Friday, September 28, 2007

My Take - Week 4

Greetings, Football Fans.
Brett Favre at 420. I plan on celebrating that vibe everyday this week. In life, I'm not much of a dessert guy. This week - that changes - I'm going to eat a Peanut Butter/Banana Smoothie or drink a glass of Alterra's Mint Chocolate Milk everyday this week. After all, Brett Favre at 420 has a sweet ring to it.

What did the Chargers expect? Coming into Lambeau on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Bright blue skies. The reigning MVP of the NFL coming into the home of the only 3-time MVP in the history of the NFL. Really, what did the Chargers expect? Favre is too proud. Did it truly shock you that Favre delivered a TD avalanche?

Also, mad props to Atari Bigby, Cullen Jenkins, KGB, Nick Barnett, the entire offensive line, Donald Lee, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, and James Jones. You know that you've got a very good team when it's different players making big plays each week.

Before sitting down at the computer, I phoned my good friend Ben in Chicago. Ben's a die hard Bears fan. I wanted the Grossman news. Ben was driving on the North-side of Chicago exiting I-90 at Addison. He interrupts his statement with, "Oh shit, I just drove by a guy in a Packer shirt. This G-Force thing is everywhere." Yes, Ben, it is.

Just ask Mark Boesch who sent me this: "The G Force is brutally contagious, and even transcends continental divides. Fear not my friend, I am representing the GBP - as I still call them - all the way over here, in Seoul, Korea. Fortunately, I've managed to find a few other faithful scattered amongst the ex-pat scene here, and we do our best to stoke the G Force abroad. It's working. I saw an old Korean woman wearing an old school Packer sweatshirt this morning. They are feeling it too." Cheers, Mark. You are a good buzz.

In fact, the G-Force is so world-wide that you might be able to soon get My Take in blog form courtesy of PatRad. Patrick is to music and technology what Brett Favre is to TD passes - an industry champion.

3-0 and feeling good. Excited yet grounded. I would compare my feelings to a Saturday afternoon at the beach in which your puffing on a Cohiba cigar and taking your first sip of a Margarita. You're ecstatic for the occasion. You're off to a good start, but you don't slam that first drink as the night is long and you want to enjoy the buzz. At the same time, as Chris Berman says, "It's kind of fun watching Favre and the Packers win."

For three weeks, we've fought with our claws. Scratching. Jabbing people for three rounds before throwing the knockout punch late. This week, we are going to dominate the line of scrimmage like Jay Demerit did head balls for Watford against Leeds United. (Keep on representing Green Bay, Jay!) In each game, our defense had made a big play late to secure a victory. I feel the big play comes early against the Domers.

The Queens from Minnesota are coming off back-to-back losses in which they fought to the end. In each game, they had chances late. Both games, they've failed to execute offensively in the 4th Quarter.

This week - we dominate. In the words of the Rastaman Al Harris, "No surrender. No retreat." On play one, I want to see the Packers come out with three tight end...and a single back. Favre out of shotgun. Left to right on the television screen. I want Driver lined up against Winfield. On Sharper's side of the field. I want to see the pump-and-go. Fake the slant. Driver's 70 yards and enjoying 421. Driver has stated that he wants it. McCarthy has made Football in Green Bay fun again. He's created the Football environment in which we live. And I hope he rewards Driver with giving him this chance. 7-0 Green Bay. Early in the 1st Quarter.

I expect Favre to throw at least 40 more passes this week. With that comes the possibility of an interception. As fans, we have to recognize this. Especially in the Dome. We'll hear that idiotic Viking Horn. However, as long as nothing too drastic occurs, the Vikings will not score more than 17 points. I'd be surprised if they topped 13.

Adrian Peterson is a stud. The guy makes plays and is tough to stop. He leads the team in yards rushing and receiving and he's there only legitimate threat. As we've done with LT and Westbrooke, I expect the Packers to limit Peterson's productivity. He won't get loose. He may break one for 15-20 yards, but he'll be contained.

Kampman's 2007 arrival is this week. McKinnie & Hutchinson make up what could be considered the best left side of an offensive line in the league. Kampman will be battling Ryan Cook, a 2nd year guy out of New Mexico. Kampman will win this battle. I foresee him making a game changing play.

I'm even going to live on the wild side and predict that Brady Poppinga will be seen in the Queens backfield this weekend. We are going to attack with a vicious mentality. It'll be a defense that we have yet to see in 2007. Blitzing LB's. Playing with a mission. The Queens don't have the offensive firepower to create mismatches with 3-wide. Hence, we come with our base 4-3 defense. And we punch them right in the mouth. The knock-out punch comes early.

In the dome, the horn will be silenced early. We jump out to an early lead. The Queens show their fight. Their opportunistic defense gets a turnover. The domers start to believe in a comeback. But, the Packers defense is too strong. And once again, we'll witness a vintage Favre performance.

4-0 for #4. Crosby kicks 3 FG's. Favre throws 2 more. 23-13 Green Bay. The score seems close. The game is not competitive. Really, never a doubt. In the final 2 minutes, half of the stadium is Packer fans...and half of the stadium is empty. Shouting Go Pack Go! It feels good...and we're the dome...on turf.

Bring on the Bears.

Live for the moment. Enjoy right now. Act on spontaneity as if you're not quite sure how. For walking in existence, karma is the way. And if you don't practice it, get on your knees and pray.

We've got good things coming to us.

Smilin' on South Beach,
Talkin' S-Mac.


Anonymous said...

Well...we are off to 4-0 and all we hear is about how good romo is and that the cowboys are the team to beat. Just the way I want it! Favre is playing some of the best football of his career and we don't even have Koren back... Let's bring in ricky and get the running game rollin!

go pack

Talkin' S-Mac said...

I'd be excited to bring in Ricky. At this stage, there is no worst case scenario. Give him a one year deal. Minimum wage. He'd respect his surroundings and adapt to the conditions. Could he be the '07 version of Andre Rison? "Troubled" player that joins the Packers midseason and fulfills the need for additional offensive firepower.

patrad said...

he'd have successful-in-the-NFL-rasta support, that's for sure.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

But, what does it take to get Ricky? He's under contract with the 'Fins. And we still wait for Goodell's response.