Sunday, January 3, 2010

Random 2010 NFL Draft thoughts

Greetings, G-Force.

I woke up on this relaxing Sunday morning & thought that I'd present a small vibe into the 2010 NFL Draft. I have to admit that fewer collegiate players jumped out at me than ever before. One Senior, Lucien Antoine, S, Oklahoma State certainly caught my attention. I can't find his name listed on the draft sites that I typically jump on. I'd grab him in the mid-to-late rounds without hesitation. He's nicknamed "The Punisher" and he lives up to his nickname.

Any way, I know less about the upcoming draft than I normally do. But, what I've tried to compile at this stage is a list of 5 players at each position that would interest me in each of the 7 rounds.

I should note that as the draft approaches in rapid fashion, I believe the team that will enjoy the most success will follow the model of the Philadelphia Eagles. They've drafted fast, electric offensive players. Teams are scoring at fascinating levels in the present era of the NFL. Special teams points are a premium. This draft has special teams game breakers in it. It's imperative that the Packers grab one.

Also as a reminder, while the Packers CLEARLY need youth on the OL, I do not list OL in my round by round breakdown.

Round 1:

* CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson. He was the most electrifying player in college football. If I had a vote, he would have won the Heisman Trophy. If he's on the board when we draft in Round 1, we should grab him.

* Noel Devine, RB, WVU. Ok, call me a homer. This is probably too early for him, but unquestionably, I want Devine. For years, I've been asking for the quick change of pace RB. A player that can score from ANYWHERE on the field - much in the mold of Darren Sproles. Devine is that guy. Many will say he is too small. Personally, I would overlook his height and focus on his playmaking skills. You can't coach speed. Devine is loaded with it. If Devine decides to come out, he'll probably end up being a 2nd or 3rd rounder, but for now, I want him, so I'll have him in Round 1.

* Jahvid Best, RB, Cal. Best also has question marks to him. He missed the end of this year due to injury. Regardless, when he's been on the field, he's lived in the defensive backfield after bursting through front 7's.

* Terrence Cody, DT, Alabama. If the Packers choose not to resign Pickett, DT would become a position of need. Cody's size makes him a strong fit for a 3-4 DT. He also has a knack for blocking kicks on special teams.

* Reshad Jones, S, Georgia. He's an absolute animal in the secondary. He's a heavy hitter. And he's a hawk attacking the football.

In the interest of time, I'm simply going to list the players for the remaining rounds. After the season, I'll post more thoughts.

Round 2

* Perrish Cox, CB, Auburn.
* Von Miller, OLB, Texas A & M.
* Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State.
* Chad Jones, S, LSU.
* Nate Allen, S, South Florida.

Round 3

* Mardy Gilyard, WR, Cincy.
* Dexter McCluster, RB, Ole Miss.
* Eric Norwood, OLB, South Carolina.
* Jermaine Cunningham, OLB/DE, Florida.
* Stevenson Sylvester, OLB, Utah.

Round 4

* Quan Sturdivant, OLB, UNC.
* Dekoda Watson, OLB, FSU.
* Alterraun Verner, CB, UCLA.
* George Selvie, DE/OLB, South Florida.
* Danario Alexander, WR, Missouri.

Round 5

* Water McFadden, CB, Auburn.
* Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas.
* Terrance Tolliver, WR, LSU.
* Dez Briscoe, WR, Kansas
* Cameron Sheffield, OLB, Troy

Round 6

* Lucien Antoine, S, Oklahoma State.
* Matt Marcorelle, OLB, Delaware.
* Antonio Coleman, OLB, Auburn.
* Stafon Johnson, RB, USC.
* Brian Jackson, CB, Oklahoma.

Round 7

* Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan.
* Kade Watson, DT, Georgia.
* Kerry Meier, WR, Kansas.
* David Nelson, WR, Florida.
* Sam Shields, CB, Miami.


Talkin' S-Mac.

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