Monday, October 15, 2007

Who Are You Watching Now?


The second portion of the Talkin' S-Mac blog debuts today. Sitting pretty at 5-1. Smiling as we head into the bye. I figure that now is an ideal time to launch the portion of the blog that will carry us into the NFL Draft.

What you will find below is not something that I have pulled from a Mel Kiper draft site nor is it something that is snipered from another web site. While in season, I will not comment on a college players draft stock unless I've seen him play. My good buddy, Stack, assists me in my scouring of top collegiate talent.

Below, you will find how I would rank the collegiate players at the respective position. Only Juniors and Seniors will be posted the "Who Are You Watching Now?" portion...after all, this section is designed to assist in the determination of who we want the Packers to select come draft time. These rankings will most likely change as the Draft approaches.


1.) a. ) Brian Brohm, Sr, Louisville
b.) Andre' Woodson, Sr, Kentucky
c.) Matt Ryan, Jr, Boston College
4.) John Booty, Sr, USC
5.) Dennis Dixson, Sr, Oregon
6.) Colt Brennan, Sr, Hawaii

Others: Chad Henne, Sr, Michigan, Erik Ainge, Sr, Tennessee, Patrick White, Jr, WVU, Brandon Cox, Sr, Auburn, Brian Hoyer, Jr, Michigan St., Matt Flynn, Sr, LSU


1.) Darren McFadden, Jr, Arkansas
2.) Steve Slaton, Jr, WVU
3.) Mike Hart, Sr, Michigan
4.) Jonathan Stewart, Jr, Oregon
5.) Tashard Choice, Sr, Georgia Tech
6.) Rashard Mendenhall, Jr, Illinois
7.) Ray Rice, Jr, Rutgers
8.) Felix Jones, Jr, Arkansas
9.) Justin Forsett, Sr, Cal
10.) James Davis, Jr, Clemson

Others: Javon Ringer, Jr, Michigan State, Cory Boyd, Sr, South Carolina, Jacob Hester, Sr, LSU, Kevin Smith, Jr, Central Florida, Chris Johnson, Sr, East Carolina, Thomas Brown, Sr, Georgia


1.) DeSean Jackson, Jr, Cal
2.) Early Doucet, Sr, LSU
3.) Adarius Bowman, Sr, Oklahoma State
4.) Mario Urrutia, Jr, Louisville
5.) Keenan Burton, Jr, Kentucky
6.) Malcolm Kelly, Jr, Oklahoma
7.) Harry Douglass, Sr, Louisville
8.) Mario Manningham, Jr, Michigan
9.) Jordy Nelson, Sr, Kansas State
10.) Devin Thomas, Jr, Michigan State
11.) Aaron Kelly, Jr, Clemson
12.) Jaison Williams, Jr, Oregon
13.) Darius Reynaud, Jr, WVU
14.) Kenneth Moore, Sr, Wake Forest
15.) DJ Hall, Sr, Alabama

Others: Kenny McKinley, Sr, South Carolina, Marcus Monk, Sr, Arkansas, Maurice Purify, Sr, Nebraska, De'Cody Fagg, Sr, FSU, Lavelle Hawkins, Sr, Cal, Robert Jordan, Sr, Cal, Andre Caldwell, Sr, FL, Lance Leggett, Sr, Miami, Eddie Royal, Sr, Virginia Tech, Brandon Tate, Jr, North Carolina.


1.) Fred Davis, Sr, USC
2.) Martin Rucker, Sr, Missouri
3.) Travis Beckum, Jr, Wisconsin
4.) Martellus Bennett, Jr, Texas A&M
5.) Chase Coffman, Jr, Missouri

Others: Jacob Tamme, Sr, Kentucky, Chris Brown, Sr, Tennessee


1.) Owen Schmitt, Sr, WVU


1.) Calais Campbell, Jr, Miami
2.) Derrick Harvey, Jr, Florida
3.) Quentin Groves, Sr, Auburn
4.) Tyson Jackson, Jr, LSU

Others: Wallace Gilberry, DE, Alabama, Johnny Dingle, Sr, WVU, Darrell Robertson, Sr, Georgia Tech


1.) Glenn Dorsey, Sr, LSU
2.) Sedrick Ellis, Sr, USC
3.) Terrence Taylor, Jr, Michigan
4.) Fili Moala, Jr, USC
5.) Marlon Favorite, Jr, LSU
6.) Andre Fluellen, Sr, FSU

Others: Keilen Dykes, Sr, WVU


1.) Geno Hayes, Jr, FSU
2.) Keith Rivers, Sr, USC
3.) Dan Connor, Sr, Penn State
4.) Xavier Adibi, Sr, Virginia Tech
5.) Vince Hall, Sr, Virginia Tech
6.) Rey Maualuga, Jr, USC
7.) Ali Highsmith, Sr, LSU
8.) James Laurinaitis, Jr, Ohio State
9.) Jasper Brinkley, Sr, South Carolina
10.) Darry Beckwith, Jr, LSU
11.) Ben Moffitt, Sr, South Florida
12.) Philip Wheeler, Sr, Georgia Tech
13.) J Leman, Sr, Illinois
14.) Tavares Gooden, Sr, Miami
15.) Darnell Ellerbe, Jr, Georgia

Others: Shawn Crable, Sr, Michigan, Wesley Woodyard, Sr, Kentucky, Jonathan Casillas, Jr, Wisconsin, Deandre Levy, Jr, Wisconsin, Aaron Curry, Sr, Wake Forest, Larry Grant, Sr, Ohio State


1.) Antoine Cason, Sr, Arizona
2.) Aqib Talib, Jr, Kansas
3.) Terrell Thomas, Sr, USC
4.) Malcolm Jenkins, Jr, Ohio State
5.) Chevis Jackson, Sr, LSU
6.) Brandon Flowers, Jr, Virginia Tech
7.) Mike Jenkins, Sr, South Florida
8.) Mike Mickens, Sr, Cincy

Others: Trae Williams, Sr, South Florida, Glenn Sharpe, Sr, Miami, Jonathan Zenon, Sr, LSU


1.) Kenny Phillips, Jr, Miami
2.) Craig Steltz, Sr, LSU
3.) Marcus Griffin, Sr, Texas
4.) Thomas Decoud, Sr, Cal
5.) Tom Zbikowski, Sr, Notre Dame
6.) Michael Hamlin, Jr, Clemson
7.) Bobbie Williams, Sr, Bethune Cookman (OK, I have yet to see him in game film. I've seen his highlights on the news down here. He's been in the paper as well. They say he is much like Nick Collins except he plays the ball better in the air.)

Others: Tony Joiner, Sr, Florida, Roger Williams, Sr, Florida State, Eric Wicks, Sr, WVU

That's all for now. Let me know who I missed. I've yet to see a lot of Ohio State on the offensive side of the ball. They seem to be in run mode when I turn them on. I've yet to see a bunch of Texas and Oklahoma as well. Missouri has also escaped me. OK, I'm light on Big 12, but that is why I've got Stack. I have not seen as much Big 10 as years past either. Michigan has passed by me for the most part as well. I don't know there defense as well as years past. I've only seen portions of the Michigan-Penn State game. I don't know Notre Dame very well. I'm short on UCLA. I don't know Casper Brinkley very well either. Please help with anything else I need to get my hands/eyes around.


Talkin' S-Mac.


porterbela said...

Don't worry about being out of touch with ND. Garbage. Zbikowski is the only player anyone will probably talk about and as far as I'm concerned he's no better than a 5th round pick.

Stack said...

Nice work getting this going Mac...Good to see some names up there. I'm going to have to think on what I've seen from the Big XII, but there were some obvious omissions. No worries, that's why I'm here.

Jonal Saint-Dic - Sr. Michigan State. Listed at 6'1" 255#, but if he's still 255, I'd have a hard time believing it. Looks good in his pads. JUCO transfer who needs to play more consistently, but shows the upside you'd want. Haitian immigrant from an impoverished family. Wants it.

Mitch King - Jr. Iowa. 6'3" 264#. Aaron Kampman. Guy will move outside at the next level. Remarkable quickness exposes bigger men, good strength to hold the point. This guy is a stud. Player. Knows the game. I'll hang my hat on this guy.

If we're talking about the Pack's potential draftees, I'll hold off on Mike Klinkenborg (Iowa Sr. MLB) and Kenny Iwebema (Iowa Sr. DE) because there's no way we're drafting these guys, despite the fact that they're solid. Mitch King would still be worth a draft pick, depending on where he's available. After we get our RB, TE, and OLB, thank you.

Talkin' S-Mac said...


Love the buzz. Grammy, as for ND, what about this John Carlson guy that I read about. Big guy. Senior. TE. What do you know about him?


As always, thanks for the input and once again, providing me with players that I do not know.


TreeTop said...

I've buzzed into some college football this year and below are some guys that have caught my eye. Players are in order.

Darren McFadden* RB Arkansas (6-2 212) 4.40/Faster / One thing to say... READY FOR PRIMETIME!

Andre' Woodson, QB, Kentucky (6-5, 232) / Big / Mobile / Strong / Throws a nice ball. Could be an NFL stud.

Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
(6-4, 223) Big / Strong / Saw him live vs. ND. Doesn't have many playmakers and looks really comfortable. Difficult to rattle.

Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville (6-3, 223) He's a pro!

Adarius Bowman WR (6'3", 225, 4.48) OKLAHOMA STATE / Acrobatic / Strong / He's a tough runner after the catch. Can't single cover him.

Limas Sweed, WR, Texas (6-4, 217)/
TD-maker / Only question is if he has elite speed for the pro's. He hurt his wrist but could be a name we all talk about later.

Can anyone tell me about:

Chris Long DE (6'3", 266, 4.8) VIRGINIA

Calais Campbell DE Miami (6-7 5/8 279)

Talkin' S-Mac said...


Lovin' it! I've seen Limas Sweed's name, but I've yet to "see" him perform. Same goes with Chris Long.

I've been to 2 Canes games and can talk "The U." Calais Campbell is a presence. Guy is long. Athletic. He can rush the passer as well as anyone that I have seen in the country. Against Texas A&M, he was dominant. Imposing. Normally, he is the guy waving his arms in the air getting the crowd involved. But, at times, he falls asleep. His hands are on his hips and you can run at him. Against Georgia Tech, Tashard Choice ran for 204 yards against Miami. On this day, Campbell was having a hard time holding the point of attack. Any way, to me, the guy is more athletically gifted than Mario Williams.

Stack said...


I've seen the guy play many times. Very much reminds me of Roy Williams. Big, strong, and fast, in that order. Like Williams, he seems to play under control, he doesn't look like he's trying all that hard, but he's still making plays.

Guy doesn't have elite speed that I've seen, but definitely is adequate in that department.

The thing is, I don't think that we've seen the best of Limas Sweed. His junior year, he was playing with a Freshman QB who was having a good year, but then got hurt, tried to play and just couldn't do it. This year, the QB is very much in that sophomore slump.

So there's no QB multiplier effect on Sweed's stock, if anything, inconsistency at the position has taken away from what Sweed does in terms of numbers.

I've always liked this guy, and I'm no Horns fan.

Stack said...

Forget all of those WRs...

James Hardy - Jr. WR - Indiana. Incredible. Guy made his national television debut with the Hoosiers last weekend. Lean build, 6'7" 220# with elite speed. I said it, top-end speed. Excellent vertical leap. Catches the ball with his hands away from his body. Squares off his routes, quick out of his cuts. Goes up and gets the ball. I saw him put his shoulder into the safety on a throw that should have been picked, causing the ball to fall incomplete.

I know what you're thinking, "Stack, were you that Stack'd watching this game? Dude is from Indiana..." True, he does play for Indiana, but why would a blue chip athlete go to Indiana? To play basketball. Hardy went to IU to play hoops, and after last season decided to focus on football.

The guy is incredible. You might see him on the highlight reels, but the nuts and bolts of a 7-yard square in is just as impressive. They have an immature QB with a wild arm, James Hardy has velcro on his hands.

This guy is a first rounder.