Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Allow Me To Play GM...

Greetings, G-Force.

It's always good to end with a victory. Even if it is against the most putrid team in the history of the NFL. The Lambeau environment had a lot to do with the Packers playing energized football in Week 17.

I walked into TJ's Sports Garden in Wheeling, WV to watch the game. I showed up 30 minutes early to pick out a seat and negotiate a TV screen. Jimmy, the Bar Manager, says to me, "this game is so bad that you are going to be limited to watching the game on the ticker on the bottom of the TV screen. Normally, I give the Packers fans the big screen, but I'm sick of seeing you lose."

Ouch. The joke is on me.

Worse yet, five minutes later, he says to me, "I got a gift for you" and walks away. Moments later, he returns with two brwon paper bags. He says, "I'm going to give you one bag and I'm going to give the other to the Lions fan in the corner. I want both of you to watch this game with a bag over your head."

Of course, I declined, but the approach was hysterical.

The '08 season taught me that the Packers need a face-lift. The franchise altered its ego by moving forward without Brett Favre. Now, we need to massively shift our teams' focus towards the defensive side of the ball. UNO-DOS! showed me enough to believe in the future of the franchise. Couple UNO-DOS! with the core of Jennings, Driver, Lee, Grant, JJ, Jordy and J-Mike and I believe that we have demonstrated enough potential to construct a winning organization. One has to believe that, in time, UNO-DOS! will win those close games. He's too talented to continue to struggle in the closing minutes. He'll figure it out. Additionally, while our O-Line is not dominant, it is not the weakest link on our roster. Our defense is miserable.

I've seen enough of Bob Sanders. In fact, I hope that today is his last day as our Defensive Coordinator. I'd move to a 3-4. Winston Moss is a former LB. He's a logical choice to replace Sanders as the Defensive Coordinator. We need a tough minded individual. A physical presence. Moss fits that bill. So would Mike Nolan. Romeo Crennel has been successful as a Defensive Coordinator. All have had experience with the 3-4. If available, Jim Haslett is a fiery competitor and has worked with McCarthy in the past. But, Haslett plays with a 4-3.

If you look at the top 4 leaders in sacks in '08, you find DeMarcus Ware, Joey Porter, John Abraham, and James Harrison. Ware, Porter, and Harrison exclusively play in a 3-4 defense. On occasion, Abraham is in a 3-4 look as well. We need to find players who can get to the QB. The most immediate solution is to increase our defensive speed.

So, I'm going to outline a philosophy to position the Packers to make the playoffs in 2009 and to win the Super Bowl in 2010. UNO-DOS! has the ability to take us there. Over the next two years, our offense will be good enough to keep us in the game against anyone. We need to build a defense that can close a game. Harris and Woodson will have legs for at least two more years. We need to improve our front 7.

The front 7 of our defense must get a make-over. First and foremost, please STOP the negotiations with Michael Montgomery. A penny more than the minimum is a penny too much. Little-to-no money should be guaranteed. The same should be said for Jason Hunter. Don't be fooled by their late season stats over the last couple of games. We've made that mistake before with Cletidus Hunt. Don't do it again.

Pickett disappoints. Harrell is dead. Cole is limited. Jolly disappears. We need a DT.

AK-74 needs help. Jeremy Thompson looks like a flop. Yes, we'll get Jenkins back, but we need a DE.

We lack playmaking skills at LB. Barnett is an aggressive player, but he does not dominate. Hawk has not developed. Poppinga has extreme limitations. So does Chillar. Bishop did not get a chance. Lansanah is a work in progress. As a unit, we do not force fumbles, knock down passes, intercept passes, sack the QB or make tackles behind the line of scrimmage. In space, our LB's aren't even sure tacklers. And, upon contact, rarely are our LB's driving the ball carrier backwards. We need help at LB.

At CB, I love our combination of Harris, Woodson, T-Mon. Willie B. is an OK 4th corner. He's going to be a FA. He's a valuable kick returner and a personal favorite, but I'm not sure how much I'd pay him. J-Bush needs to go.

At S, we need help. Nickie is a Pro Bowler. But, injury concerns surround Ras-A-tari and Rouse. Bigby is a FA in the making. We need help at S.

Here's the solution: Extend Jennings, Nintendo Nick, AK-74. Sign Terrell Suggs. Suggs averages just under 9 sacks a year. Put him opposite AK-74 and let's find the QB.

Mock Draft 1.0:

1.) Michael Johnson, DE, Ge0rgia Tech. He's my favorite player in the draft. A prototypical 3-4 player. Can rush from the inside on pass downs as well. We need a guy who can get to the QB. From what I've seen, he does it best. He'll even drop in coverage and defend the pass. A future superstar. I'm going to look into Brian Orakpo in the Bowl game. Also, Taylor Mays would be the final piece to our secondary. But, I'm sticking with Johnson. He'd change the face of our defense.

As for trading down, as a rule of thumb, I always like 4 of the top 90 picks. We've already got that - no need to trade down. Draft Johnson.

2.) Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinatti. I've been watching him for 3 years. Consistently, he's made plays. He'll get in your face. He'll bump you. He'll run with you. He'll play zone. He's got NFL size. When he gets his hands on the ball, he's thinking 6 points. I want him.

3 a.) Zach Follett, LB, Cal. Another 3-4 player. He'll drop in coverage. He'll rush the passer. 10.5 sacks this year. Solid in space. He can do it all. Strips the ball. Cand defend the pass. Hard worker. He'd fit in with the blue collar Green Bay work ethic.

3 b.) David Bruton, S, ND. Great on special teams. Has a nose for the football. Always around the football. Plays the ball well in the air. I've viewed him as a solid tackler. Like his game.

4.) Myron Pryor, DT, Kentucky. Big boy. Holds the point of attack. Plays the run well. Would be a solid NT in a 3-4.

Ian Johnson would also be a guy to consider here. Solid football player. Has a nose for the end zone. Great receiver. Bright guy. Probably a little more than a special teams player who couples as a 3rd down back in the NFL.

Rounds 5-7) I believe the Packers have 4 picks (2 in the 6th thru a draft day trade last year). I'd draft OL with each of these picks. Hope to find gold with one of them.

**** As a side note to the Mock Draft, I am going to be curious to see where initial mock drafts have Patrick White going. In my mind, he was the most sensational athlete in college football. With the introduction of the Wildcat formation into the NFL, the value of White increases tremendously. He could also be a tremendous kick returner. Put the ball in his hands let him go.

More offseason vibes in the near future.

Sign Suggs. Move to the 3-4.

Make it happen,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Take -> Week 17

Greetings, G-Force.

What a waste. An absolute waste. A season that showed so much promise. It displayed postseason hope. It showed opportunity for youthful development. Instead, we've fallen on our faces. 5 straight loses. 4 of the 5 games should have been Packer victories. Last year, someone new found a way to win the game for us. This year, someone new is finding a way to lose the game for us. It's absolutely disappointing. And each week - it feels like someone is stepping on my dogs neck while punching me right between the legs. It's painful.

So, no matter what happens tomorrow, the Packers will have a top-10 pick. We'll focus on the draft. We'll make the best of what's around. Regardless of how depressing it is to ponder. This team failed. This team is in need of playmakers at DL and LB. Each week - we get punished in crunch time. We get pushed around. This is priority #1. Priority #2 is finding another starter on the OL.

Now, the season ends with the winless Lions coming to Lambeau. You have to search for anything positive to take of this game. I'd throw the ball to J-Mike 10 times. Put the guy in position. See what he can do. What do we have in this guy? He looked good going up and making the deep grab against the Bears. Let's try him down the middle of the field out of a 2 TE formation.

We're working with an adjusted OL. I'm happy that Sitton is getting a start. I'll have my eyes on him.

This team needs a positive end to the season. We need to leave Lambeau on a happy buzz. With a smile. Like a 35 point victory.

As long as Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith don't tear us up - which could happen - the Packers will win handily.

On a side note, tomorrow marks the end of a legacy. The Brett Favre legacy ends. What a legend! But, what a disappointment over the last 4 weeks. The Football Jesus has looked old. He's looked gray. He's looked washed up. Sadly, it's time for him to retire. But, how can you bet against him tomorrow? If he performs and the Jets get help, the Packers will get an additional 2nd round pick. We need this desperately.

I hope your Holidays were happy and safe.

Sippin' on a Pint,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Take -> Week 16

Greetings, G-Force.

The 2008 Season is a lost cause. It's disappointing.

At the game, a 13 year old kid turned to me and said, "Hey Cheesehead! This team must be made out of swiss cheese because your defense has holes all over it." Reality hurts.

The most desire our team showed was when Al Harris and Brady Poppinga engaged in a post play altercation. Poppinga was attempting to direct Harris to cover the outside receiver. Harris wanted to cover the slot. Clearly, the coaching staff has lost all control of this team.

And now, we're dead.

There are few things that I hold a strong dislike for in life. But, one of them is the Chicago Bears. And, frankly, it's hard to even get excited for this Monday Night's match-up.

Each week - it's the same thing. Our defense finds a way to lose a lead. Our offense is unable to put together the game winning drive. 7 times - we've choked in the 4th Quarter.

Against the Jags, in the 4th Quarter, we had them at 3rd & 18. We rushed 3! Yes, 3 men. The play before - we rushed 6 and Hawk came away with a sack. He was untouched in pursuit of Gerrard. After we rushed 3 on 3rd and 18, all I could do was hang my head. Bob Sanders must go.

If we finish 5-11, we get a top 10 pick. Even that is hard to get excited about. All around the league, rookies are making plays. It's not happening in Green Bay. Joey Haynos was a guy that was receiving rave reviews ALL preseason. He could not make the Packers roster. Yesterday, he caught a 19-yard TD in traffic for the Miami Dolphins.

Somewhere - there's a disconnect within our organization. Either we are drafting bums or they're not getting the strength, conditioning and teaching from the coaching staff. Look at the last two year's draft choices:

'07 Draft:

Justin Harrell - He can't stay healthy. When he is healthy, he's being pushed backwards.

Brandon Jackson - Sure, he's shown signs of good running ability this year, but in two years,
Brandon Jackson has just over 500 yards rushing.

James Jones - He's shown glimpses of being a nice possession receiver, but injuries have limited him to 8 games played and 16 receptions for the year.

Aaron Rouse - He takes terrible angles towards the ball. He's slow in coverage. Misses tackles. He's a decent special teams player and will never be 16 game starter for the Packers. Injuries have also hindered his development. He played in 11 games last year and he's missed two games due to injuries this year. His inability to develop has caused the Packers to move Charles Woodson to S. Woodson, now playing out of position, was our top performer at CB.

Allen Barbre - Two years in, he does not look like he'll have a life as a Green Bay Packer.

David Clowney - He never played a game in Green Bay.

Korey Hall - He was a LB in college. We've tried to develop him into a FB. He's done alright, but now he's our back-up FB, playing behind John Kuhn. He's got above average special teams ability. Very limited offensive skills.

Desmond Bishop - The jury is out. Amazingly, he barely played yesterday. A week after an 11 tackle performance in which he was our MVP, Bishop was almost never on the field. Instead, we saw Chillar get run over. We saw Poppinga look foolish. Yes, in short, we continue to tolerate the same inefficiencies.

Mason Crosby - A terrific K.

DeShawn Wynn - Consistently injured. Lacks toughness.

Clark Harris - Never made it as a Packer.

'08 Draft:

Jordy Nelson - I hold out hope that he can be a Joe Jurevicious type WR. Hard working. Tough. Good hands.

Brian Brohm - If he does not develop fast, he won't have a career in Green Bay.

Patrick Lee - Injured for most of his rookie year. His rookie year ends with 5 games played. 2 tackles. 1 Pass Defensed. Yikes.

Jermichael Finley - He looks like he has the tools. Lacks the brain. He can't get off the line of scrimmage. He gets pushed around. Runs poor routes. I want to like him because he's a young physical specimen, but, boy, is it painful to watch him right now.

Jeremy Thompson - See Jermichael Finley.

Josh Sitton - Showed great promise in the preseason, but injuries spoiled his year.

Breno Giacomini - Got blown up in the preseason. Got beat out by Tony Moll for the 4th tackle spot. Hard for me to imagine that this guy ever makes an impact.

Matt Flynn - Looked below average in the preseason. We gave him a pass because he was better than Brian Brohm yet his performance was less than stellar. He's a fighter. A gritty competitor.

Brett Swain - Looked bad in the preseason. He had trouble getting off the line of scrimmage. He had trouble holding onto the ball. At this stage, I'm not sure what we see in this guy. Yet, we kept him around on the practice squad.

Any way you look at it, over the last two years, we have had 20 picks. Thus far, the only player that has consistently shown me that he's a guy to build around has been Mason Crosby. And he's a K. If you swing and miss, it does not matter how many picks you have. This makes it difficult to get excited for next April as well.

We're in trouble. We're loaded with guys that you don't want on our team. You can't expect guys like Brady Poppinga, Michael Montgomery, Jason Hunter, Colin Cole, and Brandon Chillar to make game changing plays. Yet, consistently, they are on the field for our defense - especially on 3rd down. AJ Hawk leaves me scratching my head. Ryan Pickett has had a bad year. Willie B. is not a CB in the NFL.

Our team MVP, Charles Woodson, is even saying it to the media - "We're just not very good right now. I mean, you can point to a lot of different things, but bottom line, we're not a very good team."

At this point, that's an obvious statement. In 16 years with Brett Favre as our starting QB, we had one season with a losing record. In 1 year without him, we've already had a losing record. For 16 years, we were used to winning the close games late in dramatic fashion. In 1 year without him, we've seen how difficult it is to win close games late.

We need a leader. Someone we can turn to in times of need. I believe that Aaron Rodgers could be that guy. At times, he's shown greatness. With the exception of the last 5 minutes of the game, Rodgers has been extremely reliable. He controls the ball.

We can build around Rodgers, but right now, we are in a rebuilding stage. We need to look at OL. We must draft DL. We need help at LB. S is a concern. Before the year, we thought we had depth. But, this year, our depth has been exposed on special teams.

The hard part is that no one seems to want to take responsibility for our poor performance.

Happy Holidays,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Take -> Week 15

Greetings, G-Force.

Our playoff hopes are hanging by a pubic hair. Their that thin. Their that frail. It could be argued that it would be best for the future of the Green Bay Packers to lose the next three games. Finish 5-11. Get a top 10 pick. Draft Michael Johnson. He is fierce. A man that can apply pressure on the QB. Admittedly, I've thought like this. I've blogged it. But, after much trepidation, I reckon it is best for the Packers to win out. Finish 8-8. Yeah, we'll get the 13th-18th pick, but we'll get much needed momentum for the future.

I urge everyone to remember 2006. We started 4-8. We won out. The season was highlighted by a Prime Time massacre of the Bears in Chicago. Next week we can do the same. But, first we must start building momentum for next year against the Jaguars in J'ville. I'm heading to J'ville with my good mate, Brennan, his girl, Romie, and my much lovelier half, A*. We're going to bring the G-Force. We're going to get the Packers back on track. We're going to catch a wicked buzz. We're going to have a good time.

With 4 games left in 2006, we looked like a lost Franchise. Searching for direction. We gave players a chance to play different positions. We gave Nintendo Nick more freedom. Freedom to make breaks on the ball near the line of scrimmage and in the middle of the field. Before that, we had him playing CF. Consistently, he got beat deep. He looked like a failure of a pick. We moved him around over the last 4 games. Put him in space. He thrived.

We moved Cullen Jenkins to DE. He was looking like an undersized DT. His days in Green Bay seemed limited. After moving him to DE on run downs, we became a dominant front 4.

This year - it's time to give J-Mike a massive look. I'd play him often. He'd be the guy I'd put in playmaking situations. I like with Troy Humphrey has brought. He's shown he can be an average 2nd TE. This is no knock on him. But, we invested in J-Mike. It's time to get him reps in abundance. Get him the ball in space. Get him accustomed to playing at this level. Put him in position to succeed.

Justin Harrell has been an absolute failure. Admittedly, I was happy when we drafted him. He's been unable to stay healthy and it sounds like he's got another injury. If he can play, I'd put him outside. Let's see if he can have the same impact that Cullen Jenkins had in '06. LT's run block differently than LG's. Maybe, just maybe, Harrell can hold the point of attack on run downs. We know he struggles at DT. But, we also know Michael Montgomery cannot stop the run. What we currently have is not good enough. It's time to experiment.

When you miss on 1st round picks, it's tough to build a franchise. We have to attempt to salvage something out of Harrell. Overall the last decade, in the 1st round, the Packers have drafted Antuan Edwards, Bubba Franks, Jamal Reynolds, Javon Walker, Nick Barnett, Ahmad Carroll, Aaron Rodgers, AJ Hawk, and Justin Harrell. It should be noted that last year we traded out of the 1st round. So, in the last 10 years, the Packers have had 4 absolute busts in Edwards, Reynolds, Carroll, and Harrell. Right now, Hawk is in jeopardy of his job for '09. He must perform at a higher level or he, too, might end up in the bust category. I'd argue that he's not in the top 50% of starting LB's in the NFL. Bubba made the Pro Bowl a couple of times, but he never became the TE that the Packers wanted him to become. Walker was on the brink of having a terrific career before injuries and attitude took over. Thus far, with regard to forcing turnovers and making tackles behind the line of scrimmage, Nick Barnett has been a disappointment. 4 years into his career, the jury is still out on Rodgers.

We saw Poppinga playing DE last week. Finally. He got limited pressure. He seemed to be attacking. Just unable. We should take a look at him at DT on passing downs. Speed rusher. With passion. Give him a look. We know Jason Hunter cannot get there.

It sounds like Jeremy Thompson is healthy and able to play. On passing downs, my front 4 would look like this: AK-74, Jeremy Thompson, Poppinga, Montgomery. I want to be fast. I want to have natural pursuers. Sadly, Montgomery is one of our best options right now. On run downs, my front 4 would be AK-74, Pickett, Jolly, Harrell. I want to be big. I want to be beefy.

At LB, I'd start with Bishop. He was a performer last week. 11 tackles. A sack. 2 Forced Fumbles (one rolled out of bounds, but at least he's slapping at the ball when making a tackle). 1 Tackle for Loss. Sure, he got burned on a number of passing plays, but there's no substitute for game experience and we've got to see what we got in Bishop. Instead of putting him in coverage, I'd blitz him on passing downs. Rush 5. Don't let them double AK-74. Put our men in position to succeed.

Bob Sanders should lose his job. How have we not yet identified that Willie B. is afraid to blitz the QB? Yet, last week, we our slim playoff hopes on the line...twice, we send Willie B. on blitzes. Ridiculous. Bob Sanders is a poser.

Aaron Rouse is not a starting S in the NFL. He's weak. He's slow. He takes awful angles. He can be the 3rd S on my team any day. But, starter? No way. We've got decisions to make at the S spot during the offseason. Has Bigby done enough to warrant a contract? Sure, but, at what price? For my taste, it's not all that much. Currently, Ras-A-tari is not the flavor of the day.

On our trip to J'ville, I promise one thing: we will bring the G-Force. We will bring momentum to the Packers. We will bring a victory. Call me Joe Namath, I'm guaranteeing it.

Presently, the Jags are among the worst teams in football. No Rashean Mathis. No Fred Taylor. No Matt Jones. Possibly, no Jerry Porter. If we cannot throw for over 300 yards this week, possess the football, and win handily this week, then we've got major issues. This Sunday, the future of the Green Bay Packers changes for the brighter. Or maybe, I'm just talkin s-mac. Either way, it feels right. And "if it feels good, I shake."

Packers 30
Jags 20

There is Hope for the Hopeless.

Never Say Die,

Talkin' S-Mac.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Take -> Week 14

Greetings, G-Force.

G-Force, you did your job. Visually, Lambeau appeared magical. It sounded exceptional through the TV audio. It had all of the makings of a legendary UNO-DOS! victory. The game that would swing our season towards back-to-back NFC North Championships.

And then...

...we failed to get in from the 1 twice.

...we failed to make a tackle on special teams.

...we failed to knock down/intercept a deep ball.

...we were sieves in short yardage defense.

...we failed to get to the 20 yard line on the kickoff.

...we threw an interception to end the game.

If you ask me, the majority of these instances occurred because of coaching blunders. 2nd and goal from the 1. Our best short yardage runner, Ryan Grant, was on the bench. Sure, B-Jack was having an exceptional game. But, he's not a short yardage runner. McCarthy "went with the hot hand" on 2nd down. We were fortunate to get back to the line of scrimmage. I wanted 3 QB sneaks from the 1.

It baffles me that we would send J-Mike down field on kick-off coverage. To me, he does not seem like the guy that's going to be making tackles in the open field. I'm hopeful for J-Mike's future, but thus far he's been soft. I remember the days of Ron Cox, Lamont Hollandquist, Travis Jervey, Terry Mickens, and Bernardo Harris. We were lethal on special teams. We were physical. The mightier team wins on special teams. We're weak.

Sure, Chuckie should have made the play, but why is Steve Smith being covered by Brandon Chillar, a LB. Chillar said, "he lost the ball." Glad we had a LB guarding the best player on the field. What a coaching disaster.

Why is it that we cannot get in the end zone on 2 tries from the 1, but they can score 5 rushing TD's from the 1?

Originally, I thought we were built for special teams. Now, our special teams is a weak link. We've been devastated on special teams 2 weeks in a row. We tolerate poor play. When we need to make a tackle on a kickoff return, the opposition returns it past the 40. When we need a return, we get stopped dead in our tracks before we reach the 20. We lack depth. We lack desire.

The Green Bay Packers have lost 5 games in the closing minutes. We have not learned from our mistakes. With the exception of the Vikings game, which we sat on the ball and settled for a 53 yard FG, each time the Packers had a chance win it late and instead of managing the clock and the football situation, the Packers went for the Home Run. Each time, we failed. Have we taught UNO-DOS! that, in the two minute drill, it's all about 1st downs and getting out of bounds to stop the clock? We had 2 timeouts and 1 minute 20 seconds on the clock. We treated it as if we had 20 seconds and no timeouts. Embarrasing.

Yet, somewhere Jim Carrey just said, "So you're saying there's a chance!"

Yes, it could be idiotic to talk playoffs, but assuming we win out, we'll hold the tie breaker over both the Bears and Viqueens. Obviously, we play the Bears again. A win at Chicago and we focus on not only winning out, but also having the Queens losing twice. It should be noted that Minnesota travels to Arizona next week. That'll be a loss. Then they host Atlanta. If the Steroid-brothers are ruled out, Michael Turner will run all over them. Finally, they close with the G-Men. If the Giants play their troops, the Giants will win handily.

Regardless, first things first, we need to win this week. Frankly, if the Packers lose this week, I'd almost prefer that we finish 5-11 and get a top 10 pick come April. Even if that means a loss to the hated Bears. I don't want to establish a losing culture, but if you can't beat the Texans - a speed team - in the cold of Lambeau, in December, then we truly do have BIG issues.

The Texans are led by Mario Williams, Steve Slaton, and Andre Johnson. Williams might be the best pass rusher in the NFL. He has all of the moves. It'll be imperative to either double him or get rid of the ball quickly or else he'll make plays in our backfield.

Good ol' Steve Slaton. Man, did this blog beg for him. I was attached to this man all 3 years while he was at West Virginia. Instead, we drafted Brian Brohm. Confusing to me. Meanwhile, Slaton has over 900 yards rushing. He is averaging 5 yards per carry. He has 250 yards receiving and averages over 20 yards per catch. He has 9 TD's. He'll add another 100 yards this week. Guy is a stallion and he should be wearing Green & Gold. If he gets in the open field, you won't stop him.

Andre Johnson is among the elite WR's in football. He's a mismatch for all CB's. He's physical. He's fast. He's got solid hands. He's great after the catch. Often times, he's a man among boys.

Owen Daniels is a good possession TE who will cause problems for the Packers. Kevin Walter is an above average 2nd WR.

Matt Schaub has a lot of promise, but he cannot stay healthy and he's prone to making the big mistake. It'll happen this week.

On defense, besides Mario Williams, the Texans have good players in Dunta Robinson, Amobi Okoye, DeMeco Ryans and Marlon Greenwood. But, this defense can be beaten.

If the weather allows, expect Greg Jennings to blow up this week. Yards after the catch will be his forte. I look for Jennings to have 120 (+) yards.

UNO-DOS! builds off of his solid performance. It's do or die and UNO-DOS! peforms at an elite level.

Amazingly, the Packers get a pass rush this week and take advantage of a weak Texans O-Line. In turn, we cause turnovers. The Packers get TWO big turnovers to blow open a close game in the third quarter.

From there, we watch a dose of the Packers running the football until a late Texans score narrows the final margin of victory.

Packers 34
Texans 23

It's Lambeau in December. Keep The Faith.

Talkin' S-Mac.