Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Take -> Week 16

Greetings, G-Force.

For the first time in nearly a full calendar year, we've tasted defeat. We were beat up. We were humbled. We lost discipline. We lost focus. And, for the first time in over a calendar year, we were out-coached. But, no need to panic, we're still the Champs. We still have the MVP throwing the damn ball. We still have a first round bye. We're still a victory away from having home field throughout. We're still the class of the NFL. And, really, what better way to clinch than to beat the Bears on Christmas Day in a Lambeau celebration? The Bears Still Suck!

Quick hits from the Chiefs game.

* We struggled to find rhythm. As a team, we were frustrated. Annoyed. Pestered. McCarthy didn't stick with what was working. We had success running the football. Randall Cobb is a weapon and should be used. We didn't stick with what was working.

* Defensively, we lost containment. Zombo and Walden were not discipline. They were exposed.

* The DL was abused. Beat up. Donde esta, Mike Neal? Neal must arrive soon. At some point, Neal has to make a play.

* Where was Clay?

* Rodgers is the MVP. Enough with this Brees noise. Head to head, Rodgers beat him. With that, as defenses continue to press us at the of scrimmage and drop two safeties, Rodgers must remember to dump it off to the underneath route when it's not there over the top or down the field.

* Jordy Nelson couldn't get open. It was almost as if the Chiefs new the route before the play. They were cutting beneath crossing routes as the WR's were coming out of their breaks.

* Prior to going for it on 4th & 8, on 3rd down, Rodgers had Cobb wide open. He overlooked him. I wish he wouldn't have.

* Ryan Grant had his stride.

* Stating the obvious, the OL must get healthy...meaning Bulaga & Clifton. Clearly, its present state is a huge concern.

* J-Mike. WTF.

* Bummed me out when Kuhn failed to get 3rd & 1.

* AJ Hawk must nowhere to be found.

* DJ Smith played decent, but I wish he would have dropped deeper on the seam route to the TE.

* Sir Charles was our best defender.

* James Jones couldn't get off the line of scrimmage. He was a huge disappointment.

* No forced turnovers. With this defense, we won't win much without them. With that, I'd expect our offense to score 20 points every game. So, in part, the defense put us in position to win. And the offense lacked tempo. The combination equaled defeat.

This week, it's the Bears. The hated Bears. On Christmas Day. It doesn't get better. Win and we clinch home field throughout. Win and the Bears are officially eliminated. It'd cap a perfect 4-0 over the Bears in 2011. It'd include a January 2nd bash that got the Packers into the playoffs. It included the Halas Trophy at Soldier Field inside the visitors locker room. Trump card forever. Pop Tarts! Now, we can put the dagger in their 2011 Season while clinching home field throughout. That's fairly epic and sheer domination. Word.

We know them. They know us. We're both banged up. They're coming after the MVP. We have a banged up OL. It's their strength against our weakness. We'll have to establish Grant, much like we did against Chicago in the earlier match-up at Soldier. With that, the play action will open up. Finley is a tough match-up for the Bears. He must be focused. He seems like he's lost confidence. Get J-Mike the ball early in the game. Make him feel involved.

The Bears will try to run the football in bunches. They'll want to model the Chiefs game plan. They'll coach McCown to play it safe. Expect to see less of Marion Barber and more of Khalil Bell. He is a decent back. He can catch. Runs hard. Not a HR threat but he'll move the pile.

But, in the end, the injured Packers have far more talent than the injured Bears. The Packers defense makes a big play. Hester is limited. Rodgers throws 2 TD's. It's a Lambeau celebration as the chorus of "THE BEARS STILL SUCK" echoes loudly throughout the greatest sports palace in America.

Packers 23. Bears 16.

Go Pack Go. The Bears Still Suck. Have a Merry Christmas.

Talkin' S-Mac.

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