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10 Most Crucial Plays of the '10 Season

Greetings, G-Force.

You may have noticed a post from my cousin, Emmett McKenna. If not, take a look. It's a thorough review of the Super 2010 Packers season. After the season, he mentioned that the blog inspired him to write his thoughts as well. Growing up, most Holidays were spent at either our Grandparents house or at his house talking Packers football. With that, I am stoked that Emmett will be adding his thoughts to the blog as well. Soon, I anticipate his brother, Dan, to be providing his take as well. Further, if anyone else would like to get involved, let me know & I'll set you up as an author. Further my good mate & IT Director in life, PatRad, has suggested some minor changes to the layout of the blog. So, look for those in the near future.

Damn, it feels good to be a Cheesehead! Still, I savor this Super feeling. Thoroughly. This is an easy Championship to relish. Especially as the lockout looms. Through it all, we reign supreme.

As I reflect on the 2010 Season, I've began to think of top-10 lists. But, the one that sticks in my head is the top 10 Most Crucial Plays of the '10 Season. Without these 10 plays, we might not be cherishing the view of the Claymaker holding up the Championship Belt, placing it over Aaron Rodgers' shoulder, and pointing in his direction. Damn, what an epic sight. Ingrained in the mind forever. Seemingly best friends. Teammates. A leader on defense. A leader on offense. Ours. For today. And for tomorrow. Brilliant!

10.) Coming into the season, one could argue that the biggest hurdle the Packers needed to leap was the aura of good ol' #4. Under the lights. Sunday Night Football. At Lambeau Field. We got our chance at revenge. CJ Wilson applied the pressure. Desmond Bishop made the play. Intercepting the gunslinger & returning it 32 yards for a TD. This was the "monkey of the back" game of the year. I believe it to be a unifying game for the locker room.

9.) Opening week. In Philly. Mid-way through the 3rd Quarter, it looked as if the Packers might roll over the Eagles. Then, Michael Vick took over. Looking unstoppable, Vick led the Eagles into Packers territory late in the 4th. Trailing by 7. Facing 4th & 1, Andy Reid called for a QB Sneak. Clay plugged the hole. Brad Jones & Nick Barnett came in to assist & the Packers escaped with victory. This play set the tone for the season. 7 more times after this game, the Packers defense made a 4th quarter stop to preserve victory. 6 of those occasions occurred in the waning moments of a contest.

8.) Facing the #1 seed in the NFC. On the road. In what was a hostile environment. Leading 21-14. Less than 10 seconds in the half. The Falcons gambled. T-Mon played the role of Kenny Rogers. The celebration ensued. The feeling was TRAMONDOUS!

7.) Week 17. Lambeau Field. The hated Bears in town. A playoff berth on the line. Trailing 3-0 in the 3rd Quarter. Seemingly, momentum was fully on the side of the Bears as they were near the red zone & threatening to take a 2-score lead. Then, Ray Nutler arrived. Lofting a beautifully thrown pass into the arms of Charlie Peprah, the 2010 Season had life.

6.) The NFC Championship. Soldier Field. Halas Trophy at stake. After knocking Nutler out with a mysterious injury, it looked as though the Packers would walk away with a convincing victory. Until we discovered that the Bears best QB was their 3rd stringer, Caleb Hanie. Hanie led a valiant comeback attempt. He got the Bears within striking distance until Sammy Swagga jumped in front of a 4th down crossing route. Trump card. Forever. The thought never gets old. Halas Trophy. Visitors Locker Room. Pop Tarts!

5.) NFC Championship. Freezer > Fridge. Totally crucial. 'Nuff said.

4.) NFC Wild Card. Once again, Vick was driving. Looking to give the Packers another heartbreaking playoff defeat in Philly. Much like 1960 & 2003. Then, T-Mon introduced himself to the 2010 Playoffs. Soon he'd become the Defensive MVP of the playoffs. TRAMONDOUS!

3.) Leading by 3. With the ball. Needing to milk the clock. And, hopefully add points to a nail-biter of a Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers gave us a moment we'll remember forever. I've watched this play about 100 times - probably more. 3rd & 10. It wasn't the TD on Ike Taylor that Lil Wayne envisioned, but man, it was just as nice. Marvelously threaded to Greg Jennings. Off the finger tips of Taylor. In front of Polamalu. Into the hands of Jennings. Legitimately beautiful. True courage displayed by the MVP.

2.) By now, we've all seen the NFLN Sound FX. But, the Kevin Greene & Clay Matthews conversation is priceless. The full-blown conversation is extraordinary. Clay understanding Greene's message. Pre-snap, Clay recognizes the play. Clay instructs Pickett - leading his teammate in the right direction. Pickett does his job. Clay goes in unblocked & forces the fumble. Desmond Bishop recovers. Perfection.

1.) While the #1 play should be the Miracle @ the Meadowlands - as without this play the Packers would not have made the playoffs - my #1 play still involves DeSean Jackson. Potentially, this entire playoff run would have been erased had it not been for a Desmond Bishop tackle with less than 2 minutes in the NFC Wild Card. While it's true that the Super Bowl MVP would have got the ball with a chance at either tying or winning the game with approximately a minute left, the circumstance would not have been welcoming. Just to replay: Desmond Bishop, INSIDE LINEBACKER, stopped his college teammate, DeSean Jackson, one of the most lethal open field runners with nothing but green in front of him. It looked as though Jackson would take it all of the way if not for Bishop's arm tackle in the open field. To this day, that replay is cause for a deep breath. Hell, after typing it, I had to exhale. In my mind, without this tackle, there is no T-Mon interception to seal it. There is no celebration in Atlanta. There is no TRUMP CARD over the Bears & the ultimate reminder that the Bears still suck! Without this play, we are not Super Bowl Champions. Thus, for me, the #1 most crucial play of the 2010 Season is the Bishop tackle & regardless of what happens over the next 4 years of his contract, due to this play alone, he's already a financial bargain.

Once again, I'd like to welcome Emmett & soon-to-be, Danny. Again, if anyone else would like to provide their buzz, hit me up.

I've got the Senior Bowl & East-West Shrine Games on DVR. The combine is coming fast. We may not have FA, but we'll have a draft. We'll keep you updated with thoughts leading up to the Draft. But, for now, it's sweet to enjoy this SUPER feeling.

Go Pack Go!


Talkin' S-Mac.

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