Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Take -> Week 3

Greetings, G-Force.

2016 is a Super Bowl or Bust season. Anything shy of a Super Bowl victory is a pure disappointment for me. It's a defining year in the legacy for Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers. If Aaron Rodgers plays as he did on Sunday, we might be witnessing the last of Mike McCarthy as Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers. Right or wrong. 2016 is this crucial. And, Ted Thompson has built a team that is constructed to win in 2016.

Sometimes in life, a man needs to chill. I'm doing so right now with a Trinity Menacing Apple. 6.5% ABV. Created with Palisade, CO apples. It has a light better hop finish and pours a slightly cloudy Apple Juice color. I'm pairing it with the Railroad Earth 1/17/14 show from the Fillmore in Denver, CO. A great show. I'm inspired by Railroad Earth. Caught them at Red Rocks last Friday night. It was an epic show. A true winner.

Here are my quick vibes from the last week:

* Mike McCarthy's decision to go for it on 4th down was complete amateurism. He let Mike Zimmer dictate the tempo of the game. He played as though Minnesota was the better team. As it turned out, they were. But, it was in large part due to a terrible 4th down coaching decision by McCarthy and poor play by his 2-time MVP QB.

* Aaron Rodgers. Hard to recognize him as a QB. He's holding the ball. He's not seeing the field. He's not recognizing the defense. He's stuck on Davante Adams. The 4th Quarter lost fumble was an absolute shame. It was 1st and 10 from the Minnesota 40. Trailing by 3. On the brink of FG range. McCarthy called a pass in the flat to Cobb. Cobb was wide open. Would've been a 3-5 yard gain at a minimum. Rodgers looked. He carelessly held onto the football. He fumbled. He lost possession. Still, the Packers defense held. The Packers moved the ball with good precision until Rodgers lofted one gently into the hands of Waynes. Makes me sick.

* Why doesn't Rodgers look to Jared Cook more often? He's a constant mismatch. He was targeted 6 times. He caught 4 balls. One of the incompletions was an absolutely awful pass on a play in which Cook would've easily picked up a first down.

* Davante Adams is not an NFL receiver at this stage. I'd rather see Abby running his routes. Or I'd like to see Montgomery on the field. In the slot next to Cobb. With Cook spread out wide on one side and Nelson on the other. Adams has become a liability.

* Liked when McCarthy went power football. Wish he'd learn that Richard Rodgers isn't a power football player. He went two TE. He pounded the football. He picked up 9 yards. Then, Richard Rodgers got beat on an easy first down run and was called for holding. The drive stalled. Instead, I wish McCarthy would play Ripkowski in the backfield more often. Ripkowski is a bruiser and a pass receiving option in the flat. Plus, he can help Lacy by directing him to the hole.

* McCarthy can call crossing routes all day. WR's will be open. But, if Rodgers misses the throws or doesn't see the open man, it won't make much of a difference. The 2-time MVP was an absolute let down.

* Lacy was running the ball well. Wish he'd had gotten more touches.

* Sam Bradford outplayed Aaron Rodgers in a crucial NFC North battle. Read that again. Make you want to vomit? It makes me.

* We might be seeing the last of James Starks. He's not seeing the field very well. The team needs a better speed option. CJ Spiller fits the mold. I was happy to see that he received a tryout. Hope he gets signed.

* I'm baffled the Abby and Ty aren't seeing snaps on offense.

* Donny Barclay. Rubbish.

* Epic to see Ty Montgomery's animation after the blocked kick!

* Jordy is looking good. Not 100%. But, he's looking good. And, big plays are nearing.

* I forgive Damarious Randall. He has better days ahead of him.

* The Packers Defense looked Super Bowl worthy. Perry, Peppers, Daniels, Guion, and Clay were dominators. Thought Blake Martinez played well. Jake Ryan was physical. Joe Thomas was aggressive and a sure tackler. Kenny Clark made a couple of nice plays. Loved when Clark got his hands up and knocked down the pass. Felt like Fackrell had some high energy snaps and might make a couple of meaningful plays this year.

* Need HaHa to make a game changing play. Feel like it's coming soon.

* Morgan Burnett. Unacceptable. Need to knock down the pass that was a TD for Rudolph. Burnett looked unathletic and unaware. Didn't know his surroundings. I was fist-pounding and overly pissed after that play. It should've been 4th down. Or a capable pass-defending safety would've intercepted that pass.

* Was nice to see Marwin Evans tackle Cordarrelle Patterson in the open field. I had wanted to see Brice make the tackle ten yards previously, but Patterson outran him. Good to see Evans cleaning up the mess.

* I've seen enough of Jacob Schum.

* The NFC North is wide open. But, the Packers should win the Division. Minnesota has lost Kalil and AP. Detroit is without Abdullah and - for the time being - Ansah. The Bears still suck. If Green Bay can't win this Division, we need to restructure our make-up.

I'm headed to Titletown, U.S.A. this weekend. Yes, it was Red Rocks Amphitheater last Friday and it's Lambeau Field this Sunday. I go from the best venue in music to the best venue in sports in a week. Grand livin'!

The Lions have looked good through 2 weeks. Granted, they choked away the Week 2 game in vintage Lions form, but nonetheless, they played with a physical nature that I didn't expect. Matthew Stafford looks like he might be ready to take the next step. Theo Riddick looks like he's ready to become an elite NFL back. Riddick is shifty, he can block, he's a lethal pass catcher and he has a nose for the first-down marker. He could have a massive game this weekend. With Marvin Jones, Golden Tate and Anquan Boldin; the Lions have 3 WR's that compliment each other really well. Boldin mans the slot with physicality. Jones and Tate are dynamic on the outside. Both create mismatches for the Packers banged up secondary. Eric Ebron has been finding the zone over the middle of the field. He's flashed play making skills that I believed would make him an NFL star coming out of college. I'd like to think that the Packers DL will beat up the Lions OL. Tomlinson, Swanson and Warford are young and talented on the interior. But, Mike Daniels is an animal and he should win his battle. I like the way the Packers stack up against Taylor Decker and Riley Reiff on the outside.

Defensively, the Lions have underrated talent. Even without Ziggy Ansah this weekend, the Lions defense will provide a stiff test. Devin Taylor extends well, has great length and creates mismatches. Haloti Ngata can still provide a push. DeAndre Levy, Tahir Whitehead and Kyle Van Noy are athletic LB's who are hungry to find the football. All can play both the run and the pass. Darius Slay is an elite CB. Nevin Lawson has improved, but will be targeting throughout. Glover Quin has been around the ball. Tavon Wilson can be beat.

I expect a dog fight. I look for the Packers to try and target Nevin Lawson early and often. Lawson will use his hands, he'll get physical and won't be worried about penalties. He'll look to pester the Packers WR's. As a whole, the Lions defense will be aggressive. They'll look to be more physical than the Packers offense. They'll annoy. They'll pester. They'll be trash talking in-your-face fighters. They'll play the run well. They'll slow down Eddie Lacy.

Early in the game, I look for the Packers to try and establish the run. I see the Lions having success stopping the run. I see the Lions frustrating the Packers WR's on the outside. I see the Lions getting off the field.

I envision the Packers defensive front dominating the Lions OL. Stafford gives the secondary opportunities to make plays. Randall and HaHa both grab picks. Perry has two sacks.

The Lions hang tight throughout. They keep the sticks moving with Riddick catching check downs and making people miss. The Lions eat clock.

It's a frustrating game until the middle of the 3rd Quarter when Rodgers hits Nelson on a deep strike. It gives the Packers a two-score lead. The defense gets a big stop late.

Packers 20
Lions 16



Talkin' S-Mac.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Take -> Week 2

Greetings, G-Force.

What a win! Dramatic! A great way to start the season. Defense wins championships. Last Sunday, our defense was nearly Championship worthy.

To celebrate, I sip a Locavore Lightnin' Hopkiss. It's a smooth sailin' Double IPA. It tastes like a hopped-out resin ball. Yet, it's crispy. Thick hops. Small citrus hop finish to provide balance from the skunk front. I listen to the Postal Service "Give Up" album. Fun, happy beats. Head bouncing music. Makes me smile. Uplifts me. Keeps my energy up-to-speed.

Here are my quick vibes from the last week:

* Heavy credit to Mike McCarthy. The Jags had an aggressive game plan. They have a really good team. McCarthy went aggressive in the 2nd Quarter. He brilliantly mixed it up in the 3rd Quarter as well. Kept the Jags off-balance. Did a good job attacking. Wish the 3rd down confusion didn't happen from the 2-yard line. Rodgers audible'd beautifully. Felt like an early 4th Quarter dagger and a Week 1 style Championship Drive. The miscommunication really spoiled what was otherwise a mastermind of a play-calling drive by McCarthy. He rotated his troops. He got Montgomery involved. He inserted Abby. Leads me to believe we're going to see more of that combination this week.

* While I watched the game, I consistently thought: well, players like Aaron Rodgers don't need a preseason. Neither does Clay Matthews. Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb don't need the preseason. But, the likes of Morgan Burnett and an aging Julius Peppers need preseason. Peppers to get his timing down. Burnett looked good in run support and on the blitz. But, he struggled in coverage. He did, however, play quicker than in past years.

* EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE! He didn't show a quick burst, but when he got moving, he showed more speed than in past years. He also showed great physicality bouncing off of defenders. He made two game changing plays. One in the run game and the other on the screen. Good start for the Dreaded RB.

* JORDY! He's back! Great to see him in the end zone. Great to see him in lock-step with Rodgers on the back-shoulder pass. Jordy is going to have a monster year.

* Randall Cobb. He's a different player when Jordy is lined up next to him. Things open up underneath. Cobb showed his versatility. He showed endurance. He showed toughness. Wish he'd have caught the deep ball cleanly. Looked like it would've been a beautiful busted play TD. Cobb looks like he's going to have a great year.

* Davante Adams. He's 50/50. He loses his balance on a slant route which would've been a first down when the Packers were pinned deep near their goal line on 3rd down. He drops a deep ball that would've likely been a TD. But, then, he comes down with an epic TD on what'll likely be one of the more magical TD's of the season.

* Thought Jared Cook would be more involved. Was riveting to see him draw the PI call that set up the TD before the half.

* Richard Rodgers displayed fantastic hands. Still struggled in the run blocking category, but I've resigned to the thought that he'll never improve as a blocker.

* Really like the addition of Ripkowski as a blocker. He crushes people.

* Congrats to Bakhtiari! He's a MAN! Happy that he'll be protecting Rodgers' backside for the next 3 years. And, since the Packers still have more than $12 million in cap space for 2016. I hope Tretter is next. Home town discount. Loving the way Tretter is playing. He's moving people. He's showing first-class athleticism. He's getting to the 2nd level.

* Good start, Lane Taylor. Keep it going. Looked like a pro.

* TJ Lang needs to stay a Green Bay Packer.

* I was surprised that Jhurell Pressley didn't last on the roster. But, just as I'd hoped, here the Packers sit with only 3 RB's on the roster. 1 of which is a FB. Gotta wonder if Pressley was brought in merely to get an inside scoop on how the 'queens were talking about Green Bay.

* The #1 thing that the 2016 Green Bay Packers need on their roster is for Kenny Clark to nut up. Dude got pushed backwards nearly every play. He was consistently blown off of the line of scrimmage.

* Thought that Dean Lowry darted through the line of scrimmage nicely on a couple of plays.

* Mike Daniels and Letroy Guion. WOW! Moving people backwards. Need that trend to continue. Especially this week. They were physically dynamite! Intimidators!

* Felt like Christian Ringo offered some decent snaps. Fought hard. At this stage, he appears to be worlds beyond Kenny Clark. That's scary.

* CMIII. The Claymaker. Magnificent burst off of the line of scrimmage. He can't be judged by the box score. You need to watch the intimidating impact that he makes. He's all over the field. He's around the ball. He's busting up plays. Love his game.

* Nick Perry played really, really well. Tremendous run stopping OLB.

* Have a sense that Datone Jones is going to have a really solid year. Wouldn't surprise me if he grabs 6 sacks. Love how he rotated both inside and out. He looks lightning-like quick off the ball. He's been able to get small and slice his way through the OL.

* Who made the first tackle of the year? Kyler Fackrell. Wrapped up nicely on the opening kickoff.

* Blake Martinez showed good organizational skills, high intelligence and a conservative approach towards stopping the run. He didn't take any chances. He didn't do anything extraordinary. He didn't do anything that was overly flawed.

* Liked the way Jake Ryan hit people.

* I'm not stressed about Q-Rollins. But, he should almost strictly be used in the slot. He's not ready to be a perimeter CB. He's a natural, quick-twitch slot CB. I'm not bothered about how he was exposed on the outside. I was bothered by the missed tackle on the TE screen. He has to make that play.

* Damarious Randall is flashing signs of being a star CB in this league. Huge play on 4th down.

* Can't say enough about Joe Thomas. Great hustle throughout. Loved his energy on the interception, the Matthews sack and on the final 4th down. He was flying to the football. Great job, JT.

* Get healthy, Sammy. Quickly. I'm concerned.

* HaHa Clinton-Dix looks ready to take the next step. He has the potential to be a superstar in this league.

* 2nd Jags drive of the game. 3rd & 12. What was Burnett thinking of that PI? Even if Robinson catches the ball, he's still 8 yards short of the first down. Just wrap him up Burnett! Think!!!

* Unlucky start to the game. Smelt like a game that in which the Packers could blow out the Jags early. But, the sun didn't allow Hyde to catch two punts. Dramatically effected field position and the flow of the game.

* Jake Schum. Decent game until the last punt. Need much better than that. He looks like a steady punter. Good hang time. Kicks ranging from 42-46 yards. Not much return opportunity. Not much of a friendly bounce.

* Need better from Abby as a gunner.

This week - it's the 'queens. In Minnesota. As the 'queens open the doors to US Bank Stadium. The 'queens wanted the Packers as the opponent to open their new home. Well, they got us. Be careful of what you wish for. This Packers team means business. And, after the 'queens won the NFC North last year, the Packers are hungry to take the title back.

Offensively, the 'queens will run the ball, take an occasional shot deep, they'll utilize the middle of the field with Kyle Rudolph and Adam Thielen, and then they'll run the ball some more. I anticipate that Sam Bradford will be the starting QB this week. You don't give up a 1st round pick for a QB and then not give the guy the ball when you're playing the biggest game of the year. The 'queens traded for Bradford because they believed he gave them the best chance to win. Expect AP to carry the ball at least 25 times this week. The 'queens spent coin on their OL this offseason. They added Andre Smith and Alex Boone in an attempt to get tougher. With Joe Berger and Brandon Fusco, the 'queens think they're mean in the middle. Matt Kalil might not play due to injury, so TJ Clemmings would get the start. The 'queens need Kalil on Sunday Night. Clemmings can't handle the Packers DL/OLB front. Kyle Rudolph always gives the Packers fits. Stefon Diggs is becoming a legitimate starting WR threat. He's dangerous. He runs solid routes and he's elusive after the catch. Adam Thielen is a fast-rising slot WR. He's dependable. He's fearless. He runs crisp routes. He gets open. He's an underrated player who will move the sticks multiple times this weekend. Cordarrelle Patterson remains one of the best Kickoff Return specialists in the game. He's dangerous. Jerick McKinnon is a shifty back who is tough to bring down in the open field.

Defensively, the 'queens are very well coached and extremely opportunistic. Brian Robison, Danielle Hunter, Linval Joseph, Everson Griffen, and Sharrif Floyd are hungry defenders. Floyd has been battling injuries and might be limited this weekend. Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks and Chad Greenway make up a terrific LB core. Harrison Smith is among the best safeties in the game. Andrew Sendejo is a talented wingman to Smith, but Sendejo occasionally struggles in coverage. Xavier Rhodes is likely to miss the game this week. He'll be replaced by Trae Waynes. I loved Waynes coming out of college. He's yet to show that his game translates to the NFL. Waynes will be tested. Terence Newman can no longer run. The Packers will test him on double moves. Newman will either grab or he'll get burnt. Either way - advantage Packers.

The 'queens don't want this game to be put in Blair Walsh's hands.

A simple breakdown: I'd be really disappointed if the Packers don't score a minimum of 23 points and I'd be really surprised if the 'queens score more than 23. I can see a scenario in which the Packers struggle to stop Minnesota in the red zone. In which case, I suppose the 'queens could score 3 TD's and a FG to get to 24. But, that would be really frustrating. I consider it unlikely.

Look for the Packers to pound Lacy early in the game. They want to get Harrison Smith up in the box, which will open up the play action roll-out and the deep shot to Nelson.

The 'queens pound AP. Thielen and Rudolph grab passes for first downs. The 'queens unsuccessfully try a deep ball to Diggs against the depleted Packers secondary.

The 'queens crowd is ready to rock. They make noise. The PA also pumps in noise for added effect. But, Aaron Rodgers is on a mission. He's not to be denied. He extends plays. He finds Cobb. He draws Griffen offside and takes a shot deep down the sideline. He beats Terence Newman. He hits Nelson on the back-shoulder against Waynes.

Rudolph continues to annoy. So, does AP. But, the 'queens stall and have to settle for FG's.

Montgomery grabs 3 balls. Cook grabs 3 passes. Datone notches a big sack. Jordy grabs a deep ball TD.

The Packers win a nail biter.

Packers 23.
'queens 19.

Go Pack Go!

Talkin' S-Mac.

Friday, September 9, 2016

My Take -> Week 1

Greetings, G-Force.

I sit in Morrison, CO. On a night in which Star took the short ride to Red Rocks Amphitheater to see Sound Tribe Sector 9. Me? I'm marinating with my boys. At home. I watched the sunset behind the foothills and embraced today. I exist and I'm grateful. So, I remind myself to relish what I have. It was a cool evening, so I put on a Packers sweatshirt. Over my "GET LOUD LAMBEAU" t-shirt. Above my Packers sweatpants. I'm straight chillin'. And, to boot, I'm wearing green socks. COlorado is home. But, my roots rest in Titletown, U.S.A. And, I'm damn proud of it. We are all products of our youth, yo. So apply them today. It's the best way.

I'm sipping a New Glarus Cran-bic. My Mom brought it to me last weekend when she came to kick it with my 2 boys and 2 of my nephews over Labor Day weekend. My brother, Chad, and his wife, Ashley, came up from LOBO-land to marinate in Phish vibes at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. It was a magical weekend. The Cran-bic tastes like the beauty found in yellowish leaves falling from trees as they slowly blow towards to the turf. It seems as though the beer is crafted with crystalized cranberries that carbonate throughout the mouth. In many ways, it coats the palate like sparkling water. It's refreshing. It's an early fall treat. I listen to the Phish 1995 New Year's Eve vinyl. It spins with wickedness on the player.

It's a Super Bowl or Bust year. So, we all better bring it. All year. No bad vibes. We control the destiny. Super Bowl 51 is ours. Do your part. I'm doing mine.

Here are my quick vibes over the last week:

* I'm ├╝ber stoked that the Packers kept 6 safeties. And, with Banjo being banged up and with Burnett not having played in the 2016 preseason, I wouldn't mind seeing Brice and/or Evans on the field. They should definitely both be active. They should definitely be asked to perform on special teams. I fully anticipate that they'll both be around the football in that phase of the game. Keeping Brice and Evans gives merit to the preseason games. Had their been only 2 preseason games, we might not have seen Evans on the team. As the preseason carried on, Evans was phenomenal.

* Josh Sitton. There has to be more to it. It was such an un-TT like move. Sitton was in a contract year. The Packers were sure to get a 3rd or a 4th round compensatory pick for him in the 2018 Draft. It was part of TT's long term plan as far as continuing to build the team. And, then, he gets cut? That has a certain stink to it. I've heard the rumors. I won't comment on them. This move quickly decimated the OL depth on the Packers roster. Last year, we saw how crucial OL depth was to successful football teams. It's baffling. The only positive to this situation is that it cleared enough cap space to ensure that Bakhtiari should definitely be the LT for the rest of Rodgers' best football years.

* I don't love the thought of Lane Taylor being the starting G. Wonder if Tretter moves to G when Linsley is healthy?

* Congrats to Joe Callahan. I wonder if him being kept on the 53-man roster is a sign that the Packers are concerned about Brett Hundley's health. I'm curious to see who will be the back-up QB this weekend. If it's Callahan, then it might be telling that he made the roster due to Hundley lingering injury. If it's Hundley as a back-up, for me, that'd be an even greater nod to Callahan's fine play throughout the preseason.

* Jhurell Pressley!!!! Prior to the Draft, I wrote: "Would love to have a LOBO in GB. He's elusive. He runs with a purpose. He produced at a ridiculously high level. Every time he touched the ball, it seemed like he was picking up a first down. Gets outside and turns the corner with a possessive eye. Won't be able to be an every down back in the NFL as he lacks the size to run between the tackles on a consistent basis, but if given an opportunity, he'll be able to to make an immediate impact as a situational runner." I'm really excited that he's on the roster. He'll bring a fun dimension to the team. He'll add speed. He'll be a great threat on the screen. He will make impactful plays in 2016. Guaranteed.

* With Josh Hawkins, Marwin Evans, Kentrell Brice, and Makinton Dorleant; Ted Thompson found 4 DB's in UDFA who can play in the NFL. Dorleant is being tucked away for a season on the IR, but he'll be on the roster next year. Great work by Teddy T!

To kick off the 2016 season, the Packers travel to Jacksonville. It won't be an easy contest. The Jaguars are my favorite to win the AFC South. And, there are two things that you can't train for: Altitude and Humidity. Unless your body acclimates to both, you're destined to have pains as the game lingers. With temperatures expected to be in the mid-90's, the weather is supposed to feel as though it's as high as 105 degrees. The Packers better be drinking water in abundance in preparation for that heat.

Jacksonville has a young team. I really like the make-up of their roster. Blake Bortles - in some ways - reminds me of a young Favre. He's tough. He rolls out well. He's gritty. He has a cannon of an arm. He makes odd decisions, at times, as he tries to force throws into coverage. He has a bit of the ol' gunslinger mentality. He's going to make a couple of big plays every game, but he's also going to be prone to making mistakes. He will give you 2-3 chances to force a turnover every game. You just have to capitalize on those opportunities. Bortles is littered with weapons. With Yeldin and Ivory, he has two solid RB's. At WR, he has Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns who both topped 1,000 yards last year. He also has two extremely talented young WR's in Marqise Lee and Rashad Greene. Both have the quickness to do wonders in the slot. With Julius Thomas and Mercedes Lewis, he has two play-making beasts at TE.

On the OL, Jacksonville has invested on the left side. Luke Joeckel was the 2nd pick of the 2013 Draft and they bought Kelvin Beachum in FA. The Jags have big expectations for Joeckel and Beachum lining up next to each other. I think that they can be beaten with speed around the edge. The right side of the Jaguars line is suspect. AJ Cann and Jermey Parnell aren't household names. They aren't for a reason. Both can be exposed. Look for Capers to overload the right side of the Jaguars OL. The Packers will confuse the right side of the Jags OL and we'll create problems.

The future of the Jags defense is bright. Dante Fowler, Myles Jack, and Jalen Ramsey are all young gems in the making. Malik Jackson was the prized FA in 2016. Jared Odrick is a tenacious fighter on the DL. Telvin Smith is energetic. He brings great speed to the defense. Paul Posluszny brings a veteran toughness to the defense. Davon House had a great year as a Jag last year. Prince Amukamara is a solid #3 CB. The safety play is suspect. Johnathan Cyprien is still developing. He has speed, but he's been exposed in coverage. Tashaun Gipson can be exposed.

Aaron Rodgers must test the middle of the Jaguars defense. It'll be important for McCarthy to start the game with some easy throws. To get his QB into the flow of the game. Sure, Rodgers is a seasoned superstar, but he also hasn't played much football since last January. So, I'm hoping McCarthy starts the game with a couple of play-action roll-outs. Give Rodgers some options. A couple over the top, but with the immediate design being an underneath route. Something safe to get Rodgers in rhythm. To set the tempo. I'd give Rodgers the opening possession of the game. Let him do wonders with his arm. Cook is used early. He's used often.

Defensively, it'll be important to stop the run. Can't let the Jags eat clock early in the game. Not only will it wear the defense down, but it'll open up the play action pass. We can't have either. I don't want to fall behind early in this game.

Sammy Swagga matches up well with Hurns' speed. Randall's length pairs well with Robinson's height. But, Randall will need help over the top. Robinson runs shifty routes, he gets off the jam and he, too, can run. Randall will need help on the deep ball. If not, it could be a big play. I'm scared of the damage that Lewis and Thomas could do at TE. I hope we have figured out how to cover a TE over the offseason.

Look for Lacy to pound away in the 2nd Quarter.

Mid 3rd Quarter, McCarthy gets creative. It's 5 wide. Cobb, Montgomery, Jordy, Cook, and Abby. Cobb and Montgomery switch downs flip-flopping into the backfield. Jordy and Cook are spread out wide. Abby is consistently in the slot. The Jags don't have a solution. It's a game defining drive. It finishes with a Rodgers to Cook TD pass.

I'm happy Brett Goode is back in GB. I'm happy that the Packers have moved on from Tim Masthay and are giving Jacob Schum a crack at the punter/holder role. I don't want the game to come down to a last second FG in which both of them are asked to make a play as a long snapper and a holder. I'm concerned about their execution in the kicking game this week. Thankfully, it won't.

With the lead, the Packers punch forward for the game winning first downs and run out the clock. It's victory formation bringing the Packers to a 1-0 start to the 2016 season.

Both teams score 5 times. Red Zone efficiency is the difference.

Packers 27.
Jags 23.

Go Pack Go!

Talkin' S-Mac.