Monday, July 13, 2009

Who Are You Watching Now? Part 2

Huge omissions on my part. Found another page of old scribble. Two names that jumped out at me and a third that's worth mentioning.

Jahvid Best, RB, Cal, just might be the back that we're seeking.

Gerald McCoy, DL, OK would be an epic piece to our DL.

Kerry Meier is another talented WR for Kansas. He's a Ted Thompson style WR. Thompson would call him a "football player." Not overly fast. Just gets open. Uses his body well.


Talkin' S-Mac


Stack said...

Just to keep the thread going on guy to keep an eye on...

Greg Jones is an excellent ILB from MSU. Guy had 127 tackles last year, 14 for a loss. Jones can play effectively near the line, he shows good ability to shed blocks and pick his way through trash around his legs. Isn't really a battering ram type of LB like Odell Thurman once was, but rather keeps a good stance and finds the ball.

I don't know that Jones' name is out there, but that will likely change since he's on the Butkus, Lombardi, and Lott watch list this year. True Junior.

I'll hang it out there and say that depending on the year he has, could be round 2 or 3 in April.

Stevenson "Sly" Sylvester caught my eye in a serious way when Utah played Bama. The announcers hadn't even called his name yet, but the camera flashed across him and I thought "Whoa. Who was that? That guy is a MAN!" My initial reaction was at how he looked in his pads, but as the game wore on, Sly increasingly exerted his influence. 7 tackles, three sacks, and a fumble recovery. Pretty good day at the Sugar Bowl. Explosive edge rusher. Outstanding athlete. Guy has football sensibilities, can catch, etc., just needs to show it consistently this year. While I like Sly's potential and will continue to watch him, I doubt he has a spot on the Packers after we took CM3 to play the same position.

I'll also be watching Kenape Eliapo, Sly's teammate at Utah. I know I published this opinion earlier, but I like the big guy. Sad to say, he could be undersized at 6' 300. I'll be interested to see if he's added any weight this year. The big man has good hands, always seemed to get a push, and he has nimble feet. Seems like a natural NT to me. A body type reminiscent of Raji.

Stack said...

...though not the same mass.