Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vick & Packers

Greetings, G-Force.

I commend Ted Thompson. The Green Bay Packers are in the news again. Over the last 3 years, the Green Bay Packers have been potentially paired with the likes of Randy Moss, Jason Taylor, Tony Gonzalez, and Chris Canty. Obviously, we ended up with none of them. Nevertheless, the discussions were fun.

Once again, the Packers are media worthy. Perhaps linked to Michael Vick. Vick is an unemployed NFL QB. He's a former Pro Bowl QB. He's the first QB that won a playoff game at Lambeau. He's the first 1,000 yard rusher as a QB. He's also a convicted felon. A dog murderer.

The Green Bay Packers are in desperate need of a back-up QB. We could use another flashy offensive dimension. We are potentially facing a tough economic year. We are also a family style, class drenched franchise located in a town with a population just above 100,000. We are finally free of outside distractions. The media circus is elsewhere. We can focus on football. But, the players have outwardly discussed an interest in Vick.

Over the last 10 years of my life, the most consistently constant component of my life has been my dog, Clayton. She turned me into a dog lover. With that being said, I firmly believe Michael Vick deserves another shot in the NFL. Another chance at life. He's been punished for his sins. I am in favor of giving someone a second chance at life.

Let's be clear: Michael Vick would not compete for the starting QB position. He'd be signed as a back-up QB. One that could also be used in unique specific scenarios. The Wildcat formation. In Miami, the home of the NFL version, we refer to it as the "GATO LOCO!" As a sublimely athletic individual, Vick could be the premier GATO LOCO orchestrator in the NFL. That's attractive.

Mike McCarthy's greatest strength as a coach is his offensive design. He carefully crafts unique offensive sets to keep the team unpredictable. On any given offensive drive, you could see the Packers run a wishbone formation, a pro set, an I-formation, a single back - 3 WR set, a single back - 2 TE set, a 3 TE set, a 4 WR set, or hell, he may just clean out the backfield and go with 5 WR. He's a dynamic play designer. He creates mismatches.

If Vick were to sign today, McCarthy would have up to 10 weeks to sketch up his next formation. His imagination would surely conclude with big play opportunities. Vick would be the centerpiece of his creativity.

The Green Bay Packers are a business. In business, you're always looking for returns on your investment. Additional sources of revenue. It's been well documented over the past couple of weeks that the Packers profit fell $1.3 million year-over-year. Like it or not, Michael Vick's #7 jersey will sell. Maybe not in Green Bay, but I guarantee you would see #7 Vick jerseys in more diverse areas around the country. Thus initiating another form of driving revenue and enhancing overall firm profitability. Can you imagine selling hundreds of thousands of jerseys of your back-up QB? That's attractive.

Additionally, Vick should come at an inexpensive price. I can't imagine he'd command a multi-million dollar contract. Not today. If so, I would not be interested. I'd rather spend the money on T-Mon and Nintendo Nick.

I'm really enjoying a season that is free of distractions. No drama. (Get your ass in camp, Raji!) The topic is football. All day. Everyday. There appears to be terrific team competition in training camp. Vick would certainly change this. I'm extremely concerned about how our team would be affected. It's a risk. Would you rather reach and maybe me? Many would consider that the beauty of living. The players certainly believe so.

I have waffled back and forth on this decision. Initially, I thought it was a no-brainer that we should bring in Vick. Then heightened PETA thoughts and ridiculous media nonsense polluted my head and I wavered back to the other side. I wondered if the Green Bay community could handle more controversy? Now, I'm back to wanting Vick. Badly. An added offensive dimension. A talented football weapon.

Ultimately, Michael Vick is a man looking for a 2nd chance on life. A new lease. I'm willing to give it to him especially since he'll be under the tutelage of Tony Dungy. He's paid his dues. He's appears to be genuinely sorry for his actions. I'd give him a chance to redeem himself on the football field. To assist the most legendary football team in their pursuit of the Super Bowl championship. But, if I'm signing Vick, it's for 2 years. Not 1.

Plus, Green Bay could use a productive #7 at QB and just maybe, a little more offensive "Majik."

The Bears still suck.


Talkin' S-Mac.

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