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Can Ted Thompson save the offseason?

Greetings, G-Force.

I write with frustration. I write with disappointment. I write with confusion. Over the past three days, the Packers & Ted Thompson have agreed to deals with the likes of Jarrett Bush, Michael Montgomery, and Jason Hunter. Good ol' Teddy is bringing us back to the days of 1988. Teddy, this is like resigning Tiger Greene, Alphonso Carreker, and Robert Brown. All hard workers. All will leave everything they have on the playing field. All have extreme deficiencies.

Montgomery & Hunter showed that they are absolutely incapable. Neither can stop the run and unless they are playing the porous Bears or Lions OL's, neither can get to the QB. If they are expected to make contributions and see playing time in '09, Dom Capers will fail. Clearly, this would not be Capers' fault. As for J-Bush, read Stack's comment to the previous post. I need not say more.

Consider this - over the last 6 games of the '08 season, the Packers gave up an average of 28 points a game. The Packers went 1-5 during that span. In an effort to improve the defense, Thompson has signed Anthony Smith and resigned three absolute failures. Additionally, the Packers appear to have shown zero interest in what it would take to obtain Peppers. This brings me to the 2009 NFL Draft, which is the ONLY way Ted Thompson can save the 2009 offseason.

The current state of flux on the defensive side of the ball has me sitting in confusion as to how I would prepare a mock draft. I am excited about the move to a 3-4. I am ecstatic to witness the movement toward a more physically intense defensive system. But, again, as I overwhelmingly have pointed out in previous takes -> when you change defensive systems, you need to change the players to fit into that system as well. Normally, the 2 OLB's are the most versatile, feared players on the defense. Presently, I don't believe the Packers have anyone on the defense that can both rush the QB and turn and drop into zone coverage to defense the pass against a RB, TE, or slot WR. Any way, here goes my attempt at bringing the Packers back to the playoffs and building through the draft (as always, I do not draft OL because I simply do not know enough about the players).

As I seem to document each and every year, I always like at least 4 picks in the first 3 rounds. We already have that. With our defensive transition and our crippled OL, this year I want 7 picks in the first 4 rounds. For example, trading down in the first round...sliding about 12-15 spots...grabbing another 3 & a 4. Additionally, trading Rasta Al for a 2. Or trading AK-74 for a 2nd round pick. Shaking his hand. Slapping his back. Letting him know that he'll be a Packer HOF'er. A "we appreciate his service type of thing." Hell, if Jerry Rice can be a Seahawk, Favre a Jet, Montana a Chief, Lott a Jett, Emmitt a Cardinal, Deion a Raven, Sapp a Raider, Seau a Patriot, Dawkins a Bronco, and now Derrick Brooks might wear another helmet? Well, I'm OK with AK-74 wearing another uniform as well if it betters the franchise. Got me? But, that's all included in a Fantasy mock draft in the coming weeks. For now, I'm still sticking with the basics.

Round 1: After watching numerous college games during the regular season, a large majority of Bowl games, a heavy dose of the Senior Bowl practices, the Senior Bowl itself, and nearly every second of televised combine coverage, I'm beginning to feel qualified to make an educated statement on a majority of the top NFL prospects. The last mock draft I wrote - I listed Michael Johnson as my pick. I still believe that he'd be a great fit in our defense. But, it seems that he can be had much lower in the draft. I listed BJ Raji as my #2 choice. If we stay at #9, he's probably jumped to the top. But, really, the Packers should trade down. We still need to accumulate picks. We have needs at OT, TE, and we need to dramatically improve our talent on defense. If you ask my brother, Chad, he'll tell you the Packers need to upgrade the FB position. I agree with him. We might be in a perfect trading partner position with the 49ers needing a QB and the Packers being one spot above them in the draft. (Sorry, I can't get it out of my system!)

Nonetheless, assuming the Packers stay steady at #9, Raji is my pick. First and foremost, it's been well discussed that Raji would LIKE to play in Green Bay! That holds value! He's been dominant at the college level. He can rush the passer. He can stop the run. If he can stay healthy, he could be the anchor of the 3-4 for years to come.

The second option would be Malcolm Jenkins. He grew up in zone coverage at OSU. The Packers are moving towards zone coverage schemes. He can stop the run. Nothing intimidates him. He's a Midwestern guy. He'd make sense and he'd adore playing with Chuckie! Plus, in college, he wore #2.

In Round 2, I'm looking at Connor Barwin. He's the guy that made a play every game. Your Mike Vrabel kind of guy. Won't be the MVP. Always makes a difference. Great hands. Great mind. Tough guy. Knows how to play football. A Ted Thompson kind of mentality. He could come in and start at one of the OLB positions. Barwin is also a spectacular special teams player. If you drafted Johnson in the first and Barwin in the 2nd, you'd have your two OLB's for the next decade. Barwin beats out Clint Sintim for my choice by a hair.

Man, I would love Sean Smith at this spot as well. Just doubt he'll be available. If he is though, I'd pair him with Nick Collins and be set at S for the foreseeable future.

Round 3: Asher Allen. Assuming we don't draft Jenkins in Round 1, I'm going with Ahser Allen. He's a pimp. With a limp. He, too, wore #2 in college. He's confident. He's comfortable with himself. Despite his size, he'll take on anyone in the open field.

My apologies go to Mike Mickens, but after he did not participate in the combine, I have serious questions about his health.

Round 3b: Zach Follett. If this guy had 10 more pounds, he'd be a 1st rounder. If you've been reading, you know my thoughts on this guy. He'll be a 3-4 LB in this league.

Round 4: Myron Pryor. I'm committed to building a DL with new players. Whether young or old, it does not matter. Give Montgomery & Hunter competition and they should not make the team. Pryor impresses me. Quick off the ball. Thinks about the strip when making a tackle. Again, if you've been reading, you know my thoughts.

Round 5: Bear Pascoe. Write it in ink. Bear Pascoe - Green Bay Packers. They go together. He's growing on me. Hell, well, I read he is a 5th-6th rounder, I'd take him in Round 4 if I felt it necessary. The man is HUGE. He can block. He'd help our run game. He'd compliment J-Mike. He's a reliable target for Rodgers. I am a product of my youth. I spent my childhood trying to cover a bigger guy in the front yard. I learned how difficult it can be. Chmura provided further evidence. I WANT THE BEAR!

Round 6: Brannan Southerland. I'll buy into my older brother's advice and draft the only FB that I feel comfortable with in this year's draft. Guy had major injuries as a Senior, but was a big time performer as a Junior. He never found his stride as Senior. Was rusty. Lethargic, at times. But, he's mean. He's physical. He's a Georgia boy who enjoys contact. He'll catch it and run after the catch. He'd bring an added dimension to the offense.

Round 6b: Brandon Tate. Put him on the field. Get him the ball. He'll do something with it. I've been watching him for years. You've been reading about him for years. He was the NCAA's all time leader in kick return yards. Then he tore his ACL. He can also get deep via the pass. He can run the short route. Really - at this stage - it's a no brainer. Plus, what's a draft without a WR?

Round 7: Tim Jamison. Michigan boys have found success in Green & Gold. See Chuckie. See Desmond. See John Anderson. Jamison is loaded with talent, but he can't stay healthy. Not sure that he has the size to play in the NFL, but at this point he's worth a shot. So are Terrill Byrd and Nick Reed. Both produced at major levels against big time competition.

Save The Season,

Talkin' S-Mac.

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