Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Take - Week 9


Are you ready for some football? My good mate, Stack, is definitely awaiting Sunday with high anticipation. He'll be heading to KC this weekend. Therefore, the G-Force will be alive and well represented at Arrowhead. Quite frankly, we are going to need his passionate Packer energy this weekend.

While I think the Packers are the better team, we do not match up well. The Chiefs greatest strength is one of our biggest weaknesses. Tony Gonzalez vs. Brady Poppinga. Arguably the greatest TE in the history of the NFL against Brady Poppinga. Yikes. Arguably, the Packers greatest struggle is our inability to cover the TE. Yes, I believe that this is as much of a problem as our unstable running game.

The Chiefs have had 2 weeks to prepare. The Packers are working on a short week. The Packers are also coming off of an emotional high from last week's great road win. (Thanks, Brennan, for BRINGING IT against the Donkeys!) A fan never likes the 2nd game of back-to-back road games - especially when they are both against AFC teams. Also, Arrowhead is known to be a difficult place to play regardless of the team that the Chiefs are putting out on the field.

Our D-Line likes to wear down the oppositions O-Line. The Chiefs O-Line and Larry Johnson believe that they can do the same to the oppositions D-Lines. Bowe is a big, aggressive WR who makes plays down the field and he is also a load to bring down. The Chiefs defense, though vulnerable, has big play potential and a knack for making big plays down the stretch, especially Jarrad Page, a safety that most fans do not even know. Additionally, Favre has never beaten the Chiefs. Needless to say, there are a lot of things pointing in favor of the KC Chiefs.


'07 is a new year for the Packers. Not only are we wearing Green, but we seem to be surrounded by Shamrock Green. Belief can create luck. The G-Force has led a belief this year. Thus far, bounces have gone our way. They will continue to do so this weekend. Thanks, Stack. BRING IT, this weekend.

It was exciting to see the Packers get some traction in the running game last week. Potentially, it was a momentum gaining, confidence building running game. Grant ran hard. Grant ran with purpose. Grant ran with his NFL career on the line. Since he played at Notre Dame, he's accustomed to running hard as the weather turns frigid. Last week, he displayed the ability to find the first cut. This brought about 3-5 yards most carries. Hopefully, while watching film this week, he will see the 2nd cut where runs can turn into 10, 15, 20 yards...Defensively, the Chiefs weakness is their DT position. Alfonso Boone and Ron Edwards can be pushed around. The Packers must try to attack the center of the Cheifs defense early in the 1st Quarter. Grant will get his chance to perform once again this Sunday. I expect more success.

Tamba Hali and Jared Allen are more than adequate at rushing the passer. They give 100% each play. Truly dedicated and ambitious football players. However, I believe that Tauscher and Clifton will be able to limit their pressure and provide Favre with ample time to find the open receiver. Speaking of open receivers - Ty Law and Patrick Surtain have had great NFL careers. Both are seasoned. Both are aged. Unlike a fine wine or a sharp cheddar cheese, they are not improving with age. In fact, both can be beaten. I expect Driver, Jones and Jennings to each have solid games. We need to get Driver more involved in the game plan. Early. And often.

I imagine that Donnie Edwards, Derrick Johnson and Napoleon Harris will do a decent job of slowing down our TE's and the screen play/passes in the flat to our RB's. Therefore, the WR's will play an even more important role. Advantage: Green Bay.

Koren Robinson makes his impression felt in the return game. The Packers keep Eddie Drummond in check.

Much like against Denver, the Chiefs jump out to an early lead. But then, it's Favre moving the chains. Nickel and dime. Short change routes to the WR's. Grant pounds away at the center of the Chiefs defense. The Packers are playing ball control. Dominating the line of scrimmage. The Packers hold a 3 point lead at the half.

In the 2nd half, Damon Huard makes the crucial mistake. KGB comes from one side..."A-to-the-K," Aaron Kampman comes from the other side...gets the pressure and the strip. Packers ball. Packers victory. I also expect the Packers secondary to pick off a pass this weekend. Defensively, the big plays are coming. We quiet down Gonzalez in the second half. We limit LJ's carries in the 2nd half.

Green Bay 23. KC 16.

Stack, bring the G-Force. Stack, pump up the volume. This year - we are road warriors. And the crystal ball says that we are soon to be 7-1.

In other news, it feels good that Denver has a MUST win game at Detroit and Philly has the same as they host Dallas.

I'm ready for lift off. I'm ready for takeoff. I'm no longer grounded.


Talkin' S-Mac.


Chris said...

S-Mac, C-Hoops here: long time reader, first time poster. Been enjoying your take all season long and I think you once again solid in your accessment.

I believe we go in at half even or perhaps down but B. Sand finally makes some adjustments at half. First KC possession we bring pressure with B. Popping Fresh, Atari gets physical with Tony G. covers him for 5-10yards, the pressure gets there, Huard throws into coverage and here comes a pick 6 to swing the momentum. I have a feeling it will be Barnett but I want it to be Nick Collins so he finally gets some confidence and plays near his ability. Call it the G-Force, call it divine intuition but this will happen and I will be smiling when it does.

Talkin' S-Mac said...


Thanks for the buzz. Thanks for the insight. Glad that you posted. It makes me know that people are reading and interested. It also keeps me motivated to produce.

I hope others follow your lead...



Talkin' S-Mac said...

To no ones surprise, Stack is incapable of figuring out blogspot and how to post a message...but, the BBC did represent via my e-mail...hence, I share his football mind with all...please read below...

Entertain dem, Charlie, Entertain dem...


I should be logging this on talking S-Mac, but it
keeps kicking me off of there. I have to reset my
password everytime that I want to log in; every time
that I sign out it won't let me back on and I have to
reset my password again, even if it is five minutes
later...has anyone else had these problems?

Anyway, I had to weigh in on the Pack. As you both
know I will be attending this weekend's game to
witness Favre check #31 off of the list.

I wish that I had a little more insight to the
technicalities of the defensive backfield, because as
Scott rightly pointed out, it is going to be an area
of focus this weekend. We all know TG. Dwayne Bowe
is the real deal also. But between Al and Chuckie,
we've got him pretty well covered, not that he won't
make some catches, he's good enough to do that...but
down in, down out, I have to believe that our corners
can shut him down. As you said, Scott, TG presents a
matchup nightmare for us. I don't know if you put
Nick Collins on him, cause we both know Popp would
have to play the game of his life to even start to
limit TG. Just doesn't have the mobility.

This game comes down to the same thing that many of
our games come down to...the defensive line. Larry
Johnson, as great as he is, does not scare me. We
play the run well. Tony Gonzales does have the
potential to kill us. But again, it's a package deal,
if we can make Gonzo appear to be covered for 1.5
seconds, is that enough to have Huard resetting his
feet from the pressure around him? This is not the
Priest Holmes-KC offensive line...people might not
know that...this offensive line is a shadow of what it
once was and they are very, very vulnerable. If we
can keep TG in front of us and tackle him when he
makes the catch, I think we're going to be fine. I do
not see Huard having the time to throw downfield.

The Chiefs aren't going to go away or lay down at
home. The only question I have is how they take the
bye week. I would normally say that if we put up 20
points, they're not going to be able to match it.

They might come out fresh or they might start slow.
We need to be playing at top intensity right away.
Either way, if we do that, we'll be in good position
to win.

The D Line should have a good day against these guys.

Pack 27
Chiefs 13

The bigger picture is this: Our D went to Mile High
and held the Broncs to 13 points. Ryan Grant ran for
104 on 22. Favre throws downfield and hit Jennings.
Those are three major questions answered, but a lot of
people still are satisfied with those answers.
They're saying New York Giants or the Eagles are
coming on...fine. Talk. Make noise. The last week
or so I've had to listen to all this jive and think
about the teams that we beat now getting talked up. I
was frustrated by it, but I shouldn't the
beginning of the year we were good flying under the
radar. We need to go back to the second phase of low
profile right now. Mass discussion still overlooks
the Pack and that's good for a young team that still
has a lot to prove.

We'll just keep winning games.


patrad said...

when are we going to see some "hawk-a-mania" dammit

KC's #1 Fan! said...

I have to disagree with you on one little tid bit of information here. The score is going to be Chiefs 17 Packers 14. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Packers...2nd only to the Chiefs. I just think you are facing two road games and a well-rested team in the loudest stadium in the NFL. The crowd is definitely going to play a factor and if the Chiefs start off throwing to Tony G or Bowe and score early, the Packers are going to have a difficult time all four quarters. Don't worry - I promise I will keep my screaming to a low roar (I have a cold and being my loud usual self is probably only going to last a very short time). I am excited to see the two teams play (I admit that Farve is pretty awesome!) but I have to go with the home crowd on this one...