Sunday, January 6, 2008

Who Are You Watching Now?

Greetings, G-Force.

Random thoughts sprinkling through the mind of the BuzzBoy as I marinate with Alterra's Organic Kavarna Blend coffee on a Sunday morning during bye week. Sitting on the balcony. 72 degrees. Feeling the breeze coming off the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, this is bye week. Relaxed. Chillin'. Hell, A*, my wife, even offered to cook breakfast this Sunday morning. Truly, I'm on football vacation. Fully prepared to beat up Holmgren next Sunday. Fit with my game plan.

As I canvassed the internet this morning, I noticed that Devin Thomas, Martellus Bennett and Davonne Bess have entered the draft. This excites me. Though we don't need another WR, Thomas fits into our scheme perfectly. Bennett would provide Favre with another target over the middle. Bennett can block. Bennett can catch. Bennett can run after the catch. He runs smooth routes and he's strong in traffic. I watched him with my naked eye against the U at the Orange Bowl. Bess is also a gifted receiver though we don't need him. Regardless, he'll be drafted early by another NFL Franchise.

Tomorrow night is the BCS Championship and I while I don't agree that these are the two best teams in College Football, it'll be exciting to watch a number of players that we'll be watching on Sundays in the future.

LSU is loaded with future NFL stars - I am only going to list Jr's and Sr's:

QB - Matt Flynn #15. He'll be drafted. Probably in the 6th or 7th round. Guy is a winner. He has a knack for making the big play. He's tough. Takes hits and stands in the pocket with confidence.

RB - Jacob Hester #18. Can you say Brian Leonard?

WR - Early Doucet #9. LSU's best weapon on offense.

DE - Tyson Jackson #93. He is a do-it-all DE.

DT - Glenn Dorsey #72. Enough said. Marlon Favorite #99. He improves with every game that I watch him.

LB - Ali Highsmith #7. A stud LB. Gets sideline to sideline. A ball hawk. Fast. Finds the football. Darry Beckwith #48. When he hits you, you fall. He's also slapping your wrist and jarring the ball.

CB - Chevis Jackson #21. I want this guy to be a Packer. He reminds me of Craig Newsome. Not overly fast. Tall. Lean CB. Sure tackler. Good make-up speed. Turns his head and finds the ball. Good at making plays with the ball in the air. I hear that experts say he is a 2-3 round draft pick. I'd snatch him up in the 2nd without thought.
Jonathan Zenon #19. A compliment to Jackson. A bit undersized. He could be a 6-7 round pick. He'll be in camp with someone next year.

S - Craig Steltz #16. Guy will hit you square in the mouth without fear. He is deceptively fast. Can get sideline-to-sideline. Takes good angles. Finds the football in the air as well. He has some John Lynch/Chuck Cecil in him.

Curtis Taylor #27. He needs another year of school. But, he continues to improve and will be discussed as a college playmaker next year.

Ohio State:

WR - Brian Robiskie #80. He needs another year of school as well, but he is a guy that has big play potential and is sure handed as well.

DE - Vernon Gholston #50. An absolute stud!

LB - Larry Grant #6. I hear people talk good things of him. Personally, I've never seen too much from him. He'll stand you up before he drives you to the ground.
James Laurinaitis #33. Clearly, he is the elite player on this Ohio State team. He's following in the tradition of superstar LB's from the Land of the Buckeye.

CB - Malcolm Jenkins #2. I will be watching him more than any other player tomorrow night. From what I've seen, the guy comes up to play the run with a vengeance. But, due to the style of football played in the Big 10, I did not see him challenged as much as I'd like to. Tomorrow night is a test for Jenkins. Thus far, I'm extremely impressed with Jenkins' game. In fact, he could be the type of guy that I'd like the Packers to draft this year in the first round. But, I want to see more of him tomorrow before I officially confirm that statement. He's only a Jr and has not yet declared. But, he's got NFL size and he's an active player on defense. Additionally, it worked out the last time we got a CB from the Big Ten that wore #2.


Talkin' S-Mac.

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Talkin' S-Mac said...

The '08 draft looks to be getting deeper by the second Rashard Mendenhall is apparently going to be coming out. He's making an announcement on Thursday at a scheduled press conference. He'll be joining the likes of Jamaal Charles, Erin Henderson, James Hardy, Derrick Harvey and Calais Campbell.

In light of my posting on Malcolm this time, he is supposedly a top-10 prospect for the NFL draft according to NFL Draft "experts." If that's the case, obviously, you can scratch the idea of the Packers drafting Jenkins in the first round.

More to come,

Talkin' S-Mac.