Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mock Draft Version 2.0

Greetings, G-Force.

Good to write with a clear mind...finally...yes, finally, the devastation of the NFC Championship Game is behind me. Well, kind of.

Any ways, it's time to focus on the offseason. We need an upgrade over Poppinga at LB. I'd love Karlos Dansby via FA. I would throw money at Dansby. He'd be the solution to any LB deficiencies that currently exist. He can rush the passer. He can stop the run. He can defend the pass. I want him. I'd give him whatever amount of $$$ that he is looking for. I covet Dansby. Period.

In the draft, I'd like 10 picks. I want a speed RB, 2 CB's, a WR, a TE, a P, a KR, and 3 OL. It would be ideal if one of the picks could not only play a position, but if he could also return kicks so that the Packers would not have to use a pick on a return specialist. I would also enjoy it if the Packers drafted a small school S in the later rounds.

In Mock Draft Version 2.0, I'm going to once again stick with the 6 picks that the Packers currently own. Admittedly, I have poor knowledge of this years OL that are coming out, so for the fun of it, I'm not going to list any OL. With that being said, I do not want the Packers to draft an OL until the 2nd Day and on the 2nd Day, I hope the Packers load up with 3 of them after accumulating a number of other selections.

Round 1 - Fred Davis, TE, USC. If the Packers keep this pick, I'd still like the addition of Davis. He'd be an added weapon to the offensive arsenal. He'd open up the middle of the field and once again, the Packers would have 2 legitimate threats at TE. However, I've always been a proponent of having 4 picks on Day 1 of the draft. Therefore, I'd prefer to trade down about 12-15 spots into the 2nd round. In addition, we could add a 3rd rounder and another pick in the vicinity of the 6th round. This would allow us to draft 2 CB's, a TE, and a RB on the 1st day. Other players that would interest me if the Packers keep their 1st Round draft pick would be Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Devin Thomas. After watching the Senior Bowl, Stack and I had agreed that "DRC" and Tashard Choice, RB, from Georgia Tech, were the 2 most impressive players on the field. I admit that the only time that I've seen "DRC" was during the Senior Bowl, but in that game he picked off a pass and made two great pass deflection plays. Additionally, he is Antonio Cromartie's cousin. I've noticed that a couple of web sites are projecting "DRC" to the Packers. If so, I'd be happy with the pick. He'd immediately step in as our 3rd CB. I just wonder if you could slide down a couple of picks and still get him. With regard to Devin Thomas, I simply think that he fits into what we do. Every time he touches the ball, he is a threat to take it to the house. He's dangerous. He plays the ball well in the air. He's elusive after the catch. He can get deep. He runs a solid slant. Bottom line - he fits into the Packers scheme. Although the Packers most pressing need is not a WR, Thomas might be too good to pass up. However, he, too, would probably be able to be drafted even if we traded down a few slots into the 2nd round.

Round 2 - Steve Slaton, RB, WVU. Two years ago, a "source named Manny" on local Miami radio stated that the Chicago Bears were going to draft Devin Hester in the 2nd round. Two months after his bold statement, the Chicago Bears drafted Devin Hester. This same "Manny" dude has made another proclamation. He's stated that their are two teams that covet Slaton - the Bears and the Packers. Slaton would add the element of a home-run hitter. Every time Slaton touches the ball, he has the ability to take it to the house. A swing pass to Slaton is loaded with excitement. If Dansby is not obtained via FA, I'd also consider a LB here. Shawn Crable was a playmaking LB for Michigan. Geno Hayes is an abolute animal, but I'm not positive that he would fit into the culture of Green Bay, WI. Some are predicting that the Packers may be interested in Philip Wheeler in the 2nd round. Stack speaks of this as well. Wheeler is largely a MLB. I'd be surprised if the Packers moved in his direction unless they thought that he could be moved to the outside. Antoine Cason would also be an option in the 2nd round. He can return punts as well as play CB. He's an offensively minded DB and he'd learn a lot from Chuckie and Al.

Round 3 - Chevis Jackson, CB, LSU. With the exception of Mel Kiper, every thing that I read says that he is a 3rd-4th round pick. If he's there, I want him. 'Nuff said.

Round 4 - Owen Schmitt, FB, WVU. Although we don't necessarily need a FB, I am enamored with his game. This would be a value pick. He has WI roots as he initially went to Wisconsin-River Falls. He reminds me of Tom Rathman. He'll run you over. He can catch the ball. He loves to block. Hell, I even saw the guy punt a couple of times. I'd be surprised if he does not play in a Pro Bowl at some point in his NFL career. I read that he is a 4th to 5th round pick. He'd be a steal here. In fact, if Jackson is not around in the 3rd round, I'd consider drafting Schmitt then. Ben Moffit, LB, South Florida is also a guy that I've seen dominate a game. He's an active player who finds the football. He's got great hands and attacks the run. He'd be a gem on special teams. I've also read that Wesley Woodyard might be available here. If so, he's a guy that is worth a look. He's fast and looks for punishment.

Round 5 - Marcus Henry, WR, Kansas. Henry is big with average speed and a nose for the end zone. He runs a decent slant pattern and can get over the top. Last year, he had over 1,000 yards, 10 TD's and averaged nearly 19 yards per catch. Simply put, Adrian Arrington, WR, Michigan made plays at the college level. He is not a perfect fit for our system, but in the 5th round, he is a guy to consider. Arrington made big time plays against big time competition at big time moments in big time games. Kenneth Moore, Mario Urrutia, and Marcus Monk are all WR's to consider at this point. Moore is a small guy, but he is elusive and always dangerous with the ball in his hands. Urrutia is a monster, but an attitude problem. In many ways, Urrutia reminds me of TO. Big, fast, questionable hands and at times, his an absolute cancer. But, when Urrutia is on, he is a 1st round draft pick. He had a miserable year last year. Off field issues kept him off the field. For some one, he'll be worth the risk. Monk was a legitimate 3rd down receiver for Arkansas two years ago. Last year, we was banged up and never found his stride. He doesn't necessarily fit into the Packers scheme, but he's got reliable hands and a knack for getting open. I also like the names Justin Forseth, RB, Cal and Tom Zbikowski, S, ND with this pick. Both were solid contributors at the college level. Zbikowski would also be able to return kicks. Stack also tells me that the Packers have their eyes on Larry Grant. Since, at this stage, we don't have a 6th round pick, I'll pencil him in as a potential name for Round 5. Grant played a tremendous game in the BCS Championship Game. Prior to this game, I was never really impressed with his game. He attacks the ball and he means it when he hits you. From what I've seen, he's not terrific in space, but if he's playing straight ahead he's able to finish the play.

Round 7 - Bobbie Williams, S, Bethune Cookman. Alright, alright. So, I've only seen highlights of him. But, I've read about him in the Herald on almost a daily basis. I also read in the Herald last September that the Packers had sent scouts to watch him. Williams picked off 14 passes in 44 collegiate games. He's supposed to be a ball hawk. I'd take a chance.

OK, so I admit, I like athletes. I like play makers. For the most part, I like guys from big schools. I like guys who are accustomed to big time competition and know what it is like to win. Eventually, I'll get it drilled down so that - in the mock draft - the Packers will have drafted more than 2 players on defense, but for now, this will do. After all, the draft is still 2.5 months away.


Buzz On. Buzz In,

Talkin' S-Mac.


Talkin' S-Mac said...

Good Day.

I've had a couple of people ask me more about Owen Schmitt. So, I "you tubed" him. I've added a couple of links. See for yourself. Dude is tough.

Take a look. Guy plays with conviction.

Talkin' S-Mac.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

I did the same for Marcus Henry and Bobbie Williams. Unfortunately, nothing pulled up for Bobbie Williams, but I did find this for Marcus Henry:

He's wearing #86 in this video:


Talkin' S-Mac said...

For the record, if the cost is right, I would like it if Mike Wahle to returned to Green Bay.

Stack said...


Scout has updated its rankings.

Notable movers include:

Talib - 15
Fred David - 22
Devin Thomas - 24
DRC - 28
Martellus Bennett - 32
Slaton - 38
James Hardy - 66
Geno Hayes - 67
Wheeler - 71
Erin Henderson - 75
Crable - 76
Marty Rucker - 84
Jordy Nelson - 88
Marcus Monk - 89
DeSean Jackson - 94
Ali Highsmith - 103
Antoine Cason - 106
Chevis Jackson - 118
Patrick Lee - 132
Tashard Choice - 134
Forsett - 138
Trae Williams - 150
Wes Woodyard - 154
J. Leman - 163
Zbikowski - 166
Owen Schmitt - 193
Adrian Arrington - 197
Jake Hester - 198
Dex Jackson - 206
Allen Patrick - 238
Bobbie Williams - 260
Larry Grant - 287

Food for thought. We're sure to see more shakeup over the next two weeks.

I don't know what prompted this movement, but there are some of the names we've discussed in light of the draft.


Stack said...

So I've been buzzin' lately...last night my mind just took off on me. I was sitting there in my living room thinking about the Pack. It wasn't anything that I chose to do, rather, my mind just got on the line and took off running... So I had to buzz in with my offseason plan...

Mock 2.0 plus FA strategy from Stack...

Round: picks (our points)
1: 30 (620)
2: 62 (284)
3: 94 (124)
4: 126 (46)
5: 158 (28.2)
7: 222 (2.6)

So I look at this and I try and develop a strategy. I am in 100% agreement that we need to trade out of the first round. I looked at the breakdown to where we might be able to fit it...

I think that we try and move down to the 38 slot...currently occupied by Baltimore. I think that they're ripe for it, because they're got an aging team which still has studs on it, so they might be looking to add a few solid players over some of the other teams in that range who might want a number of players out of the draft. I believe Ozzie Newsome's recent drafts will back this trend up. If memory serves me, the guy takes his shots without loading up on people.

Furthermore, the teams between there don't seem to be a threat to the man we want at #38: Steve Slaton.

31. NYG - two good backs.
32. Miami - well, maybe, but not likely...need too much else
33. StL - doubtful, have a number of backs, Jackson, Leonard, Pittman, one other...
34. Oak - Just resigned Fargas, also Lamont Jordan and Dom Rhodes
35. KC - possibly, after LJ, there is only Kolby Smith, lots of needs though.
36. NYJ - Thomas Jones and Washington
37. ATL - possibly, Dunn is still a leader there, Norwood, you wouldn't think that they would go for three small backs, but they've always coveted speed, you never know

These are the reasons that I think we can safely move down. I am fearful that there will be a run on skill players early in the second round, and I still wonder if someone may not move up with Miami and others looking to accumulate.

But let's play this out...

We deal to Baltimore #30 (620)
We get their 2nd, #38 (520), and their fourth, #102 (92).

Then we draft...

38. Steve Slaton - game breaker. home run hitter. we all know this argument. change of pace with ryan grant. guy can take it to the house at any time.

62. Shawn Crable - Lots to think about at this pick. Possibilities like Geno Hayes, Phillip Wheeler, James Hardy, Lavelle Hawkins intrigues me...just a little reminscent of Steve Smith. Any of those guys could be sitting here. What is the market saying about Dansby? Would Crable be able to beat out Poppinga? Yes, but when? I like his length, long arms buy him a little more time and space in coverage. Michigan pride, Ohio roots win out.

94. Kellen Davis - Chance that Rucker might fall. I think that either Davis or Rucker might be available at this pick, though it feels dicey. Might be one of those picks that sees both TEs go somewhere prior to this in round 3. Depending on how the two perform. Either way, I think we add a pass catcher here. Jordy Nelson could be an option.

102 (from BAL). Chevis Jackson - Buzzboy, this one's for you.

126. Trade down. Strictly by virtue of the math, I will trade pick #126 (46 pts) for someone's 5th rounder, pick #156 (29 pts), and their 6th rounder, #188 (16.2 pts).

We enter the second day. The Green Bay Packers are on the clock at #156...

156. Owen Schmitt - I don't want to mess around, I would like this guy. But right now, this is well above where he's projected. We'll see how things develop.

158. Darnell Terrell - CB - Mizzou. Big, physical corner. Could fit well into our system. I could see taking an OL here, it's hard to know who those guys are...

188. Larry Grant - Yeah, I know, he's projected way down the list. I have the feeling that the momentum this guy got out of the BCS championship got him a little notice. Apparently the guy is a maniac on special teams also. I got a feeling his stock is going to rise during the evaluation process. We shall see. If we went for Crable, could consider OL again, hard to evaluate...could go that direction here too.

222. Todd Blythe - WR - Iowa State. I have seen this guy play. He was the guy on a bad team. He is the one guy on ISU that you have to stop and the guy still finds a way to get things done. Forgot about him till I started scouring. I don't know if he'll get drafted. Maybe, maybe not. This guy would fit in great. When we talk about guys that never, never drop their head, this guy is one of those guys. He is a pround football player. I would be stoked to see this guy get a shot.

Teams, players, they're both going to move. I think Fred Davis, Devin Thomas, and Talib will be gone. DRC might be available. I would like him. But, if you're telling me that the top of the second round is a legitimate place for Slaton to go, and I can see that, I think result in a scenario somewhat similar to the one that I've laid out. If TT believes that Slaton is going below #30, then we need to target him as the start of our draft. I'm a little uncomfortable with that 62nd pick, I feel a little handcuffed at that position. A tyrrany of options, perhaps. I realize that I doubled up at LB and CB, but we're keeping the best 53, period.

Stack said...

Furthermore, the market is going to do most of the talking in regard to Mike Wahle. However, I would be willing to pay the guy $2+ mill in the first year. I realize that's kind of a paycut for him, but he does need to be realisitc about his shoulder injury. I'm talking 2 mill in salary, I'd give him a signing bonus, and maybe a two year deal. Maybe two years at 6 or 7 million. 2.5 to sign, 2 the first year, 2.5 the second. Something along those lines...I don't know, I don't know if he'd play for that, but that's about what I'd throw out there. Or if you can structure it with incentives, I'd be up for that...number of games, number of snaps, number of starts, pro bowl escalators, something like that is a possibility that I would consider too.

I would love to bring him on, because you know he is going to come in and battle. Guy will expect to start and that will push the young bucks.

But that's about all I can give up for him.

Stack said...

Good morning.

I was watching ESPN last night, and have been doing so to an almost unlhealthy degree lately, but if you want any conversation when it comes time to filling out your brackets in March, hey, I'm here for you.

Anyway, it caught my eye to see Mel Kiper's first round mock trailing along the ticker on the bottom of the screen.

Notably, Kiper had Keith Rivers going to Green Bay at #30. I was astounded. I never expected to see Rivers at that stage of the game. Now, obviously, if Kiper has him going there, that would mean there's at least a good chance that he might be available. Granted this is prior to the combine, but it was still a pretty shocking revelation.

And perhaps even more importantly, it made me think. It made me think about our needs, which in my mind have always gone CB then LB. And I started to wonder if maybe I wasn't thinking about this in the appropriate fashion.

We need a #3 corner. We need a #3 LB. The difference is that the #3 LB is on the field most of the time. What I started thinking about is the extent to which our players at these positions of need are maxed out. I would argue that Poppinga is the single most maxed out player on our team. Guy is physically huge, a real muscular specimen, and plays with all out intensity all the time. Guy gives everything he has, and he is what that is...he is as good as he is ever going to get. We're seeing the best of Brady Poppinga. Bless him for it, but it's just not that great... Jarret Bush and Frank Walker are two other guys who are maxed out in my opinion. We've seen Bush take a few steps forward, but you wonder how much further he can really go...and there was the whole fumble thing in the NFC Championship game. I don't want to bury a guy for one mistake, but that boils down to not knowing the game to me. Even if I could forgive his stupidity, I would always still wonder if he knew what to do in football situations. Guy can go back to Utah State or wherever he came from. Frank Walker, definition of JAG. Great disposition, seems like a fun likeable guy, but we've seen his best too. And it ain't that good.

We've got T-Mon and Willie. I'm excited for T-Mon, guy has a special place in Chern's heart. The oft-injured Willie B., I love him too, but he can't stay on the field. T-Mon has made huge strides forward as an NFL player. Great on special teams, making progress at the nickel. Willie B., more of less same story, but with less reps. These guys still need their shot, still need their reps. They still have room to grow. Poppinga does not, which I why, I think perhaps LB should be our #1 priority.

I'm not suggesting that we take someone mediocre at the position. I would rather go elsewhere than take someone who didn't deserve to go in the first round. But if you're telling me that Keith Rivers is going to be there, I'm going to stay put and take him.

The bad news is that this may take us out of the Steve Slaton sweepstakes. I don't think we'll get a whiff of his cologne at #62.

So, for argument's sake, let me off this up, one day later...

30. Keith Rivers - Guy is a stud. Imagine an LB corps of Hawk, Barnett, and Rivers. How many years do Hawk and Rivers have in front of them? Unbelievable. People would be talking about our defense from day 1. We are instantly in the conversation of having the best LB corps in the NFL. Playing behind a deep and effective DL, this would be a dream. Rivers would be better suited to cover the TEs and RBs than Pop, which eliminates the short throws and dump offs that QBs might be searching for in the face of pressure from our DL. Again, the front 7 are going to be and asset for the young guys in back.

62. Obviously, if Slaton should somehow fall, we need to take him here, but in thinking that he'll be gone by this point, I'll trade down.

Deal 2: 62 (284 pts)...move down half a round, fifteen slots or so to 3: 77 (205 pts) and pick up a 4th as well, number 109 (76 pts). I don't know if teams routinely give up consecutive picks, but I'm just kicking the ideas around...

77. Rucker - need an offensive playmaker out of this draft. Rucker is a solid addition. We can roll the dice on a WR later.

94. Chevis Jackson - You've gotta feel that he's gong to move up from where he is currently...

109. Owen Schmitt - I was almost surprised at watching this guy run the ball. Looked pretty good. We need to diversify things coming out of the backfield.

126. I'm still gonna trade this pick. As per previous mock, I'll trade it for for someone's 5th rounder, pick #156 (29 pts), and their 6th rounder, #188 (16.2 pts).

156. Dexter Jackson - Looking at Arrington, like the midwest roots, but Jackson might be a better fit with our short, quick routes. Small and fast, good runner. Might look OL here instead, which would be welcome at this point.

158. Darnell Terrell - Not impressed with Missouri's defense on the whole, too inconsistent, but I think we should give this guy a look.

188. Larry Grant - Again, I know we're doubling up, but how long does Poppinga hang around? How much longer is he a viable part of our team? We don't have the depth at backer that you would like, and Grant shows a unique knack for special teams play. OL could also be a thought here.

222. Todd Blythe - Winner of Chris Cherney's annual Paul Thompson Award, as the undernoticed Big XII player who could make a surprise contribution to an NFL roster. Scott, we draft guys here who don't make the team. I believe this guy could threaten for a roster spot.

There. There's the updated mock.

Stack said...

Okay, this is 7 minutes of Iowa State v. Kansas State. Who wants to watch this...?

Ummm, no one.

But you can see Blythe lining up in the slot and splitting the seam, getting by the corner and over the top of the safety...and then refusing to go down. That highlight occurs from about :40 to 1:00 mark.

porterbela said...

As much as I like Owen Schmitt, I don't see a scenario where the Packers draft him. They have a serviceable FB who just completed a "good" season in his first year playing the position. I know you all kind of have a chub for him, and he is good, but I just don't see it happening.

I imagine TT will try to trade down, but in this draft I think it will be more difficult to get the value that the board projects for any trade let alone a late first rounder. Remember that unless there is a guy a team really wants in the late 1st it is more fiscally responsible to try to trade up to get a high 2nd rounder and hope the player drops. Then again, you never know.

I will now bring in the Bears aspect of this draft, not that you want to hear it, but it may affect the Packers draft.

Scottie says both the Bears and Packers are interested in Slaton. I believe him, how can I not after his Hester call. As much as I don't want the Bears to reach on a player that is what Angelo is known to do (D.Manning, Hester, and picks 2-6 in last years draft). I do see the Bears TRYING to trade down in the First Round to accumulate what will probably end up being a late 2nd or 3rd round pick (probably 3rd).

Here's what I think will happen with the Bears...

1st (15th)- Jeff Otah OT
2nd (45th) - Joe Flacco QB
3rd (76th) - Steve Slaton RB
3rd (91st) - some receiver that should be a 5th round pick.
4th (107th) - Safety
5th - OG
6th - DT
7th - LB

This will change, but I could also see the Bears swapping down 2nd round picks and adding an extra 4th and drafting Slaton later in the 2nd round.

But this will all change soon.

There are also a thousand backs out there besides Slaton that could serve as a change of pace back. If I were the Packers I'd hope that Jamaal Charles drops. I think that he is the perfect fit for the Pack.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

Ahhh! I love it. The buzz is back in full force. The Combine is a week away. I'm ready to dig into the prospects performances.

Great research and insight. I especially like the infancy stages of the trade discussions.

VERY SURPRISING to see that DeSean Jackson has dropped into the third round. I'd draft him in the first round. Immediately, he'd be our #3 receiver and our kick returner.

So, I was driving back from Hilton Head today. A* falls asleep. I turned on the NFL Radio on Sirius. Amazingly, they were talking NFL Draft Needs. They discussed Mike McGlynn, OG, from Pittsburgh as a guy that the Packers have talked to. They have estimated that McGlynn could be drafted anywhere from rounds 3-5 (strange range).

NFL Radio also mentioned that the Packers are strongly considering the placement of the Franchise Tag on Corey Williams. Since Haynesworth and others have been tagged, they feel as though Corey Williams might be the FA that is highest in demand...and therefore, they felt it would be foolish for the Packers to not attempt to get something in return for Williams.

Draft needs for the rest of the NFC North according to the show:

Bears: QB, RB, WR, O-Line, S.
Lions: OL, TE, DL, CB, S.
Vikings: QB, WR, TE, DL, CB, S.

More to come in the near future...

porterbela said...

Scottie, QB is not the Bears number 1 priority, believe it or not. Right now they have half of an O-Line. Once that is resolved then I'd say QB. Anyways, I've been paying attention to this mock draft. It's some algorithm that makes up the draft...I think it's interesting but take it for what it's worth.

1.Antoin Cason CB Ariz
2.Martellus Bennet TE Texas A&M
3.Tony Hills OT Texas
4.Harry Douglas WR Louisville
5.Josh Barrett SS Arizona State
7.Cory Boyd RB South Carolina

1.Jeff Otah OT Pitt
2.Devin Thomas WR Mich State
3.Ray Rice RB Rutgers
3.Joe Flacco QB Delaware
4.Tom Zbikowski S ND
5.Chilo Rachal OG USC
6.Paul Hubbard WR Wisconsin
7.James McClinton DT Kansas

Talkin' S-Mac said...


Good post. Always good to see a full mock draft. Sounds like Flacco is flying up draft boards. They're expecting him to outperform everyone at the combine. They think he'll run around a 4.7 and that he's weigh in will be impressive.

What's interesting about this mock draft is that they really hone in on teams needs and take what appears to be educated stabs at players. If this were to end up accurate, I'd imagine that both teams would be happy.

I like Cory Boyd's game. I wrote about him earlier in the year. He catches the ball well. Finds the marker. Moves the chains. A fighter with the ball in his hands.

Harry Douglass, in some small way, reminds me of Antonio Freeman. He wants the ball. He's tough. He'll go over the middle and take his licks. He'll find the end zone. He's deceptively fast. But, he'll also drop the ball as he catches the ball with his body on occasion. James McClinton would be a good pick for someone in the 7th round. A decent DT. Played well in big games. Normally, from what I've seen, he's appeared to be active.

porterbela said...

I can't say that I know anything about Devin Thomas. And now, with what looks to be an inevitable franchising of Berrian, I don't know if the Bears will draft a WR that high. Damn I hate the idea of franchising Berrian. Talk about a "Milwaukee Bucks" type signing. Sign the guy because you can't afford to lose him type crap.

As far as Flacco goes, I think he is one of those types of players that could see their draft stock soar to the late 1st round/early 2nd round with a good performance at the combine. I don't see him being a 3rd round pick. But I like him better than most other QB's out there right now.

Stack said...

Colt Brennan to Chicago!!!!

I would be dancing in the streets. Interesting that the mock has us taking Bennett, I strongly doubt he'll be there late in round two however. Then again, playing for the Fightin' Franchonies of Texas A&M doesn't help your stock much...

Todd Blythe in '08!

Stack said...

Scout has Harry Douglas going early round 2.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

The "Milwaukee Bucks" type signing is an epic statement.

I was stoked to see Bennett and the Packers name in the same sentence. The two looked synonymous in nature...or was that just me?

I agree that Flacco could end up early 2nd/late 1st post a good combine performance. In fact, he could be the type of guy that the Ravens (as Stack suggested) could end up wanting to trade up to select. There we go Stack, we just negotiated the 1st trade in the Mock Draft. It's official. Assuming Flacco performs during the combine - moving forward - any mock draft that I put together has the Packers and Ravens making a trade. As Grammy suggested, due to the depth in this years draft, you may not be able to get what full "draft point" value...hence, the Ravens will get a minor discount. We trade our 1st rounder valued at 620 points. In return, we get Baltimore's #2 and #4, which are valued at 612 points. We get to move down and Baltimore jumps Miami, KC, NYJ, and Atlanta - all teams that could be thinking QB at this stage in the draft.

The trade does not give the Packers 4 picks on day 1 - which is always the ultimate goal - but it does allow for future moves later on in order to add draft picks.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

Bubba Franks, thanks for your service. You were a soldier. You were a legitimate teammate. I hope you find a home elsewhere in the NFL next year.

It'll be interesting to see what happens to Corey Williams this year. Yes, we've attached the Franchise tag to him, but that does not mean he will be a Packer next year. He could still get dealt. It would not surprise me if the Packers try to shop Williams. I've been very critical of Williams' game. I remain critical. He's frustrating. Yes, he has 14 sacks over the last 2 years. He's among the league leaders in sacks from the DT position. In fact, he has more sacks than Tommie Harris (13) and Kevin Williams (8) over the last two years. With that being said, Williams has been a liability on run downs. He was pushed backwards. He was pushed to the ground. This does not happen to the likes of Harris and Williams. Therefore, I have a hard time justifying the thought of signing him to a long term deal at that price. I can live with a 1 year deal especially in a year where there is not an abundance of available FA talent and we've got the $$$ to spend.

Back to the draft...

Dennis Dixon, would you consider a 7th round draft pick on him? Doesn't Wesley Woodyard in the 5th round sound appetizing? Likewise with John David Booty, Erik Ainge, and Tashard Choice? Trae Williams is a guy to look at in the 5th round as well. Andre Fluellen, DT, FSU, is a good pick in this range as well. I also am curious to see where Thomas DeCoud is drafted. Peyton Hillis, FB, Arkansas is a fighter as is Jacob Hester, FB, LSU. Both are dangerous with the ball in their hands. Are they tough enough blockers?

Spinning in thought...

porterbela said...

Baltimore's 3rd round pick is already going to Buffalo. That might rule them out from trading a 2nd and 4th rounder to the Packers. If Baltimore was to trade with the Packers, I would imagine it would be a 2nd this year and next years 1st round pick. That would be the same trade that netted the Browns Brady Quinn...however, that was for the 22nd pick last year and not the 30th. The Ravens have also been burned by once trading a 2nd round pick in the 2003 draft and their 1st round pick in 2004 to the Patriots to select Kyle Boller.
I'm not trying to put a damper on your trade idea, I'm just suggesting that it is highly unlikely that that sort of trade with Baltimore will happen.
I suggest you find another trade partner Stack...I'm sure there will be on out there.

As far as Colt Brennan goes, there isn't a player in this draft I would rather pass on then that guy. I don't know if he even gets drafted this year.

Stack said...

With Angelo's eye for offense, you really think you'll be passing on Colt Brennan? He'd look great with an orange visor.

Some websites are reporting fake presidential tees being worn around Chicago that read Brennan & Benson in '08!

Stack said...

Dudes, we all love the offseason, the draft buzz is truly enjoyable...but this is the stuff that I hate, from Pat Kirwan at

Leodis McKelvin of Troy struggled early against top competition at the Senior Bowl but has moved up the draft boards because of his Senior Bowl performance;

What? Seriously? You get paid to write this? That is one sentence. I mean, it takes real skill to make contradictory statements in one sentence.

And furthermore, McKelvin was injured and really didn't even play in that game. He was either injured in warm-ups or very, very early in the game.

Kirwan, you suck.

Stack said...

First round talent...

porterbela said...

You know I would have to give that a high 2nd round projection. She's just not the whole package. She's got it where it counts in the rear, nice stomach as well. But what about up top? I guess we'll have to wait till the measurements come out from the combine.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

It might be Internet blogging, but it's good talk nonetheless and it is adding to the talk of a potential trade up near the end of the 1st round. It also follows the logic that Grammy suggested:

There's talk among scouts that neither Matt Ryan nor Brian Brohm of Louisville are top prospects. And there are a few serviceable quarterbacks with NFL game experience who will be available in free agency. So we currently think that both of them could slide like Aaron Rodgers or Brady Quinn.

For one of them, the free-fall will end at No. 20, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers use their pick. But Brohm is, in our assessment, a better fit for the West Coast offense than Ryan. So Ryan's drop will continue.

And since none of the remaining teams in round one need a new starting quarterback, Ryan will slip right out of the first 31 picks.

With that said, we think that someone would trade back into the bottom of the first round to get Ryan, just like the Browns did last year with Brady Quinn. And with the going rate for such a move being the team's spot in round two and a first-rounder the following year, it's a deal that we think will likely get done.

Stack said...

Harry Sydney's article on suggests that our biggest need is DE. He suggests that we trade our first round pick away for Jason Taylor.

Stack said...

Of course, he also said that he misses Tony Fisher.

Stack said...

And Grammy, that bra looks like pretty full coverage, I'm betting there's a solid handful under there...

porterbela said...

Great Blue North Draft Report just came out with an updated 2 round mock draft. Now everyone has their favorite mock site and this one is mine. They have the most knowledgeable people (it seems) and if not, they at least have the best coverage of any site out there. On to the mock draft...

Round 1:
Bears: Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois
Packers: Patrick Lee CB Auburn

Round 2:
Bears: Carl Nicks OT Nebraska
Packers: John Carlson TE Notre Dame

porterbela said...

They also have Ryan being selected at #3 by the Falcons and Brohm being selected at #17 by the Vikings. Flacco being selected by Tampa in the late 2nd round.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

I, too, would trade my first round pick for Jason Taylor...if, of course, Taylor would be willing to play in Green Bay.

Tony Fisher...not so much.

Mendenhall is a pimp. If a site posted him as my 1st rounder, it would be my favorite site as well!!! Just playing, Grammy. I know that you've been talking about that site for years.

I'd like Patrick Lee. Have not seen a bunch of him. And there is not much video to be found of him on the 'net, but from what I know, I'd be open to him being our 1st round selection.

So, last Thursday night, I jump on a Packers chat session that was hosted by a man named Evan Silva. Evan is in attendance at the Combine. He suggests that the Packers are all over Jermichael Finley. In the Journal Sentinel the following day,
there is this quote posted:

"Green Bay, they've been on me," said Jermichael Finley, a junior from the University of Texas. "They've been on me real hard. I think I'd fit in real nice there. That's who's showing me the most love. They need a tight end, so that's why I'm, like, interested in them."

Needless to say, Evan instantly gains respect in my eyes. So, I will relay the rest of his thoughts. He suggested that the players the Packers would be interested in Round 1 are: DRC (if available), Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech (for the record, I cannot stand him), and Branden Albert, OG, Viginia. He believes that Albert would be an instant starter and a standout Guard in the Packers zone blocking scheme. Albert is HUGE. Mammoth at 6-7, 315. I turned on the Combine yesterday morning as I got ready for work and saw him weigh in. Albert is a large beast. A guard in the 1st round is not the most appetizing of selections, but from what I read/hear, Albert is above the rest at the Guard position and the Packers could definitely use an upgrade at Guard. I'd be interested in seeing if Albert can move in space to improve our screen game.

Evan also stated that he believes Chevis Jackson is a 2nd rounder unless he "pulls a Daymeion Hughes and runs below 4.6. And in that case, he'd free fall." With regard to Owen Schmitt, he thought that Schmitt would most likely be a 3rd rounder and that if the Packers drafted him, they could move Korey Hall back to LB, which would give us LB depth.

Evan also talked highly of a guy named Curtis Johnson from Clark-Atlanta. He's a small school guy who had 13.5 sacks last year. He's best suited for a 3-4, but from what I understand he is amazingly quick off the ball.

One last thing, maybe Scout was onto DaSean Jackson a combine victim? The guy stood in at 5-9, 169 lbs. Ouch.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

One last thing about Evan...he mentioned that the Packers have their eyes on Josh Johnson, QB, University of San Diego.

In regards to our mock draft and that drawn up trade that we keep fantasizing. Could Brian Brohm be the name that allows the Packers to move back?

In FA news, I hear rumors that the Packers have interest in Alge Crumpler and Brendon Ayanbadejo, the LB/Special Teams guru for the Bears. Ayanbadejo is a RFA, but the Packers think he could start for them and that he would also add big props to their special teams. The rumor suggests that the Packers are high on Ayanbadejo's wish list as well.

porterbela said...

Brendon Ayanbadejo. If he is a RFA the question with this guy is what qualifying offer did the Bears extend to him? If the Bears offered him a contract of $1.412M for 1 year and the Packers sign him then the Bears can take the Packers 2nd round pick or match the offer. I doubt the Bears offered him that much.

I'd let Ayanbadejo walk for a 2nd round pick.

porterbela said...

Shaun Rogers is going to be traded. I think it will determine what the Packers can get for Williams. If he is traded for a 2nd round pick then I don't see the Packers getting more than a 4th round pick for him, if they're lucky they might get a 3rd.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

Good morning.

Found an interesting website. Worth a look. There latest mock draft has this:

Round 1:

Bears: Jeff Otah
Packers: Antoine Cason

Round 2:

Bears: Chad Henne
Packers: Erin Henderson

Round 3:

Bears: Tavares Gooden and Dre Moore, DT, Maryland
Packers: Tony Hills, T, Texas

I am excited to see that Dan Connor continues to drop down draft boards. He'd fit into what we do and can play instead of Poppinga. Tough nosed competitor. Add him to a growing list of players that I'd be interested in when the Packers pick in Round 1.

Talkin' S-Mac said...


Looks like you were onto something with DeSean Jackson and him falling in the draft. Looks like he is TUMBLING. He's off of Mel Kiper's big board. He could be the kick return specialist that we've missing since Allen Rossum.

If he is around when we are picking, he's the guy that I want. Each year there is a free faller. Could it be DeSean Jackson this year? Appears so.

porterbela said...

I like DeSean Jackson a lot. But at that size I don't think you can take him in the first round. If he falls to the Pack in the 2nd I think they have the luxury to take a risk. I don't like putting too much stock in the Combine, but when you weigh in under 170 and at 5'9", teams can't ignore that.He'll be a player that can serve a purpose on a lot of teams but at that size I think it's too scary for teams to try to make him an every down player. I think his role is now return specialist.

porterbela said...

Just watched the rb's run the 40's

The most interesting thing I heard was that teams are talking about converting Steve Slaton to WR.

My other impressions, Kevin Smith. I see him going in the top 2-3 rounds in mocks and sometimes by the Bears. Guy said that he has "inherent vision and anticipation". What I saw was a RB that is average speed that has incredibly long legs. To me that spells a back that is easy to bring down in the NFL.

I was surprised by how fast Mendenhall ran. The guy is just a beast, too.

Jamaal Charles is as smooth as it gets when he runs the ball (straight anyways). I like this kid.

Chris Johnson is just fast. I know nothing about this guy other than that.

I didn't look like there were any notable running backs that really improved or hurt their stock.

McFadden is just in a class by himself.

porterbela said...


Three receivers who helped themselves were DeSean Jackson of Cal, Eddie Royal of Virginia Tech and Jordy Nelson of Kansas State.

Jackson ran a 4.35 40-yard dash, tops among receivers. He also was impressive running routes and catching the ball away from his body in receiving drills. Royal showed all-around athleticism.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

Good posts, Grammy! Enjoyed them thoroughly. With regard to Jackson, for me, he's so lethal. I believe that he is 1st round material. Yes, he's tiny. But, he's also elusive and as fast as anyone on the field...and he's shown he can do it against BIG TIME competition.

From what I saw of the combine Royal was very impressive. So was Sweed. Guy just looked smooth.

At RB, it was interesting because they had Slaton do the WR drills as well as the RB drills. There are teams that want to test the waters with him as a potential WR. Over the last 2 days, I have heard that the concerns with Mendenhall, McFadden, and Slaton are that they played in "gimmicky" offenses. Mendenhall is unbelievable. Overly impressive. McFadden's numbers speak for themself. I also liked the way Mike Hart and Ray Rice ran in the cut back drills. I like Jamaal Charles as well. He looked like he belonged and he runs so smoothly. I watched Chris Johnson play WVU. I did not think that he played as fast as he ran. I'll be very surprised if he becomes a legit player in the NFL. Kevin Smith is a long strider. He gets tons of pub in the Herald. Not overly fast. He reminds me of Darrell Thompson, the former Packer RB. I wouldn't want him.

Does Dan Connor fit into the category of "I don't care what he does in the combine and pre-draft workouts...he was that good in college and therefore he will be a productive NFL LB?"

Talkin' S-Mac said...

More mock drafts:

Round 1:

Bears - Ryan Clady OT Boise St
Pack - DRC

Round 2:

Bears - Henne
Pack - Gosder Cherilus, T, BC

Round 3:

Bears: Chris Johnson, Shawn Crable.
Packers: Jamaal Charles.

It's amazing how many different mocks are on the 'net these days.

Talkin' S-Mac said...


Other combine notes: information about the Packers looking at RB's trickled down this weekend. Packers were said to be very interested in no particular order;

Matt Forte
Owen Schmitt
Rashard Mendenhall
Allan Patrick
Kevin Smith

porterbela said...

porterbela said...

I think Connor might be that "LB" guy , Scottie.

I know you have to keep all avenues open when evaluating talent. But after the combine Mendenhall doesn't slip to the Packers in the first round. Not unless he gets busted for slingin' heroin and impregnating hookers (which McFadden may have actually done). I could see an Edgerin James/Ricky Williams draft day surprise.

I've been reading how some people don't like McFadden. Some say he's not a top 20 player, others say that Felix Jones is going to be a better runner in the NFL.

Here's my thought on it all.

McFadden can play. No doubt about it. But do I think he's as good as most people are making him out to be? I'm not sure. My reasoning is simple...Adrian Peterson. The NFL is a game of trends. When a team wins with the 4-6 Defense, other teams follow. When a team wins with a West Coast offense, other teams follow. The same rule can carry over to draft hype, and not just in the NFL. Look at the NBA, Nowitzi comes over from Europe and is amazing. What happens next? All these teams start drafting smelly Euro's who end up back in Turkey after 4 years.

Last year everybody undervalued Adrian Peterson and he slipped in the draft because of an injury. Now, all the media and probably some NFL Execs see that McFadden possesses some of the same attributes that AP has. Due to the year AP had and mistake teams made last year by not drafting him, I think McFadden is a potential bust. In fact, I might just take a stab at it and say that McFadden will be my sleeper bust in the 2008 NFL Draft. (that really just means he'll end up scoring 28 touchdowns in his 3rd season.)

Talkin' S-Mac said...


Interesting thoughts. I can see Mendenhall going top-10...he has that game breaking ability. If he gets in the open field, you simply cannot catch him. Plus, he can run through arm tackles. Guys like that do not come out every year.


Talkin' S-Mac said...

OK, after watching Tom Zbikowski's workout, he must become a Packer. He fits into our organizational culture. He thrives in the cold. He has a no BS attitude. He's physical. He's determined. And immediately he helps our franchise. He may never be the prototypical DB, but he fits into the Green Bay mentality. He would instantly be our PR and our gunner on special teams. He's an effort guy and Green Bay enjoys blue collar athletes.

Expect his name on my next mock draft.

Stack said...


I have the most conflicted relationship with the Domers.

I grew up wearing Michigan gear. I grew up catching my own punts in the backyard wearing a Michigan jersey. I grew up wanting to go to Michigan. The first college football game I ever attended was Michigan v. Wisconsin at Camp Randall. I still like Michigan on the national stage as my favorite representative of our region.

Then my brother goes to Notre Dame. Then I see the campus. Then I meet the people. Then I see Justin Tuck, back after his rookie season with the Giants, sitting on a bench by himself, watching his classmates take the traditional walk from mass to commencement. He's suited up and smiling from ear to ear. He was happiness. It was a special moment, the fact that some guy had to do what he had to do, and came back to be as much a part of something as he could...

That said, Zbikowski has been on my mocks. You've seen it. I don't know what or where, but I know I'd make a point of taking the guy. I don't know how closely you watched the combine programming, sometimes I wondered why I was doing so. But someone ran their 40, and Eisen and whoever else were babbling about something.

The camera swtiches to Zbikowski. Deion cuts through the noise..."If I'm a head coach, I'm drafting this guy." First statement made about Zibby.

I couldn't agree more. They ran through the supposed drawbacks of the man, and they rejected them all. Then the guy ran better than expected.

I always wanted this guy, now, after that performance, I consider him a priority. In fact, I sent the prophetic text to McK the night before the DBs worked out. Needs to be adding punch to the Green and Gold.

That said, there is another dichotomy that I want to explore. We all know that a majority of what we think of these guys is not based on the track meet that happened over the past weekend. We do know that the combine is telling however. So with that said, two players that I impressed me at the DB position were Terrell Thomas of USC and Tracy Porter of Indiana. And they are nearly opposites.

My good friend, the Buzz Boy, has made the object of his corner desires Chevis Jackson. Based on my estimation of his evaluating ability, I'm buying into Jackson as 1 of 2 corners that we should take away from this draft.

I look to Porter and Thomas for the other. I have seen limited film on either of them. What I saw out of the combine is this:

Thomas is a shade over 6 feet, but his arms are longer than he is tall, by several inches. This is perfect for bump and run coverage. Thomas was knocked slightly for having good speed at best, I believe he ran around a 4.5. He is a bump and run corner. Has ball skills. Played at USC. In my mind, this is a guy that replaces Al or Chuck.

Porter is a bit smaller, but he is faster and smoother. He seems like the perfect third corner. Seems perfectly suited to cover smaller, quicker slot receivers. Not a powerhouse program, but good competition. Ball skills.

Other thoughts, I don't think we're going to see DRC anymore. Darnell Terrell didn't look very explosive. Not seeing Connor work out was disappointing. Not seeing Jackson work out was disappointing. The key is what we can get for Cory Williams. A first day pick hopefully.


Stack said...

What I forgot to say was that Porter makes me a little maybe he's Ahmad Carroll. Just haven't seen enough of him, but I don't think he plays the run real aggressively.

Oh, and Harry Sydney...yeah, I was reading his article about the combine on and he said that the combine reminds him of the old slave market days...

There's just too much to say about that to even start.

porterbela said...

Good insight guys. I'd like to see your mock drafts. Based on what I've read, you guys seem to want 3 first day DB's, and a 3rd round FB.

And I'm pretty sure that the first day of the draft is just 2 rounds this year.

porterbela said...

NFL Draft Countdown finally has a new mock.

1st round
Bears - Otah
Packers - Reggie Smith

2nd round
Bears - Joe Flacco
Packers - John Carlson