Monday, April 14, 2008

Life Goes On...

Greetings, G-Force.

A happy, healthy, and terrific Monday to you. I hope the sun is shining on your life today.

12 days from now, the Packers will be faced with a major post-Favre decision. A-Rod will be handed the QB reigns in '08, but who will be the back-up waiting in the wings. It appears as though Ted Thompson is going to draft someone to back up Rodgers. My fear is that Thompson might draft a QB in the first 2 rounds. I have heard rumors that the Packers are interested in Brian Brohm. I'd be extremely disappointed if the Packers drafted Brohm. Matt Ryan, Brian Brohm, Chad Henne, and Joe Flacco should not become Packers.

If the Packers are to go QB shopping in the draft, they should begin the process in Round 3. If Andre Woodson is available in Round 3, I'd consider drafting him. Woodson showed the ability to move the football against top class competition. He was a gamer in the 4th Quarter and he won games late in the best conference in college football. Woodson wanted the ball with under 2 minutes left.

John David Booty is also someone to think about in Round 3 although I don't think his mobility suits the West Coast Offense. In our offense, you've got to be able to throw on the run. Booty has not impressed me when he is on the move.

I do not want Colt Brennan. I am not impressed with Erik Ainge. I am not interested in Bernard Morris, Kyle Wright, or

Kevin O'Connell would excite me as a 4th Round choice. I think he's the developmental guy that McCarthy would like to work with.

I have "youtubed" Paul Smith. He seems like a fiery guy. A competitor. His delivery is awkward. He looks like he's too small to play in the NFL. He seems like he's gritty. A fighter. He can throw on the run although his throws seem to have too much air beneath them.

Sam Keller, Anthony Morelli, and Matt Flynn all showed glimpses during their collegiate career. I've seen each of them lead their teams on impressive drives. However, at this stage, each has been far too inconsistent to provide me with any immediate gratification.

Dennis Dixon is the most athletic QB in the draft. He reminds me of Vince Young. He finds ways to get it done. He's most dangerous on the run. He's exciting, but I don't think he fits what we do.

I am curious about Josh Johnson. His statistics are phenomenal. His "youtube" videos leave a lot to be desired. His competition was questionable, at best. But, the numbers are absolutely impressive...and that keeps me yearning to learn more about him. Plus, I really like his size & speed combination.

With this draft class, it makes no sense for the Packers to consider drafting a QB in the first two rounds. If the guy that Thompson wants is available at #3, I'd understand his thinking. But, for now, we've handed the team to A-Rod. The Packers are Aaron Rodgers' team. Thompson has always said that he wants to bring competition to each position. However, at this stage, the last thing A-Rod needs to be doing is looking over his shoulder. A-Rod needs to feel the confidence that this is HIS team. If the Packers were to draft a QB in the 1st two rounds, it'd open the doors to controversy. It'll be enough of a task for Rodgers to follow in the footsteps of Favre much less having to be concerned about the latest potential prized possession that the Packers have drafted. Additionally, Rodgers has waited his turn with our franchise and earned this right during the pre-season last year and during his impressive performance at Dallas.

Next stop: Running Back.



Talkin' S-Mac.

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