Saturday, March 1, 2008

An Offseason Frenzy?

Greetings, G-Force.

The fantasies of Corey Williams being traded for a 2nd round pick have become a reality! Excitingly, rumors have escalated surrounding the Packers. Several NFL rumor boards have the Packers linked to Jason Taylor. I have been reading that the Dolphins and Packers are discussing a 2nd and a 4th round draft pick for Taylor. Additionally, Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen have both reported rumors of the Packers and Randy Moss talking contract. I am surprised to hear Moss and the Packers in the same sentence again.

Back to Taylor. I feel obliged to write a possible scenario that passed through my head. The Packers trade a #2 and a #4 to the Dolphins for Jason Taylor. Obviously, then KGB becomes expendable. Thus far, Corey Williams, Marcus Stroud, Kris Jenkins, and Shaun Rogers have all been traded during the short FA period. The going rate appears to be a #3 and a #5. There's no reason to believe that KGB would not fit into the same category. It could be argued that KGB is coming off of a better season than all of the players mentioned above. Stroud has been injured over the last two years. He's played 20 games over the last two years. Jenkins has not been the same since tearing his knee 3 years ago. Shaun Rogers had a strong statistical year, but he was a cancer in the Lions locker room. I also thought that Corey Williams had a disappointing year. He made plays against the Giants, Panthers, Redskins, and Chiefs that were memorable. However, in the other 12 games, he reminded me of Cletidus Hunt who now plays for the New York Dragons in the Arena Football League. Meanwhile, KGB had 9.5 sacks during the regular season and he added 1.5 sacks in 2 playoff games.

Clearly, Ted Thompson has been a magician with regard to trading in the NFL. In my mind, this scenario is definitely going through Thompson's head. If he pulls it off, essentially, the Packers would be trading Corey Williams, KGB, and a 4th rounder for Jason Taylor, a 3rd rounder, and a 5th rounder. This scenario would also ensure that the Packers would keep 4 picks in the first 3 rounds.

For the Packers, this makes sense. Cullen Jenkins would return to the role that he played in his first three years with the Packers. In those three years, Jenkins totaled 14 sacks. He'd be a rotational DL who plays both DE and DT on run downs and then he'd rush the passer on third downs from the DT position. It was evident that Jenkins had difficulty with his role as an every down player. Taylor would alleviate Jenkins of the wear and tear. Plus, our DL rotation would allow the aging Taylor to stay fresh and play less downs than he currently does in Miami.

I am also curious to see where Boss Bailey ends up. He has not had the NFL career that I envisioned, but I also wonder if playing in Detroit had something to do with it. I would enjoy seeing the Packers visit with Bailey. I would also like to see the Packers talk to Julius Jones, Alge Crumpler, and Brendon Ayanbadejo. Whether the Packers sign any of them is anther story, but I'd like to hear that these players at least visited with the greatest franchise in sports.

The Rumors are Rumbling. Let's make them a reality.

Glowing with excitement,

Talkin' S-Mac.


porterbela said...

Looks like Jason Taylor is staying put in Miami. Now Moss wants to unite with Culpepper on a team to "finish what they've started". I think they should both come to the Bears. How many other NFL teams have $12M left to spend, no QB, or no WR's?

Talkin' S-Mac said...

Parcells is putting up a front. I'm not saying that Taylor is definitely coming to Green Bay, but I'd be shocked to see Taylor in Miami next year. Jeff Darlington is to the Dolphins what Bob McGinn is to the Packers. Much more often than not, Darlington writes factual information. In today's Herald, Darlington had a long article on Taylor exiting Miami. Dan Le Batard also had an extensive article that stated the same thing. Both stated that Taylor would rather retire than play for the Dolphins. Parcells craves draft picks. Taylor will provide draft picks to Parcells. And it's exciting to read Taylor and the Packers as a united front. It makes sense for all parties involved. The Dolphins would get their draft picks. The Packers would get a premier DE in football. And Taylor would get the opportunity to play for a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

porterbela said...

You may be right Scottie, you are in the heart of Dolphin country. How much money is left on KGB's contract? And would Parcells want to bring in a highly paid player as part of the Taylor deal? It seems like it would be counter-productive. But if it would only take draft picks, then I could see it as more of a never can rule anything out.

per Rotoworld:

Randy Moss-WR- Patriots Mar. 2 - 7:19 pm et

NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports the Patriots are close to re-signing free agent Randy Moss.
Schefter says the Patriots have a "standing multi-year offer to make Moss one of the highest paid receivers in the NFL." Schefter is almost never wrong, but we keep hearing Moss and the Pats are close and wouldn't count out another team like the Rams, Redskins, or Eagles making a last minute run at him.

Personally, the last player I want to see in GB is Moss.

Stack said...

Is Moss serious? I thought they couldn't stand each other by the time they parted ways... And besides, Culpepper is rubbish.

I have a hard time believing that we could get a 3 and a 5 for KGB. I just don't think he is very good. I mean, I'd love it if TT could swing something, but that is hard for me to imagine.

We are close to getting over the hump. If we can hit, either in FA or the draft, we'll be in really good shape.

porterbela said...

Moss signed a 3 year deal with the Patriots, so he must not have been that serious.

Anyways, I'm sick and had nothing to do today so I finally came up with a mock draft for the Bears. I know you guys don't really care, but what the hell.

With the lack of activity the Bears have had in Free Agency, I am sold on the idea that the Bears will end up trading down in the draft. The only questions are with who, and what for?

I think a good trading partner would be the 49rs. They have made a lot of moves in Free Agency and have a late first round pick because they traded their top pick away. According to the trade chart, it would work out if the Bears swapped first round picks and received the 49rs 2nd round pick.

I also think that this would put the 49rs in a position to draft DeSean Jackson. With Martz as the new OC they could use a WR like him. (Sweed and Kelly are also possibilities)

So the Bears would then have these picks:
1: 29
2: 39, 44
3: 75, 90
4: 106
5: 136
6: 172
7: 204

This gives the Bears 5 picks in the first 3 rounds and a better chance to shore up some of their holes.

Round 1: OT Sam Baker USC
Round 2: WR Devin Thomas Michigan St.
QB Joe Flacco Delaware
Round 3: OG Roy Schuening Oregon St.
RB Steve Slaton West Virginia
Round 4: SS Craig Steltz L.S.U.
Round 5: DT Dre Moore Maryland
Round 6: S Michael Grant Arkansas
Round 7: WR Justin Harper Virginia Tech

The first two are obvious. I like Baker, and there is a possibility that Otah could drop with a weak combine performance.

From what I've heard, the Bears are high on Thomas at WR, if he drops, he's theirs.

The Flacco pick could just as easily be Henne or Woodson...I just like Flacco the best.

In round 3, the Bears will pick an OG, have to. I think this guy will still be around.
They also take their RB, Scottie says the Bears are interested. If Charles falls I'd rather have him.

Round 4: The Bears still need safety help and I think this pick will either be Steltz or Zbikowski. I also think you might see the Bears reach and take someone like Grant here because they love speed.

Round 5: Moore is a fast DT, fits the Bears defense. Other than that, I don't know shit about this guy.

The next 2 picks are just guesses. But if Grant is around, I think he's the type of guy Angelo and Lovie covet.

Stack said...

Okay, I've been waiting for an offseason crumb to fall from the green and gold decision-making table. Though I know that the early FA period is often a lean season in GB, I am a junkie in need of a fix. So I will create my own.

If anyone has noticed, they've been replaying the Giants' playoff run over and over on the NFL Network this past weekend. I mean, you have to give them props for what they did, going on the road and taking out the biggest teams in the NFC. That said, I had no desire to watch any of it, except for that fateful fumble on the frozen field January 20, 2007.

I wanted to see it again, outside of the emotion of the moment. And I did. And I look at that moment in light of our post-season discussions about needs and the draft. Let's recall...

The ball is knocked loose and it is on the ground. Poppinga slides in the most ungainly fashion, his knee seems to hit the ground and stop his momentum, and I can only assume that the ball bounced toward him, making the play come even faster at the big LB. The knee with which he was going to ground knocks the ball away from his stone hands.

The ball bounces into the open. Jarret Bush bends down, in stride, in an attempt to pick the ball up and advance it. A Giant, laying on the ground, at full stretch, gets a hand on his arm, causing him to stumble to the ground and fumble away a chance for possession. In the midst of three Packers, one Giant recovers the ball.

Even now, it seems like the ball is somehow going to bounce back to us.

I can't get mad at Poppinga over it. That recovery was just outside his ability level. You would like to upgrade the LB position for that reason. Popp is never going to intercept a pass, I'm not sure he even knows what a football feels like.

Bush on the other hand, I don't need to see again. He could have slid into the Giant's chest, put his knees right into the guy's chin clearing his outstrected hands away from the ball before bringing it into his stomach. But no.

These are both positions of need. But when you think about the ball being on the turf, the two failures at positions in need of improvement, and then you think about the ball bouncing to one Giant in the midst of our special teamers, I think about a guy like Zbikowski.

His position, football player on a football field. I'd spend a 4 on that.

Adios, Charlie Peprah.

Stack said...

Oh, and're gay.

What I was actually going to say is that Steltz is a good mention...another one of those guys...I don't want to say the white safety kind of player, but he's there with Zbikowski and Silva in that you're not sure how well they translate, but they can play the game of football... Always a spot on my team for those guys.

Stack said...

It will be interesting to see what happens with Devin Thomas, I've seen him all over the place. Pretty high in some people's minds...

porterbela said...


As far as the OLB position on the Packers, I saw that the Packers have contacted Boss Bailey but haven't scheduled a visit yet.

Brendon Ayanbadejo is also available now. The Bears pulled their offer from the table, he's visiting the NYJ's. But I know Scottie mentioned him when talking about the Packers earlier.

And Chern, how can you be hard up for FA signings for the Pack when they just signed Joe Toledo last week?

Talkin' S-Mac said...

I've said it before. I will say it again. I would love Boss Bailey.

Talkin' S-Mac said...

Warrick Dunn. Why not bring him in to talk to us? He knows the zone blocking scheme. In fact, he's been a master of it. He'd also provide a change of pace to what Ryan Grant does. I'm not trying to pollute our youth with age, but why not talk to him?

porterbela said...
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Stack said...

Everything I hear suggests that the Bailey Bros are about to fulfill their lifelong dream of playing on the same team together...I would like Bailey as well, just don't know how real that is...I see Chillar as a more likely fit...

Stack said...

Favre had pushed hard for the Packers to trade for Moss last offseason, but the Oakland Raiders sent him to New England instead. Favre criticized Thompson for not making the deal, and sources said in the wake of the trade that Cook went to the Packers and told them his client wanted to be traded. Favre later denied demanding a trade.

Mortensen reported that Favre had once again pushed for Moss to join the Packers. Favre had spoken to Moss late last week and was willing to commit to return for more than just this season if Moss and the Packers could come to an agreement. But the Packers did not pursue Moss, who then re-signed with the Patriots.

After Mortensen reported that, Favre called Mortensen and left lengthy voicemail backtracking on that idea and explaining his decision.

Instead, Mortensen said Favre's message focused on how he felt worn down by the demands of the game, adding that he and his wife Deanna thought anything short of a Super Bowl title would be a disappointment and not worth the mental wear and tear.

Cook told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he believes Favre wants to play another year but the Packers did not give the quarterback the impression that they really wanted him back.

"It's my opinion," Cook told the newspaper's Web site. "I know he wants to play one more year. I do not know much conversation there was (between Favre and the Packers) and I don't think anyone forced him to make that decision. But I don't know that anyone tried to talk him out of it.

"I think he wanted to play. I think he's still got it. He knows he's still got it. I think he felt he could play one more year. I don't know if they told him they really wanted him to play. That's just the feeling I got."

Asked whether he thought Favre could be talked into returning, Cook replied, "I don't know."

porterbela said...

I think that Favre was pushed out the door as well. There were reports a month or so ago about how the Packers may not even want Favre back. I think TT is dead set on his way of rebuilding a team and Favre was never in his plans.

For Packer fans I think it is a shame. Look at how close they were and are to a super bowl. I honestly think that all it would have taken was for the Packers to use their cap money to sign Moss. They would've been instant NFC favorites. With the extra 2nd round pick I think they could've gotten some great players to compliment the team.
I think TT has a boner for Rodgers. If I were a Packer fan I would've rather seen the Moss signing, trade Rodgers for a 1st or 2nd round pick next year and use a pick this year to draft a QB like Josh Johnson and groom him over the next 2 years that Favre plays with Moss.

Who knows, maybe Rodgers turns into Steve Young and the Packers go to the Super Bowl. I just see a more Griese like career from him, though.

Either way, I think TT really screwed this one up.

Stack said...

First of all, I think we should draft Josh Johnson regardless.

As for Favre, man, I don't understand. I mean, to me, you've got to present the argument to the guy.

Brett, we're this close. Of course it's hard to get back, but we want to take a final shot at doing this. Do Moss. Or do Jason Taylor. But there's got to be dialogue between TT and Favre.

You just don't get the feeling that there is a good relationship there....


porterbela said...

I'm telling you, it seems like TT wants to get to the Super Bowl on his terms and with his team. When you are this close why wouldn't you do everything as a GM to get your team there? You have to wonder if one of the reasons he didn't go after Moss last off-season was to produce this result.

Like you said, there has to be some contact between TT and Favre.

If what I've been hearing is true, I've lost a ton of respect for TT.