Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Celebrity Rule

Greetings, G-Force.

Living on South Beach has reinforced some of life's valuable unwritten laws. For example, I can go to Joe's Stone Crabs for dinner. Reservations are not allowed. So, I put the McKenna name on the waiting list and go to the bar. An hour and fifteen minutes later, I'm still waiting on the bar. Meanwhile, Darren & Jamie Sharper walk in and they're immediately seated. I live with it and I accept it. We all have a place in making Joe's Stone Crabs reputable.

Furthermore, I ask the Maitre d' when we will be seated. He responds that "there are a few to be seated before you." Minutes later, my wife (who is supremely more beautiful than I...yes, I married up!) poses the same question. Immediately, we are seated.

Law reinforced.

It's time for Ted Thompson to be reminded of such laws. Thompson has done a remarkable job building the current roster of the Green Bay Packers. We're loaded with young prospects. Our stable also includes some veteran thoroughbreds who have proven to be loyal stallions.

In Thompson's first 3 years, he was the General Manager of Brett Favre's Green Bay Packers. Favre was the Chief of the Packer tribe. However, the present state of our team portrays Ted Thompson as the Engineer of the roster and Mike McCarthy as the director of the team's productivity. In essence, we could be viewed as Ted Thompson's Green Bay Packers. I'm more than comfortable with Thompson being the head honcho, but I wish he would recognize the Celebrity Rule.

If the Packers were coming off of a 4-12 season and Favre had played like he did in 2005, I would understand it if Thompson was shy in welcoming Favre back. But, we are living in a "win now" league. And if Favre wants back, he should be greeted with open arms. I commend Al Harris for calling into NFL Radio on Sirius and stating the same. After all, as Harris said, "we're talking about Brett Favre, here."

In many ways, I'm excited to see Aaron Rodgers perform. But, I still believe that Favre gives us the best chance to win this year.

No one knows what really has gone on between Favre & Thompson. But, in many ways, sports media has reminded me of the old school WWF. In the media, Favre has gone from Hulk Hogan to Andre the Giant - the bad guy superstar. Thompson is Bobby "The Brain" Heenan who aligned himself with Andre the Giant...then fought with him...before eventually rejoining forces. I should mention that - together - they teamed for a WWF Championship in the '80's!

If I were Thompson, I would phone the Legend. The conversation would like this:

"Brett, you should have never retired. Are you 100% committed to continuing your career in the NFL?"

If Favre's answer is yes, my response to him would be:

"Brett, we are building a winning culture in our locker room. We want to take care of those that are loyal to us. We are building an era of successful football in Green Bay. You know, Brett, putting the "Title" back in "Titletown." With that being said, I want to be fair to Aaron. With that being said, Brett, assuming you are healthy, will you guarantee me that you will play 2 more years?"

If Favre's answer is yes, I'd say, "Brett, when can you be in Green Bay?"

Following this conversation, I would phone Rodgers.

"Aaron, Brett's coming back. He's given us a 2-year commitment. We still believe that you are the future of the Green Bay Packers. We want to offer you an extension. You're going to be the back-up for 2 more years, but you will be our starter in 2010. What are your thoughts, Aaron?"

If Rodgers is fine with this scenario, great! If not, Brian Brohm becomes our future and I'd explore trade options. I'd call Bill Parcells and I'd talk to him about Jason Taylor.


"Hey Jason, can you commit to 2 more years?"


Ted, remember the Celebrity Rule. He comes first. Ted, recognize your importance. Not only are you welcome, but you're the crucial element of our assemblance. And your clan is vastly superior with #4 at the helm. Welcome him back.

Enjoy your 4th.

Be Safe,

Talkin' S-Mac.


Stack said...


That is a great take. And yes, your wife will get a seat anywhere you'd want to be...

Anyway, it came to my attention that Obama plans to accept the Democratic nomination at Invesco Field. Of all places...who is more loathsome than the Denver Donkeys? Unbelievable. I may have to vote for Kucinich now.

And I know it is a national race, but Obama is a Bears fan. So why doesn't he do it at Soldier Field..?

Probably because he doesn't want Brett to steal the nomination in the final 2 minutes...

porterbela said...

I don't know Chern. It might be too cold and windy for Brett to even outperform Mike Huckabee if they are at Soldier Field.

bleedin green said...

Either the 'Favre circle' speaks for themselves, not he hall of fame qb, or dude is a flat out liar. I mean no disrespect in saying this, Brett, I love ya man. A lot of fingers have been pointed at the media for trying to create a story in the midst of perhaps the dullest time in the NFL season. I can hear this argument but when it's your mother, your brother, and even your agent making off the cuff statements public...don't blame the media.

It sure seems like with Favre, compared to other athletes, there has been a pattern of 'No Moss, then trade me' or 'Ted doesn't want me back' only to have his public comment deny any of these claims. I realize that some of this may be the product of a larger than life icon playing in the smallest market but it's getting to the point where 'the circle' could divide a franchise. Imagine being Ted Thompson, Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy or even Brett for that matter. I would really like to see this all handled professionally...come to a decision, work out the arrangements between all the concerned parties, make it public, and roll. Brett has been a savior for the Packers and the Packers and their fans have been good to him. I mean 4 of 5 Packer fans would probably take a bullet for the guy. Let's keep it mutually beneficial. It's really starting to feel like a complete mess.

bleedin green said...

As a follow up to my previous comment (interupted by a phone call), I can empathize that its got to be challenging to hang up the cleats now - after spending the last half of your career surrounded by mediocre talent and seeing/reading about the prospects of a talented young team that's moving on after your retirement.

Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to see Brett in green and gold next year. But this would have to come with some concrete, non-negotiable stipulations so the team isn't mis-managing it's future for one more run. I don't know what happens behind closed doors (unless of course someone in the circle leaks it, although this can be denied too then) but remember that Thompson surrounded you with talent that could potentially take you to the next level. It was your choice to retire for reasons unclear to me...too much tape even after 17 years of experience, 2007 was the most fun but hardest/most stressful season???? I feel confused just listening from afar. You're right, Scottie, the celebrity rule has to be taken into account but so does some sanity. Brett tell your people to stop bad mouthing the franchise in public and lets sit down at the table and work something out. After we work it out, stick to your word.

Thompson faces maybe one of the toughest decisions in sports. He'll gain boatloads more of respect if he can work out something that meets everyone's needs: the team's, Brett's, and Aaron's. Man it would be tough to watch him play for another team.

patrad said...

if thompson is bobby the brain. . . who is mccarthy?

Stack said...

When I first heard about this story, it was via text message. A couple of friends sent me simple one line questions asking about the Favre thing. I responded by pointing to each of the major sports seasons which are either off season or too early to matter. There are two stories that come out this time every year: Brett Favre waffling and the Yankees underperforming.

Initially, I did think it was a media-driven story. But then I came to find that there was something behind it. Peter King and Chris Mortensen expect the Epistle of Favre to arrive at 1265 sometime in the near future. You all know the story.

The real media cancer seems to be on the supposed rift between Thompson, McCarthy, and Favre. On one hand you have Bus Cook saying something to the effect of "Brett is retired and untill he tells me differently, that is what it is." Okay, fine. But how often have we seen it mentioned that TT hasn't answered any of Cook's phone calls? I see it in nearly every article. If those words, Cook's words, are true, then what do they have to be talking about?

Much has been written about the alleged rift between TT and #4. And I have felt at times that those theories had some validity. However, I also saw Brett absolve TT and MM of any responsibility or influence regarding to his decision to retire at his final press conference. He praised TT and MM and he punctuated those statements by saying "That's from the heart." And it's hard to believe that he didn't mean it.

I have also read that MM "rebuffed" Favre during a phone conversation in which Favre expressed a desire to move on. I've heard some other adjectives attached to MM's demeanor toward Favre. The guy is right to be upset. I am sure that his life has been consumed by adjusting to the new team. The guy might be upset. It doesn't mean that he is pushing Favre out the door. MM spent months working on something and Favre shows up at the door and causes all that work to go out the window. Does it lose all value? No, of course not. But does it mean time was lost? Absolutely.

My point is, you can get mad at someone, it doesn't mean you necessarily cut them out of your life.

I don't think that Brett is a liar. I do think he likes attention. I think he needs to feel valued, and needs to be reassured of his value. I also think that he makes decisions based off of emotions, for better or worse. He doesn't strike me as a real sit-back-and-think-about-it kind of guy. French philosopher Michel Foucault said "Ask me who I am one minute, ask me who I am the next, but do not expect those answers to be the same."

Stack said...

Rad, I'd have to go with Big John Studd...Pennsylvania roots...

Stack said...

Grammy - Scoreboard.

porterbela said...

Chern - Favre is 1-5 in his last 6 games against the Bears. And that 1 win meant nothing.

Hell, here are a few links of the guy that out performed him... far as Favre is concerned. The man just wants to be in the spotlight and wants to see his face on t.v. Don't take that the wrong way. Think about it for a while. This guy has had an entire state, let alone nation, hang on his every word for the past 15 years. It's what he has come to know, it's what his life is. I don't think this is about football. I think it's withdrawal from going from the center of attention to living in Hicksville spending your days hunting and fishing.

I don't fault the man for this, I'd have a hell of a time adapting as well. Unfortunately, he's messing with the Packers and the fans all at the same time.

ps-this might be the only time I defend Favre...well, unless he's the QB for the Vikings next season.

Stack said...


Yeah, those five evil wins of which you speak pull Favre's record against the Bears to something like 27-12.

And why would you defend Favre if he's making one of your division rivals better?

porterbela said...

Simple Chern,

I don't mind the Vikings. I don't want them to win, but if the Bears suck they're the only team left to prevent the Packers from winning the division.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

I enjoy the chatter. Thanks for the buzz.

"I hope people appreciate me, the way I played the game, as much as I appreciate them."

- Brett Favre March 2008

Four months ago, this was the statement that shocked the sports world. Today, this statement holds a strange twist of irony.

Today, we are left to wonder whether Favre is welcomed back to the place he helped rename year after he throws for over 4,000 yards & 28 TD's. A completion percentage over 65%.

The present issue is that we do not know Favre's reality. We deserve the truth. As fans, we've earned the right to hear Favre speak once again.

We reserve the right to know what's going through Brett's mind.

Does he feel that potentially he was pushed out and that he did not indeed go out on his own terms...even though it was him who walked away...and even though McCarthy apparently tried to convince him to stick around.

Does he simply have the "itch" which could just be a natural reaction as he's gone thru this motion his entire life come July?

Does he love the spotlight? Of course he does. But, we also love to have him in the spotlight. It's mutually preferred.

But this information should come from 2 parties and 2 parties only:

1.) Ted Thompson
2.) Brett Favre

I agree that the "Favre circle" should zip the lip, but unfortunately, the media is overly prevalent in today's society...and the media has a manipulative way of pulling information out of others' mouths.

At this stage, I appreciate the current state of stillness that both the Packers & Favre are delivering. As of now, we are not yet worthy. Presently, it's all speculation. While I'm sure the Packers & Favre/Bus Cook have had interactions & discussions regarding a comeback, we do not know the facts. At this stage, I view the majority of what we are reading/hearing as propaganda. In fact, for the most part, I've stayed away from what the media puppets have been saying.

Personally, I've enjoyed too many treasured moments via the the unification of Brett Favre & the Packers to sit and listen to this weeks Packer bashing.

The reality is that the Packers are in an extremely difficult position. This decision must be made with white gloves. It must be perfectly thought out. It must be handled in a manner that furthers the progress of positivity in our locker room. Ultimately, this decision is going to take time. A week from today, we will know what we need to know.

The Packers will speak.

Favre will respond.

And really, this is all that matters.

With that being said, it's a frustrating time to be a Packer fan. We have some much terrific energy that is surrounding our team. Pure momentum.

Favre should not have retired. We should not be where we are today. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in the undesirable state of being uncomfortable...and sadly, it's going to be nearly impossible to remedy this situation with a spin that benefits the Packers of today and the Packers of tomorrow.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

And for the record, you have to enjoy Aaron Rodgers response to this whole situation.

porterbela said...

Scottie and Chern,

If Favre officially decides to come back. What do you predict will happen?

I know you've posted what the Packers should do, but what do you think they will do?

chico said...

"Respect" is a word that keeps getting thrown about in every article you read. The only "respect" Favre has shown this organization in the past three years was when he retired the right way at the right time. Hell I shed a tear! They drafted him and took a chance with him. He is said to be worth 1/4 billion because of the Packers. His life as he knows it is because of the Packers...So why dog the Packers this way. Any compnay is bigger then 1 man and so is the case here.

"The ride of a legend." should be the name of the book.This is how it always ends with just about every legend. Bears fans wouldn't know because they never had one:)
It is time for the Packers to move on.

What a shame! Should we be that surprised? Many legends have done the same and look at that history lesson.

Say what you want, Favre just sent the Packers a crippiling blow and for what??? One more chance to throw an INT in a huge playoff game? He admitted himself he did not have what it took mentally to play this game any more.

This guy is screwing with Packers like my first girlfriend I ever slept with did after we broke up...Let me dangle it in front of you and you will always come back. Of course you do a couple of times but then you wisen up and find life isn't too bad with someone else. Hell in my case it's much better. Sorry to rant! But you can see where I'm going.

As my t-shirt says "thanks for the memories"...Always have and always will...PULL FOR THE HELMET!

bleedin green said...

Scottie, you getting season tickets if Brett becomes a fin? Geesh, I'd rather be second string.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

If Favre became a Fin, that would equal devastation...and yes, I'd more than likely end up in the stands for a number of games...