Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Take -> Week 16

Greetings, G-Force.

It feels good to have a meaningful late December game once again. After being spoiled with games of significance from 1992-2004, we became void of importance with the exception of the "favre-ulous" 2007 campaign. Once again, the Pack is back. And, assuming Aaron Rodgers stays healthy, we should be meaningful for the next 7-10 years. Rodgers is a MAN. A fierce competitor. A victim of shoddy special teams play and a late-game defense that fails to act as infantry when attempting to seal a game. Rodgers has become an elite 3rd down passer and appears headed for an NFL MVP award at some point in his career.

Since Reggie White left the Packers in 1998, the Packers have struggled to find anyone that could seal a game. Sure, Ras-A-tari has done it a couple of times against the 'queens and Al Harris has also provided late-game heroics in his past. With that being said, no one has been a consistent late game playmaker. And thus, no team has suffered the game defeats that the Packers have encountered since Reggie's retirement. And, really, these tumultuous losses began with TO's catch in Reggie's last game as a Packer in the '98 Wild Card game.

Jarrett Bush. Leave my life. Soon.

Josh Bell? Really. Really? Really! How is that Touchdown even possible?

It baffled me that we only rushed three. One of them was Jairus Wynn. And Clay Matthews was dropped in coverage? What were we thinking? Matthews is quickly becoming an elite defensive player. He's a difference maker. Yet, on the play in which we could have all but clinched a playoff berth, Clay Matthews was nowhere near the QB. Frustrating.

For 55 minutes, Chuckie, T-Mon, Nintendo Nick and CM3 have become premier playmakers. Each has displayed the capability to change a game at any moment and in a variety of ways - whether it be sacking the QB or forcing a turnover.

Normally, I'm not one to discuss the officiating after the game. But, did anyone else feel as though the refs were favoring the Steelers? I felt the officiating was awfully fautly.

The Packers are in a neck-in-neck battle with the Cowboys & Giants for a Wild Card berth. While the current standings indicate the Packers control their destiny, we learned in Week 15 that the Giants & Cowboys are not going to lie down. In fact, they seemed to have played their best football of the '09 Season.

This week - the Packers must elevate against the lowly Seahawks. It should be festive. 2 days after Christmas. The G-Force will be present. WE NEED THIS WIN!!!

Since Mike Holmgren bolted Green Bay for Seattle, the Packers and Seahawks have forged a small rivalry. It's been a fun relationship that's included two terrifc playoff battles and a number of one-sided regular season games. Once again, this week, we should witness a one-sided regular season game.

The Seahawks do not have a pass rush. They do not have cover corners. They are not good against the run. Offensively, the Packers are on a mission. McCarthy tamed the Steelers early pass rush with an empty backfield that forced the Steelers to cover us. McCarthy won't have to worry about fierce LB blitzes against Seattle.

Defensively, the Packers should be able to pressure Hasselbeck. We'll get in his face and turnovers will follow. Nintendo Nick & T-Mon both intercept passes this week. Hopefully, they'll also be awarded with new contracts after the game as well.

Clifton & Tauscher continue to be anchors for the OL. They've been terrific over the last 5 weeks. Providing Rodgers will ample time, Rodgers throws for 320 & 3 TD's.

It was great to see the back-shoulder fade to J-Mike. We see it again this week.

'Tis the Season to be Jolly. Therefore, Johnny grabs a sack.

This one is a party. It'll be a Holiday treat to be in attendance with my brothers.

Packers 38. Seahawks 13.

Be Loud,

Talkin' S-Mac.

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