Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Take -> Free Agency Happenings

Greetings, G-Force.

The 2015 NFL Season has kicked off. I celebrate. I sip a Crooked Stave Surette Cassis. It's highly carbonated. Potentially too much. I'm excited to let a couple of these age for a bit. Let the carbonation die down. It has a heavy Brett and Lacto funky feel. As it ages, I fancy the yeast bacteria will work wonders as becomes less carbonated. It's stunningly tart. Robustly currant in flavor. It's alive! A true winner! Much like Ted Thompson over the first week of Free Agency.

I casually jam Honey Boy, a slow low-key 1970's Reggae vibe. I imagine Ted Thompson is in chilled out mode after dropping the hammer as he locked down Bryan Bulaga and Randall Cobb. Honey Boy's "Guitar Man" is a terrific beat when you're looking to slow down your speed after a busy week.

Ted Thompson. Victorious. He needed to lock down Bulaga and Cobb. He did so. He still has more than $20 million to make magic happen. He's going to sign Raji. He's going to sign Guion for a great bargain. Barclay is going to be back. Sean Richardson will be signed. Now, we wait for phase 2 of Free Agency.

At present, there are zero CB's on an NFL Roster that are over the age of 31. Tramon Williams is a 32-year old CB. He's without a contract. His market value is not in high demand as most CB vacancies have been satisfied. He needs to be brought back to GB. I'm sure Thompson is trying to sign him. It's tine for TMon to oblige. Two years. $9 million. Make it happen. We need him. He needs us. It'd fill a huge hole for the Packers. TMon can MAN UP on the outside. He still has legs. He'd allow Casey SHOWCASE Hayward to stay inside. He'd solidify the depth in the secondary.

Bradley Fletcher is also an intriguing talent on a short term deal at a reasonable price. He can play on the outside. He's the type of player that might overachieve in Titletown, similar to Guion. At times, Fletcher has been exposed on double moves and on the deep ball. He cannot be left alone on an island. Nonetheless, he would offer depth and an attractive size/speed combo. Plus, Ted Thompson has been fortunate with Iowa graduates.

Ted Thompson has a trick up his sleeve. Often, he adds a player that was cut, which wouldn't impact the compensatory pick that he will gain from the loss of Ras Davon House. This year, It might be Percy Harvin. Harvin would be the ideal player to fill the role that I presume the Packers wanted DuJuan Harris to play last year. Harvin could likely come on a 1-year deal. He'd be lethal on special teams in the return game. He could slide into the backfield. He'd be sensational in the screen game. Opposite Cobb, he would cause havoc in the slot. He'd be tremendous on the wheel route out of the backfield. He'd be an ideal player to sign to a 1-year "prove-it" deal. My Brother Bob compared it to a Desmond Howard type signing in 1996. I'm on board with that thought. Except he'd have a bigger role on the offense. He'd also be insurance at WR in case injuries occurred. There'd be less dependency on with Abbrederis or Janis having to potentially make a big impact in 2015. They'd be able to continue to ease them into the offense.

Further, there aren't many locker rooms that would be able to tolerate Harvin's antics. Mike McCarthy has the leadership skills to make Harvin feel welcomed. The camaraderie on this roster is special. There is strong continuity. Harvin would be embraced.

Harvin is unlikely to be offered more than $4-5 million. Even that might be rich. The Packers have the money to spend. Ted Thompson is playing to win a Super Bowl this year. Harvin might be a missing piece. One thing is for sure: he'd be extra motivated to pick up a crucial 4th Quarter 1st down in Seattle.

It feels as though Thompson has a trick up his sleeve to close Free Agency. Harvin fits! And, after he's signed, the draft is all about the defensive side of the ball and a TE addition.

Go Pack Go!

Talkin' S-Mac.


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