Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Take -> Week 13

Greetings, G-Force.

There’s no way to spin this one. It was likely the last time that Bart Starr will ever step foot on Lambeau Field. It was a day to celebrate the Legend of Brett Favre. It was a day in which Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre and Bart Starr were all in the same place at the same time. On Thanksgiving. In Prime Time. Against the hated Bears. And, disgustingly, the Packers didn’t show up. Book it as the most embarrassing regular season loss in my lifetime.

I sit with Bing Crosby singing me Christmas music. Bing keeps me jolly during the Holiday season. I sip a Station 26 Single Hop Chinook IPA. It offers me a crisp pine/fruit hop sensation that is really refreshing.

Here are my quick vibes from the last week:

* Yes, an aggressive Mike McCarthy is a good Mike McCarthy. But, I hated the decision to go for it on 4th drive on the opening possession. Wanted to play the field position game. Game plan felt stale. Team energy looked flat. Awful start to the game.

* EDDIE! He was unstoppable. And, then he fumbled. But, no worries, the ball got poked from behind. Keep feeding him the rock, right? No. Instead, for some odd reason, we went away from him. Why is it that we allow for consistently poor performance from the likes of Davante Adams and Nate Palmer, but we don’t stick with EDDIE when he’s have a dominant game? We keep rolling with Adams and Palmer. We keep putting them in position to make plays. They consistently fail us. We should have stuck with Lacy. Why the double standard?

* In life, you can’t ignore what you don’t understand. Clearly, the Packers don’t understand why they can’t get WR’s open on the outside. So, mix it up. Throw the crossing route. Stack the formation. Bunch the WR’s. Give Janis a shot.

* I’m hopeful that Abby will add something on offense when he comes back this week.

* For whatever reason, the reigning MVP isn’t as sharp as he’s been throughout his career. He’s missing his target.

* Catch the ball, Davante Adams. That was 6 points.

* Another week in which Julius Peppers doesn’t make a play.

* Why is Demetri Goodson covering Alshon on a crucial 3rd down play? It was clear that they were going that way before the play. We didn’t respond.

* This years Packers team doesn’t come up with loose balls. Thought Rollins and Kuhn both had chances to pick up fumbles. Neither did. Those are the types of plays that decide games. We don’t make the little plays.

* Last year, we had the big comeback win at Miami. This year, we aren’t winning the close ones in the waning moments.

* The Packers have lost back-to-back home games to the Lions and the Bears. In the two games, the Packers combined for 29 points. At home. It wouldn’t have shocked me if the Packers scored 29 points in each game individually.

* Prior to the season, I projected 10-6 to 11-5 for the Packers. I felt that way because I thought we were vulnerable at ILB and on the perimeter at CB. I was also concerned about our ability to pressure the QB. I had no fears about the offense. It’s crazy to think about how average to below-average our offense is playing right now.

* It’s time for Mike McCarthy to take complete control of the offense once again. We’re dysfunctional.

* Really solid game from Datone Jones.

* Mike Neal played well.

* Liked seeing Quinten Rollins on the blitz. Would like to see more of that. Wish Rollins would have held onto the interception that hit him in the chest.

* The Bears were driving for the lead. Lambeau Field sounded silent. Where’d the crowd go? Too much turkey?

* Davante Adams complains for a flag way too much. It’s really annoying.

* The 2015 team kind of reminds me of the 2004 team. Playing hung over from a disappointing collapse the prior year. In ’04, we won the Division and hosted a playoff game. Only to get moon’d by Randy Moss.

We’re 7-4. All is NOT lost. But, we need the next 3. Badly. All winnable games. If we don’t, the playoffs are in jeopardy as the last two will be really tough. This week – it’s the Lions. The Lions have won 3 in a row and seem to be playing inspired football. And, frankly, I’m scared. I’m afraid of our ability to cover Golden Tate and Calvin Johnson - especially if Damarious Randall is limited. I’m afraid of Theo Riddick coming out of the backfield. It wouldn’t shock me if Riddick catches 5 balls on Sunday. I’m afraid of our ability to cover Pettigrew and Ebron. The Packers must get in Stafford’s face.

I’m concerned about our ability to block Jason Jones and Ziggy Ansah. I’m concerned about our ability to separate against the Lions weak secondary. I’m worried.

But, I’m keeping the faith. I trust that Abby and Janis get a chance. I trust that both make plays. I trust that Lacy keeps running hard. I trust that the Packers will put points on the board. I trust that the Packers will play with a pulse. I trust that the Packers will get in Stafford’s face and force a game-changing turnover.

Packers 24
Lions 23

Go Pack Go!

Talkin’ S-Mac.

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