Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And then there were 2, well 3, I guess...

Greetings, G-Force.

Often, I'm the critic. Today, I'm the one to be criticized. By myself. Less than a week ago, I mentioned my three undrafted FA's that I was excited about. Shortly after, Tim Knicky was let go. Frankly, I'm surprised that they didn't give him a shot. I am even more shocked that they're considering moving Cullen Jenkins to OLB - regardless of the situation. Cullen Jenkins in space is a scary thought. I imagine that it'll only apply to passing downs where he'll be rushing the passer, but nonetheless, this seems like a reach to me. At this stage, it appears as though Chillar will be rotating with Brad Jones. While it's true that this is the time of year to experiment, I'm much more comfortable with the notion of Chillar at OLB than I am at seeing Jenkins there.

So, now, with regard to following undrafted FA's, my eyes are on Anthony Levine & Robert Francois. As a reminder, Francois was signed mid-season last year and was on our practice squad. Also, in my last blog, I forgot to mention Alex Joseph at ILB. Prior to the draft I mentioned his name as a potential 7th round pick. He, too, will be one for me to keep my eye on - if he makes it to training camp, that is... : )

Again, it's not that I expect them to make the squad. However, it's fun to follow someone's push for a roster spot through camp. I'd like to see Levine push Bush & Peprah out. I'd like to see Francois & Joseph push Poppinga & Obiozor for spots.


Talkin' S-Mac.


nichola7 said...

I have been reading you articles for over a year now and I really enjoy following your blog! What are your thoughts on Justin Harrell? I have loved the pick ever since TT made it, size, speed and strength are coveted out of DL and he has a great combo of all three, but injuries have really sidetracked him...... I just read earlier this week and it made sense that it would be much harder for him to make the team given the injury history, do you take the chance if he has a solid preseason?

Talkin' S-Mac said...

Thanks for reading! I truly appreciate it. I'm hoping to get back to writing weekly blogs effective next week. So please check back often! Again, I appreciate your following...

I am extremely hopeful that Harrell can stay healthy. I, too, really liked the pick. I'm often reminded of my praise that I gave Harrell post the draft. In fact, immediately upon selecting him, I thought that we had drafted an impact player. Sadly, thus far, it has not worked out for either Harrell or for the Packers. I'm extremely hopeful that he stays healthy throughout the initial training camp period and into the preseason so that we can see his true talents. I believe that he will be given EVERY opportunity to make the roster. We have a NEED for an additional DL, especially with the pending Jolly suspension. It'll be a great topic to follow over the opening weeks of training camp. In the next week, I hope to post my top 10 Questions that need answers as training camp approaches.

Go Pack Go!