Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Take -> Preseason Game #1

Greetings, G-Force.

It feels good to have football on the television once again. I'm stoked to get my first glimpse of the Green & Gold this weekend as the Cleveland Browns come to the most storied stadium in sports.

I expect McCarthy to allow UNO-DOS! and crew to play 2 series. I would think that we'd score on both possessions. UNO-DOS! using all of his toys. Finding Jennings on the comeback. Driver on the short hitch. Lee on a small curl. Jones between the hash marks on a crossing route. Jordy lingering along the sideline. Look out! J-Mike is coming down the seam!!!

The Browns play a 3-4 defense, so the Packers should be well prepared to attack. Additionally, the Browns front 7 is far from dangerous. Even though with a questionable situation at RT, I would like to think we could contain Kenyon Colemna & David Bowens coming off the edge.

The Packers jump out to an early 10-3 lead. Then we begin the misery of watching our second string QB's. Hopefully, there is tremendous improvement. But, I highly doubt it. Frankly, at this stage, I'm more curious to see what TJ Lang, Jamon Meredith, and Andrew Hartline bring to the table than the combination of Flynn/Brohm. I hope that I'm wrong, but I have no confidence in either of them right now.

On the other hand, it'll be entertaining to watch how the 2nd team defense rivals Cleveland's 2nd team offense. Two years ago, Derek Anderson appeared to be the next big thing in the NFL. Now, he's a back-up QB and a good test for a defense adapting to a new scheme.

I'm excited to see a number of youngsters for the first time: the U-HAUL, Jarius Wynn, Ronald Talley, Anthony Toribio, Dean Muhtadi, and Cyril Obiozor. I also want another look at Danny Lansanah who impressed me during the preseason last year.

Due to the Packers inability to move the football and the Browns field position advantage, Cleveland takes a 17-13 lead.

Then, the Packers go to work. Willie B. start dancing on the kickoff return. Running behind Shawn Slocum's new special teams scheme, there is enhanced effort placed on kickoff returns during practice. The fruits of our labor is realized in the first preseason game as Willie B. switches the field position battle.

Then it is Lumpkin to the left. Lumpkin to the right. Lumpkin up the middle. Lumpkin carries 12 times for 62 yards. Over 5 yards per carry. And a TD. Flipping the switch on this game.

The U-HAUL gets a pick to seal the victory.

Green Bay 23. Cleveland 20.

A couple of sidenotes:

1.) This game will feature two QB's from Chico, CA. UNO-DOS! and Brett Ratliff.
2.) All Hail BJ RAJI! He's signed, sealed, delivered. I'm ready for him to be an impact player for the next decade in Green & Gold.
3.) The Packers also signed Stryker Sulak today. Sulak is from the University of Missouri. I have a good friend who is a die-hard Missouri fan. I immediately called him when I heard about the addition to find out more about Sulak. Here's what he said:

"You know, McKenna, Sulak was the guy that my Dad & I would cuss out when we talked Tigers football. And, as you know, we talk Tigers football often. Ziggy (Hood) was getting doubled right next to him and there were many plays that he'd get in the backfield and just not finish the play. He just wasn't fast enough. Not quick enough. He had the heart. Just couldn't finish plays. Honestly, I didn't like the guy. Seemed like he was always the guy in position to make a play on the QB but didn't have the speed to close the deal. He's an overrated kid with more heart than skill."

I trust Mike's opinion. He'll be a fighter in camp, but he won't be long for us. As I write this, Mike just sent me a text that said the following: Two words: Beer. Utopia.

I'm sure that you trust him now as well.

4.) I always find it comical when other organizations fans compare themselves to the Packers fans. I'm watching the Steelers game and in the 1st Quarter, I'm seeing empty rows in the lower section of the stadium. That'd never happen at Lambeau.

Let the '09 Season commence...

Go Pack Go!

Talkin' S-Mac.


pcgopher said...

the Feeevre is here in Minny, and there's no way of avoiding it. Even Guv has the fevre, as I listened this morning thanking the queens for excellence in so many ways. A laugher with no punchline, but i would digress ...

So here's the skinny. Let the queens go 15-1 this year. As long as the Pack wins 1 of 2, you should enjoy it. Come post-season with that 15-1 record, the queens will so predictably lay a rotten egg in that great inflatable toilet bowl they call home. Here's why: history, and nothing presented this year suggests that will be reversed in '09. Chilly, and now Favre, ... consider both men and you'll too look forward to a 15-1 season for our division rival helga-horned fanbase to witness the ultimate stinker this side of the Mississippi

Stack said...

Dude. Update blog. You're killing me.