Saturday, June 28, 2008

Catch It On Replay!

Greetings, G-Force!

On Monday at 8pm, the NFL Network is going to be replaying one of the most crucial events in NFL History.

September 20, 1992.

Cincinnati at Green Bay.

Site: Lambeau Field.

While the Favre to Kittrick Taylor pass is the most remembered play. I encourage you to pay close attention to the strike Favre throws to Sterling Sharpe just a few plays before the pass to Taylor. This pass to Sharpe is one of my favorite passes that he threw in his career.

Take note in Favre's desire at a young age to look for the TE as he forces the ball to Jackie Harris over the middle.

And, of course, pay attention to T-Buck! The 58 yard punt return for a TD remains an epic! Additionally, you will see T-Buck make a terrific break on a third down pass across the middle only to have it bounce of his hands.

Finally, you'll witness the 1st TD of Favre's career. A short pass to Sterling Sharpe, which I believe was a 5-yarder.

Catch it on replay. 8pm EST. Monday. NFL Network. The Bengals come to Lambeau in '92.


Talkin' S-Mac.


Mike said...

If you (or someone you know) can record this and convert it to a DVD, I will buy many beers and packer gear for the trouble!! Maybe Pat Rad can do it??!!?

Stack said...

I have a DVD-R. Who are you...? Big Mac?

Talkin' S-Mac said...

What a sight! Truly an epic moment in the History of Football.

The Birth of a Legend: 09.20.92

IamKris said...

Nice game! I watched it on the NFL Network Monday - and I'm going to try to catch it again when it re-airs this evening (Sat. July 5 @ 8:00pm).

This game illustrates how profoundly luck and fate can impact lives. I really felt for Don "The Majik Man" Majkowski - as he was earnestly trying to get his career back on track, only to have Tim Krumrie do what looked to be a bit of a "von Oelhoffen" on his (Majkowski's) ankle. There was a bit of "foreshadowing" of Majkowski's ultimate fate when - before the injury occurred - either Ahmad Rashad or his commentating partner said that Majkowski told them during a pre-game interview that the worst thing that can happen to him was an injury. He knew the deal - with Ron Wolf's hand-picked superstar-in-waiting one injury away from having a stranglehold on the job. Tim Krumrie basically ended Majkowski's career.

And didn't Terrell Buckley turn out to be a bit of a bust for you guys? I know a lot of Packers fans didn't care for him - and this game gave me a glimpse of the reasons why, lol. He was a walking exhibit of a cocky, coddled athlete (his mom and his sister moving up to Green Bay with him - that gave me visions of this dude being spoiled throughout his entire life by those women). And I don't think I've ever seen a guy hold up the ball in "celebration" as early in a kick return as he did - and we all know that there have been some cocky, prematurely-celebrating MFs in the league (Leon Lett anyone?).

And about that throw of Brett Favre you like so much - I think Sterling's catch made it look better than it was. If the weird adjustment that Sterling did to catch the ball is any indication of the quality/accuracy of the throw - then that ball was piss-poor. It was overthrown (Sterling had to break his ribs even more catching it), and veered off the expected trajectory. (Then they had to waste a down in order to get Sterling off the field.) But still - I can see how the end result alone would put this up there among your favorite throws.

This game was also so interesting to watch because I got to see Boomer Esiason out of the analyst's chair and on the field for a change (wow - he was a lot blonder back then). Also, Tim Krumrie and Johnny Holland were playing in this game - and they are now NFL coaches.

vargas said...

I've got over 90% of all favre's game on dvd... Somebody we knew vhs'd them all and then converted them to dvd. Buzzboy and I are looking into mass duplications..

Talkin' S-Mac said...

Yeah, Sharpe made a great catch on the play...Sterling was such a superstar. Without the injury, I wonder where Sharpe would have gone down in history? Undoubtedly, he & Favre would have set records.

T-Buck flamed in Green Bay...but, man could he dance!

patrad said...

if i see it on replay, i'll try and grab the HD