Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Take -> Week 17

Greetings, G-Force.

What a waste. An absolute waste. A season that showed so much promise. It displayed postseason hope. It showed opportunity for youthful development. Instead, we've fallen on our faces. 5 straight loses. 4 of the 5 games should have been Packer victories. Last year, someone new found a way to win the game for us. This year, someone new is finding a way to lose the game for us. It's absolutely disappointing. And each week - it feels like someone is stepping on my dogs neck while punching me right between the legs. It's painful.

So, no matter what happens tomorrow, the Packers will have a top-10 pick. We'll focus on the draft. We'll make the best of what's around. Regardless of how depressing it is to ponder. This team failed. This team is in need of playmakers at DL and LB. Each week - we get punished in crunch time. We get pushed around. This is priority #1. Priority #2 is finding another starter on the OL.

Now, the season ends with the winless Lions coming to Lambeau. You have to search for anything positive to take of this game. I'd throw the ball to J-Mike 10 times. Put the guy in position. See what he can do. What do we have in this guy? He looked good going up and making the deep grab against the Bears. Let's try him down the middle of the field out of a 2 TE formation.

We're working with an adjusted OL. I'm happy that Sitton is getting a start. I'll have my eyes on him.

This team needs a positive end to the season. We need to leave Lambeau on a happy buzz. With a smile. Like a 35 point victory.

As long as Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith don't tear us up - which could happen - the Packers will win handily.

On a side note, tomorrow marks the end of a legacy. The Brett Favre legacy ends. What a legend! But, what a disappointment over the last 4 weeks. The Football Jesus has looked old. He's looked gray. He's looked washed up. Sadly, it's time for him to retire. But, how can you bet against him tomorrow? If he performs and the Jets get help, the Packers will get an additional 2nd round pick. We need this desperately.

I hope your Holidays were happy and safe.

Sippin' on a Pint,

Talkin' S-Mac.


Stack said...

There are two seasons in life: football season and the rest of the year.

During football season, I always have something to which I look forward. Each weekend, I get to sit down and relax on Sunday while grown men risk life and limb for my entertainment. It's great when my team is good, it's exciting when they're competitive. But this, I don't know what this is...and for the first time in a very long time, I must confront the fact that I am not excited about tomorrow's game against the Detroit Lions.

There have been times this year when I've watched this football team and thought to myself "I could definitely be using my time for something better." Sad. It's sad because they are my team. I don't own them, I don't play for them, and I don't work for them. But what they are is a timeless reminder of my roots. To listen to a gameday radio broadcast on 620 inspires a sense of wonder. It reminds me of being young, it reminds me of games I've witnessed, times I've had with different people, and the escalating thrill of gameday.

In a season like the one we're wrapping up, those fond emotions are in short supply. And what's worse, the winless Lions limp into Lambeau. For those not in the vicinity of Brown County, or my home county of Calumet, you should know that the record snowfall of December has largely melted in the mild temperatures of the past two days. The Packers too are soft, and melting quietly away.

It is only the sense of inevitability that calms my dread of tomorrows game. They will play. Someone will win.

The proud side of me wants to see the Packers stomp the Lions in a blowout.

The rational side of me wants the best draft pick possible, regardless of tomorrow's contest.

The empathetic side of me feels that no honest effort deserves to lose every time.

I was shocked to see the fake punt last week. And it provided a brief spark to my interest in what otherwise has been an isipid and lifeless team.

A fan can only hope that pride wins out in tomorrow's game, that for sixty minutes there is no other fight, no more important battle for any of these men, who have worked to reach the top of their profession, a fan can only hope that neither team has packed it up and we'll see a hard-fought contest of character and heart.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Michael J. said...

I truly enjoyed watching Favre on most Sunday's in his NFL career, not so much when he was picking apart porous Bear defenses, but generally speaking, I found it easy to appreciate his skill, passion and ability to execute when it mattered most. And I suppose that standard he set, and exceeded so many times, is the driving force behind my disgust with the "pass" he's getting from the news making machine that is ESPN. He is the reason the Jets missed the playoffs. He is the reason Mangini was canned. To come to any conclusion other than the Jets dream of having Favre ride into town and lead them to the promised land has turned into a nightmarish failure is insulting. Please walk away Brett, they've given you the cover, don't test them once more, they may actually end up objectively reporting what has actually occurred.

Safe and Happy New Year to All!

Talkin' S-Mac said...

Yes, Brett, please retire. It was sad to see you play over the last 5 weeks of the year.