Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mock Draft 3.0

Greetings, G-Force.

The combine is over. Prospects got another chance to shine and this brings me to Mock Draft 3.0. I'm going to have some creative fun with Mock Draft version 3.0. Why? Because I'm just having fun man and there's nothing illegal about that, man...and really a mock draft is fantasy, so I feel it's OK to fantasize. Again, I'm going to refrain from drafting OL because I don't know enough about the players and where they might land. Allow me to do so and buzz in - if you wish.

Here goes...

Round 2 - Pick 1) The Falcons trade DeAngelo Hall to the Giants for pick #31. The Falcons target a QB with this pick as they drafted McFadden at #3. Therefore, the Jets trade up with us to get in front of the Falcons, Chiefs and Dolphins. The Packers trade their #1 pick for the Jets #2 and #4 pick of this year. Plus, the Packers can probably still get their guy at this pick. The Packers select Dan Connor, LB, Penn State. After watching James Jones line-up with his hands in his pockets, the Packers draft this cold weather maniac. Connor comes in and starts instead of Poppinga week 1.

Round 2 - Pick 2) The Packers trade Corey Williams to the Denver Broncos. The Broncos crave a DT. They fail in their attempts to get Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams is the next best available option. Shanahan loves to wheel and deal and Ted Thompson has a history of dealing players to the Broncos (ie. Javon Walker). With the Broncos 2nd round pick, the Packers select Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State. History says that Ted Thompson drafts WR's in the early rounds. Koren Robinson, Terrence Murphy, Greg Jennings, and James Jones are all examples of this. Thomas fits what we do. Instantly, he's a weapon. Plus, I still cannot get over Ruvell Martin dropping the football.

Round 2 - Pick 3) John Carlson, TE, Notre Dame. Sticking with the trend of drafting cold weather players (for this mock draft any ways) the Packers draft Carlson over Jermichael Finley and Martellus Bennett. Finley and the Packers apparently have a minor infatuation for each other. Each year the Packers seem to draft a Texas A & M player (Robert Ferguson, Michael Montgomery, Johnny Jolly, Terrence Murphy). Therefore, it would not surprise me if the Packers went after Bennett.

Round 3) Steve Slaton, RB, WVU. Jamaal Charles, RB, Texas interests me, but I need to give the edge to Slaton because he is a Mountie. Slaton was not overly impressive during the Combine. He ran slower than I expected. But, this does not diminish my desire to see Slaton running in Green Bay. Charles is a smooth runner. He looks graceful running and catches the ball, which is very appealing and may be the element that Packers backfield is missing. I also like Mike Hart. He's a mudder. A proven cold weather runner. He holds onto the football. But, he's not the change of pace back that we need. Ray Rice is also a solid 3rd round back, but I question his ability to catch the football.

Round 4 - Pick 1) Chevis Jackson, CB, LSU. So, I'm drafting a warm weather guy. But, he's my boy. He ran a 4.62, which will drop his stock. We'll be getting 2nd round talent in the 4th round.

Round 4 - Pick 2) Tom Zbikowski, S, ND. Stack, I'm fully on board, mate. He becomes our PR if Willie B. is unable to stay healthy.

Round 5) Owen Schmitt, FB, WVU. Sounds too low? Yeah, that's what I thought as well, but from what I hear/read this is an extreme possibility. Peyton Hillis and Jacob Hester have surpassed him on a number of draft boards, however ESPN still lists him as the top FB. This one is draft robbery!

From ESPN:
Overall: Schmitt attended Wisconsin River-Falls before transferring to West Virginia in 2004, redshirting that season. He appeared in 25 games in his first two seasons with the Mountaineers (2005-'06), logging 113 carries for 731 yards (6.5 average) and nine touchdowns, plus 20 receptions for 167 yards (8.4 average) and another score. As a senior in 2007, he had 47 carries for 272 yards (5.8 average) and four touchdowns, adding 12 catches for 121 yards (10.1 average) and a receiving TD. He also had three punts last season, averaging just 20.3 yards but placing two inside the opponents' 20. Schmitt dealt with quadriceps, knee and ankle injuries at West Virginia but never missed any games. Schmitt is a big, powerful fullback with outstanding straight-line speed and reliable hands for his position. He also plays the game with great passion and is the type that will do anything asked of him in order to contribute. Schmitt still has room to improve in terms of technique as a blocker and he'll never be more than a situational short-yardage runner in the NFL. However, we believe Schmitt is the most complete fullback prospect in the 2008 class. He should come off the board somewhere in the fourth-to-fifth round range.

Round 7) Curtis Johnson, DE, Clark-Atlanta. Johnson dominated low level competition. He's a speed rusher. Another warm weather guy, but at this stage, I'm willing to take the risk. I'd also consider Mario Urrutia, WR, Louisville with this pick.

So, I'm a little light on CB help via the draft, but this comes in FA. In FA, the Packers grab Fernando Bryant. Bryant is a former 1st round pick. He's an image of his former self, but he knows the NFC North and he's been torched by Favre in the past...this is enough for him to want to stay in the NFC North. It'll be comfortable for him. He instantly improves our status at the 3rd CB position.


2 months until the Draft,

Talkin' S-Mac.


porterbela said...

Scottie, interesting mock draft. But it's yours. I'd still stay away from Zbikowski if I were you, I still don't think he has a position in the NFL. Anyways, here's an article that reminds me of the last conversation we had. Not a great article, but it generally gets the point across that I was making.

porterbela said...

How is there no Packer talk on a day like today? TT just fleeced the Browns for a 2nd round pick. Then Rogers gets traded for a 3rd and 5th, the trade gets called back, and now the Lions are in talks with the Browns.

Not only that, but there are rumors flying around that the Packers are going to try to get Jason Taylor and that he can be had for a 3rd round pick...

Berrian is going to go to the Raiders, there is actually a possibility that Briggs returns to Chicago (I'm sure he just signed somewhere else right after I typed this), and all the other mediocre Free Agents this year are being picked up by the 49ers and Dolphins.

Stack said...

Okay Grammy, let's make a deal...You stay away from Zbikowski...I would hate to see that guy making plays in a football game wearing a Bears uniform.

I mean, there was that guy that you drafted that didn't really have a position...he was basically a KR and college WR...that worked out didn't it...?

Y'all say Zbi-who, y'all say Zbi-what...