Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bye Week Celebration!

Greetings, G-Force.

Hopefully, Sunday marked a New Beginning. 4 & 3 - Full of Glee.

I knew things were going to work in our favor when Luke, Boots & Chico (and friends) met me in the parking lot. I was buzzin' with A*, my brothers, Chad & Bob, my brother-in-law, John, Chad's girlfriend, Ashley, and Ashley's parents. The vibe in the lot was real. I connected with my cousins Ryan, Mark, Jacob, Michael, and Emily. My uncle Jeff shared a smile and a positive aura.

A* & I walked into Lambeau. Took a deep breath. In awe, we stared at the most beautiful of NFL stadiums. Pure appreciation. Each step was enjoyed. Glowing with enjoyment. As we're about to sit, I hear "McKenna." No shit! 2-rows behind me is Brennan. GAME ON!

Off yur ass. On yur feet. We were!

The G-Force was heard loud & clear. Peyton Manning acknowledged during the game as he was continuously seen scrambling to call plays at the line. He never could get on the same page as Wayne & Harrison. The post game box score read:

Peyton Manning - 21-42. 50% completion percentage. 229 yards. 5.5 yards per attempt. 0 TD. 2 INT. Both INT's returned for TD's. Welcome to the Tundra, Peyton!
Marvin Harrison - 2 catches. 11 yards.
Reggie Wayne - 2 catches. 24 yards.

After the game, Charles Woodson called it the "Lambeau Advantage." The "Lambeau Advantage" is now being referred to as the G-Force.

Aa-ron Rod-gers! Aa-ron Rod-gers! Aa-ron Rod-gers! Uno-Dos! Uno-Dos! Uno-Dos!

Yes, Uno-Dos! was absolutely spectacular. In fact, I was watching with disbelief. While he's still slow in getting the ball to Driver & Lee on crossing routes, Uno-Dos! played his best game of the year.

8 receivers. 75% completion percentage. Crucial third down after crucial third down. Managed to perfection. Therefore, the Packers enter the bye week tied for first with the hated Bears.

B-Jack also played his best game as a Packer. He led the team with 6 catches. He was solid on blitz pick-up. He was a fighter after the catch and grabbed big third down yardage. He still struggles to run after the catch on the screen when he's in the open field. Regardless, twice he fought for first down yardage when initially, it appeared as though he would be stopped short.

I thought both John Kuhn & Korey Hall provided effort and punishment while blocking. Hall's recovery of Grant's fumble showed heavy duty determination.

Colledge & Spitz, on the other hand, continue to swing and miss.

Chillar was active against the run & the pass. In extensive playing time, he led the Packers with 9 tackles. 7 of them were solo.

Colin Cole also played his best game of the year. 4 tackles. 2 of them solo. Moderate pressure on pass plays. Massive junk talking into Manning's ear.

Pickett & Jolly were terrific. When our defensive line gets their hands in the air, we are a different team. Clearly, this frustrated Manning.

T-Mon & Willie B. grew up as CB's. They stood up to the challenge. They were physical. They enjoyed themselves.

Aaron Rouse jumping routes!

After 7 weeks, Nintendo Nick is a Pro Bowler. Collins is playin', baby!

And now, it's the bye week. It's time to heal the shoulder of Uno-Dos!. It's time to hear the tricep of Pickett. The spleen of Harris. The groin of Hawk. The knee of James Jones. The hamstrings of Bigby & Hunter. The ankle of Montgomery.

We come back healthy. We come back ready to compete for the NFC North crown. Coming out of the bye, we NEED 1 of the first 2. At Tennessee and at Minnesota will be difficult tasks. A victory at Minnesota would be a devastating blow to the 'Queens season. This would set us up for an for an epic 11/16 match-up at Lambeau vs. the Bears.

Rest up. I, too, need the bye week. I'm still hoarse.

Chillin' to the max,

Talkin' S-Mac.

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Brennan said...

Had a blast at the game. I too am still horse from bringing the G-force. It was brought. Such a great win, such a great game for the Pack. Sitting next to you and *. life is good. i too need the bye week. Could be a turning game as I saw the team come together and mature.