Sunday, January 13, 2008


Greetings, G-Force.


Ben Wehner, Pat Rad, Don Butz, Neil Buethe, Richard Evans, Chad Basten, Ryan Meisinger, and anyone else in attendance on Saturday afternoon - please pat yourself on the back. Congratulate yourself. You made a difference.

Brennan in CO, Chad in NM, Sean in WA, Stack in NE, Bob in TN, my friends in MN & IL, you, too, made a difference. You did not lose hope. You believed. Even when we trailed 14-0. While we weren't in attendance, the G-Force does not have state borders. In fact, it's universal.

Dad, thanks for your work yesterday. You were terrific. The Lambeau faithful was off their ass and on their feet. You did your part. Lambeau was rockin'! I talked to Chad after the game. Bob sent me a text message that read, "The tank is full. G-Force is fueled." Chad & I discussed how proud we are to have you as not only our Father, but as our friend. If I would have spoke to Bob, he would have said the same. Cheers, Mac.

Oh, Dad, Pat Rad also sent me a text message yesterday during the game saying: Mac just dropped "under pressure" into "go pack go"...Then...Turnover on downs. Beauty.

Bootsie called me after the game and said, "Mike McKenna kept me on my fuckin' feet all game. He did not let me sit down."

Dad, I enjoyed it when I heard Tom Petty singing "The Waiting is the Hardest Part" as the refs were reviewing the spot as Bubba Franks stretched for a first down.

Lambeau was electric. The sights and sounds were terrific. Ras-A-tari, you were the "Lion of this Kingdom." Thanks for that one, Bob. T-man Williams, a guy that epitomizes the '07 Packers, full of heart, youth, and energy. A man with a never quit attitude is thrown into the role of 3rd CB due to injury. In the second half, he knocks down a pass to help get the Packers defense off the field. If the Packers continue this Super run, Brett Favre's underhand flip could end up as the equivalent to John Elway's dive in the '97 Super Bowl.

If the G-Men can pull of a win today, I'll be at Lambeau next weekend.

Picture Perfect,

Talkin' S-Mac.


Talkin' S-Mac said...

Going to Lambeau, BABY! Going to Lambeau!

C Hoops said...


I started recruiting for the trip Sat night knowing the Boys would slip, we are now 4 strong and bringing the force.

Benjamin said...

I will be there too! Lambeau was rockin last Saturday. I can honestly say, that was probably one of the most exciting, most ecstatic, most electrifying game I have ever witnessed at Lambeau. It was by far, the LOUDEST I have ever heard Lambeau. Come on and say it with me, "We are loud, we are proud, we are the G FORCE"

Talkin' S-Mac said...

Saturday was truly an epic moment in the history of the Green Bay Packers. The Favre-Driver snowball toss could be an image that we witness forever. Yes, it could be an eternal moment. Lambeau appeared festive. And now, it hosts the NFC Championship!

Talkin' S-Mac said...

For those that have hung out with me, you know that my youth was dominated by futbol. My soccer coach, Bob Barnum, sent me this:

Well, if you are at the game next weekend, then you best be stopping at Jason & my tail-gate, and if you blog any of the boys have them come too. It would be great to see Wehner, Neal, and Richard again. Remember, SE corner of Lambeau field, usually in the 2nd row from the stadium, with a green & gold stripped flagpole.

As for the game, a surreal experience, rating as probably the #1 game I've seen at Lambeau, fan excitement was unbelievable!!

Top 5:

#1 - Packers v Seattle 09
#2 - Packers v Carolina 97 NFC Champs
#3 - Packers v SF 97
#4 - Packers v Wash 48-45 (the hi-scoring Monday nite game)
#5 - GB v Chicago Majikowski Pass
#6 - Any games the Pack beats Chicago

Even after the first 3:40 of the game, I wasn't worried, cause when Grant fumbled you saw that the Pack line was gashing the Seagulls. The only play of the game that I even questioned was the first play as it even looked like a backward pass, a real strange call, unless you wanted to see if Grant could get outside. I can't say enough about Grant's abilities, can't believe nobody saw this in him, but if you watch one game, it is so apparent that his vision and cutting ability are rare. My only real neg is that it seems that Hawk just disappears. In watching summer practices, they had him running all kind of stunts and blitz packages, and he looked great, but they seemed to shelve that and I don't know why. Props to your Dad for getting the crowd going!! Hope to see you this weekend.

bleedin green said...

What a classic, this one will surely be remembered forever by Packer fans and football enthusiasts alike. Just as the snow began falling, like fairy dust into Lambeau Field, a certain magic overcame the spirit of battle. Carry the magic for 2 more weeks!

Lambeau sounded like a Euro soccer stadium, keep up the energy!