Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wanted: Another Weapon!

Greetings, G-Force.

My wife went out this evening. I was marinating on the couch. I turned on the NFL Network. The story of the 1989 SF 49ers was on. This was one of my favorite non-Packer teams. Tom Rathman was such a stud. It got me thinking about Owen Schmitt and Peyton Hillis. Rathman is the RB coach for the Raiders. I guarantee that Rathman is lobbying for the Raiders to draft one of them. I'm sorry - I had to get that out of my system. But this take is written to discuss the WR position.

The Packers have weapons at WR. Donald Driver is a star. Greg Jennings is one of the best young WR's in the league. James Jones showed promise and you cannot discount the reps that he had with A-Rod last year.

K-Rob had a decent season, but he was an absolute bust in the NFC Championship Game. Ruvell Martin is a good #5 WR, but he is no more than that. His drop in the NFC Championship Game still haunts me. I still argue that if he catches the ball, the Packers win the game. Ruvell Martin is my Bill Buckner. Yes, it may take me 22 years to get over his drop as well.

The Packers could use another play maker at WR. I don't feel as though it is mandatory, but it's definitely wanted. I've finally developed my top 4 at the WR position: Devin Thomas, DeSean Jackson, Limas Sweed, Malcolm Kelly. If Thomas, Jackson or Sweed is available, this should be the Packers pick. If Kelly is available, he should be heavily considered.

I like James Hardy, but I don't like him enough to draft him at #30 and he won't be available when we pick in the 2nd round.

Early Doucet is similar to James Jones. We've got one already. We don't need another.

I am not interested in Andre Caldwell or Eddie Royal.

Harry Douglass and Mario Manningham remind me of each other. And both remind me of Antonio Freeman. They'll occasionally drop passes. But, they also have a knack for the big play late in the game.

When I watch video of Earl Bennett, he looks like a guy that Ted Thompson might draft. He enjoys the short routes and lives on yards after the catch.

For me, when I watch Jerome Simpson, I am left with something to be desired.

Lavelle Hawkins has game. I've seen him dominate. He plays with passion and with the will to win. He plays with attitude and a love for the game. He looks natural at WR and wants the ball.

Marcus Monk is an intriguing possession receiver, but he does not fit into our system.

Jordy Nelson is a gem. I enjoy his game. He'd be a steal in the 3rd round. And he'd look good in Green & Gold.

I have no interest in DJ Hall.

I wish I knew more about William Franklin. He, too, seems like the kind of guy that Thompson could draft in the mid-to-late rounds.

Adarius Bowman had super production in college. I cannot believe that he can be had in the 5th round. It is almost unreal. Someone will get a solid football player in the mid-to-late rounds. I'd take him in a heartbeat.

Kenneth Moore would bring extreme athleticism and versatility to the Packers. He'd be a positive addition to our return game and he'd be able to help offensively as well.

Adrian Arrington had a good collegiate career and he had a knack for making the big play, but I am not sure that he fits into what we run offensively.

Darius Reynaud does not interest me.

I am interested in Mario Urrutia and Marcus Henry late in this draft. I believe that Urrutia has first round potential. I have seen him absolutely dominate a football game. I've seen him look unstoppable. I believe that Henry is a good fit for our system and that if he finds the right system, he'll have an NFL life. The upside of Urrutia and Henry would be significantly higher the upside of Ruvell Martin.

In my mind, there are a number of different directions that Thompson can go at WR. In short, if neither Thomas, Jackson, Sweed, nor Kelly is available in the 1st round, it might be best to take a shot on someone in the 5th-7th round.

Next up: Defensive Line.



Talkin' S-Mac.

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