Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Take - Week 2

Greetings, Football Fans.

I am back. And so are the Green Bay Packers. Pardon me if I'm a bit giddy, it's been three years since I've felt the beauty of a winning record. 1-0. We're off on the right foot. I'm off to Manhattan this weekend to make certain we improve to 2-0.

Green Bay Packer football is an energy. It's a belief. It's an inner sensation. Some call it the 12th man. In Green Bay, it's called the "G-Force." Get accustomed to it. Familiarize yourself. Vibe into it. Live it. Say it with me, "G-Force." Live it with me, "G-Force."

Fans can win football games. We may not be able to dictate the outcome, but we can influence it. Whether you are A Star (my wife), Vargas (my buddy), and myself sitting in my living room watching the Packers on South Beach or my good buddy Chern hanging out in the Corn Fields of Omaha watching the Packers or my long time friend Brennan chilling in a Packer Bar in Fort Collins or my brother Chad watching the Pack in Albuquerque or my Father producing the games at Lambeau Field, you are the "G-Force." It's a concept - grab onto it. We need to continue this energy throughout the '07 season!

It's nice to win a game due to three things: DEFENSE, SPECIAL TEAMS, AND THE FANS - BETTER KNOWN AS "G-FORCE!" The "G-Force" played an integral part after the Favre 4th Quarter fumble. If you were watching and kept the faith, give yourself partial credit for this victory. In year's past, at that moment, we would have been 0-1. Not this year.

I've got the best wife in the world. A conversation goes like this - "Hey Star, want to go to NYC? Stay with your sister in Greenwich Village. Romance in Central Park. Visit Mother Liberty, the almighty Statue. Date in Little Italy. And drink a plethora of beer. Oh, and did I mention that the Packers are playing the Giants that weekend?"

Her response, "Come on, Brett!"

Yes, I'm lucky.

Favre in NYC. He's played the Giants in NY three other times. He's 2-1. Big time players relish the opportunity to travel to the Big Apple. To play in THE CITY. In a hostile environment. The crazy tabloids. It's a tough place to find success. This week - Brett will be, well, Brett.

OK, I was wrong, I thought we would have more offensive firepower last week. I also anticipated Morency and Jennings suiting up. Jennings has game breaking potential. Morency also has a flair for the big play. They will add speed to our offense. They will add resources to our offense. They will add depth to our offense. They cannot return soon enough.

I expect to see the Packers open up the offense a little bit. In 2003, in a post, I wrote about Mathias "Kiwi" Kiwanuka. He was a sophomore at Boston College. An up and comer. He still is - except the Giants have him playing out of position. They are playing Kiwi at OLB rather than DE and he is an absolute liability in space. He could play LB in the 3-4, but not the 4-3. The Packers will force Kiwi to make plays in space. And the Packers will capitalize on his misfortune.

In Week 2, the Country Boy visits the City. We try to establish the run early. The O-Line gets minimal push. McCarthy sticks to the game plan of outlasting a depleted Giants defense who is playing without Osi and William Joseph - the guy who knocked Favre into a concussion in the Giants last visit to Lambeau. The Giants expect run and Favre goes after the beat-up Giant defense. Tuck and Strahan fail to get pressure. Favre on a roll-out to Franks for a first down. Favre on the play fake to Donald Lee over the middle. Favre to Jackson in the flat - this time he catches the ball - and makes the first guy miss...we're watching the West Coast offense.

Favre goes back to the shed. Sharpens his tools. Favre to Jennings. Favre to Jones on 3rd and 6. Favre to his main man, D-squared. Donald busts a tackle, gets into the open field and then shows "the Best Smile in the NFL." Favre to Morency on the screen. Ruvell Martin enters the mix. 8 different receivers.

Meanwhile, Eli is throwing off his back foot. Man, do I hope he plays! This is a no-excuse victory. The D-Line dominates. Where McNabb got away last week, this week, Eli goes down...then lofts one into the lap of Chuckie. Nintendo Nick grabs his first pick of the season. AJ leaves Shockey dizzy.

The Packers win...convincingly. 23-13.

Again, "The Weapon," Mason Crosby is a pure stallion. 3 FG's. Absolutely legitimate. For all you Thompson bashers...ripping on the Harrell pick...quiet down, mates. Why do you fail to bring up Crosby? And until someone can tell me who they wanted instead of Harrell, I'm not listening. Before mentioning Meachem or Bowe, remember that we've got James Jones in replace of them. I still believe in Harrell and like the pick. This game is about defense. And our defense is BUILT TO LAST!

I'm off to NYC. A boat ride on the Hudson. A walk in Central Park. A date in Little Italy. And a Packer victory. "G-Force," I'm bringing the buzz. I'll see you at 2-0.

Are you Feelin' It? I'm Feelin' It.

Talkin' S-Mac.

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