Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Jason Taylor Rant

Greetings, G-Force.

I hope that you have enjoyed your summer as much as I have mine. I just got back from NYC where I was once again reminded of the NFC Championship. All I can do is say "Congrats." Take it in stride and be thankful that the Patriots did not go 19-0. Deep down, my disgust for J-Bush & Ruvell Martin grew thicker.

It was good to see the Packers in the news again this week. The rekindled flame of the Jason Taylor story brought me excitement until Taylor quickly hushed the rumors. Taylor claims that there are 12 teams that interest him. The Packers are not one of them. I question he reasoning for wanting to continue playing. He says it is because he wants to win a Championship. Does this mean he does not consider the Packers contenders?

Ted Thompson wants this more than ever. It is officially Ted Thompson's Green Bay Packers. It is not Brett Favre's team. It is Thompson's. He's brought in the talent. He's built the infrastructure. The Packers success and failure depends on the players/coaching staff that he's brought in and the system that they've implemented.

As an organization, the Packers have momentum. The Packers believe in themselves. Mike McCarthy has installed internal conviction within the locker room. The team expects greatness. At this stage, I feel the Packers are probably 1-2 years away from being a Super Bowl team, the organization seems to feel differently. My concern is that Rodgers is not ready to go into a place like Tennessee and win while facing a Jeff Fisher coached defense. Rodgers is growing on me, but I question whether we are Super Bowl ready under his direction.

The caveat to this scenario is whether our defense can play as an elite defense in the NFL. We seem to have the names to force turnovers. Now, the players have to be playmakers. A playmaking defense expedites the growth of a QB. He's not forced to lead an offensive juggernaut rather he simply has to manage the game. Taylor could assist in the continued development of our organization & our young QB.

Jason Taylor should recognize that the Packers are playing in one of the weakest divisions in football. Jason Taylor should witness the traction that is following our organization. From what I hear & read, there appears to be positive energy surrounding 1265 Lombardi. We are not littered with distractions. We are prepared to win. We just need one more defensive player to help push us over the top. Taylor could be that guy - if he still can play as a peak performer. This leads me to question whether Taylor believes that he is still the dominant figure that he once was. Does Taylor think that he could be the guy to propel a team that was close to the title or does he want to be a shadowed piece of the puzzle.

Jason Taylor could go to the Patriots. He'd be in the shadow of Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and Adalius Thomas. He could go to the Cowboys and be in the shadow of Owens, Romo, & D-Ware. He could go to the Bolts and hide beyond LT & Merriman. Didn't Joey Porter try to do a similar thing last year in the shadow of Taylor? That did not go very well for Porter.

If Taylor were to come to Green Bay, he'd instantly make us a favorite in the NFC. And he'd be the MAN. He'd be the new FACE of the organization. Does he want that responsibility?

Jason, I ask you, what is your main motivation for wanting to play another season in the NFL?

On a side note, I am excited about our current #99, Jeremy Thompson. If you have not made it a point to check out this guys photo. Make sure that you do. He looks like a football player. And I'm happy to have him on the roster.

Enjoy. Training Camp is near.

Sun will Shine,

Talkin' S-Mac.


porterbela said...

Taylor is a drama queen. And from the looks of his pink shirts on Dancing with the Stars commercials that's not the only kind of queen he is.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

Could not agree more. And what a shame it is because I've always viewed Taylor as a stand-up stallion. A role model. I've respected him immensely and followed him closely since I moved down here. I've appreciated how he has handled the difficult situations that I have surrounded the Dolphins over the last four years and his actions this off-season have confused me. And this is separate from anything related to Taylor & the Packers.

On another note, the Packers have cut Rod Harper. Leaves me to include Jake Allen instead of Harper on my New Kids on the Block following for 08.

I also hear good things surrounding Evan Moore's name. Can he make a push for the #3 TE spot?

Talkin' S-Mac said...

The sky is the limit for Tramon Williams.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

Do I need to buy an authentic #38 white Packers kit? On the back it could simply state "T-Mon."

Talkin' S-Mac said...

If you look at Jordy Nelson's picture as he's catching the ball, his form looks exactly like the old statue outside the Packers Hall of Fame. It's currently outside the Titletown Brewery. Look at the picture at

Stack said...

But Grammy, pink looks so good against his skin tone...

I do not know what is inside Taylor's head. Dancing with the something you do if you are into promoting yourself. Which is fine, if you're Emmitt Smith or Jerry Rice, used to having so many eyes and so much attention, sure why not? Or if you're Shannon Elizabeth or Mark Cuban, who have a desire to occupy a corner of your consciousness for different reasons.

But Taylor is still supposedly on top of his game. He's in the spotlight on and off the field, and he is polished in both places. So why this? I don't begrudge him his free time or freedom, but it doesn't make any sense to me. Unless he needed a break and this seemed like the most fun thing he could think which case I will never take another step closer to understanding this man...

Point is, if he was doing it to set himself up for life after football, who out there thought that he didn't have talent off the field?

As far as the on-the-field stuff, saying that he is interested in winning a championship and saying that there are twelve teams that interest him seems like a contradiction in and of itself. That is a generous number in my mind, especially if you're not counting Green Bay.

I think Taylor is sandbagging it. I think he'd like to go somewhere, play part-time, make a few plays, and try and gravy train a title. But I'm sure he'd settle for a movie deal instead.

He's probably afraid of being outplayed by Aaron Kampman.

Ruvell Martin: piece of crap. Jarret Bush: piece of crap, the Joey Thomas of our CB corps. We drafted players at both these positions. It's time to cut the cord with these pieces of crap. We know what we have in these two guys, and that is crap, and by crap I mean they choke at the biggest possible moment. I would have cut Bush the minute he gave that insane post-game interview where he's like "Well, if I had returned it for a touchdown, I'd be the hero..." Yeah, good point. I hadn't thought of that untill you said it, but yeah, a touchdown at that point in the game would have been really great. Of course, in order to score, you do need to possess the football, a step you seemed to overlook in your pursuit of heroism.

Things to look for in '08:

Ruvell Martin and Jarret Bush going trick-or-treating as football players.
Jason Taylor and Mario Lopez squaring off in the finale of Pants-Off Dance-Off.

BlueGuy said...

"If Taylor were to come to Green Bay, he'd instantly make us a favorite in the NFC. And he'd be the MAN. He'd be the new FACE of the organization. Does he want that responsibility?"

BlueGuy said...

"If Taylor were to come to Green Bay, he'd instantly make us a favorite in the NFC. And he'd be the MAN. He'd be the new FACE of the organization. Does he want that responsibility?"

-SMac I have to disagree with this and I think you are giving JTaylor a little more credit than he deserves. He's 34, plays every game every year, does a lot of different things on defense, but i think if you are going to play for the green/gold you need to have heart and desire. He's basically came out this offseason and said he doesn't need that. When its early december and the pack are in Lambeau vs. Texans on a zero degree day is JTaylor going to step up to the plate and look deep down inside himself to make a bigtime play?
- In fact, has this guy EVER played a big game in his career?
Regardless i don't think the addition of one player at any position will make the packers the favorites to win the NFC. I think the Cowboys will have that spot regardless.

Signed, JTaylor hater.

porterbela said...

Blue Guy

I'm not sure who you are but I have to question a line that you wrote
"if you are going to play for the green/gold you need to have heart and desire".

No you don't. You need to have talent...that's it.

And before you read on, this is not a personal attack. Because not only do other people make these comments all the time, I have been known to make one or two of them myself. It's just easier to take notice when someone else is writing them.

I honestly wish, as I'm sure we all do, that all the players on our favorite team have these 2 aforementioned characteristics. Unfortunately, that is no the case nor will it ever.

As long as you have the talent and aren't too big of a head case (and that remains in question) then you will have a job in the NFL on any team, including the Packers...

Talkin' S-Mac said...

Grammy -> BlueGuy is a Giants fan. It's Joe. My soon to be brother-in-law.

Joe -> notice that I did not say "the" favorite rather I said "a" favorite...meaning in competition with the likes of Cowboys, Giants, etc.

Remember this: At this stage, the NFC North looks to be a weak division. If one team plays well, they could realistically go 5-1 or 6-0 in the division. This alone could lead to a 1st round bye...for example, look at the Packers & Bears over the last 3 years.

Prior to this off-season, I would have described Taylor as committed to winning and committed to the organization. Living in Miami, I would like to see the Dolphins succeed. Taylor's actions frustrate and disappoint me.

While Taylor has not ever played in a big playoff game, I don't think it's his fault. He's had Wanstadt as his coach and Fiedler as his QB. That's not a winning combination. All the while, JT stay positive and focused on winning.

Other than the Dancing With The Stars show, I see some similarities to his actions this year and Favre's post the '05 season.

And yes, at this time, I, too, question Taylor's heart and desire.

Thanks for writing, men.