Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Take -> Preseason Week 2

Greetings, G-Force!

Week 2 of the preseason is a game that you want to win. Normally, the starters play well into the 2nd Quarter and then the second team plays into the 4th Quarter. It's usually a pretty good indication of the depth of the team & for the first time in the season, you may occasionally see a wrinkle or two.

The 49ers present an ideal challenge for the Packers. The team gets to visit one of America's best cities, which will provide a good getaway from the small town. Mike Martz's offensive thinking will offer a unique rival for the Packers defense. Frank Gore will test the Packers the Packers run defense and the speed of our LB's. Nate Clements & Walt Harris will attempt to jam our WR's and Patrick Willis will provide a good indication of where our run game is at today. And, all in all, the Packers should be at least two touchdowns better than the 49ers. The Packers need a win.

A-Rod in his going home party comes out gunning. A-Rod growing more and more comfortable in the pocket continues to establish his relationship with Donald Driver. You know that A-Rod wants to impress the Smilin' Vet.

You cannot downplay the relationship that A-Rod & James Jones established in the preseason last year. Last year's repetitions were priceless. A-Rod to Jones on crossing routes underneath the coverage.

A-Rod eluding the rush and escaping for a 1st down. This becomes a new addition to the '08 Green Bay Packers roster.

I'd continue to rest Greg Jennings. He's been injury prone and we need him at 100%. Plus, Jordy Nelson needs more opportunities against 1st team defenders. It's also important for A-Rod to further his relationship with Ruvell.

Whether it's via ground or by air, look for Morency to get an opportunity with the 1st team offense.

With Grant resting, B-Jack wiggles through the SF defense for a Packers TD.

Expect big things out of the 1st team Packers defense. Keying on the run and applying a big time pressurized mentality to the 49ers offensive line, Gore is limited & J.T. O'Sullivan is forced into a mistake.

It'll be good to see Johnny Jolly on the field.

Ras-Al rests. Chuckie plays limited snaps just to get a feel of stepping onto the field again. The back-up DB's get a chance to shine. T-Mon, Willie B., J-Bush, Patrick Lee, & Joe Porter - who will get their hands on the ball? Someone will. I'll be curious to watch how McCarthy & Bob Sanders determine playing time among this crowded group.

DeShaun Foster & Michael Robinson provide stiff competition for our 2nd & 3rd team DL/LB. I'm stoked to see the Chillar, Hodge, Lansanah combo prove that last week was no fluke. Additionally, the effort of Hunter, Montgomery, Thompson, & Muir is enhanced - results follow.

McCarthy tries to settle Brohm down & in order to ease in his evening, he calls a screen. It's Brohm to Herron. Herron makes one miss and picks up a much needed Packer 1st down.

In the 2nd half, Brohm finds more confidence. He does not want a veteran to arrive in camp. He finds Jordy down the seam for a big gain. Chris Francies also gets involved. This time he hangs onto the football and shows those glimpses that we want to hang onto.

Tory Humphrey's injury gives J-Mike added reps. Brohm finds comfort in his TE outlet. J-Mike adds a couple of catches.

Matt Flynn continues his push towards Brohm. Playing with less talent, he partners with Lumpkin for some nice gains. The two of them - playing with heart - lead the offense on two 2nd half scoring drives. Flynn finds Smith for a couple of nice pass plays as well.

The Packers leave San Francisco as victors. This time, the victory is not only emotional, but it's also on the scoreboard. We're far superior.

Green Bay 30. San Francisco 13.

Play with dominance,

Talkin' S-Mac.


porterbela said...

I think that Martz has shown that he doesn't have the ability to fully utilize his RB's. I know it's preseason but I would focus on putting pressure on the QB rather than focusing on stopping the run. I think that if Gore is going to beat you out of the backfield it will be via the pass.

Are Woodson or Harris playing?

Here is my thinking about the game. The Packers are playing the 49rs. Although they are an NFL team, they are a bad NFL team. It's another game that doesn't mean much in terms of what your team looks's the third game that I think truly gives you an idea of what to expect. And the Packers actually play a half-way decent team unlike the first two weeks...

But that being said, this will be another good game to get Rodgers some experience and to pump up his confidence a little bit.

I know you are all in full fledge football mode (I'm still in baseball mode and will be until the Cubs bid farewell) and way more excited about football starting than I am right now, so have fun watching and remember that it's only preseason so if Rodgers sucks it's not a big deal.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

Absolutely the 3rd preseason game provides the best idea of what to expect for the regular season as both teams play their starters into the 3rd Quarter...but the 2nd preseason game gives the best indication of depth within a roster as approximately the top 55 guys on the roster play into the 4th Quarter.