Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Take - Week 6


I am not going to lie, the Bear game hurt. In fact, it took me - as a fan - 32 hours to recover from the devastation. Sunday was the most frustrating Packers game since the '04 playoffs when Randy Moss fake mooned the crowd.

The Packers dominated the first half. They were in control. James Jones learned a lifelong lesson. Welcome to the NFL, kid. DeShawn Wynn, drink more fluids during the week. Before the game, DeShawn, rub ice on your wrists, on the back of your neck and behind your knees. We are the youngest team in the league and our youth showed. Furthermore, our youth was exposed from a Coaching Standpoint.

In 1996, I quit my job. I went to watch the Packers practice every morning. Every afternoon. I was convinced that the Packers were going to win the Super Bowl. That year - I went to 16 games (if you include preseason, regular season, playoffs and the Super Bowl). I also wrote my first "My Take" in 1996. In that Take, I nicknamed Favre the "Spirit Sniper." My reasoning was that Favre creates the ultimate Football buzz. Every game he plays in - he will Sniper someone's Spirits. Thankfully, the large majority of the time, Favre has been the Sniper of the oppositions Spirits rather than the Sniper of the Packers Spirits.

Against the Bears, Mike McCarthy was the Packers "Spirit Sniper." In the first half, Favre was impeccable. Unstoppable. If not for two terrific plays by Tillman, the Packers would have led by 20 points. Instead, they led by 10. The game was still in control. On the first Packers possession of the second half, the Packers passed for 13 yards on a screen to Wynn. They followed suit with three run plays for 6 yards and a 37 yard FG.

The defense gets a stop.

First down. The Packers run.

Second down. The Packers run.

Third down. For the first time since the final possession of the first half of Week 2, the Packers run a roll out pass. The last time we ran the roll out was against the Giants. Favre was sacked. This time - against one of the fastest defenses in the NFL - we roll Favre out. We know what happened.

The Bears score.

On the ensuing possession. Three carries. Eight yards. And the Packers are punting.

Mike McCarthy took the air out of the Packers sails. With 6 minutes left in the third quarter, the Packers held a 4 game lead over the Bears through aggressive football. We were attacking McGowan. He did not stand a chance. McGowan was not involved again until the Hail Mary on the last play of the game.

We can make excuses that Jennings was hurt and Jones was benched. Regardless, against the Vikings the week before, Ruvell Martin was running by defenders. Against the Giants, he did the same. Mike McCarthy was the "Spirit Sniper."

Nonetheless, the Packers should stand tall after 5 weeks. We are 4-1. We hold a one game lead in the NFC North. And the Redskins are coming to town in a must win game. Yes, this game is a MUST win. Right now, the vision is winning the Division.

The Redskins will be the best team that the Packers have faced all year. They will also be the most physical team that we faced thus far. We must rebound immediately. We have to bounce back with a vengeance. Energy abound.

The Redskins will bring more pressure than we've seen this year. Andre Carter is a speed rusher. Cornelius Griffin, if healthy, mans the inside of the defensive line. Philip Daniels is playing the best ball of his career at DE. Marcus Washington is one of the most underrated LB in the NFL. London Fletcher and Rocky McIntosh are true professionals, assignment ready and ready to force a mistake. Shawn Springs, Carlos Rogers, and Fred Smoot provide the 'Skins with 3 strong CB's. And LaRon Landry and Sean Taylor makes the best young S core in the NFL. Points will be a premium.

On the other hand, the 'Skins offense is suspect. Yes, they are getting Santana Moss back. Randle El and Portis are always fast and dangerous. Betts is coming off his best year. Cooley is an emerging TE. Sellers is a powerful FB. But, I do not believe in Jason Campbell. I know that he's coming off a big game. But, he's in for a rude awakening this weekend.

This game will be similar to the Eagles game in Week 1. A pound it out game. Each yard will be a struggle. Field position will be crucial.

I fully expect our Defense to play their best game. Soon, we will put 60 minutes together on the defensive side of the ball. Soon, one of our CB's will have their 1st interception of the year. Soon, AJ Hawk will decide to join the '07 Season. Soon, Nick Collins will make a game changing play. Yes, all of these will happen this year. Why wait?

The Redskins will attack Favre with all that they can throw. Gregg Williams, the Defensive Coordinator for the Redskins, does a good job of disguising blitzes. They will get pressure. But, this week, the Packers will protect the football. This week, we win the turnover battle.

Favre snipers the spirits of the Redskins. He relies on Driver. Donald flashes his grin. Beaming with excitement. It's Driver going over 100 yards. It's Donald Driver signaling first down. It's Donald Driver lifting the vibe of Lambeau to monumental heights. It's Donald Driver, the veteran, bringing Momentum back to Green Bay.

Special Teams performs. J-Bush limits Randall El on punt returns. Mason Crosby adds two FG's.

Green Bay 20. Washington 16.

Let's enjoy a bye week and 5-1.

Look good. Feel good. Play good.


Talkin' S-Mac.

P.S. I encourage anyone who believes in the G-Force...anyone who feels that they are a part of Packer Nation....this week, I encourage you to pour yourself a drink before this game...make it Vodka...make it strong...take those happy vibes up a bit...get yourself removed of any remaining negativity. Positive vibrations will lead to positive results.


vargas said...

Very impressive take you got there my man.. The best of the year so far. I was going into this week sort of ok w/ our loss..the fact that it was the bears did hurt and of course I dont want to lose.. Was trying to go w/ the positive look and I thought some of the younger players were getting a little too comfortable w/ winning.

The fire wasnt there in the second half and I think they might have thought they could just be on the field and still muster out a win. McCarthy's sniper talk is a good observation and I fully agree...In fact I liked the in depth play breakdown..troubles me in that it's his second year and he reverted back to his rookie year. It was a total team loss and that just added to it.. The offense's slow 2 minute drill was inexcusable and I think mcCarthy has to give favre a little more pull in decision making.. We could have saved a to if favre would have been able to kill the ball.

JJ wont fumble again anytime soon...i firmly believe that a player w/ his past and that he is hungry..his lesson was learned.

This game is going to be a real good matchup..Watched alot of the skins game last weekend and was able to take in Landry... He is going to an obstacle for favre..but of course the young 38 yr old will prevail. 16-10 pack. Chucky needs to redeem himself this weekend...

I am down w/ the vodka....but I will be throwing some Mrs T's in as well..... Go Pack Go

vargas said...

I stand corrected..I thought favre was doing good this year b/c of the surgery..but I guess it's something else:


Talkin' S-Mac said...


Thanks for the buzz. Glad we are on the same page. Need a win vs. the 'Skins. Looking forward to a Bloody on the couch before the game...

Talkin' S-Mac.

Beamrat said...

I couldn't agree more, last week was like stomping on your cock with metal cleats....it hurt! Lambeau was louder than I have heard in a long long time. I take a little bit responsibility for forgetting my packer sweat wrist band in Chicago that is 4-0 still but fuck it. In addition to McCarthy's play calling, we can not have that many penalties, they killed us I think even more than the run run run punt offense we were working. Ultimately, we beat ourselves which is a heck of alot better than the bears beating us...we can correct those mistakes and come back strong this week. Hey, we even showed signs early that we can run the ball and we are going to need to if we make a run. BTW, I called the running it up Chicago's ass that first drive and everyone in my section thought I was nuts....that's a feel good you can take away!!!

Beamrat said...

I don't know what happend to the rest of my comment, it didnt' get posted and I can't remember all that I wrote. All I know is this week is going to be tough against the skins, they are a good team.

I, instead of the vodka, will be drinking the brown water. Yes, good old whiskey. And since I can't get a good whiskey old fashion in this flat land state, I am going to say VO H20. The G Force is going to be strong at Wills once again and the the sweat wrist band will be present. Packers 27 Skins 13.

Go Pack