Sunday, September 6, 2009

53-Man Roster

Greetings, G-Force.

Admittedly, my mind is not totally fit today. A weekend filled with Reggae music and a Festival date sponsored by the Kona Brewing company tends to do that to a man. Furthermore, how often do you get to see both Lee "Scratch" Perry and Bunny Wailer on the same day? It felt like I was living in 1977. The vibe was full. My apologies if this writing seems scrambled. I'm sure you understand.

Clearly, I did not watch the same football as the Packers brass did during the preseason. To say that I am surprised over the 53-man roster is an understatement. For years, we've been married to the likes of highly unproductive players such as J-Bush and Michael Montgomery. Yet, they will stick around for another season. Seems like bad management to me.

Anthony Smith was a roller coaster, but at least he had high points that included a sack and 2 interceptions. yet, he failed to make the team. I was shocked that Ruvell Martin was cut. Granted, I've been over him since his drop in the '07 NFC Championship. Still, he's a better football player than Brett Swain. Martin has also been a decent gunner for us on special teams. Management must feel that Swain has been better. He's also $700,000 cheaper. If it's to save cap room. Please spread the wealth. Hand it to Collins, T-Mon, Colledge, Spitz or Driver. Please pass it on, Ted.

Tyrell Sutton performed remarkably well throughout the preseason. He did everything possible to make the team. He literally had no chance. Our RB spots were predetermined.

It's evident that we've stacked our team to play special teams. J-Bush, Havner, Swain, Hall/Kuhn, and Willie B. were all kept because they improve the special teams units. We'll see if that's the case when the Bears come to town this Sunday.

Keeping 3 FB's and 3 TE's? Are we the 1st team in NFL History to keep 3 FB's? There must be a deal pending. This seems illogical to me.

I'm fine with the release of Brohm - even though I'd have given him another year. However, now that he's been released, can we please sign a veteran QB? If we don't like Griese, sign Garcia! Jeff Garcia would immediately provide an upgrade. Here's the scenario: Keep Flynn as the #2 as he's the holder. Garcia is inactive. But, if UNO-DOS! goes down, Garcia plays and Flynn becomes inactive for the game. At that stage, Kapinos comes on to be the holder. Garcia would give us a better chance to win.

This years roster shows how bad Thompson has whiffed in the early rounds. Harrell, P-Lee and Brohm will have no impact. What a shame!

In the "Who Are You Watching Now?" portion of the blog, I'd be remissed if I did not write about the Georgia-Oklahoma State game. As mentioned, I attended a DubFest on Saturday and taped the game. I'm thankful I did. Overall, I was disappointed with the level of play that I watched on the opening weekend of college football. But, there were some stars in the Oklahoma-Georgia game. I tuned in to watch Dez Bryant, Reshad Jones and Perrish Cox. All played great. Additionally, I witnessed "the Punisher" - Lucien Antoine. He's a safety for Oklahoma State. 6-1. 215. Fast to the ball. Helmet on ball. Wraps up. Sure tackler. Attacking. Intense. I'm excited to see more of him. Dez Bryant is the best player in college football. I feel that he's a better WR than Michael Crabtree. Reshad Jones would look great in Green & Gold. Perrish Cox fits the style of player that Ted Thompson would draft. Big. Fast. Physical. Plays special teams at a high level. Bottom line: A good recession activity is to watch Oklahoma State Football.

Stack, I watched Stevenson Sylvester on Thursday night for a bit. Love his make. The leader, play caller of the Utah defense. Love his pursuit, great in-game passion. Got caught out of position. He seems to have the size, speed and attitude to be a difference maker in the middle of a 3-4 defense. Looked as though Utah is often playing a 3-4 defense. The experience he's getting is invaluable. Great article on him:

Initial 2010 Mock Draft:

Round 1 - Reshad Jones, S, Georgia. We need help at Safety. He'd be the answer.
Round 2 - Stevenson Sylvester, LB, Utah.
Round 3 - Perrish Cox, CB, OK State. Sorry Brandon James. You know I love your return skills. But, Cox would step in and immediately help on special teams and be our 4th CB.
Round 4 - Garrett Graham, TE, WI. He has all the tools to be a starter in the NFL. Great hands. Solid blocker. Not afraid of contact. He'd be a perfect compliment to J-Mike.
Round 5 - Lucien Antoine, S, Oklahoma State. We need to continue to add play makers in the DB. Jones, Cox, and Antoine are just that.
Round 6 - Jeff Owens, DT, Georgia. Beats out Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee. Both are big boys who hold the point. We need more strength on the DL. Both have the size to play an end in 3-4.
Round 7 - Todd Reesing, QB, Kansas. You cannot like football and not enjoy watching this kid play.

As the college season progresses, we'll re-evaluate.

Stoked for the regular season.

Be good.

Talkin' S-Mac.

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Stack said...

I was a little surprised by the roster moves as well. I thought Sutton had done enough to make the team. Wynn excites me less than Sutton. Something about Wynn I just can't get comfortable with...I don't know what it is, I just don't believe in him. I think I've seen his best, and it isn't enough to make me want to tolerate the times in between those bright moments. Sutton was worth keeping, I thought.

A spot that might have been vacated for him: Mike Montgomery. I read all this stuff about how he's so great to coach, well la dee da. Personally, I would rather see Jarius Wynn get every rep that would go to Monty.

A little surprised that Swain made the team. I had heard he was coming on, and he looked okay in the preseason, but it goes to show that we're not in inside the fence during training camp. Ruvell Martin was dead to me when Favre's pass went sailing through his hands against the Giants. So thanks and good luck.

Again, I just have to look at Hall, Kuhn, and Havner and think, "Which one of these dudes is going to score more TD's than Tyrell Sutton?" None of them. We want to keep two FBs, okay. Keeping three is weird. Again, one would hope a deal is in the works. But then you keep Havner also? This doesn't make any sense. Havner was a back up LB and a back up TE. And a very good special teamer. If so enamored with the man, why not teach him to play FB?

We've got Hall, Kuhn, and Havner, which is sort of like three varieties of the same flavor.


One guy that I wanted to add to the "Who are you watching..." portion of the blog is the one Wisconsin Badger that has excited me in the past: Aaron Henry - CB

Guy missed all of last year with the ACL and is now back and starting. I know how painful it can be to watch Badger football, but this guy was a nice player before the injury. I'll be interested to see how he bounces back.

As I've mentioned before, I am also a fan of Jay Valai - SS. Guy brings the wood in a serious way. Looking to watch him this year also.