy, he absolutely will be there! The Bears could not defend him.

* Greg Jennings is absolutely ridiculous.

* Jordy Nelson - Lock him up!

* Is Scott Wells really our best OL right now? He's playing like it.

* It hurts me to see Double-D unable to get separation when guarded by a LB. Love the guy. Packer HOF'er. But, the end is near.

* Randall Cobb is lethal! Get him the ball. The bubble screen is an option. Unleash, the kid!

* James Jones scares me everytime he touches the ball. Why did he go out of bounds near the 4:00 mark in the 4th Quarter? Granted, the Bears bailed him out by calling a timeout, but nonetheless, Jones made a boneheaded decision.

* Tom Crabtree can block.

* Nice to see DJ Smith making special teams tackles.

* J-Bush! 2nd on the team in sacks. Trailing Jarius Wynn. Ahead of the Claymaker. J-Bush's sack was due to terrific effort.

* Morgan Burnett is a Predator. Love this guy! Play him in CF. No need to put Peprah back there. Peprah is best in the box. He has limitations in the air. Burnett has the potential to have 8 interceptions this year. He's playing at an extremely high level. He's taken better angles to the ball than he did in the preseason and the early portions last year. He leads the team in tackles, interceptions and he's tied for the team lead in forced fumbles.

* Sammy Swagga scares me.

* Ryan Pickett and BJ Raji dominated the Bears OL. Both were unblockable and paved the way for Desmond Bishop to make plays in the backfield. Thus, Matt Forte's line reads: 9 carries, 2 yards.

* While the Claymaker left without a sack, he was still a dynamic difference maker.

* Small note - AJ Hawk is tied for 9th on the team in tackles. He's tied for 11th on the team in solo tackles. Consider this: Hawk is a 3 down player. He has 5 solo tackles in 3 games. DJ Smith plays special teams. He has 4 solo tackles. We need more out of AJ Hawk.

* After 3 weeks, our defense has 10 sacks and they've forced 7 turnovers. I'm hoping we can make a run at a 40/40 season.

This week - the Donkeys from Denver come to Lambeau. An afternoon game at Lambeau! My, how I love those games. Total fiestas!

It's up to the Lambeau faithful to bring it. Sure, the Brewers might be playing at the same time. Stay focused. We need this one. It's a classic trap game. AFC opponent. Trapped between a game between a Divisional Rival and a new Conference Rival, the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons game will be played in Prime Time. We can't look past the Donkeys. And, the fans must play a role. Be loud. Be proud. Stay passionate. Help get the defense off the field!

While the Packers have owned Ray Nutler, they have not fared as well against Kyle Orton. While it's true Orton has merely been a game manager versus the Packers, he does possess a 3-1 record as a starter when he's faced the Packers.

While the Packers look to be going without Ryan Grant and Bryan Bulaga this weekend, the Donkeys will be getting the likes of Champ Bailey, DJ Williams and Elvis Dumervil back into the regular rotation of the line-up this weekend. Dumervil is a speed rusher. He'll challenge both Clifton and Newhouse.

But, even with the return of the stars in the Denver defense, the most storied franchise in the history of the NFL will have too much offensive firepower for the Donkeys. I asked for it last week and it didn't come as Alex Green was not healthy, so I am going back to it. The Donkeys will use a pressure defense. Von Miller is a stud. He'll be coming with conviction. So, will DJ Williams. So, will Brian Dawkins. And, when they inch towards the line, look for McCarthy and Rodgers to call for the screen. And Alex Green is coming at the Donkey defense! Maybe I'm just begging for it, but wholeheartedly expect Green to make a big play this week.

When the Packers are in a 2-TE set or a 2-back set, I fully expect the Donkeys to be able to man up against us. But, when McCarthy spreads 'em out, the Donkeys don't have enough firepower to keep up. Cassius Vaughn and Jonathan Wilhite cannot stick with James Jones, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. In fact, it could get ugly. Look for Rodgers to connect with as many as 9 receivers. Look for Rodgers to notch over 300 yards. Look for Rodgers to toss 3 TD's.

I'm really intrigued to see how Denver tries to defend J-Mike. Will Von Miller be asked to guard J-Mike 1 v 1? He can't do it, but I'm curious to see the gameplan.

While the Packers have totaled 10 sacks thus far, they have had far from a lethal pass rush. In fact, it's bad significantly below average for most of the year. Enter Vic So'oto. Stoked to see this guy get after it!!! He'll get pressure early on. And, hopefully, as the season progresses - call me crazy - but, he might be able to legitimately take some of the pressure of the Claymaker.

In Brandon Lloyd, Eric Decker and Eddie Royal, Orton has underrated weapons. Our secondary must be ready. You know Orton is prone to a mistake. Look for Sir Charles to find the football this weekend. Orton throws two big picks.

I am expecting our rookies - Cobb, Green, and So'oto - to make a play this weekend.

Ultimately, turnovers are the difference once again.

I fear a letdown. I fear it from the fans. I fear it from the team. This game scares me. It'll be closer than any of us would like.

Packers 30. Donkeys 20.

DVR the Brewer game. It's football season! We must dominate with home field advantage.

Go Pack Go!

Talkin' S-Mac.!/buzzboy3

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Take -> Week 3

Greetings, G-Force.

2-0. It wasn't pretty. In fact, it was frustrating. But, in this league, a win is a win. Especially on the road against an NFC team. Come playoff time, this matters as we jockey for playoff seeds.

I'm happy Cam Newton is behind us. He's scary. He'll win games this year. Hopefully, they come against the likes of the Bucs, Saints, Falcons, Bears and Lions.

Takeaways from the Panthers v Packers game:

* As my good buddy Chico often says, "ifs and ands, pots and pans. Well, the world would be a kitchen." I agree. And I'm also thankful Sir Charles is a Packer. Because, without him, the Packers might have lost by 10 or more points. But, Sir Charles does what Sir Charles does. And, as my buddy Stack texted me, "HoF, dude." Spot on. He's one pick from reaching 50 from a career. I often talked about how I wanted him to finish with 50 picks and 20 sacks. He needs 6.5 more sacks to get to 20. You know he'll be coming after Nutler this weekend. Hopefully, he gets home at least once.

* I saw a glimpse of arrogance inside this team. Yeah, I said it. Didn't like it. Didn't like the 4th down call. Shouldn't have gone for it. Had it not been for a questionable pass interference call on the Panthers, it would have been worse than a 13-7 deficit at the half.

* 3rd & Goal from the 1 does not call for 5 wide. Not with the way the interior of our OL is playing. Lang, Wells and Sitton are dominating right now. Really happy with them.

* I didn't like Rodgers reaction to Kuhn after the incompletion prior to the 1st TD. Rodgers could have run it in. He held onto the ball too long. Put Kuhn in a rough spot. Then, he didn't seem satisfied with Kuhn after Kuhn's terrific end zone to extend over the goal line. This isn't about stats. It's about wins and losses. I hope we haven't lost focus.

* Greg Jennings is a smooth route runner. And you had to love the block to spring Nelson!

* James Starks is legit.

* Why do we get away from getting the ball to J-Mike? He should be touching the ball on nearly every drive. He's that dominant.

* At this point in their careers, it hurts to say, but Randall Cobb is a bigger threat than Double-D. Gotta come up with a nickname for Cobb. Right now, I'm leaning towards Randall the Rabbit. But, if you have suggestions, I'd like to hear 'em.

* The Claymaker makes the play to get us off the field on 4th down! And once again, someone on our defense rises to the occasion as a closer!!!

* Sammy Swagga is not off to a good start this year. I'm worried.

* Morgan Burnett making plays!!! The pick. The forced fumble. Going to need more of that with Nintendo Nick out for the year.

* By the way, best wishes to Nintendo Nick. Get healthy, mate. We'll miss you. You're a fan favorite. Always will be, bro. XLV for life!

* Our defensive front scares me. Other than Raji, it doesn't seem like anyone is getting a consistent push with regards to a pass rush. Wynn is improved, but not where he needs to be in order to fill the void lost by Jenkins. Wilson has not elevated his game. And, obviously, while Pickett is a standout run stopper, he's not scaring anyone with his pass rush.

* Loved the special teams play of Lattimore, Ryan Taylor and DJ Smith.

* I've got no real reason to believe this and maybe it's just hope, but I feel Davon House is going to make a play this year. I know he's yet to be activated, but my pulse tells me that he makes a play this year.

It's Bear week! And, once again, it's time to destroy our favorite enemy, Ray Nutler. While the Packers haven't been playing their best football over the last 6 quarters, they walk into Soldier Field with confidence. After all, how could they not. Last time they went to Soldier Field, must I remind you? Halas Trophy + Soldier Field + Visitors Locker Room = Trump Card. Forever. And, now, it's time for the Packers to experience the carry over effect. A win and the Packers go to 3-0 with a two game lead over the Bears. With the drastically improved Lions in the division, the Bears season would become worrisome.

The Packers have face Nutler 6 times in his career. Once as a Bronco and 5 times as a Bear. Nutler has a 1-5 record against the Packers. In those six games, Nutler has thrown 5 TD's and 10 interceptions. He was also knocked out of the NFC Championship with a questionable injury. Bears fans burned his jersey after the NFC Championship game. He was labeled a quitter. Thus far, the Packers have owned Ray Nutler.

In order for the Packers to continue their dominance over Nutler, the below average pass rush from the Packers defensive line must defeat the porous Bears OL. I imagine Capers will mix in a variety of blitzes and when this happens, we must be aware of Matt Forte. Forte is the Bears offense. Expect him to touch the ball 25 times. Forte is tough to bring down. He's elusive in the open field. He has great vision. And he has deceptive speed. If I were Capers, Charlie Peprah would shadow Forte all game.

Recently, the Packers have had success shadowing Nutler and coming with delayed blitzes. Erik Walden had two tremendous games against the Bears last year. Though Walden has disappointed so far this year, look for him to play big this week.

Nintendo Nick has owned Nutler over the last two years. In order to fill his void, Burnett should move to center field, while Peprah plays in the box and shadows Forte. Burnett should respond to the challenge and I expect him to get a pick again this week.

The Bears DL will present a tough challenge for our OL. They'll play with fire and the crowd will be spirited. In response, McCarthy will spread 'em out and have Starks pound it up the middle with fine success.

With Alex Green apparently fit to play, look for him to get his first touch for the Packers. Coming on a screen, Lang puts a hat on Urlacher. Wells puts a hat on Briggs. Green bounces his way into the Bears secondary.

As is the norm, it'll be a close one. Crosby's 4th FG is the difference.

Green Bay 26. Chicago 23.


Trump Card,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Take -> Week 2

Greetings, G-Force.

Buckle up. Get ready to go for a ride. The 2011 NFL Season is off to a thrilling start. And after one week, the NFC North looks like it might be among the elite Divisions in all of Football. The NFC North battled the NFC South three times on Sunday. In each contest, the NFC North left victorious.

The last 8 minutes didn't go as we had hoped, but for 52 minutes, the Green Bay Packers looked like what we are...the defending Super Bowl Champions. Here's some things I took from both the game and my trip back to Titletown, USA:

* Growing up in Green Bay, I remember a time in which I saw a deer run through my backyard. A mile from my house was farm land. You'd often see deer running through the fields. Seeing Green Bay in the fashion that it was last weekend was spectacular. It was a mini Super Bowl. The closest Green Bay will ever get to a Super Bowl. Yes, it was a Packers home game. But, it was more than that. It was an NFL Sponsored Event. For a day, Football's smallest town was the sole focus of the NFL.

* Randall freakin' Cobb. Did we just draft a DeSean Jackson type playmaker? Lethal. It was great to see the way he was received by his teammates post his TD's. After the TD catch, Donald Driver was there with a vintage Double-D complimentary grin. After the Kickoff Return for a TD, Cobb was sparkling. He was greeted by Sir Charles. Woodson had his business face on. Sure, he gave Cobb the love. But, Woodson knew there was a long ways to go.

* Aaron Rodgers for MVP.

* James Jones can complain all he wants. He can pout as he sprints off the field immediately after a dramatic goal line stop. But, the reality is that Jennings, Driver, Nelson, Cobb, and Finley are all more valuable than Jones. I don't get the Internet rumblings suggesting that the Packers should trade him. Prior to the year, anyone could have had Jones. Clearly, no one was desperate to have him on their team as he returned to the Packers for what is far less than I'm sure he assumed he'd make.

* Kudos to the OL. TJ Lang owned Vilma on the Starks TD. Lang gets to the second level. He's powerful. Moves well. For now, I'll ignore the false starts. Lang performed. Sitton has Hawaii talent. Thanks for signing your deal and sticking around, Josh! Clifton was back to his Pro Bowl form. Bulaga has grown from Year 1 to Year 2. Ted Thompson is normally extremely cautious with signing those that are 30 or above to long term contracts - excluding the likes of Clifton, Double-D, Sir Charles, and Pickett. But, if Wells continues to play like he did in Week 1, Thompson will consider adding Wells to that list.

* Finley is a beast. But, we gotta keep getting him the ball.

* I like Starks as a runner. A lot. But, man, he has to do a better job of recognizing where the blitz is coming from.


* Grant showed glimpses. But, clearly, he's still trying to get his legs underneath him. His football awareness seemed to return as he did a nice job picking up the blitz.

* The back shoulder to Jennings is unstoppable.

* Nelson has really improved his running after the catch.

* For Double-D, it's one more yard until the record is his...and his alone.

* Randall Cobb is so much fun!

* Jarius Wynn has grown. His development reminds me of a young Cullen Jenkins. His play on the 3rd down stop on Ingram in the 3rd Quarter on 3rd in 1 was sensational. He showed that he couldn't be blocked by a TE.

* Let's hope T-Mon can recover quickly. Sure, it was only a "bruise" - but I won't feel better until I see him on the field.

* Sammy Swagga played the exact game that I feared he might.

* Morgan Burnett was ultra active around the football.

* Nintendo Nick forcing the first turnover of the year!

* After one week, as a team, the Packers have 3 sacks and they've forced 1 turnover.

This week - the Packers travel to Charlotte to take on the Cam Newton led Carolina Panthers. And the biggest responsibility of this game lies on Erik Walden. Late in the 2010 campaign, Erik Walden displayed a great ability to shadow a QB in Capers uniquely designed defense. Walden's ability to drop and man the middle of the field helps allow Capers to blitz from a variety of areas. Importantly, Walden does a terrific job of shadowing QB's, which allows the Claymaker to freely set his sights on the QB. I fully anticipate that Capers will employ Walden as a shadow of Cam Newton.

With Jeff Otah's status in doubt, CM3 will most likely be blocked by either Byron Bell or Lee Ziemba. Clay will get to Cam.

Against the Saints, Rodgers connected with 9 receivers. This week, it might be 10. The Panthers have a talented young defense. But, they don't have the horses to run with us. Especially when you take Jon Beason out of the middle of the defense. So, the mantra of the offense is quite simple this week. Spread 'em out. Try and make them cover us. Rodgers dictates the tempo of the game without a huddle. RJ Stanford and Josh Thomas cannot cover the likes of Jennings, Driver, Jones, Nelson and Cobb. Therefore, look for McCarthy to try and keep Carolina's nickel and dime defenses on the field. And when the defense tires, look for the Packers to come with draw plays and screens.

The interior of the Panthers defense is manned by Terrell McClain and Sione Fua. Both are solid rookies. Good potential to develop. But, they aren't ready. With Sitton, Wells, and Lang dominating the middle of the line. Rodgers has time. He gives results. 3 TD's for Rodgers. One to Finley. One to Jennings. One to Nelson. Starks grabs a rushing TD. Crosby kicks two FG's. Carolina gets a late TD to make the score appear closer than it was.

Green Bay 34. Carolina 20.

Tracking the players who left via Free Agency in the interest of compensatory picks: Cullen Jenkins notched a sack and 2 tackles. Daryn Colledge pick up a start. While Korey Hall did not get credit for a start, he did play for the Saints against the Packers. Jason Spitz, Ras-A-tari Bigby and Anthony Smith all received a games played, but none of them started. Of course, B-Jack is out for the year with an injury. Frankly, I'm not sure what impact B-Jack's injury has on the Packers compensatory picks for the 2012 NFL Draft. Nonetheless, my best guess at this stage would be for the Packers to pick up a 4th, 5th and two 7th round picks as added selections.

Go Pack Go!

Talkin' S-Mac.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Take -> Week 1

Greetings, G-Force.

Welcome back. The White House visit is behind us. So is the preseason. We've relished our time as Champions. Now, it's time to defend it. After three tremendous nights of Phish, I now have two nights to recover prior to making the trip to Football's Motherland. The last two defending Super Bowl Champions at Lambeau Field. Under the lights. In September. Fantastic!

Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. The last two Super Bowl MVP's squaring off to launch the 2011 NFL Season. It should be a dandy.

For the Green Bay Packers to repeat as Champions, the priority is to protect Rodgers. When looking at the present state of the Packers, if we can protect Rodgers, it has the makings of being a special year. When playing the Saints, the blitz will be coming. The Offensive Line better be prepared.

It's not surprising to see that Vegas has set the over/under for this game at 47 points, which is the highest over/under for Week 1. The offenses for both teams warrant significant attention. They are both high powered attacks. Well balanced. With a unique ability to score from nearly anywhere on the field. But, don't be surprised if it's the defenses that shine in this game.

Not to be so bland prior to the season opener of a title defense, but really, this is what the game comes down to: Protect Aaron Rodgers. Stop Mark Ingram. Tackle Darren Sproles on Special Teams. And hope Sammy Swagga does not have a below average game. If these occur, the Packers will win convincingly. But, that's easier said than done. If not, this one will be a nail biter.

The Packers offensive line was a question mark throughout the preseason. The Saints have a pension for bringing the blitz. Defensively, the Packers match-up well with the Saints. Priority #1 is not stopping Drew Brees. The Packers have to be able to slow down the run. Don't be surprised if the Saints try to pound away at the Packers. In an attempt to slow down Clay Matthews pass rush, the Saints game plan is likely to run right at him. They'll also attempt to pound the ball between the guards. It'd keep Aaron Rodgers off the field - limiting his opportunities as the clock keeps ticking.

The Saints will use play action in an attempt to freeze the Hawk and Bishop. Then, look for Brees to target Jimmy Graham. He's the target that scares me the most. I imagine that Colston will be lined up in the slot. Sir Charles will have to man-up vs Colston. Lance Moore might not play due to injury. Meachem and Devery Henderson are deep threats but Sammy Swagga and T-Mon can run with them. On the contrary, Graham can run. He can jump. And he's got solid hands.

I envision the Saints aggressively pursuing match-ups in which Shields is isolated 1 on 1 against a receiver. Shields needs to play as he did throughout the XLV Season.

And then there is Sproles. While Masthay is Pro Bowl material, someone has to make a tackle. Sproles is a legit weapon. Someone has to make a play on the ball.

Not surprisingly, look for the Packers to try and spread out the Saints. The intention will be to wear down the front 4 of the Saints. Shaun Rogers was a solid addition. But, you can tire him. Sedric Ellis is a force of an interior pass rusher. TJ Lang will be tested in his initial start at LG. To help Lang, the Packers will use the no-huddle, which will limit the Saints substitution patterns. We'll see the Packers start out with 3 WR's, J-Mike and Ryan Grant. It's Finley running down the seam. And the Saints can't cover him.

The Packers need to attack the middle of the field. Crossing routes. WR drag routes. I like Malcolm Jenkins, but he's still getting used to playing Safety. I thought he had a bright future at CB in this league - and he still might - but, for now, he's a Safety. We know that Roman Harper will inch towards the line. Harper loves the blind side blitz. When this happens, it's time to go after the middle of the field.

It was exciting to see the Packers get back to the screen pass during the preseason. Look for the screen pass to be a vital play in slowing down the Saints pass rush.

While Grant starts the game, look for Starks to be the back to finish the game. He'll be the bruiser that bounds away late in the game.

The Packers ride the rocking intensity that is brought by the Lambeau faithful. With true excitement, Rodgers finds his rhythm. He connects with Jennings on a puma route. He finds Driver over the middle. He hits J-Mike on a roll-out. Grant punches out 3 yards. And then, J-Mike is found streaking down the middle of the field. 7-0 Green Bay.

Early in the 2nd Quarter, the Saints look to control the clock. They find success with Mark Ingram. Ingram pushes forward after contact. Brees uses Jimmy Graham on third down to keep the sticks moving. Graham catches a jump ball in the end zone. Momentum changes and the Saints grab a 10-7 lead.

It's Starks on a screen. And good things happen. Eventually, Rodgers connects with Jennings in the corner of the end zone.

With the Packers leading 14-10 in the 3rd Quarter, Darren Sproles shows his elusiveness on a punt return. Ingram continues to pound at the Packers defense. The Saints grab a 17-14 lead as Ingram finds his way into the end zone.
Rodgers goes back to work. Finding Driver for a first down over the middle. With that, Double-D becomes the all-time leading yardage receiver in the history of the organization. The Packers reach the end zone, but the drive stalls. 17-17.
On a delayed blitz up the middle, Walden comes flying through. Untouched. He hits Brees and jars the ball loose. While the Packers can't convert it into 7 points, they take the lead 20-17.

Brees leads the Saints down the field. In 2008, Brees used Colston to take on Sir Charles. He goes at the match-up again. He has light success. But, the guy Brees looks to expose throughout the night is Sammy Swagga Shields. While Shields responds with a decent game. He struggles to help get the Packers off the field. As the Saints near the Red Zone, it's Woodson coming on the blitz. Lined up right next to Clay. Clay stunts to the inside. Woodson spins to the outside. And the pressure forces an incompletion.

Setting the stage: 3 minutes left. Tie game. National TV. Kicking off the NFL Season. The ball is in Aaron Rodgers hands. Epic.

He looks to Jennings on an out pattern. 1st down. He goes to Jordy on a comeback for a 1st down. He hits Finley. Finley finishes with 8 catches. So, it's up to Crosby. From 37 yards and the's good!

Green Bay 23. New Orleans 20.

Green & Yellow. Green & Yellow. Time to go Pop Tarts on the Saints!

Go Pack Go!

Talkin' S-Mac.